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December 20, 2016
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October 24, 2007
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September 21, 1982
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Approved For Release 2007/10/26: CIA-RDP94-01353R001800040009-3 y TAKE 1 OF' SEVERAL. . Cris;"'EN T AR LI ST t '.4.-w"+ 22 SEP 32 L0221254 ULGBAL U'?'GA AGAI~ PUTT!"FF Sc T rl I ~F !,~I,STf,\,;, vl :Ts rl~ G i U ie N Gitr'-"L TAL.$F ,..I T =..... G -4I GM T a LT ~'- F LFA"I , J I''PES I AL.I ST ST ATE`=, PE "E"I"I 4 F `T" "F 36T'- SEVERAL ASSE::60 1035 T.SSi# 4135) v,r Fi ~H ~. S>:Zi~3 SV G^EETING5 MSG TD DE~.S E TT ^' ;:= tAFlIRMI,4G SOVIET STAL "T T^ '.:SF ww i.r; A '. M"- 4 u LY 51 ,S5 +iCLEAR BAR AND THIS IS TO SE CO:`~'TPASTFD h I T" vAII"i:S S ' tEqi3o 2 1 SE 1982 4. WASHINGTON REPORT N PRESS CCNF' -E!'4=KS BY uiS, TRADE TALKS IN wrRLD ECC'OMYl (337 TEXTI TASSR 1Z4:; Approved For Release 2007/10/26: CIA-RDP94-01353R001800040009-3 rT RATI;%n SuvIET P^%POFALS F'R ``IE~LI(\5 CF. PPL SAY CECISIVE NO To 5 M Z r't EN! I 'TER 1 .16Q` 2l G, 2 STAT REP PR;' CX GN DIF'F'ICULTIES FACIYG IN'D1.STRIAL CAPI'T.AL'IST Cc uT RIPS p2 Approved For Release 2007/10/26: CIA-RDP94-01353RO01800040009-3 6 Z TVTFj GSSR PtIRTSPAZ' 2214) =A''TIC7FATILN' CF I 'TL CC^PERATtu'. HIP TI";R~.a vCUR LTRS~s IT Lr iDTV.7, TT (ZPT? POLISH 1703' 7 PPL AN O EVENTSt IN CL I''=TV+ IT 'I(CLAY LO?(T1' CEP P"wEre ^?.,, ELECT INCATI": ti P1 TER; Clsul sS= TI"a Al C: I rvp E ` PCCIALIST c ENG.I NTE' 1-500 ECG A 2201) R~PQRT M; ENERGY VICE EwLI S! STI G LAC PPE'AIER K"YSi 'E PH! Vthe?r 0 rE. L,/;TTEP, W-0 TEXT: T4SSE : _`47 ) I;" 5;: Y; ARIFS X U,,a=r4 k"\STp; :'rI x.' ? L!E`S I:% 8 P.'ICE t,L`:F IL?ITAPIST P"LILY `r'l'"G"?A`"4 i rSE 115;7! (5 IST R ,:WC RPFERS E,` E"Gv !IEL'."t E F:E:. Cra T .H - I 2~' 1.6 1 STL:T PY ULEG ? H4R,4HARDI ', SOVIET tEACE n..,.F~ ICE wE 37TH UNNGA SESS I Ck, N AU I TL "AY CF FEACE, AF S RAGE# (3 MINA `'`lsI TES Z3 ' 5T;,ESSI,. ; IFO1 E T PEACE ?I I T I ATTVFS; VT T THAT DAY uF PEACE WILL STIMULATE ACT I4' S By 7- D 1952 2 i WSSR t5,% TO STRUG: LE "s~A, ri * C' 1.73( GE t ! ' A L 1 37TH 6 GA:s D CUSS1 ' 7 L ' r-; UIS . e: M j l A0707 I Approved For Release 2007/10/26: CIA-RDP94-01353RO01800040009-3 PEA CP !~r, ALGA VOST WAR AA GFR I "PFR I A11015?" PCACT i Approved For Release 2007/10/26: CIA-RDP94-01353RO01800040009-3 ER MA 151600) t6 MI''1 (BERMAN 1.609~ VI'CTQR,TA'WW':ON I TL PEACE DAY, t 15 'e,"-PbRT i ESE'. 2 i . 1 :2 ALEKSAN:F (LEBEDEY) ON CC.MI.MG 337TW UN GA S SS I OI' (RPT V1*..A1;`I (TSEROV) ON, PT PORT .720 C UL D ) t DERMA : C,wT .