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December 21, 2016
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June 4, 2008
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March 3, 1983
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Approved For Release 2008/06/04 :CIA-RDP94-013538001901420004-8 ?AKE ~ OF SEVERAL *; CC~N~"E~!TARY L.ISTs MOSCOM' CONSOLIDATED 3 YAR g3 ~ ~~4~.357 GLOBAL STAT MEMBERS QF TURKISH PRESS TQ LINK USSR WiTFi ASSASSiNATZOhI A'TTE'MPT ryN POPE JOHN PAUL II BY TURKISH TERRORIST; ~ 400 TAS5E 1430) ca Mihi sENT TuRKisN 3 TASS NEWS ANALYST IVAN ABLAMOV ON DEVELOPI'~G COUNTRIES GF~ I T I C I Z I NG VORACIOUS ANT.' PRECAT'ORY OPp:RAT I D;\S GF TRAN5AT I ONA:. CORPORATIONS ATRECENT I RTL FORUMS A I MED AT COt~T I NU I ~'G I ~!P I ST PLU;vDER OF DEY~OP iNG COUt~TR IESt -~ATURAL RESOURCES; t 500 TEXT i 3 MAR 1983 4 BORIS RACHKOY "WHAT HAS NAP?ENED rQ APrC?!' ON ROLE PI.AYEC 5Y SPEC IN ANTI~COLONIALIST STRUGGLE AND EFFORTS OF WESTERN IMPISH TO UNDERMINE T1~AT ORGANIZATIOiv; (SE'~'T+t ARABIC 153r?!) STAT 6 ALEKSANDR ZMOLKVER 0~ STRIKr ADD UTHER PROTEST ACTIO!~~S 3Y ?ORKEI~S IN WESTERN COUNTRIES; j~yT F~;GI'~:~'ER 0^r.l~.?~~ (PO~TuG~=S"r C~GI.11?~1.~`' ^`2i93~rrZECN35LOVAK l6Nf~) Approved For Release 2008/06/04 :CIA-RDP94-013538001901420004-8 . ~ - Approved For Release 2008/06/04 :CIA-RDP94-013538001901420004-8 s 7 INTVk WITH PROF tMEDAVIN) POINTING TO ECON EXPLGITATIG t;F DEYELOPI~rG COU'~TRIE5 BY WEST; ~RPT t,1P,DU Z212t~P~ tHI~~D i1~2) e I ~`+TERV I EW t~ I TH S^it I ET EcOnoM I sT t PROF ALEKSANDR N i GAQO~EV) ^~; DEVI=LOP I ~~G ~~ATI ONS ~ STRUGG~,E FOR CHA~~CE I ~' i tiTERNAT S O~~aI. FCO~tiO-~ is + RELATIOrvS; NOTING LARGE-SCALE EXPLOITATIOtvS OF DEVELOPI"~G ~'A?IO'~S~~ RESOi.!RCES BY WESTERN MULTI~AfiIOtiAL CORPORATIONS ~~HICH HAS CALtSEr pROBLE~`5 CF ir~^ERTEDr~ESS, UNEMPLOY`~E~'T i'? TycSE COUNTRIES, at;CL'SIN~ t~F SNOW I NG APATHY TO THIRD ;,'pRL~' ~ S ECCtiOM I C I NTERESTS C;~ I NT~EB.