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June 4, 2008
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September 3, 1983
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Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550006-9 O(L 'DtyA oil S take I of several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 3 -sea ES 1dO1 s 6 international diary I boris melnichenko reports on 1 sep berlin peace rally at which honecker spoke about danger of arms race and praised latest soviet initiatives. (3 min: home 1638) 2 dmitriy velikhov delhi report on recent peace demonstrations organized by trade unions. (one min: home 1638) 3 yuriy kobaladze london report on british people's opposition to deployment of U.S. missiles in britain and struggle against war, m~cs~l symbolized by greenham common peace camp. (2.5 min: home 1638) j.--c G (,'-S 4 yevgeniy petko on deterioration of situation in lebanon and increasing u.s. involvement, noting loss of american military personnel, recalling so-called reagan peace plan, claiming that u.s. soldiers are in lebanon to help Israel execute its own policy. (3 m,t1T home 1638) US 5 igor kudrin madrid report on plight of landless farmers in andalusia and unprecedented protest movement which is gathering strength to seek justice. (2 min: home 1638) global Ito e 03SEP1983 prof (nikolay lebedov) on increasing cooperation between soviet union and developing countries and increasing economic power of (kroczekovskiy) on increasing foreign debt of developing countries, noting developed countries' reluctance to help developing ccunies. (6 min: mandsea 1230) eloping countries. (8 min: bur 1030) Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550006-9 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550006-9 6 8 boris rachkov "who causes damage toopec." notes planned commissioning of trans-siberian gas pipeline in 1984 and recalls imperialist efforts toretard its progress on pretext that it would cause damage to opec interests. stresses that in fact ussr backs opec activity aimed at seeking protection from machinations of oil qp~.eiopoliesm. (arabic t7-30) V- (I roisci 1Z S 9 mailbag for british listeners: inci replies on need for positive western approach to nuclear arms limitation issue: soviet role in struggle for peace: link between unemployment and suicide rate in ores e n countries. (enguk 19CO) 1 otters from italy": letters on post-electoral situation in italy and balance of political forces; letters complaining about italy`s economic problems made worse by dollar's exchange rate; letters condemning neofascist activity and u.s. missile deployment plaFy4.l(italian 1900) 11 african mailbag: inci explanation of scientific socialism; reply on soviet help to newly independent countries that adopt socialist path: reply on creation of rapid deployment force as tool of u.s. influence; reply criticizing establishment of imperialist military bases abroad, pointing out that ussr does not have military bases in other countries; reply explaining that ussr has sent advisers and arms to other countries which requested assistance in repelling aggression and defending sovereignty. &LS us 12 questions and answers: replies on socialism, u.s. military bases #xLd social security system in ussr. (14 min: somali 1600) us maghreb listeners' letters giving their impressions of moscow radio programs and attacking zionism, imperialism and rea- io . (frenchmag 021930) 03SEP1983 15 youth program: inci note on neofacism and young people, n listeners' letters. (french 1730) Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550006-9 post. (rpt serbo 021900) (serbo 1900) Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550006-9 16 "we skip through your letters" with vladimir petrov dealing UIPaJ1 -with questions of balance of power between nato and Warsaw pact WS coyfr'ries and revanchist tendencies in frg. (14 min: german 1500) disarm/peace dro1 o 7 U-5 Pay Xd- P (tas mil ( , proposals and points to positive foreign reaction. says that le viktor sivakov on andropov's latest initiatives, outlines nuclear missiles cited in korea, japan and indian'ocean threaten Kore . P"t asian ussr, outlines various soviert initiatives in other areas. I , nu~ d(Q 6. (67min enginter 1430 hind 1400) 6 3J' 20 boris kalyagin interview with georgiy arbatov on tv program "an important step on road to peace" on ussr's new peace initiative. (tasse 012011) (enginter 0800 11-00 engna 022300 spancuba 0400 viet 1-300 hind 14-30) takeof several --'commentary list: moscow consolidated 3 sop 83 bt~ 133 an'do 1x30 1500 urdu 1200 1300 beng 1500 ,t O3 SEP1983 haitian comparty leader L5 bur 1430 s andropov's latest disarmament proposals. 