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December 29, 2016
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December 31, 1983
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Post Coup Action Taken Against Communist and Other Activities Detrimental to the State, 6 pp. GOVERNMENT USE ONLY PORTUGUESE, np. W-.E�-tndb!;d6,'S&oQ..auIo, 16 Apr 1964, p 4. JPRS GUO: 29S LA Pol May 65 The Struggle Against Corruption Deputies Insist That the Revolution Must Continuej 6 pp. GOVERN,I!ENT USE ONLY PORTUGUESE, np, 0 Estado de Sao Paulo, 17 Apr 1964, p 4. JPRS GUO 295 LA Pol May 65 Editaids for 19 ApS 1964. 11 pp GOVT USE obmy VoRmcam, q% Q I" ft I. paubi, 19 Apr 1964, p & 4MVERNMIM USE ONLY JPRS GUN 272 sci - m1w wy w 257g 547 Communists Arrested in Rio Were Preparing Subversive Plan for Today, 5 pp. GOVERNMENT USE ONLY PORTUGUESE, np, 0 Estado de Sao Paulo, I May 1964, p 48. JPRS GUO: 311 LA Pol May 65 - --I'- ---- c4mmmft O%ft~ An sucom- J -- - 6COVE u4s omir I POR 484 . owe Pao DA lk- it ; nj 64 do Smft v &p 1%40 p SL IPRS GWs 433 LA-Bra-da POI Jan 65 270,M Commuda PAM Commitow Fatddtdwd In Coagtol Union, 3 mP6 GOVERNNEW USE ONLY PORTUMES14 vpp Sl Rate& do Sm 10 Sep 1964. p ft JPR5 GUO: 442 LA Pal Dw 64 2690M Thrm Pardes Asoft But le"no In do Govwn- GOVERNM04TMEMS071" Smn. PORiUdOESEO upo 0 dit fift a" 13 SM 196#l 14. PRS GUO: 457 LA-Brazfl Pol Jan 65 2nAw IN ~- - C --- ~L- -- &~ - -- . - - w M rlw-w"wl -1 9=1 - I& am. in "-ft" am so" x2sw DIMCOU DWI Do" PORTUGULWO IF* lp 6* 7. ~ ` PRS GUOt 327 LA-Br"fl Econ Jan 65 271.= Irr USE t 19K for the Produaits of L49 I"sim md the UaddMag of Drop-f*vgvgs4, by ie Jaudwro -M& Lu"Vep st FOMS& Vol 21, ,-ter 1964j, lip, Sl.*.%, filil 3995 G A 9 WiPwl 270,744 (B'DD 22233) Otatutes of the Camunist Party of Chile, 1-f pp. q-?A=H.. photostat.. Estatut, rtido Comunista de Chile, CRIev 1946, PP 3-38- CIA/FDD/U-6573 LA Chile Pol Commmist Party CTS 621HOV 54 (PDD 21916) Mtutos of the commist ftrty Of Colombtav 15 pp SPANISH;' bko lotAtutes, del PsrUdo S2!ti~' do Colombia CZA/JW/V-03T IA - Bogota POI - comminist Pafty (FDD 221.65) Statutes of the Ecuador Commist Party, 18 pp. SPANISH., pamphlet,, 3 1 Pextido Colminista dal Rgi�r Quito. Ecizedor, 26 Jul 1952. CIA/FM/U-029 IA - Ecuador Pol - Comminist Party (FDD 21813) Statutes of the Pertrvian Comunist Party, 16 pp. 8PM88j, booklet, Estatutoe deLPartido Com- pe ..... unista run LA - Peru Pol-Ccwmnlat Party CWFW/!U-6399 4 . tll- ~6~17 ~-', o -rk- ?