~fAT I OVAL ECONOM I C ORDER; t 8 ~! I ti; H I -~D 113a ) ~'u~rSt:I ~4~ DISCRININATGRY POLICIES AGAI~:ST TMC~':, REITcaATir,'G SOCIALIST `-ATIatiS'~ SUPPORT TO THIRD WORLDiS CALL FOR NEW 4 ANDREY ALOViS NOTING U;S; SO-CALLED DEMOCRATIC AND DIP~OMA'IC PROPAGANDA DR;VE WiTH INTENTION TO IMPOSE ITS POLICIES ON A'E'.+LY INDEPENDENT NATIONS; ACCUSES I~ASHINGTO~'V OF PUTTING ECONOMIC A~vD MII.ITARP PRESSURES QN INDIA AND ENCOURAGI~lG SECESSIONIST MO'dEMENTS TO DESTABILIZE IyDiA'~~ UNIOR; ALSO RAPS U;S; FOR TRYING TO BREAK UNITY OF NQNALIGNED MOVEMENT; t8 MIN, POORt H1-~D 1400) Into STAT u~em~ ~ ~~~~' b~ .,.,~, . ~ rib ~- Y~~md" Approved For Release 2008/06/04 :CIA-RDP94-013538001901420004-8 Approved For Release 2008/06/04 :CIA-RDP94-013538001901420004-8 13 tPETER ANATOLYEV! CITING IhiDIA~V PRES5 COMMER'TS FROM .~,~,~,~r *~AVABHARAT -_TIMES ON EVE OF yONALIGNED SU'~MIT WHICH CONDEMNED E ~~ OF EXERTING PRESSURE ON COUNTRIES IN A BID TO FORCE YHEM TO TOE ~a~~ ~~ITS POLICIES NOTING MASSSVE MILITARY ARKS SUPPLY TO PAKISTAti App ~~ILITARY COOP BETWEEN U;S; AP?D THAT COUtiTRY, t5 MINA URDU 12001 C~ ~~TVw WITH NURI ABn AR~RAZZAO; GE~~ SEC AAPSO, ON HIS ~ ~Ch'~`v -~ 6Y1 C~1 ~ br ,__ , _l 'r'XPE~T i OP+S FOR NO~~AL i G"!EQ S~MN I T i ti DELHI ; f 3 M I N~t f!AYAK ~+73Z ) 15 1'~TUiti WITS' tDr:'V SYDNEY), LEADER CF A:tiC OF SOUTH AFRICA A`~C SEC CF' AAPSO DiSCUSSI"G CHARACTER, ROLE a''sD PLACE, OF NONALiGtiwE~tiT ON WORLD SCENE; MAINTAINING MAJOR ROLE I~! FIGMT AGAINST IMPISM IS ~ ~~ ~e,,~c~ PLAYED BY 'SOCIALIST COMMUNITY, THAfi iT IS THANKS TO ASSISTAtiCE OF v~onc~1 ~ - (SOCIALIST GOMMUNITY~ TMAT l,it3 MVMT HAS BECOMl: WHAT IT IS; POI1iTI4G ~ 1 ,- pUT NON~ALiGNED MVMT IS ESSENTIALLY ANTI-IMPIST 6ECAUSE ITS `+BRS COME FROM 90aCALLED DEVELOPING WORLD; A~+D ARE EXPERIENCING PROBLEMS WHICH EMANATE FROM IMPISM; t7 ^~INs ENGAF 1'00) 16 ANON IN SERIES ON 7'TH NrtiALIGp,EU SUMMIT SUMMIT TO BE HELD I!