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December 21, 2016
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June 4, 2008
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February 24, 1983
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Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R001901410011-1 TAKE I OF SEVERAL LD251200 -COMMENTARY LISTI MOSCO,4 CONSOLIDATED 24FES 83 STAT BRAD O 14AGAZI NEO+ t ON SOVIET' AID f O DEVELOPING COUNTRIES- FR S (RPT OMALJ 1716003 {SOMALI 16003 GLOBAL 3 VITALLY MOZOROV, FIRST DEPUTY Ck , CF SOVIET STATE CMTEEFORFQREIGN.ECCN RELATIONS; ON SOVIET COOP WITH OEV PP AG COUNTRIES; (6 MIN: PORTBRAZ 2302 ) 'JlOscp i 1D10 ,;C, sTENERS'1 GLUE FEATURE ON VOCAT3ONA TRAIhi .NG:.FORi FOREIGN ,STUDENTS IN USSR, . 8 MIN: FRENCMAFR 1700) ABLE++:_FEA URE, t RPT' FRENCH 1817311) FRENCH" 1733 --- VLADIMIR; KOROLEV ON FORTHCOMING DELHI CO F, OF 4:ONALIGNED STATES CSENTs ENG!NTER 2100) w MOSCOW MAILBAG; f RPT E^,G' 2 &" r" i.'21 G. ?.:'11 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R001901410011-1 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353RO01901410011-1 ~kA /-( y; yyr~y~ ' '~i RS TO IQ E6t N5 =8 i N14" 1W ISARM ASS JES ETASSEw 8,31638), (22.10- MIN S ;MAYAK -043E SRANLW-1.8600 SPANCUBA 0100, ENGINTER :0 08::.3:00.0 ENGNA 00OIP GERMAN 19iirl,1-130_ (SPANISH 232230 PORT i.936 F+iNNISN.16-32 PERSIAN 1200 TURKISH 1402 GRcEK 3.600 ROMAN. Aft ?!;l00 : ICECI4 'SCDVAK i600,FSERBO 00sE0>00 M#N $E1K K1.QSB MANti 070 VIET.11300 14001 9-3 14INa?ORBITA 0001 6200 5000 HOME 0400 -500 0600 .ENGINTER080;1 11@10 140/TWICE/ 1700 `2100/T4;1'CE/ ERMAX ie0e .1620 FRENCH..1730 ITALIA '18F0 2i27 SPANS -?32232 FINN'ISH' 1632 PERSIA" 1630~DARI 1772 ARABIC 173' S,'Ai-IL I 1730/TWICE/ A~'NARIC 153;: SOMALI 16Z01TW I ^E/ SWAHILI 23i730 P':RTAFR 1832: FRENCHAFR 17?e HUNGARIAN ..1730. BULGARIAN 1630 POLISH 1500 HUNG' 2000 SER8O 1700 2000..tQREA430 .1400-URDU 1300 BENG'.15B.iDLAO 1430 CAMB` -19 1*NGNA B IB ,` ~ tN 38 SWAHILI 23~1J30 AM HAR -C^23153 3ti530 ARAB-10, 33. 40i01 BUR` 14303 2d-'MIN: HOME :, 0330 MAYW 0331 0538 0 ;4 NGIN 'ER O $ $* 002 1100.1200 GERMAN 13 00,,1600 GERMAU:~T?;1908 1500 PERSIAN '' E81 ~'POL1SH 1400 ?500 SERBO 2007. -4A`JD 0700 3230 1600 h? 1l DSEA .3;m y~J.'.1 0O 1380, 1400 URDU 1200 1300 BENG 1520 THAI 3.100BUR,! 030`'LA0.r.3i30 1930 CAME .1830 INDO 11330 HIND !1301 7001`' ~Jqf ;400 'IWNWAKA +t s0 #WWW1f t2 iv YAK BRIEF s .ENGWt~`;?200(" 'NNI Sid 16. .30 GREEKCY 3800. ERR ''170.0 'ERENCMAFR' +RRSN3hG:.2 M!SS4ES: PLAN' WITHIN: U:.S -: G300 TEXT SENt * SE;.0745` TASSSR 232314 ) GENNA'DfY=St4SHKSN'SDVETSKAYA ;ROSSIYA NO SS 'REP'ORT C5=ISNi 'ITALIAN 2 4 F16 11. V!KTOP VASILYSV C r-TRASTIr;r, APPR;,:.C6~=S tI.,PTED O' NJR' a/' QUESTIMi CF L!M,1TI`,:;: 'tiu~ Ea < Ar:.'