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December 21, 2016
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June 10, 2008
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September 26, 1983
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Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570001-2 ~_ S (A-S take I of several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 26 sep 83 , 7 a4 2(0 12.1 .c. 3c`1 . - unga session 31 *h 1 Ireagan's address, pegged. (500 teSTAT kuj 'sent. tassr 1757 tasse 1838) scr5161 kS leonid levchenko on significance of 36th unga session which `-T.016- W wA- bs L.S reagan's hypocritical speech at STAT 3 Lass report on speech delivered by reagan at unga session. 31 (4 mm poor: spanla 2300) u. S / ! 11 4"the way we see it": incl mikhayl glebov on reagan's unga speech, rejecting his claim of being world peace-maker in view of u.s. milit buildup in europe and interference in world affairs. will discuss soviet proposals on preventing nuc war and militarization of space. charges washington with slandering constructive proposals presented by ussr and other socialist countries and of pursuing policy of aggression. (4-3 min: enginter -1310 1610 2010 engna 2200 portbraz 2200 2300 spanla 2300 italian 1700 german 1500 persian 1500 1700 arabic 1730 amharic 1530 Somali 1600 czech/slovak 1500 polish 1400serbo 1600 1900 buig 2530 korean 1.330) mand 1230 camb 1330 lao 1300 bur 1430 indo 1-33c,',,-tC Urdu 1300 beng 1500; anon: hung 1900) Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570001-2 ,3I Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570001-2 global" andropov's greetings message to participants in 7th con.f Utfw,ASiw, w1500 hung 19.00 buig 1530 mand 25+230 lao 1300 camb 1330 urdu arabic-1500 1730 engafr 1700 2000 por.tafr 1830 amharic 1530 somali 1600 polish 1300 1400 czech/slovak 1500 1600 hung 1630 1900 serbo 1600 mand 1230 viet 1300 14001kor 1,330 mand 25.1230 urdu 1200 1300 hind 1130 1400 beng 1500; brief: portbraz 2200 2300 spp4pla 2300 serbo 19013) report on afro-asian writers' assn conf in tashkent, qrd - 051&- of afro-asian writers' assn in tashkent. (enginter 251100) an~r~P~/ 1300 2200 viet 251300 mand 1230 1-600; -1 min: home 1300 asia~" 1500 1800 orbita 1300 1500 1800 1904 2100 enginter 1300 1500 1600 1700 1800 2000 210 f 1-900 italian 1700 1900Jgerman T500 germaust 1800 greekcy 1730 rit citing speeches by rashidov, alex la guma, gen sec of afro-asian 6 0 writers' assn, and faiz ahmed faiz of pakistan. (350 text sent: tasse 1240) (350 text: tasse 1224: 4-3 min: enginter 1200 20-10 engna 2200 portbraz ?200 spanla 2300 persian 1700 arabic 1500 czech/slovak 1300 beng 1500 hind 1400 indo 1330 1500 bur 1430; 2.5 min: mayak renchinter 1600 2000 engna 2200 enguk 8 sharaf rashidov's speech in tashkent at opening of 7th conf of asian and african writers' assn conf. (400 text sent: tasse 1243) ge~- assn. (frencninter 2000 serbo 1900) i; report on opening of writers' mtg in tashkent, quoting and'ccbv msg ? m~r'; rashidov (1 min) and briefly quoting sec ~V ASO Q h-1 &At`' MUn' anon on report delivered by alex la puma, gen sec of afro-asian writers' assn, at opening of 7th conf of afro-asian writer's assn, in which he deals with role of writers' in intnatl affairs. (600 text: tasse 1420 tassr 1355)' 26SEP1983 -;~ ppl and events: roundup of soviet worekrs' opinions on/; -ld situation.- (_rpt engafr 231700) (engafr 1700) GAS Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570001-2 Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570001-2 c~ I2 "life of fraternal parties"; report on recent moscow conf J (cof, , of Aec of communist, workers' parties of socialist countries r^~ (3 min); report on stmt by tudch party of iran in berlin condemning persecution against party's mbrship, supporters in iran (3 min); report on article bychilean cp official in peace, e hOb socism magazine on chilean struggle against pinochet regime (4 min_); chronicle of major events of fraternal parties (5 min). (15 min, overall: mand 0700) sidelights from the ussr: incl summary of remarks by intourist chief valentin lebedev on activities of his organization and on increasing number of foreign tourists going to ussr. (3 min: g e r map--4600 ) 14 "the international communist and workers' movement:" summary of undated article