- o 7 09a-L~,- -f , ,Z-4 - W ~~~ CLO- C477 ( 7 A ll~- f a , - (7) Y,(. ') ? -4-P - (FDD 22232) Stat-.,,tes of the Guatemalan Labor Partyy 23 PP. SPANISH, pamphlet; Estatutos del Partido- Guatemsiter,o del- -aba o, Guatemal js 1953., Pp 5-39- ciA/FDD/u-6628 LA - Guatemala '~a Fol a Z cTs 62/Kov 54 Law 'Io 4,504 Agrarian Reform Law, 66 pp. SPiV:I,Sll, lau, Estatuto Da Torra, Lau No 4505 30 4N~ov 1964. USDA/FA~; - "I1 :1 /-, LA-13razil Pol, Ecoll No r 6 5 278,442 Ttllw Are Oarried am Betwom the State wA the Rawma.calvinut M=Mho 4liv. f. um 8 pas IsumIrlim- Sip 5 Ju 1957v ftel to Dao NO,9700 BM&OSgt* MIL 4M785 Dept of Otaft -000 p 32wx - m3now ~c 5 J/br.j so - lwsgi= rA 07 0/4n RO&UNd AnLutt"I 04a a-MAWAI Asquim rw ths DetwidwAA GO of vo vd=o*b Wdsht d P"t-Dog Sadao, tv & ftm. I&TONW6 pwo Boa is cmi ?TV-m3lll'3L; SGIAly &d fty 68 3560W? hadm" d ** cow"m d dw 5 Vidd *fth AUUud% by.Pv No Mop" MEMN rV4 kowma of IA ommuffm En ~~ Q4WW & m & 4VA 1"% MA" TT-Y-04m-- Sd.ESIA ikus 65 voq, GOVEWMEINT MLY 256VU5 .An Lstimate of the Anti-Persimnel Effectiveness of E>q)losive Projectiles, FOR OFFICALL W4 ONLY FFINGiv rift, listimatim de Llefficacito Anti- 'wrsonnel des Projecti Jes EywlosiTs, !v 1-8, AMI J-1947 10 23070365b6 iI:Em-fte;ic;i .Ai 1 ,yr 67 321,456 Semi-.4ut-matic ?"ceasing of Analog Records, by R, Schlich and m, P&Iumres, FRENCH, per, &ItWt des Anpales do IlIrautut do Pbrdque du Glabov Vol 34, pp, 321-11+71 AFajHu i-lo46 Dept of Navy sci/ftsics Sop 67 340,47? R-395/11 Ulteriori 2sperienze Sullo Smorzamento di Vene Effluenti Verticalmente, by Giovanni Travaglini. ITAT~ANA, pamphlet, Estratto dagli Annali della Facolta D'Ingeguevia della Universita degli Studi I di Bari, Vol 111, 1957-1958, PP 3-10- *JPRS for Bu Reclam, Denver 21 Oct 60 R-396/v Sullo Smorzamento di Vene Effluenti Verticalmente) by Giovanni Travaglini ITALIM 'pwaphlet, Estratto dal Giornale del Genio Civile, SeP 1953, i4 pp. *JPRS for Bu R~~clam, D&ver 21 oct 6o J-2848 A Study of the Spanish Communist Party, Part I SPANISH, doc, Estudio Sobre el Partido Communista Espanol, Part I, Barcelona, Sep 1951. Statute$ Of the cwmmist Farty of Urosmy (ILpproved by the Sawmteenth ftrty C=i5re a),, 15-17 August 19380 12 9p. SPANISH jmrmli, Estuftom No 10, Umtevideop SOP 1956. Us amffic-L-W5 Wtur - Spaln ftl Dft 58 71) 1-hC of by ;Q. rc-I - D fts at us squatmia PZOVUWW of Immift- -?OFmd RIO Undo by MMJS R. Dal I . SPANI - "or$ Rota"= 0 Vol xx 'o no a6p i9-(*o pp lop-M, A= im - Olm 0 OSWA Fob 63 A A-91 V I C=kmim in tim Carl I I. by ftdro V. DmdnM., SPAR=., per, Vol V17$ VIIII No 26,, 27) Oct/Doc 1M) pp 93-99., ion/mar 1960, pp 82-88. JM DC-3476 IA - Chile Pol Mar 69 (DO-Al) Opposing ChIlean View an the CPW Magma and Dm=racWs 1w Cw3AW de MZUVM# 23 pp. SPAN3Ml,, pars EetudUa Bobre al Cawmlims No - 35P IA - CbIU Poi, Feb 62 Christian Da=cyacy and Cormmism (chile)j, by Oscar Alvarez Andremfe, 22 pp. SPANISH; pe-.4,., Z'studios Wore el Ccuammis.