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investigations on the Carbobydrate amd Fat YAtabo- lism in Mysical labor. M, The DATame of Doeses of Glucose an the WarkIM MAonezda,, by we Keump No Bohn# 15 ppe GBR&ao paro Internat Z Anpw Mysio1j. Vol XM.. mm 6-1 Sci - Mad 3o? `7 J= 59 A McbanIcal Model for the Yibrutiou-Actu4ed Emn Rana-Am System,, by Dieter Dieckmm,, 13 pp - GERM.. PWI0 Intawt 2 Amy aw.jav Vol =# 19580 Nm 6.22 G,ci - WA L Jun 59 ?19Z 3es no oxygen Deficiency Test. Principles and Relatimsmps to magulative Processes In tm Organisim,, by He huners, et ale GERNM, per., Intern Z. Anjaw PhLsiolp Vol XV1110 No 1. PP 1-17, 1959. NASA Tr P-9737 U, s. GOMM= USE ONLY I Sci-phys Apr 66 2980641 J. Rutenfranz on the compensation of atcholaction through caffeine and previtin with a psychowtor reaction. GEWN, Internationale zeitschrizt f andte Uer angew physiolog-Ee Feine~ciesMich arbeitsphyeiologie, Vol 18, 1959., pp 62-81 ,*NASA TT F 14,564 COPYRIGHT NOTICE sept 72 1.0. .I - I . . - OR- ~~W N-V%, , i~ W~-. ~ : 70-1347D-06S Hartm:nn, H. STLO17S OF BLOOD COAGULAMON FOLLOWENG DECO.MPRESSION. InteoRkmale Zeltachrift fucr Angc wandle Ebystologic Einschliesslich Arbeitsphysiologle, 18, p. 439-443, 1961. Figs., refs. omitted. Order from M as 70-13470-06S: IIC 6.70, MP $ 5.80. E7 TeCt of Noise on Physical Work, by G. Jansen. GMM, per Int. Z. Agnew. Physiol, Vol 20 1,164, pp 233-239 GB 39,/Pl/TR 9068 Sci - iw, 67 337- 61" 0 " Investigations of the Diumal Ry RhytWc of the Pulse-Wave Velocity in Athletfiss, by E. J. Klaus, D, Clasinge GERMANj port latep Z An "ow PhZ!iol, Einschl Arbeitt~~Ysiol, VOL XVIIII 1960, pp 319-323. NAM TT V-9505 USS, GOVEIMUNT Usti ONLY 2979411 sci-Phys Mar 66 stwdes to MaiA rouwft 1w so - Ia Tw- pt, ~l o - -Wlm=t- a mumdwkli 91- 1 =a--Wl oftes.0 w 0 0 Oxy * 35%/M W ftl . ma had at 63 j R,.ri /)o1, 1) -SILPIO Luld Urobos'Uraxatagraphy of Pb7pzents of the Vodal Cords in the Living, by J. lagener and G. Panoconoa)li-~Calisia, 2 PP, axx GURYAN, per.. Intern Zontr 'Expti Phonetik, Vol M(11'1" 1913, pn 81-82 SLA 5-1-1656 Stti - Yadicine Mar 58 New -Experiments on the WpetLm of WtAaa and AUOYS., by 0. Ppr,, 33 pp. GMM) per) Iaterm 7. Wtallogr, Vol VI.. No 2., Alir 1914. IMA Tr 57-lu4 Sci - Wwrale/getals Pbb 58 1 Ramt Studles of the Mpatlan of NOW$ and AUoys,. p by Os spro 4 pp 0 NOW Iw-- into Z. M 11 a a mX4, 4, val V7, go 4;, 1 191 . I I SIA Tr 57-2218 sci ~ Yr 'd 'o 6 ika 58 .40 RecenT, flesearcbee on the MagneUm of Matalso by 0. Rprg 20 pp. GEWN# prp Val vii,p NO 10 Dec 1914. SIA Tr 57 -=7 Sol Jh1 58 ~y eod7 InvestiptIm cm the Ccirbob4ftate and ftt MetabalAsm In PkWslaml Labcw. X1. Cbmalcal MaMs In Work Withoft Map h>ion of mcd. tay ff. Imut. R. mm IL Bohm, wk