published in moscow periodical kommunist: peace, working class, communists," hailing efforts made by communist parties of varicus countries to maintain peace and prevent an acceleration of arms race (8 min); tass STAT published by pravda, devoted to 15th founding anniv of dkp, outlining salient aspects of its general policy and current tasks, ( 2m- (10 min, overall: german 1600) 1 round-up of stmts by participants in moscow mtg of econ experts of socialist countries and business reps from western europe, usa and japan, citing remarks by soviet economic expert prof aleksandr bykov noting participants analyzed problems of east-west econ contacts. (4 min: enginter 1310 161.0 frencf:i.nter 2000 engna italian 1700 german 1500 Czech/slovak- 1500 pol i=n. 1400 serbo 1600 1900) 26 SEP 1983 -.3__ Lt S Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570001-2 ~) Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570001-2 take 2-of-several commentary list: moscow consolidated 26 sep 83 16 summary of agenda of mtg of party secretaries for iedology from soglist countries in moscow. (4 min: czech/slovak 251500) 17 g61orgiy gramachikov reviews ltrs received from friendly countries on war and peace, supporting soviet proposals for nuc disarm and soviet version of kal plane incident. (serbo 251900) a.So 10-7, alb 1430 rom 1600 kor 0930 viet _51300 Q 'S anon on sever econ crisis in western indl countries, which has a+-ected eco of devpg countries. (3. 5 min: viet 251000) anon on serious unemployment, bankruptcy in devpt countries, Vtu attr?'ting these to high mil spending. (5 min: mand 251600) , talk by bert whyte, canadian contributor describing moscow eLbook f (rpt enpna 212300 on 22 Seo list) (engna 2300) 'JO 0- 2i etings from you: intvw withsoviet writer sergey baruzdin CZ on role of lit in struggle for peace: intvw with helena vondrackova, czech pop singer, who is ending her visit to ussr, about her various visits and performances since 1966 in ussr. "L'7( iovak 251600) 22 sci-engineering: incl brief description of sci '83 exhibition Gt4L braNc--' QaS+(U ~ held in moscow, citing remarks by press chief of gdr stand, french exhibitor and and austrian firm rep on their impressions of exhitition and their firms relations with soviet counterparts. (5 mi enginter 1210) 26SEP1983 magazine": incl anon on soviet foreign policy. (sma1t Oe1600 on 9 sep list) (somali 1600) .,o.,mz: In ct review of listener's ltr in which he praised G ?;o,viet peace policies. (rpt arabic 231730) (arabic 1730) r J ;our ltrs: listeners' express desire to know more EVieu.ina Wc ~OWrJiN~y S Ko rch- o~ Pnn(in.w aboL'. soviet view on world developments, andropov's latest peace proposals supported; californian listener condemns south korean a,e provocation. (engna 2300) Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570001-2 /3 Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570001-2 kal plane incident 26.summaries pravda editorial article, 24 sep, "when will a6WJN4NC ,,1, jv washington give its answers?" on u. s. involvement in spying S.. activities and its use of kal plane. (tassr 231642) (15 min: dap 11y i2OO; 8-5 min: enginter '0810 14-10 engna 2300 german 0990 romenian 1600 czech/slovak g51 5OO mand 25t-600 indo 1330 thai 1-100 korean round-up of ltrs to pravda on u.s. provocation over south korean ai-liner, comparisons made with nazi methods and u. s. activities in vietnam and elsewhere, many ltrs express support for soviet peace efforts. (7-5.5 min: enginter 0720 1020 polish 1100 viet 1300) Is ummary anon moscow news about south korean aircraft incident, S I(o(' noting intrusion into soviet airspace was not an accident but was provocation to show that it is impossible to talk with soviet and or. this pretext to torpedo possibility of agreement at talks. in: enginter 1010) 29 review of soviet and intnatl experts' opinions concerning incident. (j pt arabi 1500) (frenchinter 2030 engna 2200 german 0900 french 1730 greekcy 1730 viet 25130 kS S . IC6fl~. 3C-~ program, compiled in form of questions and answers and based on foreign listeners' ltrs, pegged. (m;a)d 161600) (spanish 251900 hungOC+ viet 25-1400 amharic 1530) U5 anon on series of events that led to korean airliner affair, it not:'- plane was c"vering up an intelligence mission. (15 min: S. N(& - span!,a)0000) 2 6 SEP 1983 moses mabidha, sec gen of south african cp, pegged, Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570001-2 says vssr sr,ouldn`t sit idly by while ppl are spying on its ter-z-ory, and that plane's failure to respond to effects to com.