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A Chilec-i Marxist Looks at Guerrilla War, by Jose Rodriguez Elizondo. 14 pp. SPANISH, per, Aurora. Santiago do Chile, No. 14, 1968, pp. 5.13. JrrS 45,2-L9 LA(Chile) Political May 68 355,,996 IU9bwW Aft. 21 JV" 67 We arstlichen Fordwungen an dnen WUAUvWn Nonstruktion - Auerustung - Orgaideftion , : priv. Dox. Dr. mod. E. Gogler By From: Aus der mdrurgischen universitateklinik Heidel- berg Direktor: Prof - Dr - 11 - Linder PP 1-30 (30 PP) German - est for vda: plawe translate and tYPG 1 cama readY cOPY and 1 copy. Document can be cut. FVw the E"ZLMM cn our awe -xianollatica Wc*f by K awra" 7 ppo ww"j, bbro AM JpX SEDhMS go= Aa=o- txiangUaticnsawutm.# 3-466 lp pp jL-.o Mg~FMMT-23-1213-67 sci/electemics sci/Electralics Fab 69 375f487 Topogm, iW and lsostoWp by K- Inderst"w? alkwo - Rpt, Aus der 922MUN MM WAA yonab=6 yes"OhrUs SM 79* (I*bU&*M 4c van Psof. Wter OWU-MM--A ftMmA 1,96Tj pp ". ACM-TC-1530 &d4kr W oat 69 394p462 English title unknown. GERM, per, Ausarbeitung eines Vortrags, Gelialten auf- UFr -ragLaig des 1--acliausscliusses Komphysik in Bad Freudenstadt am, Vol XXIV, No 3, 1966. *AEC- SLAC - Tr 44 Sci - Jul 66 302~403 mbm"Im ftr"7 9W WlltW7 AttAdW in the X";&OZWQ Vernm A=GWS TfolnlM in the Pedeml AnVq by Orl P. U*4Waftf. ==,t *to &LbWM In D~m&show Apa 1959. DU LN 668-70 MAKI m 73. Training Aids for lowpard Tank, by Alfred Titl. =02 rpt~ Die AusbgfM An YAftmen Puzem. ACSI X-0533 F5'rr- -.a-v - I q)3 - -7 ) Oct, 71 Simulators for the "Training on Haden Tanks" Raise the Level of Training# by Alfred Titip 19 pp. GLUM,, rpt., Die Ausbildong an Modarnen Panzern Simulatoren Heben Anabildunganiveau, pp ACSI J-9674 PSTC-ET-23-720-71 Jfte 73. Process and Device for the Continuous Productio of Concrete Reinforcement Steel of Round Cross- Section with Bond-Increasing Imprints, by J. Gillberg, GERMAN, Per- S-Ft-, 1969, 1 402 731 DIS1 0256 Jun 71 Hessurewnt of the fifftetivenen of a Mdeld Wall Against S GeV-Gmu Rays With *Nuclear 11mulsims. by G. Beetwald, et &I. (MR", rpta nessung der AbsSbirmmS eiras ~*.V-R M-Embis t *AEC OML tr-1533 SrU/Nuclear Sci Doc 66 C.Smalmatf- ond BUsu2aftca or Forelm Cusbmw amim cc vw on ftolon" InamWA" vaun.- VIM* IW It Brwwp T PPi lb~ 40 Apr Mms pw* Iffmasop 100 Iml, 17-19f jpm 414a =4k" cumm 2m jAy 67 329p&* C- 110 cft Nommij ape IV@ 33,lp3n aftw-mmel'. Abo 40, vft,wio 67 immlaUft states &4mt -M~ ubst ~bwft or Lobw am 4"MSU46 Of the 4"~ canwj.