KoUerp 19 ppa, OKWZ., per, Tztermst -Z pb7nial" Vol nx, 1957P pp 4U-433-3- wn 5-5 sai - Ned 59 '7 Pcokoxtion and Zaadvork., ty Farw, Oete; Roalerp 34 p9o GZR=o perp Tut4wzka Tol ILM tz Ptarsiol, SU 5-34 Sci - Ned Jun 59 Vitamin Ao and B-Carotsue In,tho B"atby SwIding. I . i ~ A, --' G i;,~ GEMM,, per,, -Intern Z Vitaminforach,, Vol XXiv -1949,0 pp 151-16r. SLh 57-1953. my 58 losum OC tin onnua Nor"= By$ In otftft plo Wlt,b *PwdUW=&b Ao IW A. In=s, JP. ftsta. btw=tlanals MM.- pwo ---. Wtackift for =c VOL LD* SO 3.,, 303., -P~pg-Q. SMOBW jww 69 386,0536 Prevention of Avitammineste by Antibiotics: Imperimental Research In lormal Subjects and CIWcmI Observations In Fatientep by Diralmondog F.p MRantnos Do# Angmwp D., and Schiraldi,, 0.., 13 p. Vol 25t No 4, OEM, perp, 1955, pp 427- 33. BIA Tr 3154 Sci Jun 58 The Effect cf the Vitamins of the B-Complex on the Freezing of Candi Albican , by S. Ata, F. 3 ta ib v D. )A ."vWIUO)'4r, Intern Zeit Vitamin for-sch , 1957, Vol XXVIII,'-PP--157--;;160-.--'-'---'- ATS-22L30G Sci Jan 60 Vol 2, No 9 63-1M943 BrUggemann, J., Niesar. K.-H., and Zentz. C. THE BIOLOGICAL ACTIVITY OF jL-a, dl-a- AND I . BrUggemann, J. L-a-TOCOPHEROL PREPARATIONS. 22 Jul 63, 16p 11. Niesar, K.-Il. l9refs 111. Zentz, C. Order from SLA $1.60 63-18943 Trans. of InternLationalel Zjgitsch ift ful-4 Viiaminfc;F5Equ__n_ 19W-Itzerland) 1963, v. 33, P.-l[8044-6. ZI DESCRIF'TORS: "Vitarnin E, *Biological assay. Molecular isomerism, Drugs The biological aLivity of various d-. di-, and I-a-tocopherol preparations was t~steYjn tile heniolysis test in rats. It was shown that ji-a-tocopheryl acetate. depending an the application form, has a relative activ- ity factor of 1. 74 or 2. 13 and the I tocopheryl acetate has an activity of 0. 51 compared with a dl-tocupheryl aCCMtC wiEh art Optically itniforrn side chain. Moreover (Biological Sciences-Pharinacology. TT. v. 10, no. 11) (oycr) buumau EMMM of the vandty Ctk" in PbDmompw cal MuwK by E. 7AIder- Is M GERUM,, pwo 40M zwbx 4moskaft u Arjw wand. POMMM U d salM I I r, - I - - VOL XGVS NO 7v 19.W# pp VY-19% Dept of Navy Tr 4132 sd - Phys JtiIM65 282,30 3134-154 International Cooperation in the Field of Space Research and the ParticiDation of the Max-Planc, Society, by R. Lust, GERM, rpt, Internationale Zusammena-fbeit auf dem G Gebiet der WeltraumforschunG Lind die Reteiligung der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Jun 19u1, 11 pp. *NASA C jui 61 PftoU*d Un of the ToA hr COUS In Mood ft"no IW UM Gmul pwo JBISFA& %I it 29.