^vnicate with it were a provocation, in view of u. s. announcement that was spying in area, (engafr 1700) u, S Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570001-2 take 3 of several -- commentary list moscow consolidated ,2 $ 'p T3 1d271319 disarm/peace 33 summary sergey vishnevskiy pravda on ussr's new 1( constructive initiatives on limiting nuclear arms in europe. c{( San M (450 text sent: tassr 0430 tasse 0929) (,t_S W S 0_&,.W% 34 resume of soviet press on soviet peace initiatives, G quoting pravda, krasnaya zvezda new times and space sci jourl. (4.5 min: enginter 1010) on document signed and issued by STAT erich honecker and herbert mies and horst schmidt, calling c' 2- ctw missile deployment in europe. (450 text: tasse 2040) (tassr RP o MiSSI ,51847 ) 36 tars corr yuriy kosinsky citing STAT speeches by sean macbride, chairman of three-day intnatl antiwar an,h WO)- movement, soviet delegate israelyan and others. (450 text sent: ?v tasse 2225 tassr 1830) reports on west german bundestag deputies appeal to F(Lq andropov on question of 'Limiting nuclear arms in europe, and Par If A jAnars ' I (t se 201155) (10 min: Urdu 1.200: 8-5 min: as d i&f)/ rl2 6 SEP 1983 38 yuriy soltan on geneva talks on arms reduction in europe. 0 ropov s rep y. ' an enginter 0810 1110 spancuba 0100 german 0900 czech/slovak 251500 ) t-S 1 rrUS `' (rot en er 241310) (mand 251230; anon: viet 251300) v semeyko, pegged to geneva arms negotiations, ccntr soviet and u.s. stand at talks. (engna 2200 2300) uznetsov on soviet proposal to unga on banning milit use of space, its consistent efforts to eliminate nuclear threat, OS (,LS urges ..;. s. nato to check arms race. (7 min: mandsea arms 1230 ( r / Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570001-2 13 Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570001-2 41 intvwi with sec of presidium of aucctu on struggle against PIVA arms race and for peace, noting on function of soviet to for strugg).k for peace. (6.5 min, poor: korean 1130) iktor shlenov: "preserving and consolidating peace rr c.~/~ in europe." (rpt frenchinter 242030 on 25 sep lit) (italian SC P y 1900)l UL -s 43 valentin sakharov: "a new lie," on reagan's socalled new (,~5tjt- propc:sals for geneva and bonn's reaction. (4 min, sent: german 6ki WW 160 S 44 radio forum for peace and security in europe. -L pt port fA, C1 VU 23200 8 min: greekcy 1730) Lk S 45 v{adimir beloshapko, deals with ltrs from foreign ~rkncs~ listeners and questions they raise about peace, listeners write praising ussr peace initiatives and criticizing unconstructive approach of usa, and general militarist policy of present u.s. admit (4 min: home 0800 orbita 0800) (A S 46 recorded intvw with (ron harding), editor of soviet weekly published in london, on items that arouse most interest among readers, notably soviet stand on matters of war and peace, pointing out latest issues of soviet weekly carries andropov's new ,soviet initiatives. (enguk 1900) 47 report on moscow press conf by boris shcherbina, minister for construction of oil and gas industry of ussr, on siberia west europe gas pipeline. (rpt tasse 1231020) (5 min: engna (viktor fyodorov) on cons-truction of trans-siberian gas anon on upi story on success of president reagan's voa (sent: engna 2200) Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570001-2 9~~~~NGpipeline. (7 min: portbraz 2200 2300) 26SEP1983 t" ,?? . .ed states /0 Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570001-2 Ik S 50 summaries reagan voa address. (rpt tasse 251643) (9-.6 min: enginter 0810 1110 spancuba 0100; 6-3 min: enginter 1310 1610 201-0 frenchinter-2000 portbraz 2200 enguk 1900 italian 1700 spanish 282130 german 1500 persian 1500 170 crab 17-30 portafr 1830 polish 1400 hung 1900 serbo 1600 1960 bulg 1530 korean 1130 1330 bur 1430 indo 1330 1500 urdu 1-300 bang 1 500 lao 9 1300 cam f~ 1330 v i e t 1.000 1300) U- summary pravda "president is a militarist," on int=-_ification of arms race in vain hope of restoring military U% sup,:-ricrity of usa. (330 text: tassr 0400) It S 52 (name indistinct) observer