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On a Modification of ti,.e Concept of t'e Modulus of Smoot:,ness and its Uses in Estimkitin- Foarier Coefficients, by V. V. x Zuk, 15 pp. RUS'SIAII, per, Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, Sov Mat ., Vol ,-'LX, No 4, 1965, pi). ~~ 758-761. Amer lbt Soc Ju.1 1-1)5 T' e Consolidation in(I the Stationary V. K. La-arov, 0. RUSSIAD!, per, Dok ';IIYI 1 I No 4 1965., PP of States in a ~-hrkov Ciain Variation of tie Spectrum, by V. Sarmanov, 4 PP- Ak Nauk , SSR, Sov Mat-, Vol -764. 762 Amer Yutl~ Soc jul 65 Cesa'ro, Ries-- and Fourier Series in place Operator, by RLBSIAN, per, Dok CLX, No 4, 1965, PI, Poisson-Abel Sumnabil-4-ty of t eEigenfunctions of' the La.- V. A. Il-in, 4 pp. Ak Nauk SSSR, Sov M t-lat:,, Vol. 765-U76~--'. Amer Mat'. Soc jul 65 Estimation of I- ,,y I. Xxx 1q. ;~,,ISISIAI-;', per, aXkk;LX, no 4, Coeff'--cients of Univnleznt Fl-mctions, J~jjjjn, 0 pp. j Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, 1965, pp 116~i-77-1- Sov Math, Vol Airier I-c-c Jul. 6~ Periods o'l .1-1-losed Forms , b,v I. V. 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Kibel , 0 6 pp. IUBBIM., per, Dokla4y skademl i nftu~~ SSSR , Sariya matematika, fizika Vol. 160, No 4j PP. 315-J-1'3- -3PRB 30021 UWR Sci-Earth Sci 8; AstronaW MaY 65 279034 Isostasy of the Antarcticp by So A* U3hakov, As 1, Frolov, RUSSIAN, per, L*klady A Nauk SSSR,, Geofizzi-k-a-p Vol CLX, No 4, 1965, pp 919-bZZ. ACIC TC-1212 Sci-L. Sci 331,450 JuI67 On Detonation Combustion of Heterogeneous Systems., by V. E. Gordeyev and V. F. Komov, RUW:EAN., per DA Ak Nauk SMI Phys Chem see, Vol =~ No ~) .19651 PP IJ53-IJ56- CD Oct 66 310,667 On the Behavior of Macra3aemaes as Particles of an Individual Phase inPt)lywrizat:Lon-Depo4mi-izatior, Equilibrims by V. A. Kargin and V. A. Ubawv,, RUSSIAN,, per4,DDk Ak lauk SSSRI mys Cjem Seco Vol CLXS NO M5, YP 057-0w- CB oct 66 3io,668 lwmatigation of the Properties of the Structures of Rubbers Strenghtened by Interaction with Carbon HLackB, by N. N. Lezhnev and B. Ys. Yaqpolt skiy, et. al, IRLWIM) pert Dok Ak Flauk 8=4 Phy- Chem See vo 1 ca.. No 4-7-7-5, PP 1361-,b63- CB Oct 66 310~,60 A Mes-Spectrometric Study of Photooorption Froccosea In the QqVa-Zinc Oxide SystemB, by A. A. LisacheWw and F, 1. Mosov) ot &1t Russia,$ per Dok Ak Nauk SSS84 Do Cbem See Vol CLX.. NO k, 1965j, pp 664-dbb., CB oat 66 31o,,670 The Decrease in the Surface Tension of Solid MeWs When Atoms of Surface-Active MetGLUic mits are Absorbed on Tbair Surface) by V. I. Likhtman and L. S. Bryukhanoval at all RUSSIAN, per Bok Ak asuk 8=1 Phys Chem See Vol CLXJ NO ~j 19651 PP 667-670- CB oct 66 310,671 The Activity of XLectrolyticallly MIXecI Deposits of Platimum and Butbanium in the Zlectro- Oxidation of Methanol, by 0. A. Petriy., RMSMN, per Dok Ak Nauk BSSR, My! Chem See., Vol CLX) No t; 1965s M-674. CB oct 66 3io.,672 Special Features of the Relaxation Proecesses Occurring in Crystalizing Polymeraj by As As Frolova and P. V. Kozlov, RUSSIAN,p perp Dok Ak Nauk SSM, Phys Chem See 4-7- Vol CLX., No , 19C57 PP 875-878. 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Tov ejan, 4 pp. RIESIAN, per., Dok Ak Nauk SWR,, Bov Math,, Vol ciz, n No 62 1965, PP ~275-1278 Amer )kth Boc jul 65 ABMtotic Bebavior,, for t - cc , of the Solution of gxkxmft Sabrodinger's Nonstationary Equation with Nonselfadjoint Hamiltonian,, by 1. V. Stan- kavic: 5 PP. RUSSIAN, per, Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, Sov MRth, Vol CLX, No 6, 1965, PP Ml-1274. Amer Math Soc jul 65 An Analogue of the Plancherel Formula for the 3 x 3 real Unimodular Group, by B. D Romm, 2 pp. RUSBIANO Per: Dot Nauk BSSR) Sov Math., Vol CLX~ No 6, 1965, PP 1269-1270. Amer Math Soc jul 65 On the Theory of Generalized Solvable Groups, by V. P. Sunkov,, 3 PP. RUSSIAN., per,, Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, Sov Mixth, Vol CLX, No 6. 1965., PP M9-1282. Amer Moth Soc jul 65 Experimental Proof of the Absence of Absolute Mactromigmtion In Liquid Fb) Sap Inp and Ga. M~Axix3w P. 11. KuzlmeWw and E. l. Mw'kov) et al, . RUSSIAN, per, Dok AX lauk am ~m Chem POC3 Vol =., NO 6,-1'975,pp 1343-134ra- CB oct 66 310.,6W Absorption and IRP Spectra of (blinones Adsorbed from the Gas Phase onto the Surfaces of Oxides, by V. Ya. Iodin and V. X. Kholmogorev., et al, RUSSIMp ]per, Dok Ak N&Uk ~m ~w Chem gm Vol Cly, No ~,719-6'57, PP 1347-1350. CB oct 66 310,689 The Nature of the Change in the VibmtioDal Fre- quencies of the WN and SeCN Groups Corrdination, RUSSM., per.. DDk Ak lauk SM, ~!m Chem Sec; Vol CLxp 1b 6~-19'3759P .1351-.1354- CB Oct 66 31o.6go The Pbssibilty of Prapaeing Hightl Dispersed Structures in Alloys by Quenching Their Baulsions., by E. D. Shchukin and Z. M. Zawzina, et &I, RUSBAffs per, Dok Ak Ikuk SSM. Phys Chem �m, Vol CLXJ NO 6)--l9C5-)I)P 1355-1357- CB Oct 66 310p6q.1 Theory of E.k-traction from a Rd-ling Drop, by V. G. Levich, V. 'a. Krylov, et al. 3 P- RU35IAN, per, DA Ak Nauk SSSR, Chem TL-ch ~2,c vol cLx, No 6, Jan/ r 1965, P--o 1356-1360. 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C13 3c!--BE44 J~~'o &bryogpnesis Rudan~ 3 1). RUSSINN., per., 1 6 1101 CIIX) .10 CD of the Larynx in ?~an) by A. S. l)ok Ak flauk SSM) BialoLZ auction , Jan/Feh 1965, pp 1444-144,r,. Oci 616