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December 19, 2016
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December 18, 2001
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June 6, 1960
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CONFIi~1~iTTA7? Approved For Release 2006/10118 :CIA-RDP92-00455800010008001 ~~ ~ ~~~ V ~" 25X1 _ ' PEI~SUHIIEL 1960 (l) (b) The follo+ring categories of employees Who are stationed outside the United States are limited to sun accumulation of }~ days of annual 2.eave = (1) (?) Persona directly recruited or transferred by the Federal 0avernment frown the United Staten or fro~a the Commonwealth of Puerto Rica or the possessions of the United States for employment outside the area of recruitment or (roan xbich transferred. Persons employed 1oca1],y butx (a) (b) rho were originally recruited from the United States or from the Coaumonwealth of Puerto Rico car the possessions of the United States but outside the area of employment by - - - - -and whose conditions of employment providie for their return transportation to the United States os the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico or the possessions of the United States, or Who were at the time of employment temporarily absent, for purposes of travel or farnia]_ study, frvan the United State a, or from their reapactive places of residence in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico or the possessions of the United. States, grid who, during such temporary absence, have maintained residence in the United Stateea, or in the Commo~realth of Puerto Rico or the possessions of the United States but outside the area of employment. (3} Persona who norma].]tiy are not residents of the area concerned and who are discharged from service in the Armed Forces of the United States to accept employment. 5. a~ T.EAVE a. Definition Home leave means leave of absence arlthout regard to annual or nick leave granted to employees upon completion of twenty-four months of cc~ntinuoua service outside the several states of the United State~a and the Dn.atrict of Columbia. CONFIDENTIAL Approved Far Release 2006110/18 :CIA-R?P92-004558000100080013-2 CQDTFI17EIdTIAL Approved For Release 2006/10118 :CIA-RDP92-00455R00010008001~ `+~ ~'' REGUZATIOH FER~O~tI+UrL D I 25X1 b. Accrual Accrual of home leave is computed at a rate of cure week for each four months of service outside the United Stataa. Accruatl. begins ~rhen the employee reports for duty at his permanent duty station outside the United States, ~r when authorized, when he reports at sn intermediate station outside the United StAtea. ~io~ leave continues to accrue for the total. period of ouch duty. It ceases to .accrue on the date the individual departs from his poet outside the United States on A permanent change of station to the United States. In instances where an employee is in the United States on leave and/or temporarg duty and is transferred to a position in the United States, home leave shall cease to accrua as of the date the em~~loyee left his last post outside the. United States. C. Use Home leave msy be used only upon completion of twenty-four months continutsua service outside the United States. Computation of this period shall be in Accord with the provisions set forth in paragraph 11 bele~r except that service at posts in AlASka. and Hawaii and time spent i.n these States oar leave aha11 be excluded from the canputatiana Roma have may be used only in the United States, or, if the employee's residence is outside the area of employment, in Puerto Rico or the possessions of the United States. It may be accumulated for future use without regard to the limitation in paragraph 3c Above, but no such leave tghall be made the basis for any terminal leave or lump-sum payment. An employee who resigns ~ehile on hcame Leave shall be indebted to the Government for An amount equivalent to the salary payments made for the period charged to home leave. CiC1~`IUEPiTIAI+ Approved Far Release 2006110/18 :CIA-R?P92-004558000100080013-2 COAiFII~I~TI~1L Approved For Release 2006/10118 :CIA-RDP92-004558000100080013 ` ' REaULATIO~ ad fir' F'F~SOi~EL 196U ~ii.ninienn charge for hoarse leave shall be one day, and it shall be charged oa ~- colander creek basis.. 