-ow, Vol X, No 37, Jul Sep 1962$ pp 1w_,_ ~.~ JMS 15309 LA-Chile Z /-Z , -3- 77 POI oct 62 Judicial Power in Cuba Under Commmism, by Jose Morell Romro, 8 pp. SPATM, per, Batu -'I Vol X) NO 37; 2) pp io3-io6. JPm 15309 - IL /.9." 1-0-7d"-' LA - Cuba poi oct 62 CO~MNI-STT STRATEGY .AND I CS F. -~UkDeWj t" NA- TIONAL ARMED FORES AND FOMENTING,ANSURRETION, BY ALBERTO DANIEL FALERONI':21,PP" GOVERNMENT USE 4 ONLY. SPANISH,t PERj ESTUDIO~ SOBRE ~-EL 'COMUNISMO) VOL Al NO 40, APIRL-JUNE,.i963i:.pp'.-,.6Mi~-- ims Gulo. 162 - (Iraduaw end To-madnome of Am Jacksonp 2beir B"Vior Va" Natuml $,A Cauntion Canuu0mv by D. Roseve"tts SPAMIDIp pwo Istwu am latuxu3sa Urmams k=--Vap-~ us. fts-MmAr" C*G4%*R-0* "37 SOL - 310109 11.00rW aw 60 Study of the Port ar Natal. Report of the Work Orov, 78 vy. runvuUffim, rpt,, Batudo Do Pbrto Do IbUl. HaUtorio Do QrW-Me-Vabilbo, Bacl So 1 to NA Alum4do De Jsaerlo-944 j Aug 1961p PP 1-139. AwT z-6043 iD 2a6523 IA - BnLTAI ame., Bam mar 63 The "Mungonge" Rite among the Quioco People in Northeastern Angola, (1) by Eduardo dos Santos., 7 PP,, PORTUMM, mnogm*i, Fatudos Clentificos Oferecidos am g22!2wm ao Prof ~ Doutor J. CagiMton da Cos 19Wp pp. 269-277- 3F 39533 Africa-Angola Soc ro-h A7 317 y 059 Geophagy in the Portuguese Overseas Territories (1)0 by Faria Cecilia de Castro, 5 ppe PORMUME, monograph,, Estudos Cientificoa Oferecidos em HOMEWem ao Prof. Doutor J. Carrimton da Co!LA, 1962) PP- 303-313- JPRB 39533 Portuguese Africa Soc Feb 67 317.-061 Armillaria Root Rot in Cryptomeria Japonica D. Dan Plantations in Sao Migual island, by Da-9 Santos do Azovedoo M, IF, RaNCHO -oar. Estudos e In Vol exxiv, 1960, . - pp 28-3S. NZDIA Sci-AgA Aug 63 9 41,14 q 4 Death Rites Aniong the BrMames, by Jose D. Lampreia, 7 pp. PORTUGUESE, bk, Estudos Sobre a Etnologia do Ultramar, Vol 111, 1963, pp JPR3 27669 Africa -Guinea Soc Jan 6S 2172,110 Ritual of Skinning Dead Bodies and Necrophagy, by A. Carreira, 14 pp. bk PORTUGUESE, ftk, Estudos Sobr2_A-Emalog~,a do Ultramar Vol 111, 1963, pp 103-124. JPRS 27669 -Sci-Biol&%L1cd Jan 65 272,108 A Contribution to the Study of Sex Mutilation, by A. Carraira, 2S pp. POWfUGUE-SL, bk, runningia do Ultramar, Vol 111, 1963, pp 131-170. X JPRS 27669 sci-Biolq Med Jan 65 272,109 Etnonyms of Peoples in Portuguese Guinea, by Antonia de Almeida, 8 pp. PORTUGUESE, bk, Estudos Sobre a Etnologia -T- do Ultrama, Vol 11, 1963, pp 221--2-3T.