5 4-1- andropov replies to pravda, 27 aug, on disarm and other issues. 261713) (15-10 min: turkish 1400 mend 1-230 1600) S.S./CCs 6L 5 yuriy rudnev elaborates on proposals contained in andropov's pravda interview, stressing soviet efforts to achieve genuine reduction in nuclear arms, contrasting soviet stance with western effoV'ts\ to achieve superiority. (polish 1) 21 summary pravda 4itprial article, 29 aug, hailing latest K 6,l~asoviet peace initiatives as enshrined in andropov's pravda P / inter 'ew 27 aug. (tasse 290533) (4.5 min: czech/slovak 1500) Girn i Cc. S tK" 22 aleksandr zholkver on international echo to recent andropov statements on soviet readiness to disarm. (rpt Berman 021600) 1I i_...,..a.... -nnnn r..e..~h;-4--a,. 'Ann ;1-m7:--& n 17101 r:nn;ah 15!n It german 1500 arabic-1730 persian 1-500 1700 tuck 1400 portafr 1830 swahili 1-730 polish 1-400 serbo 1,600 1900 kor 1330 lao 1300 comb (4 min: spanla 0000) Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550006-9 3 q Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550006-9 1 6l,nd roPv~ 24 rigoberto padilla, sec Ben of honduran comparty, on ~~d A andropov's peace initiatives in pravda interivew. (4 min: U-S %, fv J s o ani a 2300) " C's anon on favorable reaciton by asian countries to peace proyo~als recently made by andropov. (6 min: persian 1800) "the main tsk is disarmament": anon "how to curb the nuclear / danger" on way to avert nuclear war, denouncing usa and west european attitudes, praising soviet policy and proposals (9 min); Jordanian petrochemical indsutry to leader gives impressions of cix-d #Av peace movement in ussr and of peace conf held in moscow, praising Lk s PjLdU&c- Soviet peaceful policy and hailing andropov's pravda interivew. -I-Wf"j(arAt c,1530) u6 - ~ Of 150AM teacher at moscow university and head of soviet organisation for cultural ties with Iran, talks about peace efforts by soviet govt and role of soviet youth in peace (8 min); report on 1 sep, start of school year, in ussr and remarks to students on need for maintaining peace in world and general schooling in soviet union; music, featuring famous peace singer (Jim reeves) who sang in,chi for peace. (overall 23 min: persian 1700) 27 youth program: (vladimir ivanov), persian-language 28 "disarmaemnt today" program devoted to way in which nuclear aA,pA IOAJOS STAT 29 airport press statement by yurty kvitsinskiy, leader of soviet delegation to soviet-american talks r on limiting nuclear arms in europe. (300 text sent: tasse 1127 -tprU s to s s r 1105) Lt5 Frra,~Ce - W 6W\-, 30 special program outlining soviet initiatives at soviet-american talks in geneva on limiting nuclear weapons. --'0 3 SEP 1983 31 viktor tanin on eve of resumption of start talks in geneva. (rpt Berman 311600) (frenchinter 022030 italian ^1900; anon: t u r/ i 021830 ) 1 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550006-9 -. Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550006-9., ~....... 32 anon on recent hans-dietrich genscher interview for bild am sonntag in which he criticized soviet request to include french !J~ and british missiles in geneva talks. quotes sources such as frg d f e ense minister manfred woerner and nato general rogers its J-ffVICS emphasizing france's readiness to join nato in case of war and maintains that soviet union cannot possibly ignore french and british nuclear potential. frg government is hl ping hnlS$I Washington's endeavors to have geneva talks end in failure, thus enabling usa to station new nuclear missiles on frg soil. (7 min: ii 33 time, events, people: incl aleksandr zholkover reply to listeners' letters expressing concern about imminent deployment of u. s. missiles in western europe. explains significance of /y1I5517g-deployment of pershing ii missiles, and in what way they differ trom persning is contending that pershing ii has become strategic weapon. also discusses danger and probable duration of nuclear 34 radio forum for peace and security in europe: briefly outline! C,,dropdJ main points of andropov's pravda interivew and reviews positive r Pp,o A-0- west european reaction, quoting public figures and listeners' (, & r letters; viktor shlenov notes soviet union would