~' NE-~ DELHI; Di~'ELLI".G G'~! ~~J~AL,IGNED CQU'~`TRIES~ STRt1GGLE AGAINST ARMS RACE L,AUNCNED BY U;S; (5;5 Mink MANDSEA 1230) W.. "a~iR '2 oa ~S&VERAL' ~- CC?.~!~'E~'Tt~RY i 1~TO tJQrGGn Crr~cOl:Qf~aTFn S +~AR S MAR 1983 ,3 ~nQ,l~~r ~m ~t w~`t- ~7 i 1'6M APPARE!~`TLY Ce~CE"" : I `~ C i h'P I ST EFF~R'S TO Sp~i~aD Di~SCORD IN t~Ot~ALIG~ED ~!V??:T; c6 Nt~'; ta0f!R-ST'i PPR~ia~ 1630 ~A ~~~TRUGGLE BTWiJ TNO l`.It~ES ^~ ~rRi.._L ~^LT1'?Cal. S~aG~+~t t~~a~^~ ~ ~-u~~`'-' CI~pRi~ Y 1G PEt4TAGG~' k' I TH ATT~k~pT i ,. r, T~'~ DFPi BY -' I Ss i LES Y ~' ~e,~~- ~ ~ r' a_ a T c. I Q~ A I S t ~~ 3 ~U~O~E S~ ENt~ OF' T~^IS Yi=~P (^.5 -~~ t ~ sr FAYIAn'~= "'TO to N1'':); t6~5 ~I~. {~~,rtc?pLLf ^"A'?Ir ~f~O~I Approved For Release 2008/06/04 :CIA-RDP94-013538001901420004-8 -~ Approved For Release 2008/06/04 :CIA-RDP94-013538001901420004-8 ri~~ r~~ Sf.!VIET ;A~t~t?~``'~~ C:uTEF AC'*I~?'ITI'S t~ u2=~' CF' ' - ,~ ~ e~RSla` cu~'t ~~C"~N' ~G ~CRLD rAY `~' ~!'n'c~; ~ i'.c~r ~~~`'~1 a' ~ ?1.27'-.1 ~ 2" F~''RaRT ON 4~'ICC 5=~i1;~~ H~~r? i~~ ~~SQC!. ~,T LU'~'k3a U~I~, "~~ "Ir~~~ ~'~'Glt~fif:Rl'~~G~ C3 a"i~ i F~iC}'C~'a~' ~22P.k""~ ~~ *;':g5 pSS~RVE~ vA~tLIY K~A~~c"~t G~ %kNTI:.~(j~fi ~'EETt~Gc AND DP./N03' ~~~,THa7 Si.~EPT .JAPAN PEGGED TC BlKitie red ~'~1CN ~1~1tF E=C'~M~': ~-' "`A~'IF'~ST~TIQ~ DA I~~T~n~sIU~ STFCUGGLE aF JepA~vFSE DRLi bGA~!~ST' ~!LrL~A~ rkREATi tSB~ TEXTS TASS~ 7:i~1,s5 VIA-~0'`~ STAT WJ 7a Y~iRIY SpLTAti! :h U;5; r~,I~STA~v Pf?L!CY Th; E`J~QPs~i R ^~~tnG'?>\ aNNOUtiCENEP,T OF FL'-~THEr~ 'fi=~T tF ?r~CWJ~' t I FISSILE ~ ~~ h'~Ape~LF rF CARRYiNQ Pp;~E~FI'L ~;Ci E~w w`eQ~~rAC~c ~v=R DtSTat,CE ~'~ DF -~EASLv 2; ~0~ KILC"`ET1=RS ~ ~ SE~4fi i ~~ ~Ei~GI~'T~R ~-4~n~ 1#0fZ pORTBRA7. '2-2P2 SPa~'La ~~k?~ FRE~'C~t 1~3ti~! S T A t` T A ~: ~-a ~ ~ ~~. Pt Pi F I ` 't~ I ~ ~? 4-6~-F G ~ fi '~ e ~ Y6 r~? A = A R I " it3 G F R E'~~ C ~ +~ 2-~0.0~ 6UL AkIAt~ #63C rZEC~!