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December 12, 2016
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September 12, 2000
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February 12, 1958
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Approved For Release 20014427 TWEET 090R002600180031 attachment to TCS-2771-55 Cy J of 5 AE LE VIA TALENT ? tOL f M ONLY MEMMORANDUM FOR: Assistant Director, Scientific Intelligence SUBJECT : Removal of Guided Missile Information from TALENT System 1. For the past several weeks this Division has experienced an acute need to use TALENT data on the Soviet missile program in oral briefings and written assessments outside the TALENT system. A recent example of our dilemma is the letter sent to the Vice President which had to be as inclusive as possible but could only bear a classification of SECRET. 2. Because of the above, we feel that it is desirable at this time to take appropriate steps to remove certain information on Tyura Tam, Kapustin Yar, Balakiava, and Karangit from the TALENT system. The removal of this material will allow us to do four things: a. Disseminate within the intelligence community at less than TALENT classification b. Make available reports at less than TALENT classifi- cation as back-up for estimates Co -Provide background information for guiding collection efforts outside the TALENT system d. Discuss TALENT information with US engineers not presently cleared. 3. Attached you will find a story which Mr~from this 25X1A Division has prepared illustrating the type report which we believe can be used to break out a considerable amount of guided missile data relative to the above installations. This report has been discussed at the working level with appropriate personnel from DD/P. It appears entirely feasible to publish two or more clandestine reports which will contain the substantive information which we desire removed from the TALENT system. Mr.~ has done 25X1A some preliminary work with HT AUTOMAT concerning appropriate schematics and artist's concepts which would accompany the clandes- tine reports. Again, it appears feasible to break out certain of these graphics from the TALENT system. J` S Approved For Release 2001/07/21. U 2FI $ZB9 ' OR002600180031-7 ONLY Approved For Release 2001107/27 : CIA-RDP92BD A.90R002600180031-Attachment to 'CS-2771-5$- 1 U .II Cy of S 9 ONLY SUBJECT: Removal of Guided Missile Information from TALENT System 4. In view of the above it is requested that 0/AD give its concurrence in the continuation of efforts begun by Mr. toward the development of appropriate clandestine reports and graphics to be used in approaching UAB with a request for sani- tization of materials. If 0/AD concurs, I would visualize the necessary dummy clandestine reports and graphics will be ready for your presentation to UAB within approximately two weeks. ?i/ HERBERT sC0VILbE JR. Assistant Director/SI 0- C? i2d .9 0 Date Chief, Gui~gd Missiles Division, OSI ET Approved For Release 2001/07/27 :~~61B002600180031-7 10 11. 1 Y