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December 21, 2016
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June 17, 2008
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August 12, 1983
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Approved For Release 2008/06/17: CIA-RDP94-01222RO01000860052-2 ZCZCDPG151 DAN: 038-006512 INPUT CDSN: DK1214 TOR: 120232Z AUG 83 TOT: 120232Z AUG 83 ROUTING- DPQ WIRE SVC- **UNASSIGNED** COMMDIS-**UNASSIGNED** PTTUZYUW RUHJFBA0732 2240201-UUUU--RUTLAAB. ZNR UUUUU ZYN ZPO P 120155Z AUG 83 FM FBIS OKINAWA JA TO RUTLAAB/FBIS WASHINGTON DC RUDOMKA/FBIS LONDON UK ACCT FBOW-EWDK UNCLAS /LD BBC TAB ATTN BBC SAMY ONLY AG(2), MOD(2), LIAISON Approved For Release 2008/06/17: CIA-RDP94-01222RO01000860052-2 Approved For Release 2008/06/17: CIA-RDP94-01222R001000860052-2 program summary: moscow domestic television russian 111700 ow120155 moscow television service in russian 1700 gmt 11 aug 83 (evening vremya; 90-e; second program; 3872 mhz) (reception: good)(read by vera shebeko and yevgeniy arbenin) 1. chekalin video report on commencement of harvesting in kaliningrad oblast and difficulties experienced due to adverse weather conditions; shots of agricultural machinery, grain 2. radushina video report on harvesting in progress in orenburg oblast; shots of harvesting in progress, awards presentation ceremony; interview with raykom first secretary. (1. 5 mini 111300) 3. petkov video report on moldavian party groups at industrial enterprises preparing for election meeting; shots of kishinev tractor plants tractor plants interview with a party aktivist. (1.5 min) 4. pidchenko video report on labor successes in kirov turbine plant; shots of turbine production line; interview with the Approved For Release 2008/06/17: CIA-RDP94-01222R001000860052-2 Approved For Release 2008/06/17: CIA-RDP94-01222R001000860052-2 association party committee secretary. (2 min; 111300) 5. sinitsyn video report on unified transport operation system established at tomsk river ports shots of ships, trucks, cargo; interview with a port official on effects of coordinated transport method. (2.5 min) 6. sedov video report on approaching 40th anniversary of kursk battle; documentary footage of the battles It gen beregovoy recalls his experience in the battle. (2.5 min; 111300) 7. report over tass photo on solemn meeting in moscow devoted to anniversary of india's independence and ussr-india cooperation agreement. (und min) 8. report over video on meeting in lisbon devoted to publication of andropov collected works; shots of meeting; interview with director of publishing house. (1.5 min; 111300) 9. pospelov video report on peace week events in gothenburg; shots of hiroshima-nagasaki exhibiton, peace campaigners and meeting. (1.5 min; 111300) 10. gorlov video report on antinuclear protests in west berlin; shots of protest meeting and exhibition. (1.5 min; 111300) 11. video interview with u.s. cp's henry winston who is vactioning in ussr; notes u.s. nonconstructive position at geneva talks and Approved For Release 2008/06/17: CIA-RDP94-01222R001000860052-2 Approved For Release 2008/06/17: CIA-RDP94-01222R001000860052-2 soviet peace proposals. (3.5 min; 111300) 12. report over video on french troops leaving for chad; shots of troops boarding air force planes. (und min) 13. prostakov video report on new program of recently elected italian government; shots of street scenes while prostakov comments on public reaction to this program. (2 min) 14. ilyashenko video report on 12th anniversary of emergency legislation in ulster; shots of street scenes, police and army patrol, demonstrations. (2.5 min; 111300) 15. kozlenko video report on festivities in cuban pioneer camp; shots of amusement park, youth participating in sport games. (1.5 min) 16. tass report on ussr presenting note of protest to the u.s. embassy in moscow over u.s. treatment of aleksandr Ulyanov. (3.5 min; id111119) 17. andreyev video report on leningrad ethnographic exhibition; shots of exhibits. (2.5 min; 111300) 18. sports. (4 min) 19. weather. 111700 io/tsao fc 12/0222z aug Approved For Release 2008/06/17: CIA-RDP94-01222R001000860052-2