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December 9, 2016
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August 24, 2000
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February 26, 1958
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*USAF DeclasstReleaseRtrostructione 21301090R002000220005-1-re_ S -2. ?? / DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE HEADQUARTERS UNITED STATES AIR FORCE WASHINGTON 25, D. C. 6 rrn MEMORANDUM FOR SECRETARY, Utilization Advisory Board SUBJECT: Air Force Requests for Sanitization Approved by the UAB 1. In order to insure that all agencies concerned with the utilization of TALENT materials are knowledgeable with sanitizations accomplished by the United States Air Force, the following items are listed for the benefit of those concerned. a. The Utilization Advisory ?Board. in TCS paper 372.56 dated 7 November 1956, approved the use of TALENT materials in the pro- duction of Air Facility Publications for distribution outside d the TALENT Control System. This publication includes inserts on indi- vidual airfields for the Airfields 2k Seaplane Stations of the World. A drawing of the runway, its orientation, taxiway, revetments, facilities and textual information pertaining to occupancy and order of battle information is included on the sheet. 25X1A b. dated 7 November 1956, granted approval for extracting target intelligence from TALENT materials, and its' dissemination outside of the TALENT Control System. The target materials being produced utilizing sanitized TALENT infor. mation include: (1) 100 series target charts. (2) 25 series target charts. (3) Corrected 25 series mosaics and tactical target illustration sheets. (Corrections on mosaics are in the form of a magenta overprint.) (4) Target Area Analysis Radar (TAAR). Production Criteria is: A 1\11,)! E. (1) Materials produced shall meet minimum established standards, in order that they will be usable to all agencies. They are not to be designed to meet the - VJA TALMils of the producer only. copieS CoN-piTer.L?v ,ejf?fiRLeklas:el r2/001109/04 : CIA-RDP9260160g0112600220,05-i', Page No. of pages. T 4 Approved For Release 2001/09/0 Memo for Secretary, UAB (cont'd) B01 090R0024180220005-1 (2) The materials are not to be marked in any way which would indicate a difference from other standard target materials. (3) The classification of the finished materials will be determined in consideration of the other intelligence 25X1A which it contains. c. dated 4 December 1957 approved the release of a sanitized report on the special weapons and storage areas adjacent to or near Soviet Long Range Bomber Bases. This 25X1A resulted in the release of In addition to this fabricated report, an actual collateral source is available, though very limited in detailed information, in the form of USAF Detailed Air- field Photo Intelligence Report No. 53 (SECRET). 25X1A d. approved a Hq USAF plan or using a ion ? erived from TALENT sources in USAF non-TALENT publications. The Order of Battle documents and Intelligence Reports that are affected are as follows: (1) Hq USAF Air Order of Battle of the Sino-Soviet Bloc. (2) Hq USAF Anti-aircraft Artillery Order of Battle of the Sino-Soviet Bloc. (3) Hq USAF Surface-to-Air Guided Missile Order of Battle of the Sino-Soviet Bloc. (4) Hq USAF Radar Order of Battle of the Sino-Soviet Bloc. (5) Air Intelligence Notes (AIN). (6) Selected Intelligence Reports and Briefs (SIRAB). (7) Briefs of Significant Intelligence Items (BOSH). (8) Chiefs of Staff Intelligence Bulletins (COSD3). (The limited delegation of authority and responsibility for production of USAF Radar Order of Battle documents has been passed to Headquarters Strategic Air Command. Reference USAF memorandum to the Director HANDLE VIA TALENT L: ONTFic(L. SY$ EiVi ONLY pprovea or Release 200 Copy No. _4'1_ of copies Page No. of pages., DP92601090R002600220005-1 Approved For ReleasV001/0 : 1492B01090R0026QP220005-1 Memo for Secretary, UAB(contid) 25X1A of Central Intelligence Agency, Attn: 1957, subject: Utilization of TALENT Materials in USAF Radar Order of Battle publications, TH 5802-7) 25X1A dated 21 November e. Other individual actions a roved b Board are summarized in February 1957. These include: (1) (2) n Advisory dated 14 9 January 1957 - Approved Air Force request to produce and distribute special sanitized report on Russian PATTY CAKE radar. 10 January 1957 - Approved Air Force request to discuss sanitized versions of the Mozhaysk installation information with Dr. Edward Teller, Dr. Mark Mills, Mr. George M. Ives, and Mr. L. H. Bayer. (3) 17 January 1957 - Approved Air Force request to discuss sanitized versions of the Mozhaysk installation infor- mation with Mr. David Griggs and Mr. Louis Alvarez. (4) 25 January 1957 - Approved Air Force request to discuss sanitized versions of the Mozhaysk installation infor- mation with Dr. J. R. Zacharias, Dr. Louis N. Ridenour, Jr., and Mr. Burton P. Brown. V!A TALENT ONLY Approved For Release 20 RS H. MACIA, JR, Colonel, USAF Directorate of Intel1igen04 COPY NO. Of -_)7 D No, _ of _ tvnit-RDP92B01090R002600220005-1 itE I t wit 4. 2 1:A Approved For Relew0glyi9(CtitIM-RXISNI82-024180220005-1 "THIS DOCUMENT CONTAINS INFORMATION AFFECTING THE NATIONAL DEFENSE OF THE UNITED STATES WITHIN THE MEANING OF THE ESPIO- NAGE LAWS, TITLE 18, USCA, SECS. 793 & 794, THE TRANS- MISSION OR REVELATION OF WHICH IN ANY MANNER TO AN UNAUTHORIZED PERSON IS PROHIBITED BY LAW" COVER SHEET ONLY (CONFIDENTIAL) CLASSIFICATION HANDLE BY TALENT CONTROL CHANNELS ONLY