regretfully have `~N ' to deploy more missiles to counterbalance and buildup in west -f-fIK pi SbIIGs europR. (10 min: port 2.000 finnish 1,530) Us tk S take 3 of several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 3 sep 63 3. dO41%30 CkS DtpIu, - ( f-? tr'S5iles 35 roundup antiwar manifestations throughout world i sep. LL ~~- --(r =ngna 012200) (engna 022300) Qu s~R (t) 0 S SEP 1,63 5 IA- S - )-- anon, re intnatl day of to activity for peace on 1 september. G S pvm/) pa) Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550006-9 (rpt enginter 021300) (amharic 021530 somali 021600 ,dap 021200 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550006-9 G 37 report on moscow automobile equipment factory meeting within framework of intnatl to day of action. (rpt enginter 021000) (czecfi,/slovak 1500) 36 (nikolay revel), factory workers, quoted on workers' stru gle for peace. (5 min: swahili 021730) (name indistinct), sec gen ethiopian workers tu, gives his impressions of world to conf on social-economic aspects of disarmament in industrial societies held in moscow recently. (5 m \ frenchafr 024430) african listeners' club: devoted to wwii and struggle for peace. african listeners write offering their comments on subject; they are firmly committed to policy of maintaining peace in world and denounce imperialists for their aggressive military policies. (9 mitY: ngaf.r 022000) 41 (dijejev) on soviet foreign policy, citing soviet peace and -disarmament proposals to show soviet constant effort to promote Vill worf_d_~,eace despite u. s. opposition. (6. 5 min: mand 0700) gas pipeline 42 (deniyasin) on Siberia-west europe gas pipeline, reviewing "], roAas assembly work for pipeline running through soviet land. (3 min: O8SEPI 3 43 yevgeniy benyash on building of trans-siberia gas pipeline ahead of schedule, pointing out u.s. sanctoins were of no avail, soviet gas and oil workers enjoyed a high prestige in ussr. (3 min Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550006-9 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550006-9 united states 44 igor dmitriyev re 200th anniv of signing of treaty of A paris which officially granted independence to original 13 colonies a olirJk) of usa, noting root problems of current unrest in central and IkS Of, , latam are ignored by u. s., that revolutions in cube and 4ra U nicaragua are discussed solely within framework of east-west relations, pointing out washington declared democratic govt of chile as communist, enough to have it toppled, stressing treaty ~Oj of paris signalled emergence of most progressive nation in world, O,"_ claiming it denies much smaller nations south of its borders right real independence. (3 min: engna 2200) 4 yuriy soltan "has u.s. waged war since WW2?" rejecting statements by regan that since 1945 u.s. has never once begun a 5 single war, pointing to u.s. connivance behind various wars throughout world citing korea and vietnam and also referring to current war taking place in chad, maintaining washington is trying to represent u.s. as a gentle and peace-loving superpower. forgetting fact that since 1945 usa has whipped up armed conflicts 0*c s some 215 times, using force or threatening to do so, scoring W N -KAX,6i U. S. apposition to reduction of nuclear weapons in west europe. beng00 lao 1300) us 46 review of listeners letters throughout world scoring u.s. Lk S u 3 SEP 1983 r--' uS 47 vladimir afonin, in series "what is communism." on u. s. ssive policy., (3 min: spanla $000 spancuba 0100) department of labor study comparing living standards of americans and soviet workers. (rpt engna 232300 on 24 aug list) (engna Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550006-9 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550006-9 48 listeners' history club: 9th in series of talks on u. s. -ussr relations during presidency of roosevelt, prof yakovlev discusses whether roosevelt had definite ideas about postwar u.s.