11. z~vE ~'at,LOtI~ING Ass~~r ABROAD a. Policy Upon completion of two yeas continuous Service abroad, or as soon thereafter as possible, each employee who was ~ resicbent of the IInited States at the time of employment, together with his family, shall be ordered to the United States (including the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and any territory or possession of the United States) on leave of absence. The leave of absence may include stay of the types of leave set forth in Chia regulation if chargeable in accord with its provisions, but it shall be exclusive of the time actually and neceasari3,y occupied in awaiting tranagor- tation and in going to sad from the employee's authorized leave residence. chile on auah leave the service of the emglvyee shall be available for work or duties in the Agency or elae~'here as may be prescribed. the time of such work or duties shall not be counted as leave. b. Computation of Continuaua Service Abroad Computation of the required two years' continuous service abroad ("abroad"' far the purpose of computing eligibility in paragraph a. shave includes Alaska and Hawaii, but for the purpose of computing the txenty-four month requirement for grant of hoarse leave in paragraph ~. shave Alaska and Hawaii .are net included) shall begin when the employee officially report$ for duty at his permanent duty station abroad or, when authorized, When he reports at son interayediata field station abroad. All authorized time spent by the em}~loyee at intermediate field stations abroad ~rhi.le enroute to or from a _~.. CONFIDE~J~IAL Approved For Release 2006/10118 :CIA-RDP92-004558000100080013-2 GC~'~'.t.ll~N7' .tA. t. Approved For Release 2006/10118 :CIA-RDP92-004558000100080013 25X1 LJi.ATI~I P~FtSONNEL 19E~C1 permarjent duty statism shall be included for computing tha required tiro-yaar period. All of this period of service naed not have been as a civilian amplcsyee,, but may include service While under military detail to the Agency prior to service as a civilian employee. In computing the tWO-year period,. time spent by the employee in the United Stgtea~ on approved annual. or sick leave or leave a~rithout pay grill. not be included. Also, periods of leave Without pay taken abroad brill be excluded frcxn the ec~nputation unless the absence was due to illness or injury or for maternity purposes or un7.eaa sash leave without pay taken abroad arse approved fox inclusion in the computation by C3perating (7fficials upon recommendation by the Chief of Station When extension of a tour on such an account would conflict With tha practices of the employee ~ a covar orgatLizatic?~a Although all such periods of leave dv not constitute a break in continuous service abroad, they may not be counted tcward the required taro yearns service. Therefore! in computing the length of SCrviCC abroad all periods of such leave calculated to include the ealandar period baginni..n~ arith the first Workday of the leave period and including tha last Workday of the leave period moat be adsied to the required taro calendar years. s;. Determination of Authorized L~a~re Reaidenoe Travel +expenaes of an amplayae and his family for leave follaaring a9sigruBent abroad shall be a1lo~red to the authorized leave residence. If leave travel is to a locatiari other than the authorized leave residence, reimbursement shall be restricted to the coet actually incurred and may not exceed constructive coat to the authorized leave residence. Empldyeea assigned abroad may designate as the authorized leave residency either the place sxf CONFIDENTIAL Approved Far Release 2006/10118 :CIA-RaP92-004558000100080013-2 GO1~k~IDEi~iTZA~L Approved For Release 2006/10118 :CIA-RDP92-004558000100080013-2 PER50~DIEL 1960 residence actualnat the time of appointment or transfer or an alternate paint justified and approved as required belo~r,. (1) To qualify as an alternate leave residence the location shall be one at v~hich the employee or spouse, ar their children or parents have previously established permanent social and community ties by reason of residence. In unusual situations acme other 3ocaticm ixi the ~Tnited States, its Territories or possessions, may be approved by the Director of Personnel (2) The point to which leave travel will be authorised (i.e. residence at time of initial appointment, residence at time of transfer abroarly ar other leave residence) will be designated and approved prior to transfer abroad an Farm Pio. 61, Currant Residence and Dependency iy6p Vi-ur {3) Army change in the point to which leave travel tr5.11 be authorized must be requested and approved prior to commencement of travel.. The request shall be submitted by memorandum to the Director of Pers~rr~el through the Operating C~fficisl concerned or by aubmisaic~ of a new Form No. 61 in duplicate. In any case when a request for redesignation of authorised leave residence is submitted for approval, an adequate justification in ferias of paragraph llc(1) above is required< The Director of Personnel wi.I1 advise the Comptrol~r and the employee, through the Operating Official can- cerned, of the final decision. d. Payment of Travel F~penses Requirements and procedures concerning the payment of travel expenses in connection with leave following assignment abroad are contained in Agency travel regulations. 5- Approved For Release 2006/10118 :CIA-RDP92-004558000100080013-2