% Dlpt of Navy/nn I= SaImB and M 68 ED 36MAdmin 134dabow, U ppe 1b 69 19609 pp 2p- Y9,043 62-20121 Hartmann, F. THE BIOCHENUCAL AND MACROMOLECULAR 1. Hartmann, F. BASES OF A PATHOLOGY OF CONNECTIVE TISSUE (Die Biochemischen und Makromolekularen Grundlagen elner Pathologie der Bindegewebe). Aug 62, 24p. 87 refs. Order from SLA $2.60 62-20121 Trans. of Interaist (Germany) 1961. v. 2. p. 403-412- DESCRIPTORS: Biochemistry, *Molecular structure, Vathology, *Connective tissues, Collagen. Cells (Biology). (Biological Sciences- -Biochemistry. TT. Y. 9, no. 11) d TecMW.9 Sankst (TT-1256) THE EFFECTS OF HIGH-ENERGY RADIATION. Pohlit, W. Trawlated by D. A. Sinclair for National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa (Ontario), from Internis 5- 263-71(1964). 19p. Dep. nin. JCL $1.60 fs, $0.80 Mf. In NSA, 19: 38499. radiobiology; translatioas MN-48 NP RC 71 Interplanetary Life. LOCL MUM, bk, La Vie Intqrpjgnetaire, No 2, !961. *Acsi H-9147 iD 2166456 Sci - Space Res May 61 Interpretation Of GMViMetrie Anwalies in Central Chiles by Dragicavic So Rttco, SMISIls R. InteERretacion De Las Anomalias metricas de Chile Central, 1962, Pibl, No 23, 23 pp. AZTU-'TC 915 Wchile sci/Earth sci Jul 65 283,741 Interpretation of the Gravity Profiles: Arica,, Antofagasta and ValpMiSO - ~~r Del Plata$ by Dragicovic S. Mateo. SPRUS11, rpt, Interpretacion Do Los Perfiles do Grave ca. Anto a1gasta Y Valparaiso - Mar dal Plata: Universidad do 11ile, Instituto do Geofisica Y Sismologia. No 28, Nov 1962,, 10 p~- RIC' -TC-914 LA-Ghile Sci/Earth Sci Jun 65 2820403 laterprAetlQu of tba, Ras4tm M4elmai bW S. A. Mukwrivkp C. XsUrp by A. 4waalp P* smists 7 ff .110 pow We lot AW ?c act &a Ph" 16W 59 Interpretation )f Sam Formilac of Westial Rechania and Mmir Graphieal Papresentatiou,, by Marlo camerin. ITALIMp mowgmph.. 'uterpreteziom dl Alcune Formule di NeccanlQ% Celate a Loro isit-aao-w-- Aga ACIC Scl - Geophp - Astron Nov 62 215,,989 93 (DC-38oi) FRENCH COMMUNIST PARTY DECLARATION AND THOREZ 5PLECH AT THE MOSCOWCONFERENCE. OF NOVEMBER 1Q60, 37 pp$ FRENCH, PAMPHLET, C T OREZ D~EC E LA QELEIGAT~~X#Al Im I 0~ V 19 1~ pp. FRANCAI~51.NOV 19 11 PP. jpRs 146io WE - FRANCE Introftetim to Cartogrepbyj, by V. Maria SirraJites, 5 pp. SPAM.4 per, lAttodu4cUm a la Cartogmfis) %a Jon Costa Edess Ddb-2954, pp 10 k# 5P -54P 550 cau NO CA 5u9 0850 ANS JAb Tr IA - o0aft Rim Geasnwhle Oct 58 shmob"awbim, Prluipal Problem in mweg*mt Cmutrwtion. by F. Fwhtawo p. Oerstb=W, CUM perp v 39 J.:X, MM!qkcg~ No 1,v 1962# pw suw6ry 470 ED= - czfth Rom Ai:~, 0 0 & Jtm 63 TWU or 1963 b"Stant OmAnnum PIMP t7 -Tow mmial. cams ~rs so 40 .;i. -- jkm 31 Irp 9-1--90. m 80=7 4w HOW - CtedhoaloVskis ftm ft 63 C~vl~ 1J.3 Karatol,ogical In"aUgationes In Cuba# by Antonio Hunez Jimenez, Vladtmir Paws and Otakar Stelal. 5? ppe SPANDIII bkq Invostiga neg CArwlW*ao an M& no date,, pp, 1.110. JPRS )3821,- WaGuba Geog Doe 66 315.019 ~-,laxonnm,ic -rvvestigatioa and Clenaral Pbyoicull f)i' ar, ffficient Micro-Orp-ni-.