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December 27, 2016
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December 14, 2012
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June 29, 1978
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_ I ' Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/12/14: CIA-RDP92-00041R000100170027-0 3538 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD-Extensions of Remarks June 29, 1978 iooring Centella Maiese for her dedi- tion to her community. AS wile of Win- OW Township's Mayor Dominic Maiese, tntella has maintained an active pro- e through both the church and club. the benefit of many others. Certainly. outstanding woman such as this de- ryes recognition. As such, I would like join her family and friends on June 30 . honoring her. May Centella continue ) succeed in all her endeavors.* THE ART OF GOVERNMENT HON. TOM HAGEDORN OP M174111/11101% IN THE HOUSE OP REPRESMNTATIVES Wednesday, June 28, 1978 I Mr. HAGEDORN. Mr. Speaker, while t is the multi-billion-dollar expenditures hat do them the most damage, it is Ire- fuently the petty indignities heaped mon taxpayers by many public officials hat most infuriate them. A recent ex- unple is the case of the 257 "unlocated" vorks of art that have been loaned out )7 the National Collection of Fine Arts to rarious executive offices. According to a report by Dom Bona- !.ede in the National Journal, at least 257 original works of art, purchased with tax dollars for the enjoyment of the public, and loaned primarily to Presidential aides, are likely never to be recovered. While no total value has been placed on these works, it is worth noting that only the highest quality art work is ever ac- cepted or purchased by the collection in the first place. This bipartisan thievery, and there is no other name for it in my opinion, typi- fies the lack of respect, manifested in so many other ways, that too many public officials have for taxpayer dollars. I would like to bring to the attention of my colleagues the complete list of these miss- ing paintings. While I doubt it, I would hope that some of their current "possessors" would be shamed into re- turning their stolen property. The list follows: TRFASUA2 HUNT FOR 257 WORKS OP AAT (The following are the "unlocated" works ot art, by artist and the year and agency to which they were loaned:) W. H. Holmes, "A Md. Meadow, Watt's Branch. Near Rockville." 1/25/46, President Tniman. Hour ''Thomas Jefferson," 12'1/4i, White House. Houdon. "George Washington, 12 3/46. White House. A. P. Barney, "Viilage Street, I), 18/53, OMB. A. P. Barney, "Bar Harbor," 9/18/53, ?NIB. Hal Denton. "The Right Honorable Win- ston Churehill," 9/28,57, ?NIB. Slcinev L. Smith, 'The Hon. Theodore PiAasevo:lt.," 9/28/57, OMB. R. P. Seymour, "Tree Study," 2/1/81, ()Am. R. P. Seymour, "The Rough Camp," 2.1/61, OMB. W. A. Sherwood, ' Peeheurs de Crevettes." 2/1, 61, ()NIB. A. Thayer, "Male Wood Duck," 8.8/82, President's Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity (defunct). H. L. 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RECtAtt14. tfAtivAssiums of Remarks 3ransille Smith; "Grey Der,'" 10175, rosident Rockefeller. !sea. Chapman, "Garden at. the Tull- ?aria." 8/75, White House-Vice Presi-? :ockefeller:. ga Catlin,. "Wife of Bear Catcher,"- Vhlte House: (00rinfork "Water," 9/67, CM. a. Robins, "Old Shoreham Cottage' Weyer, "Old Houses in Bavaria," 9/67, . MacKinnon,. "Chelsea" no date, no n. Rosenfield; "III., Small. Town, on. the liver."' 2/69, OMB. Sample, An American Road in Win- /139, OMB.. USTICE IN EVERYDAY LIFE HON. JOHN BRADEMAS Or INDIANA , HB HOUSB OF REPRE8ENTATIVE3 Wednesday, June 28, 1978' . BRADEMAS:. Mr.. Speaker,. I had. rivilege on.. May I., I918 of having the Law Day address for the St. tr County' Bar Associationr in South Ind., in the district Lam honored resent in Congress.. address on this occasion was de- d by Thomas L. Shaffer, professor V at the University of Notre Dame ormer dean of the Notre- Dame Law )1. kfessor Shaffer addressed himself on )ccasion to. the. meaning of justice. aink. that his remarks on this oc- i will be read by every Member of :ouse of Representatives and Senate great interest and, indeed, benefit. osert at this point in the Rzcoan ext of Professor Shaffer's remarks.. Jostles DC EVERYDAY LIFT problem with, the idea of justice is t Ls too important. It is, like the ideas triottsra and, love of neighbor, func- ly