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January 11, 2017
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December 31, 1983
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If.; Equer, B.; Llore~ A.; RIM, P.,- Slaud, J. 10Translated for Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Calif., from pp 227-34 of report IINP-11592 (Vol.1). 2010p. 21(CONF-610904-1), 7,41)ep, NTIS, 2jrrom Conference on elementary particles; Aix-en-Provence, Prince (14 Sep 1961). ,#physics (putcle); translationS 2120H jjMN-34 29P NSA is . GA~~ K0 Decay in a Wilson Cloud Chamber, by A. Astier. FL.-INCH, rpt, Aix-en-Provenco International Conference on Elementary Particles, Sopt 1961, pp 227-234. ;AE-C .May 72 ~STIER, J. Pe Ile tizing -final goal or transitional stage ie preparation of iron ores. evue Ind. mine"r. 49:745-62 (1967) (CRL/T.4202x) Uonamic Aspects of the Us* of a Radva" Chan* la the Production Iran in the Eltatric rurnawn, by FRECA, Mr. Not. C448tv. Mean. Aug-Sep, 1,969, pp 415-471. HISI 9358 sci/mat Oct 70 ,57 Partially of Pig J. Astierr Vol 101, rots /0 2~ smical A*Wts of the Use 09 Partially Refteed Charp Lit the PraActim of Cost tron La the Electric Parmces IW 1-t AntLwq M=Mg par# Not Comtr an" Vol 1019 Aug-SVt 19690 pp 4Ii-;2-3-"- *Kst 3358 SCL-Hat ~ . J~Mft 7u IN kam a a,-, for ggmvlool F-b-0-1 -- wis bw , IM 0--#-Yf - ]9w W/ii~~US4 Q -1 , I ,-- Li 11, ()i Pau jound vie ,m,nma CP an so at n 20 Cmamov 1w ftow I . a 't Two nums Nw, ft s% va 380 Ib 354v 1.23 ift No J~M6 Z/ -j (- 61,Ali ~ ~) W&PISWO %1 mr 66 200,9" Pron& Aaft4=wdot AMXyiU at the Rm Pouw at the Italm CPO tor Qxm Astulo 7 vpp r-Fam, pw, a* 1.15 Jul IX52 goo JP98 31M 0 c- c Pal kis 65 Mh,vuo Frugh Anti-CM=Mist MoSaLm Dlemums ItAUm '-3Y CP and Prob]ACS Of UMltjY Of -- _Mal camunist Ybrewmtp by Damon ABtorJLS 7 pp* rilimal, per, Not 9129"10 Vol* 190 fb. 383j, 1-15 bby 1957,0 IWO n-)A* JPR9 41516 r /1, POI jt4 67 329AW ,-,7 1- 6 c, )(,) FuwUon of,Thyraid ani SoUvary GlAnds U)- 20 Yours After Paftation Trostaint of Ca=er of tho lAu7=., by B.V. 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Astrauslums 7 m RUSSIkis pwg vullunuso DW 19we pp 43-W. ifas 470361 V, )qsFmfs)~as ussfi 1101 Fab 69 3?3#964 .1tLuenta and Student Gro!,,po Attacked by ABU-PKI) 3 pp. IND)IMIAN) ap; Duta, MhUarakat 2) A,4, wOus ps 2s Jac W ~14) 196 LiflLenm Of,~Iyam)m CA tie ;tduinical ProivrUwO(- or Stael at ili4i 'IN3uj*ratt=,3 and vtwssumse i;y -~. :~, Iwviyalt 1. ,~, ,%Azov. 6 A,~. i-LKILMI, ate ~,Ti "S" institut Ga~nql i Ana.uticijeAov 7-7371r.- A3.tw .g& vadaA22Ua -/&ILI low 260-,)65 Wv :bt!lao ,C'a VI'4 3-357-69 A The Mole of Uvestock.-WArw in IkM*Mt a Foraim. Trade -03tuaed, by !A-, lartvan Asstalos, 3D pp. IMICAAM, por, Poldrajd goslamenr*, t;o 4, l9a, %. 