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November 12, 1980
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Approved For Release 2009/02/04: CIA-RDP91 B001 34R000400130013-2 \ .l AETIC'??. Ae L,.L Lii 091, PAG3 7.-" It was during the craziesE?days.of.tlie 'early 1970s when the Movement had. spun. `out of control and existed only on a 'single .piston's worth of black comedy-an third.. :rate-'street theatre. Vietnam vets taking over the' Statue of Liberty and flying: the: flag upside down: ' Leslie!Bacon bombing the men's room of the. capitol: And: then :crazy Americans .way' .out ,therei'on .the. Pacific rim of the empire;? in ,Okinawa;; organizing workers at.the.big air base and' helping GIs get. out of going to'Vietnam;; And they had these kites these kites to' -- --bring down B-52s, kites with tinfoil string= , ing from ? them' that:'they'd 'fly right _up there in front, of these . huge : jet's loaded with 10,000-pound bombs'loftingoff._ the:. '`runways of Okinawa on another . run to th'e MekongValley: Bill arid Ellen;. standing. there at the end of the. r?nwsy with-.their; kites, trying to lasso a goddamn. B-52!. ; :r Ellen Ray is remembering all ?thisi10. years later in the bar.df the National Press Club in Washington four blocks from the% White House. Bill Schaap; now her hus-' band, fills in -the* details. And across. the. table, Louis Wo)f.takes it all in with, his permanently etched visage of. gloom,.suf- fering this interview and. wanting only- to . 'be . back in the, womb, oVthe='National -'Airchives, from where, =. every- month; he .emerges with another.Iist`-of -CIA agents ready-for the- pages of CotfercAhtimy n. formatiort`Uullettn.` -Wolf, Schaap,.' and Raji- along with former. CIA agent Philip Agee - rt.the i people v,ho nniiie the namesof CIA agents: livery other month;' they 'publish ? iheir that drives.the intelligence agencies up the walLThis is the section where` they update' theiri.lists of CIA staffs around the world from Burundi-to Bangkok Along the way;. they'..ve: published two books, Dirty. W&;1 The' CIA to We'sternyEurope, and Dirty W64 01), The CIA: in Africa. Tl ey .preilriving everybody up the wall. Everybody.'Nornatter-that they get, the, names from. poring through old diplomaticI .list iin the archives=. just move your finger; `down. the:~list:`of_the Biographic. Register. tjll you find '16-guy'-who .,came into the State Department in '58, spent three years "'fin,,'.. analyst": with the U.S.- Army in Laos. from '61 t6!63, :;'temporary duty at the: Pentagon in 1965, on leave in;"private business"-' for another couPle years, ears, and back to the State Department forl duty.,-in -Chile ,when Allende was _ over- .thrown=it's easy.. enough for a seven year, 'old; to. figure `out: who the spooks are, but, Wolf and. Schaap? and Ray are driving people crazy: _ Arid.it's not just the CIA. that hale been trying toputthein out of business: Mem bens of Congress are ao angry they've taken' the:.rirat:Amendment- by the,neck and . strangled: it with 'a bill, likely to pass soon,; that will make it a crime-three years ink jail,: $10,000. fine-to. print the names oft CIA, agents even..if they've-been gathered ? from: public',sources nii "printed . before m cr t Jerome Ambro; were screaming. Thee first' ` people _ to go to" jail will-. bey 666f-ii death pen"ally for?those`whd have. Schaap, Ray, Wolf, and Agee `once one of; ? acl ess to classified=information and leak; the .CIA's best agents in Latin' America,; it: (PresumablyAmbro`will;'construcf'an now un'apostate in Europe, lobbing his i amehdment.;-"' inpting Zbigniew books like grenades from ncrogs the AtIan= Br7ezinski.), i tic ??,~ ~" e~ a '.Will,thisgetAgee?'t one senatorasked They ve been asking for it, ills said, ands Judiciary Com itt C ir m ee ha men Ted Ii en th articles about ?;now.they'regoing to get it: The moguls ofd ried ful1 of in-de 1lulietin a th bill s , p y s e wa ramrodded thgh ?rou CIA ' operations and techniques. But it. is 1 the editorial rooms hate them too. The ? marlcu i th ll p n e sma est room oh Citol ap. the little section near the back of the book ..y: .rr!!Yy _,.