-m in 1"h-- of Xenaf, oy -flector Garcla ,,-nza. ,z, ?0 p9. G It, I llsil~ 'All elS l4ogl=. Qp.4cr4lcr, do an 1411di-o- T., lc~~pa e ca c1 Zf4- ,mrfd-sa-.-7~ ~-ie--nted at the Yaxican Imsti-tute of T~achnolf.j-~;ical. Research, Mnxicc, DF. 195A), Barrela, A., Miro. P., and Carmen-Maria. M. del. INPLUENCR OF THE PRESENCE OF COLLOIDAL SIUCA ON THE MECHANICAL PROPERTIES OF WED COTTON YARNS (Influencls de Is. Presencia de SlUce Coloidal sobre Ins Propledadeg Mecaalcas de los Hilos Emcolados de Algodon), Paper from Congress of Industrial Chemistry (no. 3) Barcelona. 1960. [19621 [141p. 9 refs. Orde-r from SLA $1. 60 62-16753 Trans. of Investi gaclon e laformacion Textil (Spain) 1960, v. 3. no. 4, p. 285-293. DESCRIPTORS: *Threads, *Cotton, *Sizing, Mechant properties, Dioxides, 'Silicon compounds, *Colloids. The Influence of colloid2l silica on the mechanical properties of sized cotton yarns has been Investigated. and there has been observed by application of factoral (Materials --Textiles, TT, v. 9, no, 2) (over) 62-16753 1. Barrels, A. 11. Miro, P. JU. Carmen-Marin, M. del IV. Title: Congress . . . Rid % wA PqtopUokt= of the UWWWWV castauan onst FM aw a mr 19% to Jbw IM# br J. BUTMO I. armuff. MMM mp NUNN= A v T I No &91 39W.V vp ii-440 =L-~ To " U - ftan 171.. 3 J 7 oet 61 Hydrogrephy and FhTtioplaaton of the Castellon * Coast From July 1957 to June 1958, by R. Margalef. SPAITM,, per,, InvestiVpcdion Preaquerst Vol XV, 1959) PP 3-3 , CSIRO 5275 Sci - Geophyis ,2 jui 69. , ~ -/, 6 .2 / NY- 13447 7 Oct 66 Karstological Investigations in Cuba by Antonio Nunez Jimenez, Vladimir Paws., & Otakar Stelcl, PP I-110j, Investigacionex Carsologicz~s en Cuba.* Havana(?).,- Spanish '-'WISr 30 i-Publish -4100-.Trol. on Cuba-extra copy XerOXPP Of book-do not MUlate., Data and Regulations Regarding Investment in Tunisia, 22 pp. FRENCH, bk. Investir en Tunisie, no date, pp. 2-20. JPRS 40513 AF-Tunisia Eoon &W 67 325.474 Economic Baois for the Existence and Development of Aluminum Production in Poland, by Stanislaw Kawinski, 13 RP. UNMMSIFIED POLISH, mo per, i Bad ownicla!b-Aol/ V-114 No 10 Warsaw 0 US JPI~/DC4-236 HE - Poland Econ - Metallurgy, Alum1num Production May 5b ~Ztl / 5- 1 V-.1889 Public Conatmetion Zetarpri3e, It3 Role and ftsks - PolarA -.s by W. Pirog., 3.1 7p. PfXISH,, per., zwmtyajo-i. ... w, mmic"4. vol vn, 20 1.7. Va~--awj. 2fov '1957, pp US JM/XY-L-530 Mur - rol&74 17~.;O 3con - Cor-atrontion 7S", / Jan 59 iSWASM I ~~ Setee (NY-2519). Geographic Distribation of L2dustry In POIWA in ,J-1956: by Jan Kmtorp Antmi KuklInskip 194 No 7j, 1958, PCRXM,, per, Inves je Bg~ JM-1695-1 EE - Poland Econ Cleog Jun 59 (xr-9*), Tm Rou. le Oemna Coustraluou to &044bw puwqgj. by WISONIM oss*t "a"y nomp is pp, am iw v", vp 7 T, =w - Pau" sm a coutration Apr 59 by i~x-zyawvski. Wk New "~t I~zl L-TtIT, 1~281, Z:.:,F3L',o p~=j TL J~m 1-958~ 1-3;16-.