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June 4, 2008
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August 31, 1983
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car Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 take 1 of several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 31 aug E ldOi1335 global 1 summary pravda, apparently comparing values and objectives cialism with those of capitalism. (poorest: persian 1800) (vadim chusov), sov economist, comparing capitalist and socialist econ system in response to radio moscow listeners, notin economic system in user and in capitalist countries. (7 min: indo 3 time, events, and ppl: incl vitaliy sobolev analyzing huge profits made by transnational companies. (3.5 min: home 0800 orbiltal0800) 4 roundup of soviet citizens' response to soviet foreign political initiative, quoting soviet citizens' ltrs to press. (5 fi'in-) finnish 1530) 5 "talking with you" feature: vyacheslav rostovtsev answers listeners questions on fact that ussr does not intend to impose socialism on other countries, on influence of imperialism in lati america, on central american crisis and on situation in haiti. (11 in., spanla 0000) a youth program: incl anon on moscow's patrice lumumba uni ar ity. (6 min: dari 1500) 7 corr (vyacheslav listyev) intvws two moscow mining college granduates about their plans, describing how they chose their jobs. there are 90,000 students from 148 countries studying in ussr. a cypriot medical college graduate said that sov ppl d4 much to help her become a doctor. (5 min: enginter 1500) 31AUG1983 - 2- excerpts ltrs from polish listeners on polish and intl issuEs. (4 min: spancuba 0100) Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 G 10 listeners' mailbag: Itrs from angolan and mozambican listeners acknowledged and extracts read out, condemning a ngcJ~,~ racist south african regime's onslaught on frontline states and ?67,50,u. s. miltiarist policies, and praising sov peace initiatives and contr ' ut . on to detente. (3 min: portafr 1830) 4 Frc~.r~-- C U'S (AS 9 (valentin ochipov), director of soviet publishing house khudozhestvennaya literature which will be involved in moscow intV1i6 ,k fair to open 6 sept. (3 min: viet 1000) possibility for ussr's federate republics to settle their own internal problems (4 min)); tunisian listener is told about soviet-tunisian relations by aleksandr krasnov recalling origin of these relations and ussr's political support against franca, incl bourguiba quotes (3.5 min); algerian listener is told that the earth belongs to all sov ppl (3 min). (frenchmag 2 mailbag: incl replies on marxism-leninism explaining tk-1; "among our listeners": moroccan listener is told about this is not a doctrine but a social science, on religious freedom and freedom of worship guaranteed by constitution, and roundup of most popular foreign books published in user. 1200) disarm/peace ar,Ar-aP,,J 13 andropov replies to pravda, 27 aug, on disarm and other ltnsw0--/' issues. (tasse 261713) (15-11 min: Spanish 302130 nand 1230 1600 ' u ,~D alba a 1430) (,c S S S summaries krasnaya zvezda on latest sov missile reduction proposal. (rpt enginter 302000) (4 min: enginter 0800 11.00 spanla 0000 spancuba 0100 german 0900 greekcy 1730 persian 1-700 mand 0700 mand'sO;a 1230) -2_ 91AUGL983 15 summaries izvestiya 30 aug editorial on andropov pravda finnish 1530 viet 1000) Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 (it5a \M -t 11_. LA- g 18 intvw with sov lathe operator, vladimir tikhomirov, hailing 16 roundup worldwide favorable response to andropov pravda intvw, quoting bloc and western press and personalities. (rpt enginter 302000) 4-5 min: enginter 0800 1400 frenchinter 2000 spancuba 0100 polish 1300 ,dap 301000 301200 viet 1300 1400 korean 1330 bang 1500 bur 1430 urdu 1290 1300 thai 11-00 hind 1130 LLS 17 radio moscow continues to receive ltrs from sov ppl and reports from correspondents abroad about andropov's proposal in pravda: summary of reaction by swedish communist, secy of wpc, indian mp, french senator and a soviet miner quoted. (enginter 1300 1600 engna 2200 portbraz 2200 spanla 2300 italian 1700 finnish 1530 german 1500 germaust 1800 persian 1-500 1700 1800 greekcy 1730 bulg 1530 polish 1400 czech/slovak 1500 hung 1900 serbo 1600 1900 andropov's latest peace proposals. (rpt enginer 291300) (spanla 0000---spancuba 0100 frenhofr 301930) U-S 19 summary gdr govt spoke.sman's article welcoming and supporting new soviet proposal for reduction of nuclear arms in euro~.e-.