on u.s. military budget, I( ck#4KL caQ production of chemical weapons. (5 min, poor: Li P- Of ? a l b "n 1430) 1/s anon on u.s. uses experiments of chemical, bacteriological weapons, employed in vietnam, noting pentagon is asking for oney to produce these weapons. (3 min viet 1000) LiS yevgeniy nikolayev ridiculing u.s. admin which no one side tries to win over nonaligned nations and on other continues its arms race and other provocative activities in many parts of world for its own selfish gains. while noting importance of declarations of new delhi nonaligned summit chides U.S. for its intentional failure to respond favorably to just move taken by nonaligned nations. hailing soviet union and other socialist countries which established close links with nonaligned nations and worked resolutely against nuclear weapons, arms race and c,~re aggressive designs of imperialists. (9 min: beng 1500) 26 SFp 1983 -g - LAS C,lN C. au 0*,LP a. danilov report on george bush paper on u.s. poiicj as regards eastern and central europe, read some time ago at z.;:trian society for foreign policy, argues that u. s. ambitions revealed by bush to restore bourgeois and capitalist system in tr.3t region are unrealistic. (6 min: polish 1400) u- s Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570001-2 Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570001-2 VAS U5 1L S. Vs take 4 of several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 26 sep 83 I d27134 . ,56 m. beglovl Ion u. S. students' misconception of history, as exposed by U.S. newspapers. 57 igor ignatyev new York report on peace-lovers' call for national march of protest against reagan admin's militarist policy. (330 text: tassr 2120) I,s STAT 56 tass political observer robert serebrennikov "mussle of rncc, thyite censorship," says trampling on civil rights and constitutional liberties of americans, reagan admin has brought persecution of dissidents in usa to proportions which can well be compared with witch-hunt of dark days of mccarthyism. (500 text sent: tassr 1550) vladimir pozner daily talk refers to george orwell's "1984," scoT'es U.S. mass media's role in inslaving and poisoning ppls mind:! about communism to such an extent that some americans chose annihilation to an alternative which they don't even know, cites example of poll in massachusetts where 60 percent of ppl polled said they would prefer to see usa destroyed rather than have to live undp.r communism. cas U S &?1 hernan del canto comment on chile: chile's democratic - poia ~r~crv,,'ru- 0Iay-si nfricahc- rbie ti r d'trme?IWnen p~t -arr suffering consequences of a minority's misrule. outlines position that --ovt should adopt to overcome current crisis, calls upon oppc:ition sectors to unite in struggle against dictatorship. 26SEP1983 oe anon on chilean ppl resorting to protest actions to demand cna-.r;es. sixth day of natl protest called for 13 october. poll reveals poverty, unemployment, health problems, and discontent with ( T poorest: spanchile 2000) (engna 2200) 149 history club. (rpt engna 232300) (engna 2300) repression among Santiago ppl. (7 min: spanchile 2000) Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570001-2 Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570001-2 Jik 63 anon on sixth day of protest in chile. (3 min, poor: spang15 la 2030) 64 anon reads stmt by u. s. citizen whose son died in chile. his son's ordeal was represented in move "missing." (6 min, poorestr\ spanchile 2000) it-c r"' stmt issued by chilean comparty on death of labor ldr doming:o alvarez and jurist luis tejera Oliva, incl biographical data'.,T~5 min, poorest: spanchile 2030) 66 pedro correa comment on creation of democratic ppls .