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December 20, 2016
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October 24, 2007
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September 20, 1982
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Approved For Release 2007/10/26: CIA-RDP94-01353R001800040008-4 ',~) ,~3 c- ES AND c ?T I NENTS s 'EVGF I Y ACHA`$ '' COJ''T' I FEATURE ABOUT AlmLA? ARADI 'TOWN' FT CONFL E CE Or OAS --47 MINI) 111~'AMSD TAS QRR ax ~"E (~rfti7f"t AF PUT TVW WITH VLADIMIR GUREVICHr APB ECC1 t~BSERVErR -' U SAS OTIONS AGAINST SIBERIAN UAS PIPELINE' SA~'CTI^N $ISSUE' OEETAILS SEJ M R EA . REAL:' REA50N FD R THEM IS WAS I 'GT ' LL HELP EE PEAN COUNTRIES BUT THEY ? ILL N'T bF 'EPEEDENT ^: IT. WESTERN CQUNTR!ES ARE IN FAVOR OF DEAL T" ENHA `CI" -SUSI~-ESa A: TIu`ITY r--- 2 0 S E P 1982 k`sS "PPOSITICA TO EL-RCF' A cO+NTR$E$ EXPANDI C TRADE TIES ITh' RUSSIA cU~iIET ;~ AND A S MEASE FOR GREAT I NG' JO WHICH t :4H~AD QFSCHE U0 T. WFECK PROJECT HIND IT tE 1GU'K 19E 0? ItI4 SOVIET OAS" P I RELi tiE TO SUPPLY G S =IN- KOR i3` FREE`k 3.737,) Approved For Release 2007/10/26: CIA-RDP94-01353RO01800040008-4 WASkI OTON CA Approved For Release 2007/10/26: CIA-RDP94-01353RO01800040008-4 4I PRAVCA ATCI REACTIONARY REIMS . ARE' A I N REC I P IE JTS Q''TPASTIN U,S1 POLICY 1 A M I; If ENGI TE 0700 V ` I" T"^ .7 , ~ { ARSE g 7i 8"2 4 ALE(SANMR Z !OLKVER r A' Mi EXPL ID'S THAT GROUP WAS . RGk I7Er TO I P VE CO `p 9T.Y P 0161 O Y t; G" A T I S 4,7 I ' TVlk i~ I T ' 7 _ ` F C L T Z ; F- E?1 r, S AA/C T IO k' (ENTER 1000) m c iii ' ;3 1 '7 ;. .: 4 VYACHE$LAV R0STmwVTSFV CHARGING GR,j~S 4.ATt `# AE I RI CA { 5 f 5 S I `:PERIALISIN PORTBRAZ ' SG01? ~, A 4 REPORT ON BtTUATIO I ARGE ;TI lN P RSI$TTHAT PRES'ICE 'T BIG^!OE WILL REST I~, g B G TO '4 I~EK A D S E EL. f T"! 4 ORS 1PIS L!Vt T C CIn'RT WORK!N!TO APPOINT NEW PRESIDENTi 'W'ILL P 'S8I! LY APPOINT LS 2)A,40 c3;5. MI t (3 >` : 6 ", ! " C A N' RE ' SPANLA 2) 47 PFDRO CORREA ON I CREASt CFFCRT iCH lkllll~ C,P SITI~,N iS EUROP ~AK G T" UNITED A AI ST HIS R;- ,-l 2 0 SEP 19L32 .OCHE i REG x k~E t S t7 Approved For Release 2007/10/26: CIA-RDP94-01353RO01800040008-4 T I I R'.'ORS' SPA%`LA 234 ^ R,AL'. Approved For Release 2007/10/26 CIA-RDP94-01353R001800040008-4 ~r 4 EECRT ON SPEECH By RRSyC`T' PI~N;CCH~.T YESTERDAY UPI'f3 MTC WITH ?IS MINISTERS DAY 0, F "L RY C` ARMY IW WH CH HE POINTED OUT STRoG E f F AR EC FORCES AGAI Ni T AITf~',RS# t3 NIf ` 8R CHILE 2V O) f TATE 3 OF EE-'E L D211257 52 L ONNID LEVCi ENKC ON ;ERR I it" LA : , a N?Ac I SrANC01 L' 24 .E POLICY TOWARD ICARA CHARGES USA OF SOH, EM lNG TN`E NICkRAGUA1 T A.t'D S"Y FE AMt 2 !QR} i4OO ,AHILI 174-7 FRENCHA.FRc1 , 27 l 11.11 A t4"3 MINI I:{ GIN'TSR i;i r4(T2 CRTE4n-'Z 221 c IS WORT\i NICARAGUAN VT+ 3 CF FER FC PFACI Y. POLICY OF US I Nf !QRCE` 15 CCNTR t BUT I NG TE,'S I O~ I N LATIN A SERE " rCR 3MA='C .f CAf 13 ~c LAS CZECh/SL^VAK BuR 1 w 2 0 SEP 1982 GERMAN -91904 wo MIDEAST P-LICY fKRTGFRMAI' Approved For Release 2007/10/26: CIA-RDP94-01353RO01800040008-4 l cTCP"o' RACK REBEL E TAD`S *B UT 4$'" t S A'?