-~ (4 min: korean 1330) 20 boris melnichenko report reviewing official and popular positive echo to andropov pravda intvw in gdr, quoting from stmts by honecker and neues deutschland editorial. subsequent review of stmts welcoming andropov's latest initiative, by s W C~TV, UIS5 BiK--S indian and otehr politicians. (4 min: german 1500) k's 21 pavel kasparov quoting communist deputy STAT Cjt'~ serge (boucheny) in praise of andropov's latest disarm proposals. ,,3_ 21AUG1983 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 take 2 of several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 31 aug 83 ldOl1440 22 anon "issue of all mankind": andropov proposals on nuclear weapons aroused interest of entire world. soviet efforts to foil u. s. attempt to make europe a pawn of u. s. politicians is in interests of all nations. there is increasing danger of involving other nations incl mideast in a nuclear holocaust. usa has begun to expand milit presence outside europe, to embrace all parts of world, inci arab countries. usa does not hide aim behind these base;. namely to encircle ussr and its allies. (arabic 1500) 23 anon on peace and security in europe describing soviet peace of+SaAwinitiatives these last few years. west and nato failed to respond -hr- l 1L yo soviet peace moves. soviet position at geneva talks was honest (d, ,juto u-S and consistent; andropov's pravda intvw briefly quoted. (7 pkvvda minim Italian 1900) G`S qaO tfAI / U-S [J, 3 1 AUG 1983 (LS do summary pravda editorial, i sop, on struggle of nations for peace, mentioning new academic year in sov schools, anniv of beginning of wwii, u. s. plans which threaten peace, ussr's new proposals on nuclear arms in europe, and on to action day. (3.5,M~n: enginter 2000) 25 reports datelined kabul, bonn, vienna, LAS on trade ; unions preparing for day of action for peace. (500 text: tassr 1148) 26 stmt by ibrahim zakariyah, wftu sec gen, re day of to action for peace to take place 1 sep, calls on peace champions to O-eyloI devote their main attention on that day toaction gainst jnt551lAeS deployment of u. s. mediumrange missiles in europe which will increase danger of arms race. (3.5 min: serbo 1*00 1900 bulgi1530 polish 1400 hung 1900 czech/slovak 11300 spanla 2300 portbraz 2300 enginter 2000 italian 1900 german 1500 kor 1330 lao 1300 camb 1-330 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 ~,t.,/L wn1t -k 27 tass political analyst robert serebrennikov previews 1 sep to day of action for peace being held worldwide, stressing importance of day and peacef struggle. (500 text: tasse 1121 tassr 1056) (4 mip dari 1500) 28 anon on intl conf of tus in which support was expressed for recent soviet proposals on deployment ofnuclear missiles in europe. 29 recorded stmt by ,goao antunes, representative of portuguese UJ (federation of chemocal and pharmaceutical workers' unions, who n'- took part in world to conf on socioeconomic aspects of disarm held in moscow, praising andropov's latest peace proposals. (2.5 min: portuguese 2000) 30 stmt by aleksandr subbotin, secy of soviet tus cc, highlighting soviet and intl to movt's struggle for peace and attacking u.s. imperialism and nato militarism. (5.5 min: por uese 2000) 31 stmt on arms reduction by tefera tesema, who attended recent orkers congress in moscow. (5 min: amharic 1530) in antiwar mtgs on 1 sep. finnish to ldr pertti viinanen said to movt is a peace movt, and suomen sosialidemokraatti noted inspiring f soviet and finnish trade unions.. (4.5 min: finnish 1530) 32 rudolf hiltunen comment on appeal by wftu conf in havana last year to workers to mark i sep as to day for peace. workers realize that work for peace and struggle for improved standard L,,j040f living are inseparable. millions of workers express their support for latest soviet initiatives. sov workers will take part F uAM on report of u. s. congressional STAT research service, re fortchoming-round of geneva talks on limiting nuclear arms in europe. (rpt enginter 301300) (enginter ?0800 1100 ivv 'tSengna 302300 spancuba 0100 german 0900 dari 1-500 ,gap 301200 hind WI- 1130 u du 1200) 81AUGIM I'S 34 tass political analyst leonid ponomarev "nuclear parity: facts and figures." (600 text sent: tasse 1443 tassr 1313) Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 35 viktor tanin on eve of resumption of start talks in geneva, stating that fhrthcoming round of negotiations is decisive, because in case of failure to achieve agmt usa would take up VS S t deployment and thus provoke critical aggravation of intl tensions. -MI(~S latest soviet proposal submitted by andropov is on the table, andis clear demonstration of soviet clear-cut,. consistent and flexible position. nevertheless, there can be no progress, if usa refuses to give up position it has stubbornly maintained up to now. ussr is ready to achieve a fair agmt, based on principle security. (6 min: german 1600 port 2000 finnish 1530) LL s take 3 of several -- commentary list: mosc ow consolidated 31 aug E 36 "rendezvous with moscow radio": karina prokuronova intvw with It-gen dmitriy volkogonov, giving answers to questions submitted by moscow radio listeners, providing some data on volkogonov's life and