} move in chile, noting u.s. intervention in chile, remarking that onofre jarpa was placed at interior ministry by cia, out;:ning jarpa's repressivev actions and strategy aimed at smashing opposition. points out that communists would not play either pinochet's or jarpa's game, explains that democratic ppls movt will not oppose democratic alliance. (processing from radio maga -nes) (8 min, poorest: spanchile 2030) ~ LAS edison valazquez, cuban sugar industry vice minister, interviewed on ussr-cuban coop in sugar industry and activities of cuban delegation visiting ussr. (4 min: spancuba 0100) 68 "night talk" feature: announcers answer letters from cuban l istene`fA. (15 min: spancuba 0100) 65 intvw with (rigoberto padilla), sec gen of honduran ndaras (4 min, poorest: portbraz 2300) 70 report on exchange of greetings telegrams between ussr $,4 Psd supsov.v presidium and mexican president miguel de la madrid on re.ican independence day. (300 text sent: tasse 1527; 60 T ter:`- t: mayak 1400) 1983 l 2 6 SEP rya cpsu cc congratulatory telegram to ruben dario Sousa, sec gen _-nn=ma ppis party cc, on his 60th birthday. (home 241500) ~~psLA- COnCr~fs (briiei spanla 0000 spancuba 01-00) W-S~ G-tr S +, IFYW Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570001-2 Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570001-2 and (jpjJ west eur.ope AP11 72 frg in mirror of soviet press. (rpt german 241600) vladim diet elections in hesse and bremen. election results reflect increasing popular support for social democrats who are gaining confidence due to their realistic policy regarding disarm and ~ M~ssll~S u.s. missiles issue, the cdu, on other hand, lost many voters ,iIslvl.-rJ who e,pressed their discontent with cdu-economic policy at polls. (~ (3 min,,, ent: german, 1500) tL-& 74 intl diary: incl viktor glazunov bonn report on results of landtag elections in bremen and hessen, where unexpected spd I of pt poI victories reflect disenchantment with promises made by rightwing tn5511 ovt regarding economic recovery as well as missile deployment. (3 mi~home 1645) tikhonov replies to arbeiter zeitung editor in chief jIILkoIN mandred scheuch, on present-day soviet-austrian relations. a n Su/E~o au s+7w" Qwe S 44, S a s s e 230310) (7-3 min: s p a n c u b a 0100 german 0900 ,dap 241200 l Ve-o mand_ 5,~, -< viet 251000) P takf several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 26 sep 83 1d271356 26SEP1983 -//- 76 "good evening austria": second installment of summary of article by (Josef hindels) published in die zukunft," entitled 6uS-M-1w lily" "can nuclear war still be prevented," on peace movt and its tasks Q u 5fp-i W (6 mi ; report on inauguration of moscow symposium on new austrian technology for agricultural foodstuffs, incl quotations fron, speeches by president of soviet chamber of industry and com~:.~rce, ye,*geniy pitovranov, by deputy chmn of state cmtee for scier.re and technology, mikhail kruglov, and by president of austrian chamber of industry, rudolf sallinger (6 min); intvw with hea of austrian deleg to the "days of austria," which took place in azerbaijan, franz (mrklicka), on salient aspects of this evert ('3 min). (total 17 min: germaust 1800) Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570001-2 ir ostrogorskiy comment with first analysis of land Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570001-2 7 tass political observer vladimir serov on margaret thatcher U5 int?Jw with american abc tv company and her hatred for communism. 78 anon on margaret thatchers determination to continue following in wake of american nuclear policy, re her stmt made on eve of her visit to Washington with obvious intention of assurj it of london`s unflagging loyalty. (3 min: enguk 1900) vantage point: boric belitskiy on american secret agents enga ed in smear and other activities directed against british institutions and personalities, cites opposition and difficulties met bq national theater of london in plans to stage musical tragedy entitled "jean seberg," story of american cinema star jean seberg who was found dead in mysterious circumstances in september 1979 and who had misfortune of incurring anger of fbi. US (e n g u k/-1,900 ) ~,rQ luN~- US 80 viktor olin discussing book published in dublin by irish journalist (dermot welsh), on mystery surroundin-g crash of air L,L ~iSS1~CS 1 inlane. (rot enpinter 212010) (italian 1900) radio newsreel of soviet-french friendship: on occasion of 25th anniv of ussr-france assn, sect' responsible for assn valentin (svitunov) reviews activities of body since its foundation (10 min); 1=rCi nC~-- mbr of presidium of france-ussr assn roland leroy and general aNN~J 0-F gambiez, who attended celebrations in ussr to mark 25th anniv of aSS~ IN~SI/ ussr--France assn, speak about relations btwn two assns (4 min). (poor Winch 1730) 2 6 SEP 1983 1 ~ E.= 9natoliy yuryev on italian.prime minister and question ~CPIo~ of a (3 min).