/SLCVAn ~~fit~~' POi.?I9w iSQ~ SE~60 Y~2e Z~r~t' Approved For Release 2008/06/04 :CIA-RDP94-013538001901420004-8 Approved For Release 2008/06/04 :CIA-RDP94-013538001901420004-8 ~g 5~pRTAK pi=CL`gV QF Nt?Vt~51'I 0^' AMERiCAP` ST4~0 0~'~ ~EFLC'YMF`'T of MEDIUM-RANGE ~i5S1i FS i~ w~STER>4 E;IROPE r, A ~' ~~~ CTI~'G F~=~CTAGO~iSTS OF S*~.CALLED ZF~~ f'PY1~'~ C('~'i~G Uls? I~w,ia .!P ~ t TN F~1rER NEk SHIBBbLFTI~S I ti f~Rr~R T~ ~AI.rLF -ORbaF. ek .---- '~ I *k 'T~'C~~ MISSILES; REJECTING Ci AID T'~aT ~'FS'f 1S L+AGGI!~G 9lr~I4D ~w_ p~,t,a-WV-'~' "JSS-~ I~' "TLXTARY RIELDi PCI~TI!~'G !'!T NV!I~rE L~SSR uA:~ES~ =VARY v F~'Fi`.nT T~'wA~r NUCLEAR GISARrAME;kfi I~ ELRr?FK' ~ASF1!~GT^~ STRIL'~S T ~'~~? ~,iL~:ARY SUPERI~'~RITY CtV6R i~CS~~ lE=rt;~!EI? 24?"2! ~6 ~~,,.~LF KQI.CFiAl~CV 1~[Q`TSN~ AhrwgAcCAN C~"'tN ;.!IFS, FV~RY , ,~"FP^aTUI~rTY TO PL~iG ITS S^:CALLIAP 2cPb ^PTtG, es A M~~v~ Of SQ~Vt~~~ w' ~ ~~ pR~6i E?~ ~~ NUCLEAR ARMAN,F~'T5; 'THAT yERG ~PT1~!v HAS MR6 TuATCkER~S WJ ~~ p~,~ FL~L 'SUPRORI'; PGtNTi'~'G TG AI~CMALII=S 1'NaT W~ui D ~'~~ ~r'r:~Ul`'T SuCULD SOVIET UN1C~N AGREE Tf~ i~i~iLn1'FReL DISAR~AME~%Ti ~E k`TSSI'~ES IN BR~TAIh` A'~{p F>RANCE ~cTRESSitvG TGA1" 1'NIS wQULQ LEri~~E '~I ITA~'Y 6UREt;SCRtTY FbR RAT^ GVFR a~~R~A=~ TREATY ORGeA+iZAT~oti~, !'Cti`Ci L'1~I~G T~-AT QNL1' SCI.I!'TIU"~' iS TNA1' CF r~UTt,AL QSA~M4~'E~!1'; 27 ~r~cNAL COBRdV ~~~ 2f' A-~~Ii~ 2~*H cpsu ~b1~a~ESS k~Ntcy pATD ~GREh~ Afi4ENT2D1~ 'f0 FGP.EIG-~ QCLTCY A~'r bl!TivEC' a RFACE PRQCiRA~' FoF ~9P2i~ SEARING MARK ^F IMMUTel3L~ ACID CC~HFRE~~T L~i~E n~~ CPSU aNr ~GVI"T STATE AIMED Afi DISARMA-~E~r; C~`~~SO~it?aT't0!v oF~ pl~s~R"., it~% SEC"RifiY;~. MAINTAIiil~G THAT its T~*v Y~aRS ELAa6ED sirarE;~ r,;;f~'t 0~. xG-v NA5 SU8"'ITTE~ A"! E~~TT~~ SCR?FS ^F C"P~~'R!~c. aE~G~ oa-c?~- 5 / 3 h-AR ^cA vi~At~IEN KLJ2;E?'S^tl tF 2bT~ ~~~? cc. GRF~S r.~CTSj;~;t+~ n~~ z~~~TiA~I~tES; tb MS!~~t ITkL1A' 1dx0s ~ 1983 ~EAci=, R~:4IE!~s~G savlET P~acF t`~tTtaTl~lE~ A'~~n ~avaH4St~1~~ r:'1D ~t~ trt=~, 5"t. T" aTtC~ ACID T~ M;G`K T'`~~Qr~'' ~1"'G1LtZATTO"' 7F Fh4T? ~E:"' ~~~ PAF' "F SOVIET lJ'vIG+~ TO b~:'EFCr~~~ ~L;~R ~'T r~77iCli~' p~VIE~'I`~G PGc'`~AR EVE"'TS T?