career, and on his outlook on life on earth, pea nd war. (19 min: german 1600) ,LW,M'-'`J 37 "europe, is there a threat." semeyko and borin reply to listeners questions relating to disa rm issues. (rpt enguk 24!2M) (enguk 1900) 38 summary yuriy zhukov pravda, 31 aug, on growth of antiwar moot in west. (500 text: tassr 302108) 39 Lass commentator vasiliy kharkov on canberra msg of south pacific states where participants declared readiness to put and to french nuclear tests and prevent dumping of radioactive wastes into ocean by usa and japan. (450 text sent: tasse 1305 tassr 1135) us 40 boris rodionov on his visit to estonia and benefits of peace and dangers of war. u.s. missiles must not be deployed. poofst: polish 1400) - 6- 31 AUG 1 I/s Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 41 vasiliy bykov, belorussian writer said that he subscribed to toistoy's definition that realism in depicting life was what 6-J really mattered in work of art. This was principle underlying soviet literature. he was convinced that last war had not lost topicality, given fact that threat of another war was growing due,---,to efforts of u. s. admin. (4 min: enginter 1500) 2 valentin gubernatorov on polish-cuban communique on visit by mallmierca to poland which supported peace initiatives in prague declaration and joint stmt by ldrs. of socialist countries at their mtg in moscow. stresses importance of these initiatives. briefly quotes andropov's rude pravo intvw. although there is at present reluctance in west to respond to these initiatives, they will eventually become reality, because they make sense for both sides. west has originally dubious about european conf, but that turned out huge success. (3 min: home 1800 orbita 1800) `9 43 mailbag: responding to ltrs from older ppl who are concerned over danger of war in europe. (14 min, with music: czech/slovak 1600) war criminals 44 summary anon komsomolskaya pravda "the. executioner remains silent," devoted to attempts to let inquiry into barbie's crimes ,SL (300 text: tasse 0450 tassr 302119) 45 intnatl diary: incl viktor Levin on upi despatch is intvw by los angeles times with one of leading staff of u.s. justice dept nazi criminals prosecution. section, in which he crudely distorts facts re u.s. relations with nazi war criminals and their involvement in espionage activities. (orbits 0930) L.L S united states 3 1 AUG 1983 46 summary sergey vishnevsky pravda on u.s. nuclear arsenal. 0 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 Ll/J Oi4s~-~ L0 47 yuriy baranov's "we have received your ltr" feature: answering argentine listener's ltr on soviet ppl's feelings for u. s. (6 min: spanla 0000) GO 48 boris gillenson describes book of 19th century literature published in user, noting it is to be used for educational pur,p'o`res. (4 min: engna 2200) americas 49 intvw with gen sec of canadian cp william kashtan, on broad protest movement,in canada against govt's decision to allow canadian territory to be used.for tests of u.s. missiles. (poq engna 302300) 50 mikhail kremnev re 10th anniv of coup in chile, notes use imposed fascist rule on chileans ten yrs ago and today is doing its best to support terrorist regimes in central america, however, events show pinochet's days are numbered, due to his I?. _ I A s L, sive policies. (4.5 min: engna 2200) 51 viktor olin on planned actions in chile for return to democracy, says actions are timed for 10th anniv of coup which placed pinochet junta in power with washington's approval, maintaining situation in chile is near boiling point, following murder of chief administrator of Santiago, carlo urzua. (3.5 enginter 2000) ..g- 31AUG1983 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 take 4 of several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 31 aug 83 1.dOI1449 52 chile: hernan rodriguez: after he came to power, pinochet gave his secret services permission to kill. during protest actions, security forces even shot at civilians. terrorist actions began shortly before allende's advent to power. ultra-rightist sectors may have killed general urzua. confusion prevails while it is not yet known who killed urzua. however, this murder is just another case in the long list of crimes that have been committed durin-the pinochet administration. (5 min: spanchile 2000) 53 chile: announcers read list of exiles allowed to return. (7 mine-lspanchile 2000) report on activities by chilean exiles around world against tyra'ht \pinochet. (7 min: spanchile 2000) _ eduardo rojas: chilean nation going through difficult situation. new problems have arisen after protest actions. jarpa, the interior minister, is taking some timid measure in an effort to appease the people. it is also becoming increasingly clear that the support that pinochet enjoys in the army has been undermined by the latest events. therefore, pinochet had to engage in