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December 22, 2016
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February 4, 2009
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November 19, 1979
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Approved For Release 2009/02/04: CIA-RDP91 B001 34R000400130023-1 ARTICLE APPEARED ON PAGE Z. P-3? Still,, there are many who wonder why there is all the hem and haw over Chile in official Washington. Putting aside, just for the moment, U.S. investment since the coup, one may legitimately .wonder. what other factors might cause:Pinochet to be treated with kid gloves..CQuld' it-be that the.looseends of the U.S. covert legacy in Chile still thread, through Washington like.- so many exposed electrical wires?... .:; ? Did the U..S._milita y participate in. the- coup? "Reports that: we had advance knowledge, of this.. coup 'are - incorrect,' Nixon.' .press secretary Gerald. Warren de clared on: Septeraber..13, .197a:':?Yet .'a =Le-: gion of.. Merit. citation -from 'the' -: U.S'. Marine Colonel Pa trick: J. ..Ryan; . head ' of. the- U.S. Naval Mission to Chile at?-the time, praises. the officer forwaming a'U.S.-Navy task force to: stay clear of. Chile onSeptember:10 becaus'e :, its - presence ...could' complicate events. .the :coiip:??The: late-Paul Jacobs obtained the citation ing on the .intirder :of Charles_Hornian, a- iyoung Americari_filmmaker, in??the after- I math of thecoup:.Accordin g to a Chilean 'r security officer.: who.defected 'in 1975; "Charles- Hormarr was"killed.becausehe knew too 'much.-Arid this was done be-. tween the CIA and the local authorities." Horman had spent-part of -the. last few days of his: life. with Lieutert3nt Colonel 'Patrick'J:.':Ryan`and=Navy _Captain.'Ray Davis, who signed Ryan's eitation.:.. The Chilean embassywas targeted for a. series of break-ins in'1972. According to an informant of. the FBI;-Bernard Barker. -'vias involved 14n those break-ins, -Author David Wise also established: that the FBI had planted ..bugs in- 'the: embassy 0,-the CIA's request:_The.complete..story of.the ".break-ins has never'beeri uncovered. ?-` . g'HE VILLAGE VOICE 19'November 1979 The- story-of I'L'I" soffer: td?finance secret police-of the-' Southern Cone '.dic= anti -Allende ac-tivities`l's weli known: Ac- tatoships into Operation .Condor; a world-? cording. to _ the. CIA, the offers were turn ed vide "assassination~co-op. According ? to ;down.. Less weir known -=isthe story of- Senate Foreign Relations Committee files; Brazilian help. in'Allende s overthrow- Ac- 'srcn Condor began to set up a' Tiami ;cording 3o ar:Wc~hingto.m,Post -story: by' office in 1975 Henry Kissinger objected to- Marlise?Simons'tn.197d, the.- Brazilian In=: the efforts of some State. Department of- stitute?of Political'Ecoriomic; and Social' Gcers:to rebuke Chile 'publicly: Instead;. Studies-...(IP'ES).- advised Chilean-'-` "quiet orders were given to Contreras to nessinen=-in`.hoW'-t& overthrew A.llendle, foie .his tents. Later;*.part of Condor, 196 c Contreras tried. to enlist*Paraguay to get the U.S. was instrumental) as a model. Townley a visa -to enter the U.S_: on- the "The recipe exists, and you can bake the Letelier hit mission but-..theL;plan: cake. any time," a founder of IPES .told ; backfired. The reason itbackfired,_accord.-r Simons. "We saw how it worked in Brazil, f rng to. some accounts, that and now again in Chile . , . A lot of money bassador - George Landau queried" then was put out to topple Allende." CIA covert deputy director of the CIA Vernon Walters action specialist David Phillips was re- and alarms-went up. Beyond that,'.little is. called from Brazil in 1970 to take over the definitively known about Walter's subse-.. CIA's Chile. Task Force. - :.. , quent actions in regard to Townley.Wha ? Michael Townleyand the CIA: Those is known is that the FBI had pictures of who have closely followed the Letelier case Townley within. a- month' of the' Letelier. have long been intrigued by DIANA agent `assassination but was not- connect MichaelTownley's contacts with the CIA. the pictures to the name: Considering the.' and American embassy officials in San- above events and the close: CIA ;DINA tiago prior to the coup, and his mission to relationship after the-coup, wny did it,.take - i kill Letelier .On Miami,- so:lo.9- In%estigators.insi t. there was no effort on the CIA's art to sto ewail them.__, in 1970 and again in" 1973, Townley called P p .up the CIA station, told- them:. he was: ? CI.A agents in..the Pinocher-*jbnta= It: returning -to' Chile, .: and-.offered hisser- is interesting to note that one of the princi- vices: The CIA went so far:as to;clear ple Chilean negotiators in the Letelierc'ase:: Townley -for a recruitment'pitch,;.but-a ` was publishing magnate Hernan Cubillos,:? cording to records the.,agency turned. over' who became foreign minister in April 1978, to the court 'he was?never. hired:. Ba?ithin days of. the expulsion of.DINA: .Santiago during-.the .Allende' period; agent Michael Townley to the_,U_S:= Cubillos accordin to .4 is umen su : , Townley soon became active with Patna y g: Libertad, right wing terrorist -,group mitted iii camera to.U. S. District-Court ut which received some CLA funding and-at? connection -with the?rfT/Chile inveshga ! tion, was a CIA agent_The CIA successful- the. same time fostered-iriendships.?with. embassy officials particularly-.Fred ly-kept names of other,Chileair"assets' -Purdy, the' U.S.' consul- Townley was'.re out of the Church committee's-report: It is cruited by DL`4A after the, coup, and soon not out of -the question tha ;:faint:' hearts ) received orders .. to carry out.missions~on dealing with' the?Letelier;case'at..thel' several: continents:. It.was?the periodwhen highest levels>:of the goveimtaent> would: `DI\.A h'ef ntreras was or anizina'the -like to keep- this Pandora's-box'firmly?:I' shut. Approved For Release 2009/02/04: CIA-RDP91 B00134R000400130023-1