`C1 S'A OO! AL ..._ CONP11 I)TARYL 1W THREAT T" "I CCNSO IDJTED @ SF-;r, 42 5 r FF RTto IN 'E 15 ON S 11w'AT I "?N 10 HCNDURA * LIST SES ,(RPT ENiG1NTER 141370) C N3 NTER "5 Cf~Rr 59iP S4*15p Shy 19 7 Gf I !4 191? i%~ D~~ O 53 YUR I Y .SOLTA'' ON NATO MILITARY E E VLAC ""-I R OSTRCG"RSK I Y ON SO k~ `a EST EUROI Sl; 9 N I S H Approved For Release 2007/10/26: CIA-RDP94-01353RO01800040008-4 LAE t~ IR OSTROCORSKIY O\` RAR I' E RZEf. .;:T R- E E"EPLE Y E T Ec U S' AJUCEKEAR MISSILES ON FRC SOIL' r A RZE L . j rt rTT LEARN W: STORY, AND T44 T r S WHY H EI ADVE CATES DEPLOY E T CF0 j S , ,i S; I LE>S,# C4 MIN` IaRMAN 1500) 0L, ' iVy;,'~ 3 Aeo Tk i A P FOGl REPORT C : ;4TH SESSION OF SUVPAUSTRI r~.u t, iIQT T (I' ' CO P TRA1 E I I ESTER PATOLI CHE V DN SOv` 0 V d 4. T r F R E" ' Hii t }4, 4... Ev4 ~t 1 `1 Ems: m 1G1kG,AT~c' SL V I T W iMIS t t+ t EC t DIGPL=Y I` Y' Nn + i d. ... t wT -`.M lce~ ! Le TOYS EXH I6 UPENS I ! JAP, (rHER j ,+ 5 iI ".'fit I T" * A S ?PT STORE P FS CUL C+C?P CC T ACT ~TtN'iN S V GLJL. k I Tt WITH TENRI UNIIV S P CP C, !MP $ I" Y OF c:A C\Slr'S T JR t5 rN)i ;NT,fW WITS ,SAP TRAr ITIC"'A L; I" GK rl-u F `~S G' I: P SM;Irr,: l Sga?t ~r,lx ,{ CL U IC} C23-f. !6 VAL,ERIY SERSEYEV C VI lkfl.400I t# J I' 1. I I C 1330) 327 RnWNP-UP SOVIET PRE$ 2 0 sp loq~ RECALLI ?C EVENTS Ft -Af KHMER Rwt.'t3E IN KAMPUCHEA AND CONTRASTING THIIS E IN C"UMTRY TODAY CITI 'C VARIOUS ^ E Sp zPFRS; t5 XPF 'TARY LI fi i MOSC', ATEC 21 128 VLAt I MIR KI ROLEV ON S TUATIOi%' x : ,A 'P`2C Slwrh l 'RPT ENRt 'Tr R 15000) (5 MINT THAI ftOei. T.- CP;K' (3 STAT EAST FURO P 132 f+PRAcTI CE F SOCIALIST C OP RATIO 1. ROUNDUP REPORTS ` ~ " N' IS O' A I. B ET rkEL -~2 / 2 0 SEP tA81~, OR E k AL CZ E CH A .r t tZ M4 , 4 :,G1 S E ~. +' i7} ' a~r u~ 'T'i R GS~IRN RECENT V I S I T TO CZECHOSLOVAK SPCT I ON OF MOSCOW kAL I G A`'D EtATTLEFAI EL F L'I TEtERS E (RPT GERMAN, Approved For Release 2007/10/26: CIA-RDP94-01353R001800040008-4 Approved For Release 2007/10/26 29 tL;U YI)i "t CUMS0,!ITTEDLY.P H A ,,, RESENT AT L"?t RF UNTI,NG I ? APU CH "A":1) "J A" 1 1 %`-INTRI S1 FILM FESTIVAL i H,!T ARIA$ ' C2EGR/SL^v'AK .5 ~`LI H ~7 133 (4L X ANttEP N I O6.A`'EV C4 MINT ALRA' 1Ak 1430) POT ELz-: F TS Approved For Release 2007/10/26: CIA-RDP94-01353RO01800040008-4 .W 3 A',' ON LATVIA :! ENTERPRISES. EX4ISITED AB I' T 4 M I 7 PQgR 1 4 U S A= ? X37 ANSWER$ TC LISTE Ef S.I L RSttT i CL CC "RATL