~ MI/M SW.- -019 Mar - Poltni r1cm DTa 56 ministry Of Cowbmao and mur""m by Jerzy Mooki. (Vk Imn Rpt an 12=1 92 10). POL=j, per, Am whism _. Jul 1958,p pp i". cwm am 1961 A&W - Powd Raw oat 58 W-)641-n) aost Eatimtes ana ktps In ConftMantlMo by -Paxa~akll, FGLM,H Varp I p F zwistycje I BadmWetm$ ~Fol V3U$ 113 7s, %MArj-'1958# PP 19-M- JM 1331-9 Mw - FolvAd soon *r 59. (M63-a) Sm Problem of TsahMaa pxo&88 JA awatrwtl=,, 20 pp. pMw,v pw &xv" 'D ift as war"Wi WA, I , pp "0 am W53"I saw - POINA SO= "gr 59 YY 606 (9215-N) Im Pr;mivieo wd amaltim in the ova"im at coutractim ad Assafty lkt Is by otq*ukip 19 Np. WIMP pw_ A uWastrose AJIMAIP-44twoo va=mp Augut Im N-w4o.-- us am 2939-9 RD= - P03AUd go= M 59 w., *7 (230T-19) Investwnts in the First Efalf of 1958, by Aleksander Szerwentke. 14 pp. POLISHj per, T~n~ve~e~ Adowdetvoy No 9 Warsaw, 2.958) -P 1-5. JFRS lyth-11 EEur - Poland Ecou *r 59 g 3" giv Sm (AT-2506), A=34,zlz of Costa In BuWimg Slc&UaFwLUy Bmat by Vladyo]Aw Swasok, Jo"f San"Uw 22 pp. L BudmWetim, so 128AI00 3 Jaur - rol&VA 3con - Constrwtiwo KRY 59 /~ , SEIM (NY-2573) Bew Methods of Closing Contracts for Con- struction aral Assembly Works, by Aden Wyookinski, 8 pp. PMM, pay.~., TAWast-vt3a Warsaw., Nov 1958, pp 21:76 JM-1709-B Mar - Poland Econ - Construction, construction ccmtracts Jun 59 ~W W-2%6) P.-cduct-:!-j= Coatm, In New Zadustrl" PUmts and In Smmk,As 09 ludusts7p by kWuut Spryabag la pp. rp bms!rJ* I sadmuietwo N* no Doe Warmw 32-20- OM Ksa-r-r-4 is-ova &Par - FAIAnd Boon - NRY 59 1 zre SLIUM (NY-2608). Achieve=atz 3nd Aim of Conatraction Haterpriacs in Improving Organization and Fij=cial Results, Is 20 pp. PMIM, per, Investye, e I Budownletwop No 1) Warsaw, 1959, pp--9'4Y. ipHs-1696-n Mur - Poland Ecca - Constr-action,, construction enterprises, Jun 59 Orpnlmatioa aad fin=ca V'?, actee (SY-2606). Taftical Problem In Conotraction 1959.. by Bolealaw K-larelti, Jermy Witko=kl, 22 pp. PMIMj perp Mmmtycle, I DQdziptetwo, Wwvav,, PW 19593 pp 1744. JM-1814-N Aeon - Gmtnctlcu, t4COW"I FaaAft vaterial Aug ?3 3 ;~plc 59 SEW (MY-2&3). Ad-mtages azd Problem in awging to alectric of Diezel Tmcticm in Poland, by Edward Debaki., 13 Mg. PMISR, perj :Eqv"tyc.*.i-&4o=ictwo, No 4: 1959, pp 14-1A, XZur - Poland EcOn - IMaportation: Electric, Stem and Dieuel RR traction Sep 59 Developnent of Investments Since World War 3:1 [Poland]. PM3BR, per., Investycje I Mounietvol Wareav, Jul-Aug 1959, pp 1-6.