~.yw `f ar8 F FE RI NG ESPLY T"SOVIET 1ISAPM PROPuSALS f (5 `I r ":Mt GEri"'A ~6r ? E4F0%R F !.SAT., CO? PA- I ING 1"s^` THAT FauLnES I`:CLUOED I N THIS P ? E LET Dw N"!T R-'PgESE',T REAIWITY A% O AR AItEL AT IAIN IIV r "IL IT e.LPEP I'`'friITY 'v ER S7VIr'" I, tb k! I'?" P10P 1 GER`'A''~ 1600) 17 F `""L"D S-I n ;4 VSX`IV . E, E,'A ~t~r?.."' I? P"`? -r S^ ., T .p P AT DISARM CM'CEEWNIGu CLCSI-D ITS A' AEG O 3 T E v, SLM,,SEF SE1SId" A STAT u 19 RECCRDIR'G OF TALK ST0 r?EADS OF. SvIET p.tr CA A; IA C `TM OP. ORGAPIgATIOM I.MTL= PHYSICIAN'S FOR PREVEY-TIC' NLcLEAR AAR; -1P A T AC "E`"I^I %, YEV"f3?EY CH ZV A'.; 24 tvYACHESLAV ROSTLVTSEV Ooi FACT Y~.,~T L'S; ;r'`T Approved For Release 2007/10/26: CIA-RDP94-01353RO01800040009-3 25 RORIS GILENSC' # ON?P B I I S F D VOLUME ED I` _SRK CF 45wV^L1.i 5; OLLECITIP' CF V;1; LITERATURE :.:; 3N EN,4NA 202300) UUSrVIET PRESS ! N 'SM A=.r: SOVIFT'04 t KPT E NO'~'A 192'ZI f I ED G EA. 22,2370 j ELAT, : c' RSE u I~'s~CUT " T,;R'- N .'tl. Yj.T:'~... ~+e iJFI:, I r " 4Ti .7 _ Jw i t-EP CLTS I,~ SCCIAL 5PE`>uI RISI::v" LY `Tj TA~4TIZ..N " .~l4k"i:1 "' 5 R U A FRICA R E L C,! P?4.?EP TY LI ~;5 29 ',,x'f C~!E$LaV R ;STOVTSEV CHARC I G +U; 5 ; I mP I Rp# E~S0 C` S I LE F "R GRIMES I ,' LATA'"r (RPT PCRTSRAZ 29,2270d' (P RTa"AZ 22'';? SPA;'LA 2310I STAT PPO ;16SR (24 4IN 1 P aRT8I AZ 2301) 2.7 RL~PPARY VI! T^R PRAVI'A "A 9110 cA 30 ttj'AG " !EATURF ON HOW BRAZIL IS VIEWED I'Na S"V'IE* CITI'G IP'TNW WITH BRAZII %A!? SURG O' WHO "TTE DEC MED CAL SEMI I iDSCO!f AND WITH SFAZIl .IAN CELI;EST F' wC" ",' SICAL C":,TEST I' 0 21SEP198Z 31 REPORT ON SURCOMMISSICN FOR PREVENTI! CF rISGr I Ir, TI^'v 4AGAIST "'~ `O ITIESi ~!HICH IS A 8RA :'CH OF HUMAN i tGHTS C;;j'MISSI^ri :x,#IC! ISSUEp. REPGRT VOICING C4 '.CER~; ^VFFR RIGHTS "' C 4t:LE4.. {3;5 MINI SPAj CHILE? 2Z3Z) Approved For Release 2007/10/26: CIA-RDP94-01353RO01800040009-3 Approved For Release 2007/10/26: CIA-RDP94-01353R001800040009-3 V049 NA Te,I.1`ELEOIM ON FACT THAT PI E~'WEEN AI A =' ~VIL.tA CPCER TO C S CREATED. T E N 4AVE I..IARY w 0CHFTH NTI "IUE SUPPORT, ;OMMEW`TARY POINTS O U T T A T ' NOW EVEN ARMY SUPPORT, OF I, O"f4ET IS SHAKYe lid. MI1u;0 SI~A CHILE 2" " MVIRDER Y.F` ORLA ?CD LETEL;IER WF CH: TCGK PEACE IN THE UNITED STATES 7 YEARS Aac#, (3;5 Ml t SPA (CHILE 20201 tO 3* A r`N t TQCAY ,, 2 SEPT r'8" ~ Twr_ ; S ? v r cF 1 ' ., ~ ~~ I wS . c;.. S 4 F A STATI aRKSRS DAY I f'4 CHILE*? SPECIAL E"SALiE "F C TS TI: S TU C%LEA GIHEE I N CHILE; (4 I b; t SPA`'`CH I I E 2'J' X34 CASTt N V .RIAS TWO C "DS; if n M Er T i ik '` r CT 1I bT PIS";C T Pi PLICLY AC? ITTED THAT SIT `ATI^:t A',- T UIYS 1. HAT IT- SHOULD BE SI' CE THE RP ~ .Y '::.'"