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December 16, 2016
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October 28, 2004
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October 15, 1975
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Approved elease' 1 A I DP91 M00 000600150003-2 25X1 THE DIRECTOR OF CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE National Intelligence Officers 15 October 1975 Copy C5 MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD SUBJECT: Meeting on ASD/I Proposal for Tasking Collection Systems in a Crisis Situation 25X1 1. I attended a meeting yesterday called by Mr. Hank Knoche to discuss the ASD/I proposal (see attachment) as part of his preparation for drafting a re 1 for Mr. Colby. Also present were Messrs. Walsh,0 Heyman, 25 25X1 I[ Chairman, SORS), (CPAD/IC Staff), and 25 25X1 (SIGINT Committee Secretariat). 2. A general discussion of the background to the ASD/I proposal uncovered the following: (a) Morton Goulder of ASD/I told 25 that it was being made now because it was clear that the DoD, and specifically the NMCC, should be the focal point for tasking intelligence collection systems in a crisis situation; (b) of DIA told Mr. Knoche 25 that even though the NMCC was the logical choice for this role, the ASD/I letter was intended to give the DCI the opportunity to have his say in the 25X1 matter; (c) aid that the proposal was the most recent representa- tion of the long-standing view of the ASD/I that the Intelligence Community was not set up to function in a crisis, and especially to support military operational needs--something only the NMCC could do. 25X1 3? position essentially was that a special committee or special arrangements are not needed. The real question is not 25X1 of tasking collection systems, but their ca acit e Poland was an illustration of how the existingvCommunity arrangements were 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/12/21 : CIA-RD 91 M00696R000600150003-2 TOP SECRET 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved Se lease 10b4/i ~r21` 'Cl'ick-1 DP91 M006 R000600150003-2 -2- SUBJECT: Meeting on ASD/I Proposal for Tasking Collection Systems in a Crisis Situation effectively mobilized to cope with it. He observed that these arrangements were not fully understood by Community analysts and others, and that they sometimes included guidance provided by the WSAG (as was done, for example, during the October 1973 Middle East war). He concluded that the present USIB machinery was adequate, that the notion of "routine" USIB Committee action in a crisis was nonsense, and that what was needed was a mechanism to set collection priorities in which process the NMCC would be one--if not the most important--of the participants. 4. Mr. Knoche said he was not aware of any arrangements within the CIA that enabled analysts to forward what the might view as necessary collection guidance in a crisis situation. said that an analytical task force was normally set up for intelligence production and that this mechanism typically was used for that purpose. 5. Mr. Walsh suggested that the DCI's reply must address the funda- mental principle of who controls what and that it should make the following points: .(a) some kind of "mechanism" is needed; (b) the NMCC does not appear to be it; (c) its premature to say what is because the work of many study groups addressin this and related matters is still underway. Mr. Knoche and will each draft a reply for the DCI's signature. I asked tha[z e ra synthesis of this effort be made available for review by Mr. Carver. Mr. Knoche assured me that this would be done. 25X 25X1 Attachment 25X Approved For Release-PC &DP91M00696R090600150003-2 25X1 Approved . Fo lease 200 /12/1 C'iA=1P91 M006 6 000600150003-2 -3- SUBJECT: Meeting on ASD/I Proposal for Tasking Collection Systems in a Crisis Situation Distribution: Cy 1 - NIO/SP 2 - D/DCI/NIO 3 - EA/NIO 4 - NIO/USSR 5 - NIO/CF 6 - NIO/ME 7 - NIO/RI 25X1 NIO/SPI 1150ct75) 25X1 25 Approved For Release 200,,4 1-; .,CIA,R 1 M00696R000300150003-2