-' JPRS 27669 Africa-Soc Guinea Jan 65 272jI1I (DO-3301/20) The Hegel Qw9ticas by Jh*cb GorsOno 19 pp. - I . lers Ll~~40-4piss, No 8., Ad 19600 PP 436 - JM 6553 wsur -- Portugal Fol lg7 ~ 69, Jan 61 Use oi Electroclicui C~al ~~ddnillg in 010 VrWuctica of Dies mid for Haddaing Drop Forgings, by J. Pouchor, FRENICIs, por,, Hstanoage ot Forge,, 1964,, 21, I-lar. (5), 31-36. fjISI 3995 sci/z.~--t 4 iliat il lar 65 Pat&llabmut of a Comeml X&tmk of Grwlmtrla BUtions In Atdosi nb&wwow* Mmson md the nual" zalwal %I 4t &I, "Mio bko SWAM- a o-la,rdomb as a IOU* mmosop Pula# VP# 50 pp. AOIC A 21'. 4,2 4 63 ot-,.-:~:, Sealins of ~btal Tanks, 13 pp. FRENCH, rpt Etanchiltes do Reservoirs metalli Ups 11 pp. ID 2832004266 WE/Preach/Ml Sept 66 3090973 R-50/!,vI Stage Reached in the Study of the Soil in Togo, Suggestions for Mapping tho Soil to a Scale of 1/200.000, by A. Leveque. (DC-10287) RUM, rpt, Etat -Dlavancement des Etudes Des xSols AU l/200.000,t-,-Jan 64-:,-,Lome, Togo, 8 pp. *JPRS Sci - Feb 64 Progress of the Program for Studying Movement of Radioelements in the Soil at GEN, 14DL) by L. Baetslej P. Dejongbe, et al. FRENCH, rpt, Etat dtAvancement du Programme d'Etudes Sur le 16ovement de Radioelements d=s le Sol au (3Fn--a M.01.1 19630 XXU *AEC Sci - Ear Sci may 63 Ammus for YAssuring now ftttA~S, by 6: 0. Daetvylerv 7 p. v per, 2 T 9 Zurich Ust Aeroftn Uik Kitto 1943s 8) pp - - - STA 59-ITr4 sai Mar 60 Vol 2f NO U / a 1. "1 StbnoVaPbY Of thO NlUta27 Twtitwlbxt bF F, H, Sobnoldero MUCKS bko a" tAl2aft limutal"s 1904t pp 33-391 71-721 5rSiN 165-242. ACSI J-5W ID 22MI74M Far East Soo Doc 68 3709736 SF-2213 Inaacil neaft Etbmograpby, 3 pp. MMH~ P=Pbl0t) RtbWIOOO IWOCMUDUO~ pp 1-8. JM 13T47 Ada - Lubebina I?t4,e 9x--f 1~ Biog my 62 (Do-6727) nbuoUa or m3doebimp by Andre larol-Omatsn# jean Poirlert 2.57 pp. FMM3 bko do loubum Froacaimp volum n 2m Vnirst up yy 544~go am 236X Asia TmAWWrm .2 Sao xv 6e , . _i - :.,. - I - "Amm"W 71io Political Lino of tile SwisS CPp by Gerard Maliard, 7 pp. FRENCH, per. LIEtincelle. No 9, Sept 1964, pp 19-23. JRS 270771 fi-Switzerland 1 Pal Feb 65 2729840 Nils Andersson Attacked by Pro-Chineso Swiss CP, 7 Pp. FRENCH, per, Ifftimalle, NOR, 10-11, Oct-Hov 1964.j pp 8.11. JPRS 28690 WE-.