inaccessible, because we respect It choler is not free to critize the ides of e, but he may be free to break It down ook at it in some of its simpler forms. des might in that way become more able. siting the idea of Plaice down Into a er form is somewhat like what Sigmund did to the idea of psychological. health I book "The Psychopathology of Every- ifs." ud was the founder of modern medical .ology. He spent his life laboring to cure who were disabled by manias and ria. Some of them were paralyzed. Some n't talk or sleep or eat.. Freud used oats to find, the causes of these dLsabill- Re invented psychoanalysis as a way to his patients to the discovery of the S. ? career was. among abnormal people. He- ed this, and noticed that his work led to Ignore the oddities, curious events, foulups which make ordinary life un- ort able and Interesting. tie Psychopathology of Everyday Life" about the ordinary and the. normal in. vay our minds work. It's a nice book, ail s on psychology go, because it uncovers .ns for ripples in the routine: cud left his umbrellaat a. friend's house, tried, to figure out why,. and. realized that her lett It because he Iles* being as his friend's house; be hated to leave, and he left a. bit. oil umbrella?behind. I sin summoned, to a meeting I don't want to. attend.. I say 'T111 be glad to come::: But when I go, I forgot. to. bring papers I need. for the. meeting.. Did L really. "forget" them? Didn't I really leave them because I'm telling myself something' about boring meetings? I am fighting, but haven't admitted it. Freud told: about a. patient of his, whose wife had given him ? book. Patient and wife weren't getting along. The patient, lost the new book before he had a. chance to. read it.. Ile looked everywhere; he could not find the book. Six months. later, when the- patient and his wife were getting along better, the, pa- tient. found, the book, in an. obvious place in his desk. Thar*. the. "Psychopathology of Everyday Life." IPreud's conclusion. was. that ordinary accidents/end inaidents?of absentmindedness are not accidents at all. There landanjustice in everyday life, which is to cases In courts what Freud's' lost um- brella was to. psychoanalysis. ORDINAAT JUSTICZ Or ErlytY DAT LIM Ordinary justice Is what' we people give one to. another because we hops to be able to live together. This justice is a quiet,. every- day thing. Our access to. justice is quiet and ordinary, too?as quiet and. ordinary as the. psychopathologyof everyday life,. Contractsare an example. Law students. study complex cases or disputed. contracts. Hollywood' even makes movies about law stu- dents, studying contract disputes. The courts in one Indiana county may decide a hundred lawsuits this month and which Involve con- tracts, But today, In the same county, tens of thousands of contracts will be performed without-dispute?everything from two neigh- bors who agree to share the cost of repairing common driveway to a term loan agreement. to finance a new factory at the edge of town. For every lawsuit over a will which I. tried In our courts, hundreds of wills are opened, read; and quietly carried out. For every criminal case which goes to trial, hundreds of violations and the law are re- solved or avoided by police officers, public of- ficials, and such ingenious institutions as the night prosecutor's office In St. Joseph County: All of this happens-because most of us are willing to- give pence to one another. We are willing; even, to give more than justice; we are willing to- pay a little extra as an in- vestment in order and mutual confidence and a peaceful community: And so, if we are wise enough, we don't demand' all' our rights. The mortgage com- pany takes a late payment,. The man next door throws- my- son's ball back over the fence. The police officer takes more abuse than- he should have to take from a drunk or a cocky teenager. That Is the justice of everyday life,, and. everyday life is our main access to justice. Everyday justice is not an accident, anymore than the psychopathology of everyday- life Is an accident. 