a dialogue with the opposition. but the entire nation demands that pinochet resign. in this regard, the socialist party has adopted a consistent position, refusing to engage in a dialogue with dictatorship. unity is now essential to attain success, as was shown by protest actions. labor movement must also unite. a coalition excluding some parties would be dangerous for present situation. therefore, it is necessary to preserve.in the search for consensus. massive protest actions will defe.at, the dictator. the next day_of_national protest will be decisive.. socialism. advocates unity, because chile needs a united left to restore demAcracy and freedom. (8 min: spanchile 2030) Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 JX1 U-a J 56 anon introduces recently produced soviet documentary film which depicts history and activity of Chilean communist youth league and solidarity btwn chilean youths and soviet youths, deals with contents of film and remarks by soviet figures hailing chilean youths' struggle for fatherlands' democracy and soviet youths solidarity with chilean youths. (5 min: korean 0930) 57 tass corr sergey baibakov on draft res submitted for consideration of un decolonisation cmtt in new York on malvinas islands. (450 text sent: tasse 0500 tassr 302315) STAT 58 uruguayan chronicle by ricardo saxlund: banging of pots and pans reflects ppl's dissatisfaction with regimes uruguayans have also used drums on 29 aug, when demonstrations were reported in montevideo. democ forces now determined to restore dialogue, for sake democracy. (3 min: spanla 2300) 59 leonid levchenko on Washington's continued interference in central america, with particular ref exercises involving all u.s. armed services and those of honduras and other nato allies, maintaining this amounts to buildup of american military presence but also to preps for armed intervention in that troubled region, citing wall street journal on funds available to cia for training mercenaries to operate in bands formed out of them against nicara4a. (enginter 1300 1600 portbraz 2200) tcs west europe 2000 engna 2200 spanchile-2000 spanla 2300 italian 1700 german 0900 1500 1600 finnish 1-530 persian 1500 1700 arabic 1730 bulgarian 1530 polish 1400-czech/slovak 1500 hungarian 1900 serbo 1400 1900 urdu 1200 1300 bang 1500 bur 1430 indo 1330 1500 lao 1300 camb 60 anon on west german govt spokesman benisch stmt on results of analysis done by competent west german agencies re user's proposal to dismantle all medium-range missiles to be reduced in europe. (tasse 301725) (6-4 min: enginter 1300 1600 2000 frenchinter 1)1 %f0,. 31 AUG 1983 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 61 summary yuriy yakhontov pravda "a troubled STAT summer on the rhine," discussing positins toward planned deplooyment of new u.s. medium range missiles adopted by bonn coalition govt and by opposition sectors. whereas cdu-csu-fdp coalition f) 16 stubbornly clings to decision to deploy these missiles. (9 min: (~J ~~S 51 h-S Cc,,.S g e r~ta~I 1300) C -1 1-11 its historical significance and pointing to fact that at moment there are against revanchists who want polish and czechoslovak 62 summary albart grigoryantz izvestiya on west german or atisations of ex-nazi soldiers. (6 min: polish 1300) L 63 yuriy borisov on forthcoming world peace day, 1 sop, recalling ter/I'it)ories in frg. (4 min: czech/slovak 1500) take 5 of several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 31 aug 83 jV 64 "good evening austria," program for austrian listeners P stanislaw (postnikov) corr from vienna, revwing positive reactions to yuriy andropov's recent pravda intvw, including quots from LA4 d~valksstimme and kronenzeitung and carrying recorded talk by prof austria (3 min); report from vienna on exposition devoted to 20th anniv of archives of austrian resistance movement (4 min), report on soviet-austrian coop in field of p polygraphy (4 min). US- / viktor shlenov on recent brussels mtg of eec finance, foreign and agricultural ministers, noting mtg demonstsrated, once again, eec is stuck in deep crisis, which is due, among other things, to fundamental disagreements in agri policy caused by gen econ crisis which is also affecting farmers. (4-3 min: 1300 italian 17-00 french inter 2000) (friedrich maier), vice pros of intnatl cultural center in vienna (3 min); intvw with an activist of peace movement in upper overall incl music germaust 1800) -11- 3 1 AUG 1983 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 66 nikolay borin on reaction of british foreign office to new soviet proposal on medium range weapons in europe, noting as yet foreign office spokesman points out thatcher's govt refuses to consider this real change of resolving deadlock at geneva, stressing this is understandable in light of britain's relations with u.s. re western milit supremacy over socialist