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December 29, 2016
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December 31, 1983
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0090a Flb by at. uagarmut 12 PRO p pol's EWSqdge. r0 4p Apr pp - ipas 3wm Be= Jul 6,5 T&sU of wthmization of ths G#Adma =4 Djr*ajas of WUOM Opelftlan a by Adbelt Usyll, AltdMw ftk*fts 11MAUANO Vol xvis, xo 60 INGO pp 20-23~ VIA LN 636-6" .101 67 331*7SI Abmt the PbselbdUty of ftvddCJM Heat ReneeUve CoatUM for Sillem Photacellat br M. M. Koltun, T, As Uniebkove MWIMS, pwo QWIA"kn_ go 6p 1969# yp 10-16, nD HT Speciga 71-65 2~1 - ~ ) =r 71 ,~bo ConUtbutiCA Of 9clantAtic k*UtA" to the DOW"nPil-, t at ID&OUTS by Pk"t'P ye* Unkow, 5 IV* gS Mw ).90,, V. 2- Rxmmw.. app Pswr ft-- " 3W " 0,~Sov~ USSR V= 293PT55 jan 66 5- NW Mo%aUwgj*A ftvaeow Based an AdVASOW f- Tabnao0v by Too wwwwo 4 we RMSIM. pw, Mums A ftv 1967,p p to am WA" Sol-Mt rob 68 3002" The Contribution of Seientific Institutes to the Dwelapont of Industryy by Prof. Ye. Unkmav, 5 yp- MOMM, np, Prav" 25 Nov 1965, p. 2. JPHS 333W USSR Econ jan 66 293,755 A. Uno Nbrtality of the aged in an air-polluted district. NIPPON IKA DAIGM USSHI, Vol 27, pp 584-612, 1968 NTC 72-1525S-06J mar 73 ,~ IW I I D tio -Amuow Y**%*wm J" Md -JOW ournWo of Lbftdoftl baSMASt A* C~,Wwimo I-OW.- tomma- v4 one Ule op Ozo *AiC -Al"i. Ai-cbdo im 66 / -\ --), ~ .11 - , ", ~-, t Neuroviruleace Testa for Live Poliovirus Vaccines, Pt-IIj. PathowrPhology of Polowelities in M=kevs Inftoed by Attemated PolA Virus on Iatmlmbar L4ecti=., vdLth Special Pleferences to DifTerent-ea Betma the 1ftrao-Taes, by.F.Vaterhamscholdt and O-vonin* GEMM p perp Arch:Lv bgr PoIcb1atris und ferveuj Vol-206s 10-4., PP-454-473,t 1965- SU-Tr-66-11701 C f-- B/X Aug 66 308v931 yAd"as md, of us on lb- J012AW in DWSAI& by fi 10 11 10 b8ift- mmo 200 FM fth so cow ftOW6 ftIM4 2"v Im U9-M van aw mm 8o069 Tao slaom ". riiol%y oi C]03gj crd"jo. corobvil Wsicus, by WM""i F- Effect of tba Stratospheric Temperature cuk the Altitude of Oadiosondes, by A, A, Unukova, B. :~. ChuchkUlOVI, 6 r1?. RUSSIMI, per, Trudy GidrometeorologicheskiZ Naucktie- Issledova-Tel'skiy Tsentr SSSR O'bo 269 19680 72- 78, ARM/FSTC/hT-23-712-69 ,4 -A w i~ c Sci/Alacs Dec 69 3970198 W WiU Introdme gow HeRV-D&J Milso bF /,-) / L-els tbvio 6 pp. HuwuUI4 per, ylval ao 8y A4 196ap pp 10-U. im 46,,691 S Sci/liceNh3da, CIv & tAr bngr ~km 68 369o98i Tho Continuous Saparstruebure of MW to Too YUCS13 old, Mnilrond --- ftming Tachadloa of the Coop- Cratton of the Vehicles md fta Track, by B,, Wyi aW L# Buk:,a Klas, 29 pp. MWARIM, por, Vol Los No 12, D=ambex W56, pp 529-537~ 545..549 DIA LH 331 -67 Hour-Bungory 34183'-' Scon ~, vi4ist ~najyslg of C,'ebrsysa Nexice.n on 4 ruescs, by Gerardo UncuaLas 13 !;~AINISAH, ;:Ivr, ~.j ~,~Jgj~u, srwtiae jll,u- 4424.95 (;~ er Feb 63 3,.