- lw *0 "o U*mo Jo no. omq# Per, ppp 36jkp 2*0 4P AW 1%7* Me Wei F--btrvlb2m awn Owly 67 3e9p8D3 of ft by Immum 400 46 Im ftma a ft"m ftgft* v MWW 3-PIP-kP- M-71 -1. :. at so mkmwlso w an mm " Or 0~00 do ^1 Ew"10 mt milt wt *a, $1o or Forsip Traft MxAster Atwwmw Fordp Tvads Trmds# by Howt SdUeo 19 pp* GERM* Pw* Awggft" No 76 JUII,1967* yp 5-13. aps 42843 E&E GGITAM Ecaft oat 67 343s404 Forsivi TWO bfy D"MnbW Albrecht amd Gestard ;z7T;: asamb Part, AnwArlwaisli, No 71, Jd 19676 pp 14..20#, JPBS 42843 BE-Z Genmw ROM Oct 67 3439" Coopmatim ftWm M's &W VVS's to Wow TMMUQmO tW No bands GERM# pwo 4mokum Vol Us No Oo Ang 19676 pp 1"-6o JPM 467306 ms aftsaw am Doc 67 346*W.3 tip Two& Himistw OLnw4w Go.=a two"$ swat souse 10 we mme p4wo AmmentsdA me 219 New More pp 2- 0 ow ! zr..x aor fim li PON i 'Ar f 4 - m 34900st ibul rwo Do~ WS in MA All lir jo Sam at pq 4rims 10 pp~ * pwo AmossoldoLl No U, my 1w9 PP X5- *o im W409 wx Gor sm Ph 0 3"003) ,;e ftnUp MMU PUms and 14"U of MONSUMts, by 0. ovowp 16 OMN,p sws vmd I Modols Vbl 25S lb 1p Jon 65p pp 6-n/ JM 2947 Apr 65 soonadc oravth *A Forelso ftemp 1w Prof, Dr., 06 mabolmi, 'I pp - MM., per., - m agamdwAs No I Vol 1% Iftr t0,, pp. 1-7- JPFA 29990 mWeramw xam 16W 65 279.9705 coggerst4on of the am cowr=eu lu am"- p&rdl% t40 rol and MMW,S%ZA7p by 2. Twoohmr., 18 pp. go.ohan69l und -MRnimtwher =MS, -,,per Aus mmael so 4,,-Tp-rV65,, ppe IU-Mo W63jO7iT No-Germw Boon JU 65 aU.,867 sm 4auty in tio sommw mastum be the un =a bA Gnaw* by go No 5, Aw X9652 VP- 7-9- 3W94 Is-oormw Jul. 65 983#236 roe Pawtions of the Yarkot in th* Deepwirg the Socj*Uxt Intwmtior*l Division of laborp 25, ppe Rafidel os~~w pw a so Genmw Econ 1*61 65 - ~ - - 209056 utuAmatian of %Atiutona clowim for kmnwip Amowv tus ry2ng lognmac tv 8 MD. Ow"Uml amw,, pro Hancialt NO 90 Sev 0, yo JM 32M ]a .0 Gerowv Econ Doo 65 Buie "Is= at tu LOAVOMW D"davo amb or id -I DivUlm ot XdW in Looft ftvmbee of mofto"s by Mr. Dsammj, 12 ppe am9no VWA No lot Oct Imip vp 333999 ion 66 vft~ an the amm C=Mftl" vo 23Woft of DAustrLal bst&U&tlciw# by No Otrmdtigp 9 no GUMS lprp und aft" aber RNIM10 so 2.1m. Mw 19650 yp. 9-22- MW 33"6 =4*rmmy low ibn 66 993#800 alk the lbftip Traft Aemftwp by Kv BtnWwlngs 6 PPP als".# per, AusmsahWol und UM . -- "r dw , A&I . % p Im 1965s Wo SMEL- VMS 33M IM-GormM soon jan 66 291801 Principl" of PrUing in the OW dountrias and the Socislist Tnt4wast' cW Div1sion of Labor,, by Dr. MW 10 W. MM*rp 6 PP? =M,# per$ Handel Vol 16,p No 2v I%b 1966s rp- 21-23- EX-GenoW Econ Apx- 66 MM5 zt-ftrmw Z= Apr 66 299,cL*6 International Cr*Ut bMWOM Social Coun- trIes and Nation" toomov by Dr. ff. M"s- LD& 13 PP * MWANs, pw.* -Puowdmftl =d Im techer Smadelp 761 fir, No 7. Ju1Y 19b6, pp* 1-4- JPV ~3%03 Mw)armw low Oct 66 339#469 Dgvslopawlt of ma4amt mpping 6 ppo Qlarwt pert manomw vmd Imms" mukdd~ V61.xwl lb 71 ja 1966. pp. jppj 37M F&East GumW laon oat 66 311,0984 a Belatl=* betwou the SoclaUst States and the Demloping Countrisop by Dr, Joham-Lorem Scluddtl, 9 ppe GMM,, per, Aussenbsuft! =d Im*rdoutwMr Hwdel. Vol XVI.. No 7j, July 1966# pp- 