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December 21, 2016
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June 17, 2008
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September 4, 1983
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Approved For Release 2008/06/17: CIA-RDP94-01222R001000870004-4 ZCZCDPQ573 DAN : 045-033524 INPUT CDSN: CRT1O4 TOR: 040251Z SEP 83 ROUTING- DPQ WIRE SVC- **UNASSIGNED** COMMDIS-**UNASSIGNED** TOT: 040251Z SEP 83 PATUZYUW RUHJFBAO2O8 2470209-UUUU--RUTLAAB. ZNR UUUUU ZYN ZPO P 040155Z SEP 83 FM FBIS OKINAWA JA TO RUTLAAB/FBIS WASHINGTON DC RUDOMKB/FBIS LONDON UK//BBC// RUDOMKD/FBIS LONDON UK//TAPE// ACCT FBOW-EWDK UNCLAS /LD BBC TAB ONLY AG(2). MOD(2) Approved For Release 2008/06/17: CIA-RDP94-01222R001000870004-4 Approved For Release 2008/06/17: CIA-RDP94-01222R001000870004-4 program summary: moscow domestic television russian 031700 ow040155 moscow domestic televison service in russian 1700 gmt 3 sop 83 (evening vremya; 90-e; second program; 3872 mhz) (reception: good) (read by galina zimenkova and yevgeniy kochergin) 1. ussr central statistical administration report on kursk oblast grain deliveries and underfulfillment of plan for deliveries of leguminous crops. (und min) 2. lyashko video report on record grain harvest achieved by noted machine operator in a voronezh oblast kolkhoz despite adverse weather; shots of grain fields and agricultural machinery; interview with the operator. (2 min) 3. elfin video report on reconstruction of moscow likhachev vehicle plant; shots of zil trucks on a assembley line and model of new truck to be produced there; interview with general director of the plant. (2 min) 4. gluzova video report on big sale of consumer goods at kiev "ukraina" department store; shots of items sold at greatly reduced price and interview with store manager. (1.5 min) 5. sinitsyn video report on begining of academic year in vocational schools; shots of pupils at moscow professional school and interview with an instructor. (4 min) Approved For Release 2008/06/17: CIA-RDP94-01222R001000870004-4 Approved For Release 2008/06/17: CIA-RDP94-01222R001000870004-4 6. report over video on honecker and general secretary of venezuelan cp supporting new soviet peace proposals and condemning u.s. for its interference in central american affairs; shots of honecker and Jesus faria at a meeting in berlin. (und min) 7. report over video on new austraian federal chancellor pledging continuation of former government's policies at press conference in vienna; shots of the press conference. (und min) 8. report over video on statement of soviet delegate to salt on arrival to geneva who speaks on issues to be covered at the forthcoming talks; he notes soviet readiness to destroy number of soviet missiles including ss-20s; shots of the delegate speaking to reporters. (2 min) 9. tars report on pzpr noting normalization in the country and failure of underground movement to incite polish people to mass demonstrations; pzpr support for soviet peace proposals is cited. (1 min) 10. tass report on xinhua reports on li xiannian talks with king of Jordan, noting li xiannian's responce to andropov's desire to improve relations with prc. (und min) 11. report over video on u.s. administration addressing un security council with claim that ussr is connected to disappearance of unidentified aircraft which violated soviet air space; shots of un session and soviet representative to un. (i min) 12. tars report on washington feverishly trying to cover up traces of provocations against ussr involving korean Approved For Release 2008/06/17: CIA-RDP94-01222R001000870004-4 Approved For Release 2008/06/17: CIA-RDP94-01222R001000870004-4 aircraft which violated soviet air space citing antisoviet campaign headed by reagan. (9 min; 1dO31801) 13. report over video on reagan's decision to transfer 2000 landing troops to lebanese shores; shots of troops landing on the shore and naval ships. (i min) 14. serikov video report on guerrillas from honduras with u.s. support infiltrating into nicaraguan territory and battling with government troops; shots of a northern nicaraguan city where recent battle took place. (1.5 min) 15. tass report on nicaraguan defense minister commenting on reagan's aggressive plans designed to choke gains of revolution. (und min) 16. report on unesco director general arriving in moscow on invitation from soviet government. (und min) 17. report over photo on order of labor red banner awarded to f.t. yermash, chairman of the ussr state committee for cinematography for his achievements and on occasion of his birthday. (und min) 18. shakhova video repor ton 1983 being the year of turgenev because of anniversary of turgenev's birthday; shots of house-museum where turgenev lived and worked. (5.5 min) 19. sports. 20. sinkevich video reportage on anniversary of soviet mountain claimers reaching highest soviet peak in pamir; historical shots of clime and shots of recent attempts to mark the anniversary; interview with team leader. (2.5 min) 21. weather 22. gorokhov Saturday reportage on effects of autumn Approved For Release 2008/06/17: CIA-RDP94-01222R001000870004-4 Approved For Release 2008/06/17: CIA-RDP94-01222RO01000870004-4 on gardens around moscow; shorts of park, gardens. (2.5 min) 031700 io/johnson my 04/0225z sop BT 40208 Approved For Release 2008/06/17: CIA-RDP94-01222RO01000870004-4