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December 12, 2016
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March 11, 2002
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August 13, 1959
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Approved For Release 2002/04/01 :CIA-RDP91-009658000200060055-3 >.t~~~~za~t 1"~~~~ CIA Data Cited Against Castro :By Drew Pearson 4~i t h the Pan American ~forein ministers- meeting in Chile? to pacify the turbulent Caribbean, this column lias ob- tained , a -copy ~ I n t e 11 igence Agency' report showing -Fidel Castro's '-links with , cemznu- nism. The . docu- ment I i s t s some of Gas- munS~ "and ,cites nine trips by?these a~Ivisers to Moscow since the revolution on Jan. 1. Their aim; according to the CIA repbxt; is" to make the sit- uation Cuba so chaotic that the United States will be forced to int_eryene. Then the United States would be charged with an "American Hungary" It is such. ,intervention that the iT.r~ited States, is trying to avoid? ' by .getting ,the advice and support . of -other Pan Amerls~n governments at the Foreign 1Vfinisters Conference. Salient portions of the re- vealing CIA report follow: "It has become increasingly apparent in the past several months that Fidel Castro, if not a Communist himself, is certainly dominated by them. For a few weeks, during and immediately after his trip to the United States, there was hope that at last he would settle down, pay more atten-`I tion to his more conservative advisers and stop flirting with '. the left wing. "This hope was expressed by Felipe Pazos~ president of "the National Bank.. of .Cuba, by Regino Boti, Minister of. Eco- nomics, by seydr~l" of the min- isters and -people'' of impor- tance who accq:Itlpanied Fidel Castro to the United States. They felt this mainly because .they had been chosen to make the trip, rather than the other people. Before the trip, these people, although they occupy high positions in the govern- ment, had barely even spoken with Castro, "Then, with this xrip, he suddenly became attentive- t4 them and with their help was coached through his visit ta. the United States. "On arrival back in Cuba; these .men gave out that they were .happy, that Castro had listened. to tlieir advice, that now he would shun the Com- munists and listen to them. "Instead, Castro proved con- clusively that he is operating according to a well conceived, well directed plan of opera- tion. On return to Cuba, he ignored the men who coached him through his visit to the United States. From the time of his return to date, he has refused repeatedly and even after written demands he has denied an audience to Felipe Pazos, the president of .The' ~, National Banks. He had simply used Chew men as fronts while in the United State's. Who Wrote Bill? "At the same-time, he had some of his more conservative ministers drawing up a bill .for agrarian; reform. Particularly devoted. to this was Sori Marin, Minister of Agriculture. Sori Marin completed his bill, showed it to all the members of the cabinet and went to th.e Sierra. Maestra -with .Castro and all the other members. to praclaim the agrarian reform 'bill, whicTi he thought would be'his, the one he wrote. "Once on top of thy, ruu- tain, Castro took out r'~%s own agrarian reform f~bh, one which no member of -the cab- inet had seen before then, and required them all to sign it. This is the agrarian reforltl bill which has now gong "into force. It was written primarily by Ernesto `Che' Guevara, Vilma Espin, wife of Raul Castro, Raul Castro, Antonio Nunez Jimenez, and " Pino Santos. "Of Ernesto Guevara; a U. S. intelligence agency states, `If he is not a Communist, he will do for olie until another. comes along.' Vilma Espiq is the sister of a noted French, Communist and apparently a Communist herself; Ant(~no Nunez Jirninez, vVhq.las keen named to head the Agrar'?an' Reform Institute, has had is way paid by the Communist Party of Cuba to a youth fes- tival in Prague in 1954. Pinbs" Santos, the financial xe~o'ter for 'Revolution,' the 26 de Julio newspaper, :its ,~~eally Carlos Sa>vlto Vega; a regulfar (member , of the Communist Party. (Copyright. 1939. Bell 9yn~icate, Inc.) Approved For Release 2002/04/01 :CIA-RDP91-009658000200060055-3