52-54, JPFz 37693 ErwGermmW soon Oct 66 312v470 Development of FkoncrAo Relations Between Foreign Trade and Indastry In the Field of Exportat 25 pp. GERMAN, per. Auesenhandel w3d Innqrdqut22!MS Ekndel. No 8. M 1966. pp. cl!I: UPW-JBI60 BE-East Germany Emn Oct 66 Developunt. of Somado Relations Between Foreign Trade Organs and ThAr DmeetAo Partners an Regards Importev 13 pp, GEM. per.: Auseadmdel und lmwMwtwhsr Handelo No 8s m 19660 pp, 14-18# JTff,j8l8o ES.Ger2wW soon oat 66 313461 Inclusion or Desirk4bafted Industry in %XPOrtfp by Ot Stanla, 11 pyf ' arm", per., Auseenhandal und Diiordautacher WdOX ftf 9# "Pt 1966p pp? 5~-32? lean Doe 66 lxpmion of WorkoNwIng ReUtlow betma Nast Gormany and the UUp by Dro :. X10".. 9 ppo Gum.. per., Allusenhandel 49 Mmrafttwher Hmadel, Not 10, Oct IWP PP9 41-43- JPBS 30385 IM,4ermuy scon Jan 67 ~A,121 r .. Is, Tnhas Gosam avA ftemoseft rw 1967, by anti equat to ppe asmas Pro ARNO Rbopqg&- U04 Hanbl MD- 10 J12 19070 W* JLOUS 2 JFVUC" Zro-z"t oermw row= W OT 393o,303 current Questlow of IWOXAC coopmugo SAM OW COUIU10j, IW JM= DSMM# ;W PPI, GUMS port AVA$SnboAoa uvA I Handelv No. 2# pp. 6-a and Nov 38, pp* 16-330 Feb & Mar 1961 JPF43 4W23 U-0ormw Neon -YU31T CST 329.7t2X . V, BASIC Qwstlons Of Division or I "Itween Socialist aw~, DOWIVIN countrump by Mr. 0- RbrmmM. 31 VO- vndL liendalm NO-0 of ftb am# pp. JULY 67 329a722 Sam Fe"IP TZO& Pnblms or the Gm 'ftring tM ftriod ftding In 1070V by No FUWWO 0, SCMISSO 9 pp, (MMN,, p*r,,Auu=k=d*l tad Madou"disr Hudele No 30 Pp JLUD* VRS 4 80 Egur - Germy ECOR XV 67 324,2S6 - ---A ~ him m - In 2~i- V"t Gomm Vift at - -- U014 ty Alud v= 8chWk# 7 rp- t1k. 0N,"# rwo so u,, sw i,965a pp. 7ho-745, - aria 3ym n-ftnom poi im 66 2930784 ArUvU in Onvan bjgpM~ NOGWr AM2"m ftoWbvio SpUts br RLOhM Allen- 5 pp, =n@% NO 3* Jkr JPF8 3M V. 2966v R94ftuww Pol Apr 66 2"s277 m Rovlgdotdm and M*ot goonmW In lUpoUviat bw Distinar Al~. 7 PP. G=Wt per# _AjWqqmUUkv No 0# AM lWo Pps 487-4954 JPR3 37928 MTWAUV!ta Emn o-ot 66 312,M South Went Africa and The UPS Verd-lote by ChAstoff Von Imboff. 10 pp GEMM, per, Ausm fbUtIk. Vol 17s No 9, Sept 19660 PP-O--5,Q.339q J PRS 3M 16 AfAoa POI Nov 66 313o?97 ODA" GlAd Mos"Of UUM Avmdoft SbowbW* br wous"s BMW# 13 pp. OIRM4, pwomnemedm im lot pp W- 267- am 459n Intemati Fol I Aug 68 3634M Hamburg Paper outlines PRC Military Potontitil, by Fred Sagner, 6 pp. GERMAN, per, AussenRolitik, Hamburg, Feb 7Z, pp 66---7-a-, FE-73- JPRS 55816 May 72 Ideologioal Analyzed, by GERMAN, or, pp .59-197. JPRS 56081 Change From Ulbrioht to Bernd Weber, 10 pp. Ausee olitik, Hamburg, np -- Honeoker Mar 72, Jun 72 j-"2166 Cover Organizations - Ulterior Notives of West German Development Aid, by Dr. Julius Mader. GERM, rpt., Auseenpolitische Korrespondenz, No 16, Fast Berlin., 23 April 1966y PP 135-136- *aRsAF-4252/Special. W Eur - West Germany Pol J%me 66 VbVU Law Cited to blAw OM Ao"Is POILUORO bor Potar AMAS Stdakero 5 pp. who I Jay km pp ZL9*,= Jm 4655L. J-PR Pat Oct 68 36?,5n Coumvdal Air PoUtics and Laws by Walter Dragon . 