-Swltzorlund Pol Feb 65 275v133 FEANF Delegation Visits Ghana; Member Interviewed, by J. M. Tchapchet, 5 pp. FRENCH, per, Llfitincelle, No 20, 15 Sept-1 Oct 1964, p 2. JPRS 27,379 NEA Pol Jan 65 271,691 63-16209 POTASSWM SALTS. [19633 27p. (figs. omitted) 8 refs. Order from SLA $2.60 63-16209 Trans. of Italian mow. Ettopia"Dallol", a. p., n. d.. chap. 11. p. 352-380. - DESCRIMRS: *Potassium, $Salts, *Ethiopia, *Mlnii engineering; *Economic geology, Geology. Minerals. (Earth Sciences- -Geology. TT. v. 10. Do. 4) 1 ON. a T.WA &.,,*. Uttionslitles in Br"ll.. by YAmml Dlegmso jr, 29 pp. OOVEROM USE ollLy POIMW=j, bki ItOJUW 0 CulUuva do Bmil,, 1963p PPO UO-15TO Me GUO 1067 IA-Brazil Boa YA&r 66 2%.,7V 4 0- 20 Aa 67 EttmogMhy of the Miriguance by bernaNino de Nina# pp 1-63 Ztnografia Cbirigwmp I& Pus 1912o SPSASh Speeial Type"But Tramda+,or's draft p3m omp Incl. titae In original Lmgnage as wall as in translation.* pp- 6WOM 6 7 Corpleso Trade-Unft AcfttIC4 5 pp. FRENCH* mpt LUMIle du 2M 7 Aug 1964, p 7. JPRS 26248 AFRICA-Congo Econ Sep 64 2(4834 Meamwes to Improve Financial Situation of Congo Central Province., 7 PP* FRENCH, np '. Etoile du Congo Leopoldville., 5, 6 64s PP 3-4p -- 7,9 8 Nov 9 N-OV 64, P 341 JFBS 27608 NEA Eco 5 272,495 Stand or CGT& an Avadan. Problem, 7 PP Yf=ffs npp LIEWU Du -Co=. Vol 2s N439 151.63,52p 29-3D Dec- 7 and &7 - JFRB 2%57 IWO"yp Africa-Angola POI Nor 6-5 20032 2100 UP Dievel Electric Co-Co Locomotives forthe Ru-monian State Hailvaysp UNCLASSTFIED R U.MA N V5 b ., pdr,, PrR Eisen W.Ughp&uk .To 21 100,400 py Lv--69-. ACSI n-6516 ID 2146512 RE, - Rumania Econ jul 6o The Weighing of Goods Whgous Partit4larly of, Those in Motion on Inclined RM2 WetjO~brldgee, by- E. Mwaute - GEMW,, per, LTR Sovderaus SeP 1959, .P.v 57-67. mai 1944 Sci - RAV .4 jun 61 - -I>- 1~ 3 The ProbLM of W"&Ij* *Wlx* vlehl~5 M 6 Gradienti by W, Tqwcr. MWO, per, M son4nmejobe Up SV 19591 PY 73-78 - ' - -- Disi 1945 fti. sw '144~rx //S W 61 3,1*tvdy V Cutting TOolv: "mout Day Data far covmmio Tf-cols". UNCTI, per, Xtudog tm. 7Z-115. DSIR 3368o/w, B-Z-11 - Engrp -w--chlaing PAV 59 f. ,9, o~2,0 / Lieveloprent of an Electrotherwl Accelerator for Ultravelocity Oicraprojoctilas, by G. lierbette. FMIGI, xpt, L-tu&- d'un Accelerateur r.lectrotliormiqw deuicropKojectiles Ultrarapides, Technical Note TI 46/640 29 December LIM, NASA TT F-IU,271 U. 31 GOVA-11-NI'll-INT USE Wri Sci-Electron and Electrical Engineering Nov 66 i 3121,281 uot Studios of Vuwwsium Glosses in the Vulvain Installations by A. Jam md J# Pe Brossard, et alo F-Maiv rpt, umle an Actif des Corns Magmsims dmxs LfInstallation- Tu-lv-a'3v-n. -vPt CSSI-600 *M7C UML Tit -1444 Sci-Ph" Oct 66 in --~' 1:_ '- jgmjo 61 VOL Rr4ww- NmTr =r Vivo" Llwcwmm at jwmxwa promm"s Based co $""W radk= boo" 60" FOW4 I it R M-akom 6d-" Sep 65