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December 19, 2016
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December 20, 2006
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October 6, 1976
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prop ved For Release 2006/12/27: CIA-RDP91 M086.96R000600160023-9 d - Interns use n y0 A 6 6 October 1976 MEMORANDUM FOR: Dick FROM : Pat SUBJECT : Crisis Management Task Force 1. Attached is the revised (and hopefully final) outline agreed to at today's meeting of the Crisis Management Task Force. Cord Meyer intends to present this to the EAG with a covering memorandum asking for EAG decisions in some key areas. NOTE: The covering memo will come to us before it goes forward. 2. The principal subject of concern is the-deagnaU of the Community Crisis Collection Coordinator. Cord intends to present four options to the EAG -- they will also have to decide whether the person should be full- or part-time. They are 1) Intelligence Community Staff. This was opposed by some as interfering with the Staff's ability to do an objective post mortem as they would in effect be grading themselves; 2) double hat Vince Heyman; 3) Special Assistant to the DCI; 4) the National Intelligence Office. I think you may want to discuss this last option with Cord. Attachment Distribution: Orin Crisis Management Task Force File 1 - A/EO/NI Chrono - Internal Use Only Approved For Rase 2006/12/27: CIA-R71110Y96`96R000600160023-9 DRAFT 5 October 1976 A Initiate CRITIC Reporting B Notify Senior. Officials and Intelligence Components C Issue Alert. Memorandum II ASSESSMENT A Current Intelligence Components B Brief TJCI, WSAG, et al., III 'FOCUS A Designate Principal NIO for Crisis B Review and Adjust Collection Activities 1. Community Crisis Collection Coordinator 2. Collection Program Managers 3. Issue Crisis Collection Guidance 4, Prepare Status Report C Review and Adjust Analysis and Reporting 1, Identify and Retask Analytic Activities 2. Consider Need for: a. NISR and. Other Special Crisis Reports b. Community Analytic Task Force Approved For Release 2006/'?f1:lA-RDP91M00696R000600160023-9 Approved For Release 2006/12/27: CIA-RDP91 M00696R000600160023-9 ? c Agency Task Force Identify-Special Crisis Reporting Requirements and Issue Guidance D Participate in Crisis Planning and Decision Groups I WSA.G 2 State In erage y Crisis Task Force 3 JCS Crisis Task Force (CAT/NTF, etc,) E Review and Adjust Intelligence Support Activities 20 Communications 2 Facilities 3 Personnel 4 Transportation C D Identify and Provide Intelligence for Decision Options Advise President and WSAG Inform Community of US Decisions and Activities Plan and Implement Community Support for US Actions 2lonitor Implementation of Community Actions Critique Comm nity Performance V SUBSIDENCE A Notify Community of End of Crisis Approved For Releas&'9'912/27 : CIA-RDP91.M00696R000600160023-9 Approved For Release 2006/12/27: CIA-RDP91 M00696R000600160023-9 Approved For Release 2006/12/27: CIA-RDP91 M00696R000600160023-9