2?6.20. JPRS -11DO Or,. I~TVOAI'~)--ZTALOS tray 67 32590 Nigh ptw av%o.Gmmw4t=w tomm"LA - - 66 un "Down wuh w ar. mw -- - - 4xv. m="=# I"- mit zN 6d.Y' MW -ZWt *1 T* 'W' A- t-)E TC- ~' ,4-s Z /,-,)/ rS , i fti-SWZV CMM=ka ftb 67 M#134 I.G. Atabekov, REALIZATION OF GENETIC INFORMATION IN VI ATSIYA GENETICHESKOI INFORMATSII VIRUSNYKH RM , approx Ataev, Z. M. Isometric Excercises: A Means of Preventing Muscular Atrophy in the Treatment of Fractures of the Extremities. VOPROSY KURORTOLOGIII FIZIOTERAPII I LECHEBNOI FIZICHESKOI KULTURY, Vol 3?, pp 140-145, 1967. tiTc-72-14369-OSE Jan 73 T-1 XetvOrk Tbeor7, tr G. 1. Atebr*ov, RUM=p bko Pergemon Preu.. Tcnace. 1965. 6205~- -7 ,-' /-~` -;"z 6,1 lii~~ 1--- -7, /e,~ sci-Engr Apr 66 299.,770 The Diapostic q -tiets of a Padto TeUmtry S=tairstAnn, In Chrode Dinamos by So L Ataid3anwo,-/ A. ~U gwmtlymo 6 ppo BMW# pwt I AM34 Problow Mol Howwo 1%90 irp W:P~- 7- JM 499b]t ftr 70 ~~ - ImProving Work of Party Urganizatims Dismsed,- b.v U. Atakdov, 5 pp.,: I RUSSIAN, npq DWda yg# q Tashkmt a 29 Feb ~okl 1972. p 2.'~' J iirz, 53514 mar 72 MR W&141% ap4ment catalog 6w amdw)*N c- 117~ by T. A. AtwundmL 92 pp. 7 MGMNJI bkp IW, Pwb is, pp 3-4, Mmftzv p4wt 2s mauxe =V/Iit/h%m-90T-O SCL4beb Fab 70 400s436 " I% ...A ftamms to Assure A6cep&ta Horvestat 2 W &&&I Atona"SCUf GL-*L a 6 pp. ,, ~. MARIASO pew, ft&qlg Ouctmmsto No. 7527s 28 Now 679 p. 3. je%S 43,133 !iconmlc L,ec 67 347004 Suts of lovwtmt h*jeou by I-A& Atanassam. 3 pp. -, F-MKOIAN9 Pere W-R-tAb NO . p 183. 0 Jf,Nb 4)676 El-hftfxnkf" ham jan 68 m c4op"Guys farm ?513o 4 14~ 1967o I :I:,, ~rdcal C'ne, numt !~Or 1_96~j.Ojl Ir.:' 7 VOT 70 1, 1 PP 79-97 A 3631097 DavcL)~scw'L ;)f Go~)pqSiCS 113 RIUMift 16 tae Y,3 Last Two Deemlosy by, G.- Atamsia, 14 Vb)- z3 KMNIU,, per, PE2kaselc Stiintai, V)l P,, N i -, 4, fir pp. T~t (V, 'apt 9twums Ot the flafteLum of by 0- W-WOM md Gb* a-Z "I"* Wo V(a 200 ijo 8* iv 0 7621 km AR v&A %Aoviamd 19 leamle and Smial ProbUm of Implaymnt of the Famle Iabw Pbrw Ln hdamrias, by Y*todi Atanaww, 14 pp p , -- " NUARM.- per. njalaa" Inimls So. 2., Nor- Apr 3,96TO pp. ~3-34*'/2, MRS 41766 93-Bulgaria F=U Avg 67 A 7-,4,V,4 goo 333P176 &Lloaruft Dove] omftt and the BqplcoWft MUM# by Mebodl Atonswro 14 ppq, ?-5~ RVAAMWS ywt D.%A I toft-i Mb 7.. Aug 1965. YP- 91-32- JPRB 3" scon ion 66 295s172 9* RedistributUrn or VAnyowr betvmm AgrL- vy ciature and bdwtrys by M"U 14tmsWvs 13 ppoli, p NUAPOX., per, D=CcLcb"ka pdmao NO 8013-, Oct 1965 PP- 2B---N-- JPM ion 66 995s117 .. 