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December 21, 2016
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June 4, 2008
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February 7, 1983
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Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353RO01901400008-6 1 uF SEVERAL ?- CCMMENTARY LIST: YcSCOw C-~'SOLIDATED 7 FEE 83 ,?D 6134; GLOSAL 2 VALERIY LASKARIOV ON STMT ISS6;LD BY NONALIGNED MVMT MEETING HELD IN !iAN~.A; (6 MINI SPANLA 2000) STAT 3 CHER'~E'~KO ON SOCIALIST ISSUES, DISCUSSING 'LEANING OF INTER~ ATi^\ALISN; (10 NI`?s PERSIAN 12:-C) 4 ~C;:NONIST RUMYANTSEv, FIRST I SERIES, ON ECO~ LASS OF CJ ..IST DEVELOPMENT, v'"DEELI'' i .v ACE Ej .,., SOCIALIST, CAPITALIST 9 Y3T= t'I.Nt VIET 13ZV) (3: 5 - EEKLY PROGRAM. ON FPAT R\'AL PART I GS: 3ErR"`A. CP rHy n, fl vKC'S RECE'!T VISIT T'_) FRG 0,5'5 '~I ?) f TASS REPOPT C?; PLr::~~, I^: n YCRK (~ 1 )f `~P r P -T Y~:: IZATION T GS THRnUGHCJT SRV (3 FRE' CH -P :R`A\ L'^UM-A; ITE HAILS A.?I?rROPO.rS REPLY TC PRAV% CRGN HAILS A\DRCPCV4S KSPLY, CTHERS (7 (2' I BALL: M.A 'D 2770) T 'ISSTL=, :y.,a,IT 'T"_ FR~PCE .J'; 3:,LGA 7-/, "h v3 Cj 3' :2 / Wt-I 7 3(' )-I 9 ti _ TL 'oL ?EE FEI Ir `T I"T . :C I 11 .7 R " L.V: !r' `~{u -`%L Li -- .:'(:RS"IPS, NCTI'_G nt. F -:" CH IC A D CI .. I _~ ~'F. Cr! _~ N~,;Dt:R D L'Y C.?TI. era Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353RO01901400008-6 F Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R001901400008-6 R ADUGA I'?TL Tv F I LESTI''.CL I \ T JURY ~~bH ON CONTESTA'\TS, A:.D RADIO DIRECTOR ON HIS (7 FiE irCr1AF 172r) 1CSC )~ k.AILaAG, LIST ';FRS, (RPT ENG''A 6%'1:1 " 1) (E G:A 2, 1) 9 f! Y:11 U ?.RITE TO "0SCCCRE, 1F ^F SKITISH i_IST:':Ekaf RECEPTIO REPORTS; CITING LETTERS LAUDI:iG SOVIET PEACE INITIATIVE, PRAISE FOR RADIO MOSCOW PROGRA4'S, (8 NCI' : E":GUK 2000 10 MAILBAG: REPLYING TO LISTENERS LETTERS ON FREEDCM OF "EL151ON IN, SR, SOVIET SPACE RESEARCH PROGRAM, (ITALIAN 1800) i 1?^ i,14ILEAG: ALGIERS LISTr.FF I )RMC1' ABOUT SUVI4T VICTCRY AT Avp c ;TAL I N^RAD TO BE BROADCAST 5 'iARu~i; L I ST- R PRAISES F" ATURE -0PES TG 11T uOSC(., 1,0 nE^"I^?DER AB-:;T QUIZ fl HAT i.)L: YO;; KNC';. Ac!--'.;T RCP'6,IES T' GUEST I ONS 0?. SORT I'" USSR, (10 I \: FRE .CHAF 062"!?'?) ACn;55 SC\; IET UNIC\"J AL IE-S LIS'E`ER 2 ~u ILEt,G: I \CL R' PLY I'... T: LIST"t' FFT I C' SO I PT ELIcF C APPROX1'rATE PAR ITY I ' uC .F ,,tAP : S -,tADINESS T O EC CE ARSE ALS CF N' CLEAR .,F-APO ,S, a`"-o O'j FES 1983 '?I'I); A`?0.'? ON N,IDEAS1 C^.FLICT, Is~;;?ELI AGG= :SSISOVIET ^SALS MI DEAST (3 ;'1 (FPE'.:CHAF 17Z,) A'?S.tL,S TC? j.1STE:tL6 I'.TER'.ATIF:4AL :;LESTIC S. PECALLI''G SC1.11ET PEACE PROPOSALS S i, ITT K^".Sr',,~L (2 Y, I;'k) I 1-.LL ;;ITI L1 ~':TF,~=RS L -TTFRS Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R001901400008-6 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353RO01901400008-6 DISAK" A''DROPOV REPLIES TO PR AV D" Q;v DISARM ISSu-S A'~'D REAGAN IS PFnPOSALSI (TASSE 211623) (5-3 E"GI vTE 2720 08+00 1102^ RITICIS" OF REA3Ai'sS CP-!'. _ETT_P, (RPT E::GI\.TER 0514'6; (PERSIAti 1"c.'2 CZE''H/SLONAK (616?Z ) Vj 17 PRaVDA EDITORIAL ARTICL ,'SAT ODDS WITH FACTS,? ON ZERO SPA!CUBA E10C-GERMAN 1002 FRENCHAF 662000- CZECH/FLOVAK 261602 hJ,,;AKIA,: c620 JAP 661220) r,l~ 1 S T O FRANCA AND J~' (~ G ft^u"~C~:P i~F PRAISE F;n P.REPLIES J CPTIO' AND SOVIET PEACE PROPOSALS, RE GEORGE BLSH$S EUROPEAN TOUR, (TASSR 061752) t5-,,? MI`; ENGINTER 0700 0800 1100 1400 1700 21. 902, ENGNA 23010 PC:RT6RAZ 220,- 2300 SPAI4LA 2300 FRE~!CH 1730 ITALIAN 1500 2100 F Iv,15H 163E GERMAN 100 1607 ARABIC 1730 PERSIAN 1638 GREEKCY 1800 CHAF 1-7142 PORT AF 183E ALGA, I A 1-530 POLISH 1550 CZECH/SLOVAK rR- ;; 16^;.' SE? FO 1?00 2020