-? ~ (v~ I:~I! 7P4NCHILE 2430) t "Su vC- T~ Tic F'"IEN^S. IP W -SE 2@SI 01 gEP~T C'~ CEREO"Y 36 REF"RT U , PRFMIEPE OF FILi' PRQD; C 17 'Y CH: SEPASTIAk ALARC"UN..', WHO '4AS I ! F IL;. PRi%''CER TEQ I G`:'E " T,~ 15 "C701 C HF TALKED AWCUT THEM QF HIS 'ZLMi (3 MI 't S?A 'CHILE 213'3 01 37 I'' TV W . ~ITH CUBAk CHESS PLAYER (L 3 I LLERD -t RC 1 A) IS. TAXV-,'G PART IN I ;TL CHESS TOUR k!Aw;E',."T; ( 5 S?A CUEIA 7170) r 5 r, Ia82 35 I i AI.L.' CLE'8^V O"=' HU. A'' EIGHTS .':I "T" I, +A ORITY CF SALVAICRAN PPL, ARE DEPRIVED CF TwESE RIGHTSo CLA.IH.I qG RE 0. .110 E RELiE 0 1 R PPESS.IC' TO SEEP THI GS T~'IS +?AY Q !raTl~'G )41'NE SWEEK ON H Y ROWS I EL. S LVADr R - C L A Z I G SaL,V r^R s TI" PS ARF EEIA.'S TAUGwT MFT!4OCS OF TC;RT','RE AT S-,CPET L;! BASES, TRAI ED.. BRIGADES MURrER CIVILIANS A~14! CArRY C T SC'.RCHEL EARTH TACT(CSC S TRESS( ,?:G. THAT e-'HATEVER U;5;. PRESS SAYS AczD T U' S~ . CC`sCERr FCI HUMAN R;GHTS IN EL SALVA CR REAL !ACTS_ PRt71P ^PPCSITE, Approved For Release 2007/10/26: CIA-RDP94-01353R001800040009-3 Approved For Release 2007/10/26: CIA-RDP94-01353RO01800040009-3 39 t E'N!D L5VCH6NKQ ON U'S' pr, J E N "I`?"'T5 2 ! .3Z ) (SPANLA 7 4i GIt/.Trt R E"2 TAKE 3 OF SEVERAL:. COMMENTARY LIST`f ``CSC' N CC SCLI A' EC 21 SEP 82 D22t33 STAT V ~" N x r` 'A :x r` T^ r 1 + !~ ^s: ,p 41 ~ 7Lr~CI~r,/ :IR C,T! 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I YELENA GLAZI!''^ ,o E, oGPT C Q'~+''F H ; t l T THE TR ,,,.:,n- 1- asapi rkvPJ 46 X..1.ve:Vl 46 TAS$ CM~E\TARCR VYACHESLRV UZJ ; T' 4v IN arS T ATCwER!IS YIFIT 'PL JAPAN; `~'C.TI'k`G HER A=ETI'GS F P'LiTTCIA S A% JAPAN; S f7 ?a('' ! ~I..!" ~' M T tw s . . . : t ` d C I R'Lw7 A ?L P E S vn'!t'F 21 ,IIT.-AS YIELD.En u C:'?CR' r-c: c VC A Al, E E A:L~`P''KI'`' CISC SSI G T `- T~ I.art !1 ' I ` LAST YEA LARGELY AS A RESJLT ?h n !' LEVEE C.F Y^t~TH I~; L'Y` ''`T- ukTTiCIZIj G FAILi:'RF PF A' T ITIES T" PR" `TOE CEGEsATE L{'E''PLCY"`EN,T PAY EtTS A"D FF"C!L?T-IS ~0 ~'0 S.G PF1 Hr MOVE TO LC`4.DPN I : MOPE OF: P'I i'D I ^G i)~K # C!T I ``G ST1T 9y UINIPMPLOYSP YOUTH REJECTING ACCUSATIONS T''AT YCUT" ARE LAZY'l (t f txtf ORSITA 11-15I 47 It V. TR1E" ~i~'. +ri T Nei .I. , 'Brat W. PITAI OS 1.0~T GE'=E AT ,:TV . LI ITIC,:, 3-R E'Y ?'+AYLL A . LCkjC .. E: A 2 1 S r P 1982 49 tc 'RIENDS~},IP GtADRANTttl PRGFILE GF CESARE SAvATIN-1i ITALIAN ='R!TER AND FILM DIRECTOR, WHO IS CELEBPATI' G HIS 81Tq BIRTHDAY! I' Tir'k Wfl'H CVMF=S"EP FRA IdV;7 4iA`al: ^ IN Lw xl -AD `EE hI kAhK AS PERFORMED BY PwILHARMC\3'IC ?%R HESTRL: I .'TVW !SIT" IRECT' DF MILr3r4 FIR'e PA"`ZIA','Ie. +I ICA MAKES n"TE TI' L CLO : G A : AS G ,i T'9 I~ h CHAM13SP t'F CCMMERC E j . ( I TALI AN .700) . EX6IPITED ITS` PR?QCUCTS AT A CC\:F AT RsSC" ITALI .,S_ V I E T Approved For Release 2007/10/26: CIA-RDP94-01353RO01800040009-3 Approved For Release 2007/10/26: CIA-RDP94-01353RO01800040009-3 w 49 YAR SLAV KHARARO' "SCA'.DAL OVER Pu` 17? ~1~~p1982 Approved For Release 2007/10/26: CIA-RDP94-01353RO01800040009-3