~ F!EL.D t?F ~'UCi,=i~R eRMA~?E'T~ -~~ ~,,A1~?TA~?,nG THAT U; 5; k'aS ALWAYS ~i>ST t C7>:ATt~G i-~~ ~~c~;ac??S CU/rr" cYc*rMD ~^ A MILITARY ALLIA".CE "'~`"~ F"R^z'~`C 1..~~5^~ T~ F"i i:C~: PI~TT~ ~G;~ IET UN IAN G"; QTHER wA'~'C NAc AI !, VS ~E~~+' F Z R?T F 14IT~ t~j5ArKt~ P~rPGSAL ~~?~i~i^~ ~ -~"'tirrjM~. ~E~'kt.r=r. U~.A SNE~F..; FqR PEAC= -'V~~'T A' D .~~R I Tr~Rf~ ~Ii i BE NOBODY LEFT I~IT~? ~'wr^? 'fJ ~?~G~TtAY~; i~o~ 3a R'~L'~bllP~ Off' ANTIWAR ACTYVIT2a"c MELD IR' .~ L~~~1RQReD, ~'~~ 1t~ ~APA~ CALL3NG ~"OR REDUCI!!~G Ml TTa~Y S~PA~D`i",~G; I~! :'FST EUROPE ~_ 7 ~ JAP ~ ~ ~~ 51 S"M"ARY LITERATIlH~~~AYA G,4ZFTA +~TuE CNLRC I'1'A~" f A?~ 8218~~ j (PC~RTM"Gt..'eSc ~~?~ 93~ ~ ~37 RrGNpUP BDVtET PRESS COM~~~t~T` ~!~ UrE G~ ~UQTtNO FOREIGN MSL,ITARY RE~VIEk'~ i2U~~TIvA`, ~'G~'K~VSKTV ni~VOSTI pRAtrril, ~~A~AYA ZVEZDA, R'GV^YE 1.'RE~~E A`'n T~~:!~; fE~~Gi^:TER?'7E~~ ~3 I`'TV1+ WITH wA!~LIc~ Di ~!t.iCCt. eF'Ti~' ~E=XT A e:R A1~0 T~tE' BQ~B;" 3 MAR 1983 "u~HIC4L b'PAPA~S~ ~' STKurG~E FGR PEACE MVMT kH~ aECEr!i'ly b'151TEb wOSCON!~ ON SG~CsLLEC ~~rG~iA`" '"F pEMGCRACY A~!D PUBLIC rE~+rrR'aCr~ ~t.4 b9 ULi-DS"~IR OSTR[?GORSKIY pti TERfiIO-~ ',:'iTN1t~ NA1'a~ &MPWAS.~titNG 1'NbT FoR~!~R U;~; hFLUEIvCE iN wEeT c~~ROP~At~~ COUNTRIES' Ki1S~ D2MiN~S-~~~? SIn'Ct> ~'/-YQ RECISION! c~N C'~L~'~TERARyA~"c~'T; pERSNxNGr ii A~'D CRUISE' P ~ ~'iSS~LES ARE p'IRST STRiKf~ ~EAPO`~S ~^.~R ~Er,pLE I"~ ~RQ ~t7 -~~~T' f.A~.`T TG ~1SK T!~EIR LIUES ROR UPS. ~. 'E'T'.'RIS,.. t4 I~t dERMAti ? 3 MAR1'983 .~~ 6B Ai ~KSANDR DA'~ iLC`1i G"~ DIFF~RF~~T AT'"1TUhF 4~ipP"'-D B~ CAPTTa~~1 GDv&~71v~E"'TS CD~tCER~'I"?'G ELRGpEAR' RARi IAME'`T DPCISiO~v ~N STTU~Titt~t i r, ~;t..STE t AND Eb'SraTS I'~' PCL.A`1D; wN i i E w~?'AT n~S 0~! t 11 iii 61'~R - I S ~?