countries, ussr in particular, pointing out France, like britain coordinate 3 . targetting of its nuclear missiles on soviet objectives with its 1 MtSS~ ~~' nato~ including u. s. (enguk 1900) program for belgium listeners: anon at listeners' F) (A , ~"- request talks on soviet-Belgian trade exchanges in various fields to benefit of south countries (4 min); listeners' rostrum: listeners ltrs quoted showing their opposition to arms race /ti-c-11-M5 min); intvw with antwerp dpty mayor who last week ended visit to leningrad, twin town of antwerpt, giving his impressions of visit and his mtgs with soviet ppl (4 min). (fr nc 1730) 68 yuryev an fatal factory accidents in italy due to lack of safety measures, stressing sole concern of employers was to make pro i s at the expense of their workers. (3 min: italian 1900) 69 valeriy prostakov discussing reasons for STAT high unemployment figures in italy, including dependence on foreign corps and eec pressure, as well as artificial hiking of u. s. (dollar. (3 min: eng inter 1410) 70 "friendship quadrant": feature report on tour of soviet cities by groups of italian school children from rome; nikolay pakhlin izvestiya on works of italian sculptor emilion greco; account of muscovite publishing house "raduga" which publishes many translations into russian of foreign novels; evocation of life and career of sergey sorokin who fought as partisan with italian resistance fighters during wwii. (17 min, overall: italian 1900) .-I;. 31AUG1983 STAT Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 71 reports on dutch comparty deleg's moscow visit, with gist of deleg's talks at cpsu cc with mikhail zimyanin and vadim zagladin t?il/ (tasse 301344) (2 min: mayak 01301 brief: spanla 0000 spancuba "& cd _0100 renchinter 302030 spanish 302130) I -to j ~~ 72 program devoted to soviet-finnish relations. (rpt finnish 301530) (finnish 1530) take 6 of several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 31 aug 83 73 summary anon new times on,perez de cuellar's tour of southern africa, aimed at finding peaceful solution to namibian issue. (350 text: tasse 1519) 74 ge.orgiey tanov on andropov's replies to pravda intvw. SC~an~h icl 1530) 65v'-(rpt engafr 301700) (portafr 1.830 frenchafr 301-930 engafr 302000 4- 75 gennadiy sergeyev on unip's 9th gen conf. (rpt engafr (engafr 1700 2000) Z wnbw-- (A" s-ate african which recently visited ussr, on his positive impressions d J of upsisi~ (engafr 302000) 76 intvw with sierra leone student, mbr of group of young "east africa and last week." (rpt Somali 291600) (somti 1600) "east africa and last week." (rpt amharic 301530) (amharic 79 "wave of friendship on radio." (rpt amharic 121530) (amharic ~ tojlju' 15 j %W 3- 31AUG1983 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 91 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 CAx~.~.e D r.- cL4 ah9~Ia- Oct M. bl ab" chall - S, 80 "interlocutor" program: by yelena oligina, consisting of stints by joao domingos (sibieme), first sec of angolan doctors' union, who recently visited moscow, and other soviet cities, giving his favorable impressions of visit and praising both soviet public health system and soviet medical aid to angola. (5 min: port 1830) 81 anon on south african attacks on angola. (rpt finnish 241530 on 26 aug list) (finnish 1530) S in and around chad. (450 text sent: tasse 0958 tassr 0850) 83 anon on situation in chad with ref to afp's report that additional french army reinforcements have been arriving in country, types of weapons used by french troops outlined by afp and ap, le matin cited on recruitment of mercefnaries by west for operations in chad, congolese foreign minister also quoted. 84 viktor vinogradov krasnaya zvezda on south africa and israel developing new types of weapons of mass annihiliation. (rpt -1c2ILLO.IDi engafr 301700) (frenchafr 301930) GLI~~~ CJ~ f 85 report on talks held in state cmtee for external econ 11 amill, -- ties on soviet-ugandan eco and tech coop. (rpt engafr 291700) (fr afr 301930) 8 v reports datelined paris, bamaco and tunis an situation ladimir voyevdov on recent attempts on life of leabua Jonathan, suggesting they wee prompted by pretoria's striving to overthrow lesotho's current govt and replace it with puppet regime, noting over past months south africa has committed systematic acts of sabotage against lesotho, all aimed at destabilizing situation in that country. (4 min: engafr 1700 `0- 3 1 AUG 1983 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 0(tini i)ta. -V a+ /iom( O t PC t,-6) P 87 further in series "solidarity in struggle for freedom and independence of ppls in southern africa," by vladimir voyevoydov: (vyacheslav chichurkin, an official of soviet afro-asian solidarity cmtee, on h7 soviet union and other socialist countries observed day of namibia? noting how soviet peace fund raises money to buy foodstuffs and