. !RPT FRFNCH 2217,-5'," . 1ITALI!; 1 Ia.4 ^-7 t,Pc CY U,S, AP1.: ~~SSP, I Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353ROO 1901410011-1 ON,ANf MILITARIST:.-RALLY HEAD- IN` LENINGRAD. INDUSTRIAL PL NT CONDEMNfi 4G' U'~5. NUCLEAR REAR-MA ?ENT' PLAN'' Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R001901410011-1 12 (NAME' ND1s1 NcT)I TALI AN :,DRAMAT i ST EXPRESSES NI S S SUPPORT FOR PEAOE; pVING FOREIGN POLICY PURSUED 9Y ~SOVIET- CATA ROPHE, . ' (3 MINI ` ITALIAN 1800) DISARM LKS IN GENEVA# tSE ,'T E?G, K 20Z ENGNA 23,2) D~'L 13 SERGEY LOSEY REVIEWS ASH114TON'IS STA'.Z AT SOvIET?A! ERI.A STAT 1v'., me 11 Gl?,.~lISR1 14GG. PJ r"nur a rtvl% T w", Mt~th{~ T & a t.~t y a~ *1 4 ~t miLITARIS.T CA PLANS: AND NAT SUPPORT (350 TEXT SENT TASSR 16 Ti4S M 1 it i Rf'ER VLAD1 liR Pd,GACNVOV ON REAGA~1+S ADDNESS fi0f,,y R A# JOURNA1.:i ST.S RE t : S. ZERO OPTION PLAN; cr%x a6 ILA A. n...t, f- u;u' ACE" 7kNDV-IZWO atwERi ON 2D- AKINIV OF CPSU 26TM 'CONGRESS; SOY iE1~'"EC# Pf3OI CY; : (RPT POLISH .231500) (GERMAN 1450. TEXT .;$ENTi PASSE, 1745 TASSR< 1518) an" A d , . 'A F(,Vlr- re ---- --.. , _1 E. ~j p~A~~Wvr-"'*i I S A R J VLADIMIR POZNER C0NTRAST11,G S!+VIET:USA ATTITUDES TOWARC (RPT ENGj`T=R 2314~Z) (F.r *4 23701 jr. is (21: CCD E E I t :`' F' A. k~ ~'~' t R~'T GE MAUST 221= r,i c' :~~ . 2 4 FEB 1983 _3 - wo Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353 R001901410011-1 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R001901410011-1 LA4 TAKE 2 OF SEVERAL -- COMME?JJTARY LIST: "OSCOW'CONSOLIDATED 24 FEB 83 S `.: A;''x , RU~'V' WA9 t$G 'ON A SF i~ +gk oN STO'8 + yj Y ,CD 16R6SSMAN RARNEY FRANK; CLAIMjNG: THAI' TOP LEADERS OF UIS WERE WELL: AWARE OF''F'ACT THAT INTERESTED U; S; ,DEPARTMENTS WAD 'HAD-AFTER WAR AND. USED IN-THEIR PURPOSES NUMEROUS'NAZI CRIMINALS; tsSB'TEXtT jASSE 2148) REV _ 8 .1], MENSI~Y rN/+.QVQY V$EMYA, . SECOND FN T'J AMER # *N'ff l6 I ,E EI $:DEEP QOACTS r }? SENT''i?T*SSR to 168.16 6 ,'!'f1dE~:'DDuBL:EI VOW WITW. Ss"MAFIA, 3199"TI U" za v A 1 "R t I Ns ` QF INTERNAT1 ONALIFE f V tKTOR} EvI N "PA O E DR ?RECALL NR BARB~E 'CASE AND PRQV D NG. sOME~ BACKGROUND , , 4.41 SCOR vwN .::.,.. ~. N IAiS, USE:OF wAR. GR..... AL&, .fAli EiRf GAS P3P 3.NE, FEATURE ON .S1BER?3;WE81' FEUROPE UNIT 2D'%9''BS< \G` Srr,A 24 TASS STMT ON WASHINGTCNfS PROGRA4' OF DEMOCRACY AND PUBLIC IPL'~ GY, (TASSR 17;80i (4.5 S 44ILI 231730) V-fh 0 CLRkI- Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R001901410011-1 l:;w7-7;~1~K/IC.a.x,xx ., ..:r OWN EiJAB~ .