~ I n'G pRESE~!TED AS I l4TER~'AL ApFA t R t~F i1'~ I TE1.1 KS ~G1~dM EVF!.TS' I~ ~c"LA~~'~ A-;~tE BEES `~LO'< ,"P GIJT cif ~Ll pRC1f'!1rcTIDN A~ LEC~FDLK Ifi, C~tFf:~?rE Oi' DE~`GCR.CY, tP''LIB~+ y.5~'~~! Approved For Release 2008/06/04 :CIA-RDP94-013538001901420004-8 Approved For Release 2008/06/04 :CIA-RDP94-013538001901420004-8 SSG a' EK6At~d, JAtiiLA~.' 0"! Zit~hc~,~R+r.iS R~~nRrt ^!~ SECURt1'Y 1`; cn~ 's h: 1952; A~~~D DIFFEkE 7 ATTIT1iGR T04.~A` ~`S i r~T:1Ji~ ^~~G~ESS 1 ~rE F'ORCE5~ A!~D ~XTRRME "'Fd-"-'AZ i c wMn AR=' RE 1 N3' ^PE~i v TCI Fr-A_TE~'. RY ,JUDICIAL AGT~:C.fe1TIE:~, ~P"~1sN 14G'~'g~ \~?LEFtiTI`~ SAKHAR^4' +~B~RG? (~- ~ *,hFi"' '~Et"CS FOR DEVILS A'`D E'z'E!~i~Sfr nEaL~^`G ~'I1"k~ !'~CRF4SING TE~~nc~.~`: ^~t F~FT ''F C^UlCSU LFACER.SNIQ T=' Ft~'^ Ali"~R!~r:l. A~'n ExTEaUAL~ r~'F!~1E~; IrvTERICR E"'E~"Y I~~ C'F CCI~SiP1TE CF i?ACS 'HAT ITS ~EAGERSHiF SAS LEr TO A CcR.~?Ta?tOr~ flF ;A~`iTaLitST C~yr~ ~,.; r.Er,~;~~CI~TIC,,, "F' E~yTrR~ ui` F~~.F ^t' f?. ~~W'~,. piw~C~y~ GOAL,. Qt` TF'!~~ ~~''1+P1 aA:.w.~ r .~,,G (~Ji~:p?Ef Pl E ARE EASY TD P~A~iIPt'LaTr A~?!" 'it..t: T~:!JS tGRE~ TC STeT2C~'~~G "F '~"w ~"CLEAR 4~EAP0'~=S; IT I5 GI E~~ Ti~A~' ~ti tTe41ZAT1'~-~ HAS ?C i^ i ~~~ jn~ THE 'PROTEST _t 7 !~ I ~ ~ i "t "`TaaV~E'-' '~' i ry REPRFSEVYaTi VE OF ^ITV G~' ~~A"!BURG CO!~CURR1"~G ~'~TN t'!a~'t'PR~' "F LEtiI~"GRAD ~CaKERS ~~ r EMPNnSIZIivG IMPORTA~~"E GF' F~i~r~ F~.~Y arL4T1;'?`?S B=1'`~~F~~~ pa~'~`ER "It SrS F~~E U'~'DERSTAi?C I "?'G 9!r. ~ ~MaNOV ' ~~ ~ M~,~~ ~~D ?Mac~~r, ov?~: 'R~~? .,..~.~..~ -. .~~,. ~. u .~ ~e~,,,,,~sh~H~R; ` _ ~~; s Meta"~~?Ef~9tMTER~ t+~fJ~i ~pi~! . e .,,,~ .~.::.. ~,, ~ w~ ~@ f:kGNA `B38E~ PORSSR~IZ` K ' 1 ~ 1 . . rM ? Y V it r. Y. : M .... ~ rv .a. i 1 ~ 'w M ~ ant, - a-~a~~ :~~o~ ~~~~r~1~~ :~arae ~~~n~oH s~aa r~rA~~a~~ s-eq~ ~x-~@; PORfiU6UESE~. ~i Kh.6~~ Sp~~ ~S~ :B N~I~SN . a@ OEi~MA~i .~00 ~6-~-I~ PARS I AN :i1~80 D~R~ ~,fiRrO: ,iR~AS~D L 3'1't~A ~t3iREEK~'~`@0'"~tiRK~SH' ~+~'`~!UGA~ 1-7~i~ 2~P~1' P~R1'~-F'' ~B~'~~ F'REYC:~ar 1.3~t~t~38R~D ',,.,!!$,~t~~::KCR:S~3B. M~-~-D ~ 6~6~ r. 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