consumer goods for namibian refugees and swapo patriots (2.5 min); chroncile of facts featuring solidarity with fighting ppl of namibia (brief peter onu, acting oau sec gen, blamed imperialist countries for supporting south african racists for lack of progress on namibian issue (brief); sec gen of viet peace cmtee declared his country fully 'supports just struggle of ppl of namibia for ending racist occupation (brief) all-african assn of journalists has voiced support of struggle of namibians and denounced pretoria *~ru list: moscow consolidated 31 aug 8Z ME -) I+- L, vjulubou% `(USS CF.S S Mme' Ld011452 mideast 88 tass stmt re u.s. involvement in lebanese crisis. (500 text sent: tasse 1722 tassr 1710 mayak L700 1800 orbita?1800 I home 1800; 7-4 min: engna 2200 enginter 2000 frenchinter 2000 portbraz 2200 spanla 2300 serbo 1900; 2-1 min: home 1950 mayak-- 2230 enginter 2000 2100-frenchinter 2000 engna 2200 enguk 1-900 italian~1-900 port 2000;, brief: portbraz 2200 2300 spanla 2300) L e ciAJ o\) Vr of -, k S ShbofiI anon Washington dispatch on involvement of u.s. marine contingent in fighting in Lebanon, noting concern among u.s. officials re extent of u.s. involvement in Lebanese crisis. (350 text: tasse 1510 tassr 1240; 3 min: czech/slovak 1500 poli 1400) 6CS 90 yuriy soltan on involvement of u.s. marines in beirut shooting. (engafr 1700) (rpt enginter 301300) (enginter 0800 1-100 Berman 0900 n/0700 hind 1130 Urdu 1200) 3 1 AUG 1983 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 3l Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 91 anon on u. s. interference in internal affairs of lebanon. ILA- S 92 indo-x,300 1500 camb 1330 lao 1300) 93 'abd al-jalil jilani, of afro-asian solidarity organ, -)AL J1 on intnatl conf on palestine in ge?n`eva. (rpt summaries anon pravda on grave situation in lebanon denouncing u. s. milit- intervention in lebanon, as reflected from u.s. marines involvement in beirut shooting. (4-3 min: t -4- nginter 1300 1600 it.alian 1700 german 1500 finnish 1530 Sh064W ersian 1500 1700 bulgarian 1530 urdu 1300 beng 1500 bur 1430 arabic 301730) (arabic 1500) anon: "they are removing the evidence." claiming worsening US West' situation in lebanon is due to imperialist and reactionary attempts to strike patriotic forces and turn lebanon into u.s.-israel protectorate, hence julayyil wants to remove evidence and blames innent ppl. (3 min: arabic 1500) &6 95 moscow radio listeners club: listeners in ansar camp wrote letters, one of which talks about salvaging some of the books and lit from hands of zionist invaders: these books included len works and soviet publications. (arabic 1730) 96 tass corr georgiy dragunov Ls citing speechSTAT by vladimir vinogradov, foreign minister of russian fed and head of soviet delegation at intnatl conf on question of palestine, scoring western support for israeli aggression in lebanon. (400 text sent: tasse 1210 tassr 1201) 97 toss corr georgy dragunov citing speeches STAT by syrian, and austrian delegation heads at intl conf on palestine. (400 text sent: tasse 1451 tassr 1420) 31AUG1983 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 M 98 summary dmitriy volzhskiy moscow news about socalled reagan plan pointing out main points of plan and stressing it is not in crabs' interests and that it was rejected by progressive and moder,?a-t arab regimes. (7 min: crab is 1530) remarks by syrian cp sec gen saying that not only syr;an but all respectdble opl throughout world express their rage an restrictions being imposed an iranian tudeh party. (sent: persian 1700) anon on a book entitled "iran: past and present" by Nom' "'~"N Cq S an unidentified famous iranologists, published by soviet academy of sciences. book deals with connection between traditions and current life. major attention is given to continuity of iranian people's revolutionary struggles. refers to various movements in Iran during past 60 years and discusses services rendered by heroes of iran's national liberation struggles such as sattar khan and sheykh khiabani. difficult course which sheykh khiabani had to tread from being a religious leader to his emergence as a political -party leader and leader of national liberation movement in iran's azerbayjan -- a movement that became a school for future anti-imperialist movements in iran -- is discussed. special attention is given to february 1979 incidents and to how unity of various strata led to fulfillment of revolution's objectives. author who witnessed incidents, concludes diversity of shah's opponents and political immaturity of various strata led to establishment of theocracy which is now persecuting those who were its allies during the revolution. book also discusses islamic republic's economic relations with capitalist world and support and assistance it received from the soviet union, socialist bloc and developing nations during economic siege. (6 min: persian 1800) ?