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December 12, 2016
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September 12, 2000
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Approved For Relwe 2001/07/27 : CIA-RDP921301090R04000190051-4 Approved For Release 2001/07/27 : CIA-RDP92601090R002600190051-4 Approved For Release 20W7/27 : CIA-RDP92B01090001260011%01-4 DIBECTORATS OF mamma timpounms, u. s, A. F. M1BRIMOTON 25, 11. C. ek.MMEMBa?xn.LeiliieSIWIT - In your official capacity on a "Mbat-Knew" basis you have been granted a clearance and appointed to a select group designated to implement and exploit an intelligence product. Strict adherence to the standards and re- quirementa of securityeust be observed in the handling and use of these documents, materials, and information, Because of the extremely sensitive nature of this information and its source? maximum ssourity control has been established, lou are requested to read and sign the Security Agreement and Oath which follows in order to insure understanding of the sensitivity of the intelligence information to which you will have access and the security measures adopted in connection herewith. l I understand that the security restrictions and penalties for violations are covered under Title 180 Sections 792, 793, 794, 795, and 797, U. S. Cede and Section 19 of Public Law 831, Internal Security-Act of 1950. 2. 1 further understand that it will be my responsibility to ascertain that persons with whom 7?lay have reason to officially dis- ernes the information to any degree have also been properly cleared and designated to receive and discuss the information. 3. I further understand that no change in my position will relieve AO of MI obligation under oath and that the previsions of this oath will remain equally bindieg at ail times and under any cireumetamces. 4. r de solemnly 'wear or affirm that I will never divulge, publish, or reveal either by words conduct, or by any other means any classified information, intelligence, or knowledge relative to the information or the nature of the *curvets except in the performance of my *Mall duties. =STN. DAM wl7NESS46.0... * Cr* 000004, 0000V0 100 THi 0_6 4 - Approved For Release 2001/07/27 : CIA-RDP92B01090R002600190051-4