+QU ', NSfi: xND3STIIVCTI U: y GENERALI.AFTER, WAR .AS"S~iyING' S, MQME} t245'sNA !AK' 153L fN a M !NG C MUN SH t Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R001901410011-1 STAT D SOUTHERN FLANKS (330 TEXT SENT; TASSE 1708 TASSR 131ST 26, TASS 'NEWS ANAL!MST`VASIL Y KWARKOV ON 'PENTAGONS S INTENTION' TO INCREASE 3BY ..A TKIRD NUMERICAL1;STRENGTH OF ITS SPECIALi PURPOSE SD-CALLED 'GREEN BERETS' QUOTING AP ON UNITS BEING USED LOR AFIOTAGE1!ETC IN LATAM; ASIA' AFRiCA~ AND EVEN IN NATO NORTHERN STAT 28 YURIY KORNILOV ON PRESIDENT REAGA:,'1 ADDRESS TO AMERICAN -EGiaN` ON 180 THE US .. i3 M I N j i (12' N; N OVERAI?L 7 GERMAN i600) 4. 8?d3LLLENSON DiSbUSSING?~M140K,fOF.AA4" i(NAIL ALEKSEYEV,PU LiSHED LAST YEAR. IN MOSCOW, ABOUT ANSLO;RUSSjjN IN ,8TH ANDS FIRST" HALF' OF . ,9TH CENTURIES NOTING; Ah,EKSETEV )P:1 D '.MUCH. RESEARCH: WORK =; I N 'BRITISH' *UNS V;SRS1 !'S ESQ .ANDS . A?CKNOWt LP HE RECEIVED-.'THSRE, MENTIONING SR T &M'REYI~WERS ilc WORK ON BRITISH y3TERATURE; (ENGUKt.2000I .4?' taGSQRGEt ,MARSHALL) s GEN SEC NAT i ONAL ZUNI ON -OFr i~Si ERY ARID =KN WORKERS 'RE HIS RECENT` VISIT 'TO ;USSR Nq '- AIG? GOOD CONDt7'IONS iN SOVIET-.FACTORIES; MAINTAINING..SOVfET WORKERS' -AND M4NA-QiM__gd'-,_iEEK $$Z,; SMh~! iTYW wM xA-MeR:'`EN EVERY DAY TO IMPROVE, STANDARDS- ENJOYED BY I MPLOVEES AND 'PRODUCTIVITY i N -FACTORY- STRESStNO,.SUOAl,;CODP -REMOVES CONFLICT ' SUQN'.AS. IS EXPERIENCED ' IN BRITISH COND3'TION$.. 2 4 FEB 1383 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353 R001901410011-1 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R001901410011-1 04 0 A~ EKSEY FEDOROV j 2D I N SERIES; ON 26TH `OPSLJ. CONGRESS AND' AFRICA NQaAF'R ;-1700 1830 45 Stt4 RIES `MIr1AiL ZP'?fVICH PRAVDA CESCRIBI`N'G PROCEEDINGS AT JTG OF FRC'qT L I `.'E STATES'$ (3 M I .N s E \GAFR 1700 PORTAFR 49 OLEG LAVARUCHIN) ON HARARE FRONTLINE'SUMMiT;. t4 NCI Ai HARIC 1530) 50 MIKHAIL (LIVENOVICH) ON RECENT HARARE FRONTLINE SUMMIT; L3 M! SWAHILI 1730) .54 "EAST-AFRICA LAST AEEKf! ANON ON HARARE FRONTLINE SUMMM A 10' ARUSwA . ?..C BAT i 0N!`CMTEE' MTG" t;3` #9_ N~ ANON ONi:L!MIOPIANt: ER AMNEgl'Y-.'`2~ f JUM 05 .CALL FOR IMPLEMENTATION Op'' CCMS' RESO SRNt JON$ QU01'1NG AND PARAPHRASING:~DECISIONS AN;D MA"''D 1230') BUR 1-030 143 Al 1102 IT`D) 13313 15'~Z L?~~ 1132 143E C B 133 L'NUU ~~~a ,Q "`. iN CONF# Q INDOCHINESE