~.7 " 3 1 AUG 1983 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 Pn k..t' ;" Pakls+ito BLS take 8 of several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 3.1 aug 83 101 igor sheftunov on iranian majlis decision to extend period for repayment of loan by pakistan. (rpt persian 301700) (psian 1800) kJ 102 tass political commentator askolod biryukov on turkish newspaper hurriyet's fabrications re ussr's involvement in training in syria of mbrs of terrorist organs armenian secret army for liberation of armenia. (450 text sent: tasse 1104) 103 summary anon izvestiya on destabilizing effect of milit-polit coop btwn pakistan and u.s. is having in pakistan. (350 text: taste 1959) LS 104 anon new an fresh wave of mass STAT demonstrations by supporters of democracy in pakistan. (350 text sent: tasse 1008 tassr 0925) 105 reports datelined new delhi and paris on wave of protests in pakistan against govt's relations with u.s. (450 text: tasse 106 vladim dmitriyev: on opposition civil disobedience campaign in pakistan, citing pakistan paper muslim report on widespread antigovt demos.'police atrocities, arrests and deaths. also cites indian paper stmts criticizing washington's suppy of new weapons to zia regime at time when antigovt campaign is continiing. (4 min: urdu 1300 neng 1500) Ck S j 8_ 3 1 AUG 1883 107 report on mtg held at moscow's progressive publication house re soviet-india friendship month, soviet speakers hailing india's socio-eco progress and its role in strengthening world peace, also citing publication house work on india, indian spea.k~rs hailing soviet-india coop. (13 min: hind 1400) Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 v ` Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 108 ali assad, gen sec of bangladesh peace cmtee, hailing soviet-bangladesh friendship since inception of bangladesh and thanks soviet union for its help to bangladesh and chides imperialist nations who are trying to disrupt such good friendship btwn two countries for their own selfish interest. (7 mir: beng 1500) afghanistan 109 (dulov) on 57th anniv of soviet-afghan mutual aaN~~ a-FghaA) nonu pp1 (5 min: mandsea 1230) P&e J i, S.SR- --- ___? -~~ a-?v vy v s?ara a judge prom takikistan on danger posed to world peace and security by imperialists and zionists, and lauding afghan rev which was aimed at preserving ill mulatov on andropov's interview with pravda, rapping u.s. for inventing fallacious justifications such as soviet reluctance to reduce its nuclear potential, soviet intention I Pea UjA j,-!+/ to relocate its euromissiles to asian regions, in order to persuade, S aN west european allies from signing any agreement with user, to 6J ISO, threaten japan, pressure. cites andropov's interview with pravda P4 on relations with china, call for joint chinese and soviet youth F efforts against war (7.5 min, sent); (a lin) on education for d(s&A ty\ -t-PAIG soviet youths beginning new school year 1 sop (5 min). (total nonagression pact, says soviet aid to dra has always met needs saying ussr and c.hina share common interest to eliminate war daan'~er. (7 min: mand 0700,) 0 (1-S j S-S 112 program for chinese youths: report on soviet youth's march O;nClrl7P1 for peace, including support of andropov interview with pravda 12. min: mand 1600) AUG 1983 sly ; ~~ i. ._ ........... .._... _ ~S / s s f- Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 asia/far east 113 (aleksandr gureyev) recalls un adoption, 11 years ago, of resolution declaring indian ocean a zone of peace. charges that western countries, headed by usa, have hampered work of commission to prepare conf on indian ocean. contrasts u.s. efforts to make indian ocean its domain with soviet efforts to demilitarize regi4ln--) (3 min: enginter 2000) , (AA korolev on indian concern at enhanced u.s. military presence in indian ocean with modernization of diego garcia 751 A0) aleksey yuriyv, in caries s ra i ' with nuclear facilities. says.u.s. wants to dominate region and pose threat to-littoral ztates, refers to soviet proposal for reducing tension in indian ocean zone. (4 min: hindi 1400 indo pp ng u. s. president s upcoming asian tour, saying reagan's visit is aimed at inspecting and strengthening u.s. political and economic interests in this re ion. (6.5 min: lao 1030; 4.5 min: thai 11700) summary anon krasnaya zvezda "militarist ambitions" analyzing w#A ~ A pall white book on defense recently approved by Japanese cabinet. (300 text sent: tasse 0435 tasse 0345) 301 117 (edelinikov) on khavarovsk mtg honoring ,dap to delegation attending 14th soviet-dap to conf on peace, soviet-,dap friendship to open in odessa 1 sop. president of soviet-dap. society khavarovsk chapter supports andropov's peace initiative. (9 min: ,dap 118 anon on second antiwar rally held in latvian ssr with ,dap, soviet delegs