- .? - Approved For Release 2009/02/04: CIA-RDP91 B001 34R000400130013-2 THE VILLAGE VOICE 12-18 November 1980 eft? ACLU; ypes.`sliiink:up'to the micro:! phones in' the hearing rooms'end,make:a wide turn around-Couert'ActionInfrr?,na: tion..Bulletin on their- 'ay - to' the.First Amendment. It's just that Covert Action is 'a little too :'. well, direct. I mean,`:it's one thing, to do your :anti-imperialist. trip putting, out soiree nice little newsletter: about,' say; bank loans in Zaire. But that's not enough! for ; Schaap,, Wolf, and Ray. They go right; down. to'Jamaica; hold apress conference;' embassy. IV'ot fig eyear?: diter.the-govern meat's been toppled 'but right-now,'ivhile the CIA's doing -it:.^. The CIA has been gritting its teeth over' the: Bulletin .(and its predecessor;a Col ii terspy) for nearly'a'.decade, tryingiinsuc cessfully through a series of maneuvers to., put it out. pf business and its editoig iri jai)..'! But it. -.'vasn't until- last Ji ly~that_ serious olouds of: repression. long-on: the horizon' gathered into: a furious storm:;Somebody` shot up the house of one of the CIA tigenta` Suddenly, the,"inte)ligene.Iclentitiee 'Protection Act".:: leapt'.from ; the-discard bin, where it had'beeri:since:1978,,and! ,raced through both sides o'f.Capitol Hill as fast as a congressional pay'raise; By. last; month,:'=super-patriots .like`: Long*Island', De o a Approved For Release 2009/02/04: CIA-RDP91 BOO 134R000400130013-2 Hill::-Yeah,grunted Kennedy; and that -house well known to have belonged to a -` acnaap was u7 u v u WILL LLLC,cI~ .._..~ 11 " ]]]{ succession of CIA station chiefs through National Lawyers Guild and the two soon was=that %: a? ?eer r\v 1 the venrs:: The, Political atmosphere in hitched off for Asia, tint to the.-Philip- nT, VV OIL wtts LLL I'll over.. the:.lieads of. the pressand the .civil- Athens when. Welch - arrived, moreover; upint _17 LU nder the aegi3 of the Pacific Counseling Iibertie, aawvers . trying to. see what was as oisonous; with rising anti-American Service Louis Wolf had' already been in read happening After it was over, no- one ec fe%er..diiected:largely at the CIA. Amid a the Philippines for a few years. pressed.:condolences.'-:'_=`-....; flurry of.cables=.between .Welch and CIA ePhi la wag the major forward base for "There's noquestion .ghat: there's if headqunrters .at Langley ;~'irniniti, hole the war, in _Vietnam:.Cor f orwar airliners one ~- friends 'xay ncedes:."I mean,-*most of: Christmas eve, he wwt murderect. "The disinformation campaign was a the'huge=fleet of Air'America. transport these people on the left remain our friends,: lanes.-fe ng VPs and' rice. to Saigon; d after reviewin : ' t i " g e n no Halper - but.they:donIt want. to be assocrated:with success; DaNari , g;:Hue; and: the :oleo ? tribesmen namingnames'?The problems began; she the p'zrtinent cables. "The stories filed our h'that? carrjmg on the CIA's secret war' in th d ea Weic acknowlar ges;with the-murder of Richard- of.:\Vashington on -.s - LaQ 1 1 . 11 _4 ecreaker Decer9ber 1975 Official-'Washington; been' listed in';Counterspy. None. men- ;wealthy:iladeelphia family;.' ha olf and s . the intelligence`. agencies, tinned the CIA warnings to Welch as to his s s objector and joine all pa u a ~ y - es are in a~tumult Nc:on-has been toppled 1 place of residence."- InternationaE Volount ory`Serviees t do ?al; h people are saying. The, by- CIA, -many p p ISM was about the time `of rthe.;Welc r,:\\ v_L = aernateeiseiviceamonatherefugees-. o h mission, !and the press are-draggzag Creturned: from Okinawa and began~ to ge bring reading-rice an to d well-di rtg skill skeletons out.. of, he `closet `one by o e involved with research for Counterspy. For b ng end and other Lao peoplos Later..;. other Lao Later f a , he y rom. t Ray, it. was not. really a long. w Cuba, the : Congo; --.Chile;-:Brazil,.. Iran ld wonde design r e MKULTRA, and CHAOS. The assassins-1 One of the first things she remembers; merely churned under the daily barrage the mail openings . ut Nebraska is the day she re b ti d k kh dailth e e agekb h . a o e e n as drug tes wh a2 bloc ng, nelur-and B- P~U