- ------ -"----'-- --- PM Sun 2370 Mur - Poland Scon Wt 59 7f 1107 (U-3185). TrewLs In Bmuls camuVetics lu. 1VAo 30 PP- PM302p pa" zometole 4 Bwcmnq . vu ]XI So T-Sp ~QVAM 1959.. vp 17-V. an gue Imar - M AM loan - Cmtmticn //Or, /f9 VAr 60 S,,~TL,v (NY-3284). Constructj.on Costs Using Traditional Types Of Conc-rete and "Single-FraCtIon" Cc-ricretc; by Zbio7~icw Bos=lawskij 15 PP* POLISil) per) lawestye,je. - i...540vRic two., 140 7/8) 1- 11 Ilarzav) Jul/AU3 i955 -%= jpns-2167-N Mur Poland Econ Construction (coots) f jan 60 x s =-X, (MY-3285). Rc:vlew of Qonztructim in Faand for the Part 15 learll~ by Jeal-m2r, Stcl)-!,Zki~ 20 pp. POLISTI? perp Budownietwo, ijo 9, Varf;av, 1959, PP 1-8. ORS-2171-li Iml ar - 'Pol"Aa Law - Conalruction la 7 Feb 6o Y ~, L T (14Y-3285). Crimitai Com3wption in the Production of the Food Processin3 Dtlustry~ by Edward Rybarczyk, 16 pp. POLISH, I)er,_Inwestyaje i Budownictwo, No 9, Wareav, 1959, pp 17-251. - MRS-2171-H ML-r - pclan& la,7.2 70 Econ - Lrt Industry (Fcod) ;101 .Feb 6o Ory-3w). FroblM of Mad Ilaing cmumum won 3A the 1959-196L %pie&* by B. ximkl.. J. witilowal M. Ewmi"itp 16 Igo pmm, porp vmw-v9$,- Val IX) no 100 w""vs 4"t 1740, am gme NNW - P03" am - comtrwtiou Apr 60 SEV~E (NY-3496). S=o Actuxal Problemn of Investment Poli6iy, by Alcksander 3-orweatke., 13 PP, POLM, ly--r, Inwestyaje i Budowaictwo, Vol IX, No U, Warawi, 59, PP JM 26o9 Mar Poland B-con. GencrLa may 6o 8STM9, (NY-3495). Gencreftivation of the Formila for Effectivenese of Investmanta, by M. Kalecki, M. Rzilmim'"U, 131 rp. POLIO., perp,lnvestycje I Budoumictvo, Vol IX, No 11, Wa=cm, U jpRs 26og EEur - Poland :;Con - Gcne::,al uay 60 SFIT-TIIE (MY-3498). Investment Problems as Reported by the Supreme ChsnA)er of Control, by Stefan Palac, 19 pp. POLISH, per) B%4(> , Vol Ix, No 11) Warsaw) 19~9) pp 10-16. im 26o9 Mur - Pol-aad Econ - General /Xe~ may 6o METE (NY-3498). 4.=velom-ml'~ Pro"llew, of tht Construction I Materials Inaustry) by Jerzy Bolkovski, 13 pp. FOLIM, per, InwestWplo iBudmictv ) Vol lXp No 11, Warsaw, I pp 16-20. JRS 26og MW - polm.ld 41 7eF Econ - Cons".1ruation may 6o s ~-IIXE (BY-349 3) - liL:w Stands~xdS Xor Ho=ing Cozwtruction, by Wincenty Grot-Gisge3., 9 pp. POLISH) per, Invesptqje i Budowa~,q o~ Vol ix, No 11 -- , DD_n , -- Warsaw, 195, , pp -jI. JPRS 2609 EEur Pohmd ECon Comitruction ?7 may 6o Acq"sltion of Land for ]ktlon&2 Center of Bclsotfflc R62""h. UMIIPMVM FMIP Pero Jwa=l ~ Oft =rb1,11,c Francalms, Apr 1958, RIMI-Ul 31 M-41,'-Obt 27 r ID 908MI Soc lwtltuto of Pa7chopbololm Sci Wd Jul 58 Sao (NY Report on the Work of the CM Section for Construction Scon=Wp 10 ppb ?MISR., perp xP No 2,, 1960,, PP 10-13. JPN 5726 Star - Poland Boon lag. oct, 6o (NY-4245) The Mamaseme= of the Waae IF6md In Comstructlcu Briterprtses in 1960, by V. K"=J. 12 pp. POL18H., per., Iaweetyaje i Budowdetwo.. Vol X.