-ussr wtAt relations and how he viewed postwar world, maintaining it is not possible to give a definite judgement but facts indicated by documents on exchanges btwn roosevelt, churchill and stalin published by ussr as it had nothing to hide make it clear that leaders saw eye to eye on shape of postwar world, concluding that although west acted contrary to accords, it is clear that rocse?.elt intended continued coop be.u:een three great poweers. (14/mi)n: engna 022300) WS to w of several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 3 sep 83 49 soviet historian karien (khatchaturov), ldr soviet delegation to current helsinki conf on chile, explaining situation in chile and blaming u.s. for supporting fascist regime in that country, pointing out ppl of chile will determine fate of their country themselves but today, as never before, they need Intl support and solidarity. (4-3 min: enginter 1300 spanla 2300 enguk 1900 german 1500 italian 1700 finnish-1530 arabic 1730 turkish 1400 persian 1500 1700 camb 1330 lao 1300 urdu 138 aleksandr (pogodin)I on STAT proceedings of intl commission into crimes of chilean junta, citing koivisto's message of support, also quoting commission chairman, commission gen sec and allende's widow. (3 min: e n g i,rrt e r 200-0) 51 tass observer nikolay moykin on opposition in chile to pinochet regime, noting that regime has stayed in power for almost 10 years because pinochet enjoys all-round support from u. s. admin, stressing pinochet clique deals brutally with participants in actions 03SEPIS83 again dictatorial rule. (3.5 min: enginter 2000) Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550006-9 64, Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550006-9 52 anon revia.aing salvaQor allende's ac n in chile, incl recorded portions of allende's speeches, highlighting his political ideay (3 min: spanchile 2000) anon on murder of general carol urzua comparing it to general rene schneider's murder and citing general leigh's letter calling for pinochet's resignation, noting teneral urzua's murder shows that chile has been living under institutionalized terrorism, only difference being that millions of other forgotten victims were not generals, concluding it is absolutely necessary for pp--to rise up against pinochet regime. (14 min: spanchile 2000) 54 viktor olin on nicaragua foreign ministry protest to u.s. and actions that escalated into a massive american invasion, stressing that neither latest means of combat nor half a million strong army there saved u.s. from defeat and national disgrace. honduras over actions to topple ppl's govt in that central american.country, maintaining in central america u.s. has already embarked on a path it covered a few years ago in indochina, recalling dispatch of advisers and arms was just first step in a series of threatening actions against vietnam, (engi r 1300) "uruguayan panorama": on talks btwn military and political 11-11 ~1- ,?~W`~ 56 report on 1 sep kremlin mtg between tikhonov and karl otto r~~ poehl, president of deutsche bundesb;~nk of frg, with gist of , ,,w0L/remar^s exchanged. (tasse 011552) (brief: jap 021000) F LC v v qtr wvp i U17 summary viktor kabanov pravda west berlin dispatch on QWOV anniversary treaty between usa, ussr, britain and franca on west J-Q*y berlin. (300 text sent: tasse 0515 tassr 022240) LL C Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550006-9 ldrs; uruguayan govt ordered peace and justice service closed; banging of pots and pans and several pupular demos took place in montevideo; workers' purchaisng power continues to decline and unemployment rises; bulgaria's zhivkov and uru uu yS arismendi met in bulgaria. (9 min: spanla 2300) west europe Qndr, Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550006-9 isteners. p ~t 5111-i ~ 1g ~1v~ ~S fp germaust 311800) (germaust 1600) d~sa~M Pt K rtj +lK' 59 bor.is tumanov, re gromyko's forthcoming visit to franca, coroltly % n future of soviet-french relations. recalls development of J 6KAACsi- LY () franco-soviet relations over 20 years ago which led to idea of vx~ detente, regrets current french stance toward nuclear arms and !! 5, { particularly intervention in chad and relations with nato. Lu . Fct,f*,.. N o ~-p '~A4 ~-,-5 (francti i4 60 anon on turgenyev's life in france, notes he died in bougival, describes his life in country, notes that he gained recognition in france and enabled french to discover soviet 1~ liture. (6 min: french 1730) 61 mikhail dobrov, in response to listeners' letters, assesses development of soviet-italian relations sicne reestablishment of diplomatic relations after Wwii, regretting that fruitful relations of 'seventies have declined in recent years. out n soviet-italian trade and cultural exchanges. (italian 1900) 62 program of soviet-finnish relations: interview with Johannes pakaslahti, sec gen finnish peace defenders, who n~- notes positive reaction of his organization to latest soviet peace mt551(&initiatives, condemns u. s. plans to deploy new missiles in I.