-0 1, 1'46 Political stru"Is in Yarallel. with Armed stru(Mics, by Gerardo U""tas 11 pp. per, Ll SL&lo Santlap do Chile* 28 Jan 630 pp. 11-14. JVRS 44,397 6 L L. f 'e- ~4x political feb 68 350,355 swxiean Comounist Refutes tsbray, by Gerardo Umetel 19 up. S!?,A,NjS!j, I>er, '- _I S1410. Santiago, 11 Jan pp. )1-14. Jf~RS 44,246 1.14Luttir-i-aerican Polittcal Fab 63 350pO&~ JOPMUM F-2tv Arowd a AbwUM Pv*tlUo bV ' TnWWXHVA per, T& Sol* pp FTA-e T.0431.67 ita 68 iwmnne Surfamse Thelv* Proddotion SM PrqpWtl9ir# by Ge P* Uplt6 RMSUNO pwo Dok, Ak Nauk SSSR# Vol 179# No 61 19681 pp 1316-13216 The Am Bat Pbp Vol 13# No 4s Oct 1968 p - L4 SOVFIWN Now 68 ROo244 Strength and Hicrobardwas of LIF Whiskers,, by G. P. Upit and S. A. Varchenya BUSSIAN,, per, Dok Ak Xw* SM-, Vol 1780 NO 40, Fab 1968, pp 8773-7- The Am Inst Phys. V01 13,t No 2s August 1968 C'. P, up j I- Sai-physics oct 68 366,092 c"llort'llat fjy \,". LJitisj ~Jlnif~as ~o 2, 19()S, 3-1 t!!;%~,SIM, ',.Or, JL1, - .jTj IIIA15, Amy ~Wt C.,W ~1-7-75-605 V. upitis ,-,Ci- 520 11 -31 1 t, Z,,r 67 Comento TrAs F6r,*-o by firik ltp=zkp DMISH9 rptg SMM LSW 2 Nb D"& pp MOIL p OU IX 200-67 ~? ~- I- ,-A "k Sti- Jul 67 3309737 ."O'low Statlatical Metributim of Strength Charact- erlatics of Aftm md kLItilaW After Systme tmder Samotdo 14wiizzpp by A* I* lawrAkvwa alld 's. M. upaandkewa WMVM, per,, Dok Ak Nsvk SM.* Vol 176" go 6$ Pei> 1963, 99 1364-1367. CB p c, L o \j tul 5cl-CbOPlVtr7 366pO64 oct 63 A Model Experiment on Teeming Stream Turbulence, Part III of 'Development of a Sliding Nozzlet [for Teeming Ladles]., by M. Urabe,, JAPANESE, per. Totsu-to-Hagane, Vol 55, No 11, Lecture 112, 1969, p S112. HB 8432 '\-,, , \~OA~ Bonding Textiles to Rubber, by S. C74 Urabs, K. Tokikaws. JAPANESE, per, NIReon Gomu Krokaight, Vol 39, No 10, 1966, pp. 887-92. ATC 69-11676-11J J, a"-a 6 sci-iiat July 69 386,699 Th"We P"Otses at F*IM rwmtlon Lvalt*4 tW A. Vablawo A. U3md*vp 8 np* ffilwl"t opwo ISIM bkougodUs PASOMO No 1 196% pp 149-446,p awl 48M A I Ov 0, W ussit sm Am 69 3W0141 Nib)lvov& Shipbuildir"? Pl8fft PArVleM Itf q Progroop by T. Ur&Uwp T pp. MMIM,s ver, 9092intump jb. 6,, ime 1967j, pp. 58-a- JPBS h2094 7- L) um rem Sept 67 339v2OT U R. i' L 0 V j_Lli_*_ SL T Hf P.,, E__S~~,NC~ AP40 FUI"UkE OF I PR AD I AT 1 O'N ME THOO S F f I Hz: HYj I r-N I C Pb I NT CF V I EW P~ UHY ~L Pf_Jt~ AV I fi I VJL . 23 1 NJ. 9, L972 I PP. 2 7 2'- 2 7 i P STC -I ~- ) --i 1; 4-7 3 ill 1:61 tut -r ~,rc~, .~zuvs Ac 15 0 196#j j b 376o473 Positioa of the 190pat2se in stratospheric Cyclones ana Anticyclmem and tbO CO=CUOU Of Its Height vith the Verticia Metribution of OtMep by L, A, urmom 7 PP per,, L GLdrolo vi, Bo 2. xwj!2m2j2j&n SU_ 1965$ pp 20-Mi RES 29431 USSR Sai-Sarth Sci & AstrauOrV Apr 65 M9656 The Role of the Rijeka Petroletu, Refinery in tbA Petroleum Industry oi Yagoslavia and it the Econow of the PAriatic 0oastal zone, by IAkola Uravic, 10 pp. SMBO-=Q%TIAa4# Jou=&J, Nafto,, No. 12, Zagrob, Dec 67, PP~P-UO- 623. JPRS 44,S32 Sci-haterials Feb 68 351#835 spoodh of cmeaft P* ummm,p Vve JPHS 35#271 vo urarwe 4 w0 8 April 1%6,p p 3, P V, USSR - P01 Jun " 3030615 Decislow of the 23rd Party Congrmw mA TI-ske of Juridical ScieWe in UOVACISUDs b7 MI- Z- uIssams 6 pp~ v jibek- W W-UN, per, ObGhC4m&m= VAUU istene W 50 IWO ypp 3-6r USSR poi oct 66 311j207 of Can" in tile Solidification of lot.,'ots at VI-A-Amg ~Uwlp by A. A, isgilltuavo ot 31, MMUjNN, r'Or, JZV. t%Z' C210=6 NOtp !`410 Z~ 1965,, s-~,-,) 44-49. *~11101 S,175 r) P ~4z C."TL 6L-: )5 v dhL-46AAA &o"= of SWL Zm** tw &. m NAM# 3b X*s BM A. 1