attending. cites remarks by jsp dietman (hideyuki seya) who leads dap delegation and deputy leader (shamada) stressing soviet-,dap friendship, supporting new peace proposal. (4 min: -#1 ^ 3 1 AUG 1983 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 take 9 of several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 31 aug 83 east europe 119 anon on history of cema. (rpt viet 201300) (10 -'-`' indl growth rate was twice'that of capist nations. (6 min: O&P c~ mend 700) CL) 121 "on the paths of friendship": soviet-hungarian agri coop: how problems of energy supply in industry are solved in ussr and hungary: chuvash museum commemorates soviet soldier who fought for hungary's liberation from fascism: cultural items in brief: (15 min-.-\hungarian 1900) resume of soviet press comment on western interference in polish affairs, quoting novoye vremya, krasnaya zvezda, sovetskaya rossiya, moscow news, trud and lit gazeta on activities of western special services to undermine socialism in coutnry. (5.5 min: en.ginter 2000) . 123 excerpts from polish listeners ltrs on gradual normalization S /- of situation in poland. (rpt enginter 301300) (enginter 0800 P of a .0'. /- 1100 5e rm0900 s e r b o 1600 Cl. M polish 1400) 1 A,t 124 vladimir ilyin on development of soviet-romanian *con ZcrnaN 10- ties i' 'all fields. (5 min: romanian 1600) 125 aleksandr galanin, dputy chairman of prommasheksport, in response to listener's request talks about coop of this enterprise with its yugoslav partners, recalling first agreement signed with yugoslav enterprise and continued expansion of beneficial coop btwn export organizations of ussr and yugoslavia. (3 min: s e r b o 1900) AUG 1983 120 belov on cema's indl devpt in recent yrs, noting 1970's Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 ? Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 socialism/ideology 126 (mochedenov). (loyenov) on socist civilization, says socism establishes new social spirit, culrutral principles. (7 min: mand-Q700) 127 lum: prof lidiya bulochnikova: forming new man is aim and condition of communist construction," stressing formation of new man is not only most improtant aim, but also necessary condition 1or communist construction, andropov's speech at jun 83, plenum ' pl~,n~;nn q oted at length several times, on development of soviet man. (20 min: orbits 0910) ~La x military 128 time, events, ppl: incl rudolf kolchanov recalls period IJduring outbreak of wwii and western hoes hiterlites would neutralize 41 tj Al t.oti3-user, stressing lesson of wwii not be lost on those who would mak ar today. (home 0800 orbits 0800) d t1 (ti5sri, Li ' 2 129 anonon space activities of two soviet cosmonauts in Salyut 7. details of space research activities of cosmonauts* using record voices of cosmonauts. (3.3 min: korean 1130) 130 aleksey vasiliyev on soviet pledge to keep space free of weapons and call on u.s. to do same and un proposal to ban use of force in outer space. (rehash engna 232200) (engna 302300) I G(.S ,31 "glance at british scene": lev semeyko assesses latest sovie proposals four outer space to be kept free of nuclear weapons or weapons of any kind, referring in this context to andropov's latest LS Pravda intvw and stressing obvious importance of this initiative LC~ to europeans and european security, scoring u. s. plans aimed at gaining upperhand militaristically over ussr and other socialist CindrO(x'I counts while they are working toward universal peace. (enguk (LA n 3 1 AUG 1983 I(S N F & SG1~-r Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550003-2 132 mbr of cosmic research institute tlks about use of cosmic GS tech jstudyof earth's geology. (4 min: hungarian 1900) 1730 petr pelehov talks to vladimir lyakhov and aleksandr aleksandrov, crew of orbital complex, in which they discuss various aspects of space flight and experiments carried out, giving details of equipment used on board craft and other tech data. (mayak 134 (yevgeniy nikitenko) staff mbt of inter-sputnik directorate in moscow, provides details of intnatl system of communications via space and its uses, in resposne to czechoslovak listener's regyft. (enginter 1000) 135 scie-engineering: incl boris belitskiy replies on extensive use of advanced electronics in ussr, citing its communication satAiites as example. (enguk 1900) take 10 of 10 -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 31 aug 83 136 summary pravda editorial, re start of new school year, Suo SoU calling for active work by party organizations in formation of young ppl. (home 0300) (T 137 summary pravda on ussr supsov presidium decree aimed at strengthening discipline in transport and L-j__SSYZ b71'C`r low of traffic. (480 text sent: tasse 1245) f n - -ransp..(H - for safe 138 reports on ussr supsov presidium regular session. (rot Sad v mayak 301400) (4-3 min: portuguese 2000 greek 1500 polish LLS ' 5