~S europe (8 min-; interviews with finnish and soviet children who have ben staying at soviet children's summer camp (3 min). 1530) take 5 of several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 3 sap 63 ld041103 03SEP1983 63 viktor vinogradov krasnaya zvezda on appointment of general gilbert forrey as commander of france's rapid action force, and french activities in african tontinent. (opt engaf 021700) (frenchaf 021930) Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550006-9 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550006-9 64 "africa as we see it". (rpt amharit. 011530 on 2 sop list) A) (am ~C 021 D3Q 65 "africa as we see it": anon on crisis in chad (4 m summary anon pravda on bright star 83 maneuvers in egypt (3 mint nikolay fedorov on impist supported forces aim to dismember ethiopia. n). (13 min overall: somali 021600 1600) ivan shchedrov pravdal on impist military STAT intervention in Chad, noting france is set on a solution which S is in her own interests and which helps strengthen french influence in'-agion. (5-4 min: engaf 1-700 2000 portaf 1830 Swahili 1730) 67 yevgeniy stepanov citing rand daily mail on israeli envoys t4,hwuO- pressure that zaire and later liberia restored diplomatic relations having been on secret missions in a number of african states to find grounds for possible normalization of relations, noting israel is conducting its new diplomatic offensive in africa with support and encouragement of u.s., maintainin git was under u.s. with israel, however, the vast majority of african states remain loyal to stand they took in 1973 when they broke off relations with israel in protest against its aggression in mideast. (engaf 1700 2000) it S anon on african press reaction to french and u.s. interference in ciyd. (rpt engaf 021700) (swahili 021730) 69 yakov ryabkov, chmn soviet state cmtee for external econ ties: o~Q soviet-ugandan coop. (rpt engaf 291700) (engaf 1700 2000) corr intvw with two young africans who have recently graduated from engineering faculty of patrice lumumba univ, giving :details of their experiences and expressing gratitude at having been able to obtain tertiary-level education in ussr. (f r e n c h a f G21930) 0 SEP 1983 71 summary anon pravda "another undeclared war" on situation in lebanon and american sescalation of their intervention. (4 min: ara~ic 1500) Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550006-9 Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550006-9 and algiers m SIB on situation in lebanon re u.s. marines partaking in full-scale ktbapjcombat in country. (450 text sent: tasse 1520 tassr 1357) V s acs 73 yuriy soltan on dispatch of american reinforcements to rn~ 51 ~' "bt,OiJ -6 lebanon. (rpt enginterO213OO) (enginter 08OO 11?O spanla 0000 u S 5_ s pan-uri 01-00 gap 021200 hind 1130 urdu 1200 mand 1230) ( E_ S i quoting Pa(esfine. 63 min: ,.,,,,T on paiessinian question, arafat speech to conf and stmt to later news conf. enginter 2000) 75 corr dispatch on measures of students' solidarity in moldavia with palestinian mahmud abu al-shabab who is detained at ansar camp. (7 min: arabic 100) p0 kshAJ aNAU 0-F ptu /0 76 feature with music and profile from life of a palestinian poet,,--.,(16 min: enginter 1430) 77 nikolay andreyev "day of revolution -- day of struggle," re i4 anniv of libyan /ev. (rpt arabic 011530) (frenchmag 021930) I ~j (rpt pe,.rsian 311800) (,persian 1800) 79-anon on soviet-iran ties on occasion of 64th anniv tragic death of (ivan kalamisev), soviet envoy to iran. (rpt persian 271700) 11 (pe~~ian 1700) 80 listeners' program: review of iranian listeners' letters -:fl-z on fj current arms race and u. s. efforts to achieve superiority, achievements of soviet union under guidance of communist party, tg attempts by impism and reaction to disrupt soviet-iran tiesi reply to listeners' questions on soviet-iranian sporting ties. (13 r< s: overall: persian 1800) 0 3 SEP 1 Pc ,. ,J 81 anon on political crisis in pakistan, explaining how u.s. established a military regime in pakistan and attempts to use it against afghanistan while pakistani ppl are against military regime r and f lid a e or so CL, arity with afghan ppl. fKod / R - - - e I . ,- V It.. Approved For Release 2008/06/04: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101550006-9 1500 1700 turkish 1400 portafr 1830 somali 1600 swahili 1730 IC