Lions th ed into her elementary school. eneral sleaziness of re e : t d d uste ` d i :c - g p a ragg roun s an was ad ins, and- villa ges fie l break are turning the-nation'a stomach_ insides principal'6 office and threatened with sus fro rn_the? es lie olf'eventually gravitate ley m thr out, persuading an entire Kennedygener- pension because .she missed a day of toehiaippiaes? rid-Tu hisange ation;thatGreen Berets and hotshot spies. classes The reason?.Her father had taken .irito?'a=talent for:ineticulous;';unrelentin l into h eal.':a + ...?,,.... researc are oiten;more'Drutal than bLLLllan , Per Lo ham handed than' precise. Now .the speak . The'only permissible absence from Irwa rit until W& went tv the Phili0-'! ? en thwart rl in its _ L 1 ... oul ha a beento~hear_a Re- t_- _-..a ti b ti e as tryto stir: up another mess in Angola F:.. publican.-After-that it-was Lne vniyCCncyr In a little world;" '$ ehaap comments; leaning b suite of offices off .Washing-. of. Nebraska and graduate courses ,at his in office in the !`nts.l:Press Bulk ona l . tons Dupont:.Circle,--a small.' group Of.! Harvard. She was "a hippie before ere: i nternation l' in? that eI got to see mostly;- ec military 'intell'gence officers I were hippies-'And I thinkI was always a, scope, o?;U. imperisee-t I mean it isn t has -begun to' publish a Journal called radical. My parents were. sort of populists b 1 Counterspy:.In one' issue-in ?1974T.they- My father had. Harvard law'an~d; i ii .Al at. s eSs h you see the effects ealtytar I one Richard 1Veich In late 1975, Welch is ; became a farmer." One `of.those_ arvar ' 1 0 I transferred to Athens-as CIA station chief. summers shespent traveling. from Madrid way: the .U.S- interfered in; all these cou r tries- and:_that_feeling led to. an: undo ks l .., Counterspy notes LI1C. therewere he isI Algerian War: Every day bodies'' standing ks later h the Cl ou tl th o o ee g y, r ver ne c cemherf issue. Two wee , own the Seine was being d a a left wing group takes credit` lloating.cl ' as opposed to Coca -Cola openng up d de ; re :mur She: :..Shewanted "to:be a great writer,'. [or the} hit. President Ford and half his facto The major difference is the:awar cabinet meet Weich'e casket. at.Andrews moved to YNTw York fonds landed iBa ce,] ness Of the people affected-The people c in an elaborate, solemn ceremo- `and Siloer,~. crgen. ~; ? not o ose it:" et ery em C ny; and the legislative wheels are set in; like.'Can`God:Forgive an Adultness.-.:: ? ahe Two events in 1973 further propelled Elll, J1! motion ,to make' it a crime to name they laughs, What Six Boys Did To Me- in three ofthem toward the limelight.. 0 e, names} of CIA?sagents. the.: Grass,.. ard.I Was :16 and Stripped et out; Naked at the Senior Prom.' was the. U.S= backed military.coup th t Already, however; the CIA had?R shed the sloe ed socialist aovernmet was the Kennedy as crug erime ther h ' e t en.of -Salvador Allende- in- Chile r . to crush Counterspy and use itas an anvil l :And for a .:broad: attec~C`on critics of the in sassmaition Soong she nettwm?{h?;New was the publication_:2hilipAgee's C A telhgence:agenc,sy::.I -,: -_ _ Orleans D:A:?Jarnes .:. arrison~ a A,? mostaalented case oftlcers, fo'me t l ings.;:.CIA spokesman Angus Thuermer I blamed .:-Counterspy: for Welch'a "death:. late night.: telephone calls ,began `There C strikes, lented_off politicians; Such was the conclusion of-former,Kissin- Were these Spanish-accented voices," she lantin CIPL news stones :across La in ` sa "They said 'you better, get out of the . P g n d d ay er - us get aide:Morton'Halperin in a meticulo;ys. America Lii.e a :.mo review;'of the. Welch siffair in The Washing='1 country.' ' : - blown:off hssmule on the road to Tars 'i,,4rg her-filr:Y'work that-she . ~----~ -.__ --oa as ton f'osr on aanuary. ti drained his:mind of every.agent,: de class'i'c d'isinfocmatiori -campaign;"? i met Bill 5chaap_ r1 lawyer in partnership Hnlperin. wrote: T.he'1 CIA :itself;;Helperin' with brothers David and, Sara Lubell,.the name and caner operation fie nt, a e- "Red Twins of Harvard (so =named .for m ber ve o . , em . mo :reported, had warned Welch