317STICR. IS A VIRTUE The justice of everday life depends on good will, but the good will on which everday justice depends Is not good will at large. It is not a matter of my extending kindness when I feel like being kind. The good will on which justice depends la more disciplined than. that. Thla good will, has been built on habit?the habit of justice under law. That's what we- mean when we say- justice IsaL vir- tue. That it is a habit. Virtues, are good habits: One reason. tens of thousands of contracts are being performed today, without dispute,. Is. that. we expect one, another to. keep prom- ises. And every year hundreds of lawyers. June 29,.. to create lawsuit*. but: to. prevent lawsuit& , and othes:cit1zens work thoserrulesovei:nai ?,:.' Lawyers, and. legislator* in. Indiana haver' . been revising the rules. on probate of. wills,,. almost continuously, since l953?not . so. there, will be more willtrIn court,.but sett: there will be feweewillain. court. .- " For moat people justice- le. not a. matter or-. going to court. It Is a matter of habit. It. la., a. matter,, first,, or a personal good. habit. Justice is also a social. good, habit; the social: good habit is what, we call, government un- . der law. Justice is not a. gift of. the goverr.urf e.. t.*:lrf- it is a gift at all, It is a gift we give one an- -??,: - other. Before justice la anything else,. it lx-)"- ' our willingness. to. work things out together.' . And then it is. oun willingness to work, out rules. for one. another to. follow.. This willing:...- ' ness to work out the rules is what we mean; .- bp "justice. under law.' Our access to justice. ? - Is an assurance that most of us, most of' the . . time, will, keep our proznises,will follow-whatt - our relatives say in their wills; and' wilt give - decentrespect to pollee officers. JUSTICI AND TIM- LAW ? ... ''' ??' .; Law comes, Into. thbr at. the, point, at. Which we begin to expect things from one another...-. - Law Is the conversation: we. have when_ we.: try to work out those. expectations.. It.niya. . neighbor and r. cannot agree, on who' should -.- fix the driveway, we are going to, have. to. turn somewhere for OP settlement of. our dim: agreement. What.weturn to. is.the-experience. or the communita on, fixing driveways.. This ' includes our own experience, and. our own. attempt. to make- sense of. our experience.. ' This Is not a turning away from the virtue. of justice; but it Is. turning away, from, re- s'.. Dance solely on good will,, Good will Is. not . necessarily, a. habit; it is. not as dependable' as a habit. But justice is a habit;. It. Ls more. dependable than goodwill. The virtue of jus- tice is involved when ma neighbor and. L. disagree on repairing, the driveway because - the experience of the community on. fixing driveways backs. up to. an idea. about. what a just person, a virtuous person, should: do In the circumstances. Ira this way, law backs up to a challenge to our better selves. When it is any good at. all;, law is a. challenge to our better selves. . When. my neighbor. and. I turn to the ex- perience of the community, we are likely, to. end. up- consulting what a. virtuous person should do, whether we realize it or not. That s. what. happens when. people turn to the law.- . Law Is what we have decided together to ex-- pact of one another. As my colleague and . friend, Professor Stanley Hauerwaa says, law . is the space God gives us to work things.out - for ourselves. . a -.?:. , Of course... force is. involved. Part of the,... . idea. of law is that. force will be. used,. if.' . necessary, to enforce the rules we have cle--? , clued to. have,. Justice under. law DI a. noble." Idea. but it Is also a sad truth. We have. found out. that we cannot get along with good will alone. We have to work out rules.. And we have to enforce the rules. But government under law means.that. the. rules come before the force, The. rules we have worked out together come first: thalaa- the force,, if force is. necessary?and. it. Is usually not. necessary: For every broken law,? - there are a million Instances of law obeyed.. The justice in everyday, life, dispenses, for ' the most part, with any need for force.. It Is as Important as anything can be not . to confuse justice with force. Force. comes. from the government, but justice does- not ' come-from the government Justice is the gift. we give one another as we go about living' under the- law, and air we go about making the law lit our lives, our trutbruiness In. do-- - ing, thiels, where- justice comes* Crone. Justice tenetes ?.result of power. It-is not . an Th the result of for e. e idea that govern.. menta provide g ess--that power. provides ... justIce?is where tyranny begins. e Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/12/14: CIA-RDP92-00041R000100170027-0