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December 29, 2016
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December 31, 1983
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Oct at 0,0j)Vwvma or mamith'' at ultm bl& By, V.P, Datmv KRmtAuamAyn&,o YaL so pp) iv 5W-0 2 OWAM To .t I.Aft ruals. ?at ..:a .M=.M ft~m capUctkI, at the wA of the WUOUO --crys Is * . 1. 1 R, : ~ 3.5 Mule ta by B. N* Greabushnikov, D. Brodowskiy., 4 pp. RUSSI;-'fj per, Kristsli2g 0 Vol 11 Ino 5~ 1956, pp 597-5990- -- - I SIA 59-19607 Sal Orsip Vol ITI,, No 7 1/3:? 449 Nov 60 le 7 Thumelastic Stresses in Aidsotrople Raftso by V. Inbabom. RMOrM, per, Wst&Uovaflya, Vol Ip lb 5p 1956.. pp c8 3781 od - mw .2,11, 21-el Avg 6-22 Crystal Structure of rk and V2 %n,70 by 6znl7 , E. S. MWmrov, S. 1. Vitogradovp 1T PP. RUSSIM I porp WataLuW%flyal Vol Ij, 1956, vv 634-"3. A= Tr 3044 6 1- sci - obomistry Oct 57 DepolmIzation of Photopolaised Sulphur Y,ono=ystals at DilTemut Itmporatures, by V. 14. Rrlain~ BMW., per.. WatGUM901YUi VOI I.- zo 6, 1956, pp-0T-V)3---" Sol - rhya Aug 62 Me Te4eratma DqWndeftce of the Magaetization of Pyrrhotite, byK. Belov, at al. RUSSIAN, per, Kris vol i, No 61 1956~ PP 696-702. 1- -*~4LO-snf-l CST-RO 5098 sai - min/get Jun 61 / 5- 9/ X-Ray Determination of the XlB6 Structure by N. N. Juravlev, RUSSIP21, per, jg:istallog~y.-, Vol I, No 6. 1956. Sci - Phys, Chen, 22-S% 61 a 9- 34 Ferroelectric Phase Transitions and the SymetrY of crystals, by 1. S. 2heltidev. RUSSIANx peTs, Kristallogjafiya,, Vol li, 1956,p pp 681-688. *ABC ANIL 127-102 Sci-Phys Jul 6 8 Belov. K. P., Zalesshy. A. V.. and Uvova, A. S. THL TEMITRATURE MPENDENCE OF 'MC MAC- NETIZATION OF PYRRHOTII*I-.'(Ol*cn)pciaxurnay 1,avisimosti Namainichivanlya Piz rothij) tr. by H. Feig [196tj 1151p. (foreign wxt includmi) 13 refs. JCSIROJ Trans. 5M. Order frorn I.C or SLA mi$2. 40, ph$3. 30 61-19377 Tr ins. of K~~ri ~af i -asum.B)~ 1956, V. 1. no. 6. p. 06-70t 1-he temperature depe;Wcocc of (he specitic suscepti- bility and the InagneliLZItion of natural pyrINA110 SPCCI- mens N hivk~-~tigated ~;itlmi the temperature range from rami tcinj~craiure to 6000C Ilie presence of theirnal ef tht: Tnjgnetic properties at temp22 ABC Tr-4715 S s Dee 61 c Critiaal On Masses of Aquem Mixtures of, Urwlum and Plutoni= Ccmpounds,, by G. Mardbuk, G. A. Ilyasova, et al., 24 pp. RUSSTAUp bk., Kritichoolde Massy Vodnykb SmeBei Soedineii I ABC Tr-4712 Sci - Chem J-,d Feb 62 Uritical R-perlvienW With the. Orgamic Mocle-n-e6or, Ynaoinopropyl-j4phenyll, by 'N. V. uvonov, lu, N. Alekvr~n"; V, A. S-Pmgnnov,. up. I RUS'SMIN, bk., 'fl-T (Ymanicherild-I Monol. zopiWil&if Pid lam, 19 W Tr-4692 Sel - Chem Dec 61- S-259/6o (DO-3774). Criticism of the "Newest" Bourgeois Educational Theories, by M. S. Bernshteyn: 34 PP~ RUSSIAN, monograph, Kritika "Novenhikh" Burzhuaznykh Pedagogicheskikh WORY) ser 2, NOW no 26;- JMS 354o USSR Soc - Educatioa jai 6o (ar-2m) Critialm of the Tbaorles of BioloSSsation of Man; by Be X. "I'Perlal 10 pp. RUSBIANO bk, Kritika miz lvgl=jsll '9h . 1960# JM 22599 mar 62 The Mystery the Defective Goods production at the Orlov Ins .trument. Plant (The of Production), by I. K22pnk .,o~v 4 pp. RUSSIAN) per, _pLokodii) No 16, 1962., P 7. irRs 16155 USSR Econ Nov 62 The Elect, by I. Kostyukov, 2 pp. RUSSIAN, per, ~ No 24, 1964. Trans from the Soviet Press No 521 /1-)'3V ~- 1-11--Y I r Jan 65 Trvat-mnt and Propbylazle of ftntohoid In Fur- Bouixg Aw4mals~ by R., Cl. Rekbmta"Jul 5 pp, RUSSIMp paro KmlVwwda*vv Zvexovodetvo.. No 5, 1962p pp 23-240- - CIVYW XX-1470 No Fora4p Dimm Sai - Bial & Mod flai .2410/ 7 Doc 63 UMM Iniwrmd Use Cay Outbreak of Setrome3le ln Fabbits, by V. A. ftnlwv.9 A. T. l3obichemu,$ 5 jVo MiSIPmj, Pery 110 7o 1962,, py 25-27. q'~1,30-7,p ABC-Tr-5C49 Sci - Blol Z Aug 63 The Effect of Antibiztics on the Digestibi-liby of Nutrients in Rations, by M. V. !;DWva. POSSMU'l, per, Xxolikovodstw I Zvexcmodstvu, Vol VI, Nb 51 1963, pp 19-19. CFSTI TT 65-60219 Sci Jun67 327,339 Zinc-Sulphate - A Fertility Stimulant, by L. G. Prusova. RUSSIAN, perk Krolikovodstvo i Zverovodstvo, Vol 73, No 9. 1964, pp 13-15. *NTIS TT 72-51053 Aug 72 od 4 Ida 4 YAA ita 6T Vascular System of the Mmon Spinal Cord# by M. 1. Levantovokly. RUSSIUO bk: Krovoombzhenie Toontralluoi Perifericheakoi Nervnoi SiwteW Cheloveka. 1950 pp 224-257- Ow.TT-64-19471 'x 90e#O