0 Cootem *r - ... ~-,=Mvucal DAWU-L- " Q nationo by 3" ittamowt U, pp! I V XWAVVM,~ rV,, mmag suii~la 11) 4-% WM., L)* 2q ,~ ~A M-DalaftAs xu ftL t'55 "0439 H*w ,,Go ~09daltuto In ,-AWM "two bir L-Uto aASWW4, fitwu Monem* 19 P=4 j*bX*W, fld&Vlftoo A=Mo f1b 3 -2 4 VWpwj~ftyl In*wwUa Snoessoo DsoWibo4 tv Ginka AtAnaoov% 7 ppo EULCARWII pme yus9bap-im AdALtm& Sof I&* ao too iv 1969o pp 24-3D. Jim 483?3 14 Ja 69 3869249 by DI a3,ectrio Relamtion in BmULn-l-OL and Batan-2-OL at HUb Pream"at by The As At"ovp Mo L SMkkmwwo WMMNs per# Dak M Nank SSSR. Vol 1?90 No 3g Mar lg~ ~gpp 614-616, CB v Q. 4, 1~t,44) 0 U SOJIMeth & Equip Nov 68 370g2.59 19W Looncedo of Belpria Re'. 16 VIM04 by AtMs AtmMffp 5 ppe #I A ftTA a# "Wol amiddikon SOOA%q 6 p 3. RAS 47o A~,__ F&M Ymp 69 37.%949 Tvzimm otfloW Spooks an State of AmpabUce by Ch, Atlowt 9 m* Aussuss pwo lukomalkeys- IdCMA Ashkh&bM* 23 Aar 1969o yp 2-3,, ipas 4wi ~') // , P~ -;~ /j ,-/ = v r um Pol May 69 3819973 1~1 : Dvioupo"t ctf HIOW aftnUm in fts lukan SU* bar Cbs As, A%OM* 7 00 RMSIAN, per* lawk rz -1m, owzo no So 1906 Ippo 73-779 ipro 4A.S ck. R. Ato-ye-V WSR sm ftp 67 34011%9 addelftne Fable" em M gLoduMm of OWA. otmou"o IW so as 1*"# 13 no Romme 9 - W" I 2b&, No U, NOT 0 VP M-Vo imms Sd.V.aeb angr i= 68 3Ws9W M. r+ V Isometric ftercises, means of preventing muscular atrophy during treatment of fracture,, by Z. M. Atayev, RUSSIAN, per,.Voprosy KurQrt2l2Zii Fizipterspil i Lechebaoi Fizicheskoy Kulltury, Vol 32, March and April, 1967, pp 140-145. NASA TT F 14s096 Feb 72 Nw Sml4s Dud lb as an Apft# IW MWMA AUM. loo. S as dr. JM coo ff J43b4* # a V a.~-/' 141C S um POI Zal 6T 3310792 ~,Ofkuzth- I'lendw.- 140its at "evoluUml Lin w A n w L, I-Aw, by ~:raillotvw -tivo, lantif~:-,o do Chile., 33, p 3 G! 403 30p . ..... .. ~13 pt-n- --itroll rqb Univo.:-aity by I la 23 on 366 v 359 Emm"t DIAMS Soww1jA nmwy at won IW M, Atlas, it. VIN*w. 22 pp. % '1~2- RUSSM 0 Pere am- PASOMO ft We W8* ;p 36-5 im 4079-031 mm BM JIM 69 //~'z"Zu- 370*959 Tba asnMome of the 1930 cradt PArom aM the lievelopbent of omwent Pr"tion * by 114 Atl" s 15 ppo .110 part P4 6,j im pp Y,;-48q, im 426o2 a E.Con Econmde Regulators of Production Discuesedo 3 by M. Atlas and I - Elobing 5 VP- xmrm., mp . ImObs. 18 Mar 1966.. P- 3- JPRS 35382 fh, P TL fi ~ Um zem jum 66 301,9892 Lanins a Vism on MomtsW Policy Rwiewed# by z. Atlang 16 pp. RUSSIANS part aw i M!nt- Mosoove Deo 19690 pp U-21- JPRS 49901 t~ /I- ;I - --L, p ~7 , ~ ~ 1, -~2 USSR Soon Mar 70 4029210 TbO 3100 PlImIple of a ScoMWIM NP =am / oj Md rts PnWtlea -. -tims bV Ze AtIMs 19 ypo M=Wi, mp SM mmanigo so 8p Aug 1965p "~* Gloo7go JM 3MM "Z 17-I)II,9.S UDO gem ft- 65 eges'Im Lavelopmt of Shwto-Tam Credit Lbdar Condi- tiam of the Eamaae Wom, bV `~. AtUs &W- PP. pat jggM u92mgAA Im 7v Jul 196?. pp 51-62o J?PS 42656 U66p, M, fi-f las icon 340t6a