6 ppp QUM,, per, Austroquja No 7p July IMIP pp 5-6, DIA IB 235-650 WaLur/pOl/Goman Fbb 66 294,595 Power Plant Developnent in Eapt. GMUMN, perk Austro Flug 70, No 19, Nov 1969) PP 3-6. DIA LN 709-70 April 71 The Effects of the CBR Protective Muk on the Magnitude of Ventilatory or Gas-Metabolic Punction at Rest and Under Working Conditions; by Klaus Muller, 104 pp. GOVERMW USE ONLY GMMAN, rpt, Doctorate DIssex-atIon: Dle Answlrkungen aer ARO-SaJwtop" k Auf Dia Ventilatoria&en Oder Mtnmalvtianhan Pmiktionsuroasen in Ruhe Und Bei Aug 71 Effects of Fires on Shelter Occupants, GERMAN$ rptj Die Auswirkungen von Brandon auf schutzrauminsMen. iel I & II. momm *AC9I K3397' Jan 73 V=Wn Aftolog f9m the Dw of Umns by ID6 zwttmmwn_ GEM$ A== aus am Bwldtk waafthr sm"r-M2:0-0 W# py U42. 9/=7M"3" 8"4kal a" Avg 69 389,M Missile Information# 70 pp, COMMENT USE, ONLY GIMAN, rpt. Auszuge Aus Der Technischen Literatur, Aug 19680 pp 1-52. AF2*1/FSTC/JlT-23-995- 68 U/Mil Oct 69 394,109 M. Gross On Certain Procedures of Definition of Formal Languages. ITALIAN, per, Automata Theor7p 1966, pp 181-200 NTC 72-12862-.09B sept 72 Sol/lasatr Aug 68 - I 361oftO A Stodard method for the syn s Of Fbits Automata Without Star&". With Sawr" QI*Puts. Cmstrwted FTOM Static Switch3al Blewsato# by sq Assarsbe 12 ppm RWMIMv p6ro &S i Electrwi Vol 90 .Mica s No 2. 196SO, pp 76-80, PMZ2M67 FrD.HT-66-494 Aug 67 3316406 powite idm mm" for the awiOCI-1 &AbIwo bV No FWAUV a ppo WKNwo PWI ~ atamium A Vol 90 NO 30. 1965s pp gow-w?o -- .. FTD-19-23-734-0 0 .-Ci/noot & Elect aw Sept 68 364og9i CoWloto Logic Matrices. Their Use In Minlmdzing Boolean Expressiow, by D. Damakers 3.1 pp. RUMLTURs pors Autmatica Si Mectronloa,, Vol 10., NO 3s r9660 P100230868-v FTD-ET-2-3-64"7 Sol/XatU Sol 36h-,-129 gap 68 The Algoritbmic Language Developed by the Game Groupq by D, Vaidal 8 pp. MMANIAN,, per, Aut=atica Si Electronicat Vol 10, 116 3. May-June 1966, pp 133-13b. AIR/r-TD/HT-23-1176-67 Sol/Bleo 3,53s?-16 Jon 69 DWO$d OPMUOUl Coutzia Cirldt M Va AMA CoqpAero by ULr= mad U. ZOOSGWWUo 20 pp. s AMP mov 68 366031 Sol-mama"" ., joy 68 oom The Generator For Aa InstaUation That Braluates Ferites For Core Memories., tV Pe Sburzu ard Ce Moldoveanue 11 pp, ROMANIAN., per., Agtomatica si eleabronica, Vol 13., No 21 1969., pp 34-.38. AL'VTTD/HC-23-850-70 Sept 71 Method for Symthesizing A DamUua-Binary Seri0s Oonverter, by V. L. Damitresou. 11 ppe I ROMANIAN., per, Antomatica si XLectrmica =-A Vol 13, No 6. 