- No 3,p 1960j. pp'5-9. im 5boo Agur - Poland Scon Noy 6o (NY-4245) StatiatLeal Research in Investmats and Construction In 1960, by Jan Kozinski, 5 PP. POUSH,, per, Impotygle I Budownictwo., Vol X, No 3. 196o, pp 2o-22. Jm 5800 Egur - Poland Neon Nov 6o (BY-4309) Construotion Prices After Chanpa In Supply Prices and Trawportation Rates., by Jan MxWercz", 6 pp. MM., y-r, Xm h~mje j BWOwqiqtwoj Vol X~ so 40 156C~3 PP 9-11. JFM 7096 JMur Poland gr 9-6 Econ Dee 6o (IRY-4309) ThO FIOGMUS rroductlou vrogrz= for 1960-1965, by Kiran Fomisumisly 8 pp- POLIM, per, In"atycis i IMMACtwo, Val X) No 40, 1960, - ins 7* E&W - Poland Boon . / g,~4, Yf Doc 60 (Ayidtoo) Labor FroductIvIty in Construction and Possibility of Impraidug It,, by Witold 5taniszUst 17 PD. ,p ve Vol X* POLM r, L BudontaM No 51 1960p JFM Ti6! SEur - Poland Ecoa Dee 6o (NY44m) The Coat of u'Xatt-Pamel fKdIdLu9j by Stanislav KlImpelp 9 pp. PMM, perj Inwaty0a i BWqv4ctwo,, Vol X, so 5 1960~ JMS 7t63 U'dw Poland Iccon / S,~~ Doc 66 (NN-49-223) .:Iaus for DevelopmerA. of the Buin of the Ummr DunaJec River, by Stefan Baszywki 10 Vp; --OLIBR,, par,, Imestyajo I_AO;mAotw 1-4!0 6., 196o,, Vol X,, JFM 7669 "Tur - Poland tcou Fab 61 (Mf-5292) caustructlas Mad InvestamA ilk AgrImatwep by Zdzialm Wltebsldj, 24 pp. VOW 14"" - all- - ja I bAmpla"Os Vol X0 so 7/8: pi, YP 35400 im 7845 Zia - POINA loon -~ezq mar 61 (U-5861) Nom for Innstmat Constrwtion Cples., by Jdlii--- z ibliplaskip 23 vp - POLISH., perv lumetyaje I Mwjnbtwo,. Vol Xj, No q.- loo., pq 3,56 JPM. 9142 Mar - polaw zom fty 61 W-5861) Changes Made by the New Construation Laws,, by Guotaw SZPALOW1433, 9 pp. MISS, per, Imstpjo I Wownictwo,, Vol Xp No 9.. 1960.. pp 9-13. Me 9w Jac= - Poland /S/i 94 6 xem wq 63. 5 66 1 Utilization of Work Time In Construction, by Wiltold Bielssik, 19 pp. POLILSH, per, Investyaje i Budovnictvo, Vol X, No 9, 196(), JPRS 9142 ",~r - Poland Ec on 7 may- 61 (a-5420) ; TIO Woft propm d the Camittes for Construationt city Plaming,, aW Arobltaotwej by $Wau P:Letruslavlas,p 22 pp. pmwo Pap 1"froo L boxacomp Vol xi so lo's 1060.0 pp J.-We jm poua Boon w 61 (Iff -5420) The Trend "Ward Adjustmen-4 or Prlc--s mad Acco=tlng in constrwtlinjo by Makoyallian Pazavickis 14 pp. PMM,, gas Vol NO 100 19604 JM?894 SEW - Pole nd HY soon Mar 61 (NY-5860) Course of the Investment Revision Program., by Jarzy '130gue Z) 10 pp '0 EOLISH, pars Immetycje i Budownictwo, Val X,, No 119 i960, pp 1-4.' JM 9147 Nair - ro"W Econ Aay 61 (NY-5860) Plan for New Depreoiation Rates) by Stanislav Krzesaj, .12 pp. POLISH, per, Imestyajo L BWOwulctwo, Vol X., No US lq6O.'-p-p-5---B-- JFM 9P147 EZur - Poland 15-21, ~ 3 y Econ may 61