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December 9, 2016
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April 9, 2001
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November 22, 1962
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s7i Approved For Release 2001/09/04 G t -1 b 92B01090R002600080046-2 22 November 1962 Memo for the record From 25X1A 1. On 21 November, because of bad weather,, only I Brass Knob mission was flown over Cuba, and ops reduced the objectives to a single target: Santiago de Cuba Port. Only one mission is scheduled for today, 22 November, because the bad weath nues. The two targets selected 25X1A by ops are - Holguin A/F; ant Holguin Military Camp. 25X1A 2. The meager coverage of the past few days has not been entirely a result of bad weather: to minimize risk to the vehicle, ops has started to run short-range missions across the island rather than along 25X1A the coast hich would give best coverage to our recommended targets. and I discussed whether we should recommend that Brass Knob missions be run 5 miles off the northern and southern coasts. Even a first oblique would be preferable to the average results of the past few days. We decided to sound out our respective COMOR members on this propcsal and perhaps raise the issue if coverage 25X1A fails to improve. 3. suggested that we refine the basic list we agreed to on 21 November y arranging it in orders of priority, so that when and if we are granted more missions we would be more likely to get what we want. His proposed grouping, which I agree with, was as follows: a. Highest Priority Targets (in order of importance) Havana Port Matanzas Port Mariel Port San Julian Airfield b. Major northern targets (in order of importance). La Isabella Port Cardenas Port Caibarien Port Excluded from aufonAtle downgrading and Approved For Release 2001/09/04: CIA 2B01090R002600MMU46- Approved For Re ease 2001 /09/Q4 !Ey a?RDP92B01090RQ600080046-2 c. Major southern targets (in order of importance) Casilda Port Casilda Staging Area Cienfuegos Naval Base Holguin A/F ntiago de Cuba Port d. Tactical Targets (in order based on time since most recent coverage) Santiago de las Vegas Military Camp Artemisa Military Camp Remedios Military Camp Holguin Military Camp Baracoa Port 4. The above listing would constitute our basic Brass Knob objectives i i roved coverage or changing circumstances suggested modifications. if missions are resumed, would be based primarily on the results of Brass Knob coverage. 5. Information on recent missions, which usually can be described as completely inadequate, today was nonexistent. NPIC gave its couriers the day off. Approved For Release 2001/09/04: CIA, 401090R002600080046-2