19693 pp 255-260. AIR/FTD/'HC-23-316-71 Sept 71 Daslopont Of M00trOr"s IU&Urtz7 TraoOds bjr Constant4 n Faur, 8 pp. RUNM"# pff#: AUjML%tft 01 M!j29SM# awhaefto jul-ki-g-1090 pp ilf-135. JPRS 49?59 sol-Sloot & Elect sw Feb 70 401t930 Developunt of nwtrada Appantuf Indu'*rY Tracodp by Do Baum@ 13 PP* 0 Bah. R(ALUM o Wo Oemmwa Wam" ar"t. jaly*ft 1969v pp 13WU- ipEs 49604 E&PROMWda EOM i= ?10 4009585 Cutput of i2ectronic Comments D"Ieds by I" Sandra, 6 ppo RCHMANp perip Automptica A jaectronift Bucharest, July~--A-ugf-1-96971-,W 3,43-M. ipm 4904 Sai-Elee Jan 70 400,-5% Automation of Industrial Prooesses Demorlbodg, bor Me. 31pbut IS pp. RWWMN9 pffp~ A*tma&14* A QIAMAMP Bwhmsto~ Jul-Aug 19*p, pp 147-162s. im 4W39 Sol-lbohl, Lids, Civ & Her EW Feb 70 4oi;,.Og no- 6 bV N9 Drag 0 14 PPS AMUNWI PWI pwo 2A Id, me *-one Bubmats Jul-Aug 1969o pp 163-170. ints 4W59 Sel-Nagwi. Cam. Dot & CM Feb 70 401o951 Production of Computer Equipment Described,, by VO Rdatace 3.0 pp. RO(MaU. pop. AgMt-Ift id ElsetraidaA. Bucharest$ July-Avg 19b99 pp 178483. jpRs 4,9604 Sol-Elea Jan 70 400.587 RMU. TaISVIAM Pft~6&Uon 1w 0. iwmt 9 ppe RWANWs per# Antmatift Id assundso Bacharest, Jul-Aug 1969o PP lm-1920 JPW 49759 Sci-Navig Caml Dot & CM 4019932 Fab 70 Vaowm D%Ineezftg Development DowribWt by ALI Pascale# 6 ppe RUW109 pert AUt2L*_%g� 8k MACtr-Od-PS, . -1- -- Buchareato July-Avg 3.9699 pp 101- 9W6. jpBs 49604 FX-Fammda km Jan 70 400t5m r. 0. lklangiuroa use of office computers for planning studies. 10 pp. ROMANIAN, por, Automatica si Blectronica, Vol 14, No 2 0 1970 ) pp 92M - , - -- Al R/ FTD-I [C-23-1543- 71 Progross im tho Floctronics mid Automation Indivitry Notod, by Sillidu Sagal, 5 pp. ROMANIAN, per, Automatica si Electronica, Bucharest, No 5, gept7ct 1970, pp 195-197. JPRS 51941 EE-Rontania Econ Dec 1970 The Second CM Conference an the Autww- tion of Produatlon, Processes In Parrous ibt&UurV. hAWst,# by S. IbWosavljwlcp 6 pp. MBD4nWAMN* perp alassumv NO 5,v aw-r*,-, 2*., Ivs 36f-369- JM 35W ZI-Di4pria soon Apr 66 2990289 The "AW Rnterprise for Automtion and Mea- suring Devices in Wustx7p 8 pp, SM-CRMM, per., AutopatiM No 6. Nov- Doc 1965,9 pp, 396-398, JM 36W4 ES-yugoolavia 19con Jul 66 304..626 Ths "Prm lakrall Awtory,, Baria-DalgraAe., J.0 py. BMD-CROATDJ r. Autoutiks No 6,, sov-Dec 1965., pp- 399:~X* JPRS 36oo4 MC-Yugoslavia Scon Jul 66 304,60 The "Prva Petolatka" Hydmu.Uc EqUpment Factory., Tratealk., 10 ppe no 6 MMO-CRWW,, per., Autmatiksm . Nov-Dec 1963., pp 1, 403-" - JPHS 36004 m-yugoslavia &QU jui 66 304.o628 Tile "Telmtw -Y*C:toryt ppi Ifo 60 NOV-DOC 19651 PP- 4M JPRS 36oo4 w-yugoolavia Econ jul 66 304,629 motal cmtrd coarAer "Sm". ~y Z. Sidoo Ve Todorovice 7 pp* SEWO-CROMMO per, AutowtMm Vol I* No lo 19669 pp 28-33.. AIR/FfD/HT-23-1153-67 AD 845 262 sai-Eloo Feb 69 3no939