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Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570005-8 :e';sicn -31 4-v% i S t c+~' d inr, t ~vta /~~ SI 1 ta.3 r port on henryk Jabionski's address at session, on S "~ anon and Poland's domestic: issues. (500 text sent: 1822) .a1 summaries Pravda editorial, 1 Oct, "defending world 9 peace." aneiropov's stmt on u. s. militaristic course. (6-5 min: enginter 2(5 2" na 2300) li-S round-up world comment to andropov's stmt on u.s. militarist 1100 indo 1330 1500 bu 1 r 430) 3J US G 1 policy, quoting bloc and western press. and personalities. (6-4 l min: en inter g 0810 1-010 1310 1410 1610 2010 frenchinyet 2000 engn_ 2300 portbraz 2200 2300 italian 1700 german 0900 1500 Persian 1501) 1700 arabic 1730 greekcy 1-800 polish 1400 czech/slovak 1500 hung 10bu1g 1530 kor 0930 1330 viet 1300 1400 camb 1330 urdu t___ ____ du 3 andropov stmt on soviet and american foreign policies, and disarm issue. (tasse 281733) (26 min: mand 0700; 20-10 min: enginter-O720 french inter 2000'spancuba Ol00/tuf e/ spanla 0000 engna 292300 italian 19.00 german 1600 Spanish 292130 turkish 291 830 Somali 291600 swahili 2917-30 amharic 201-3-30 mace 2819--30 ,dap 291000-291200 urdu 1200; 9-3 min: portbraz 2300 enguk ~0c german 0900 frenchmag 291930 dari 1500 nom 1600 viet- // 1000 J a p 291000 2 1200; 2 min: mace 281830) response to andropov's stmt. (rpt ma ~a I(-0210 home G230) orbita 292010) (orbita 0300 -f ~ 3 U Sty Moo !! ano miner. 6 roundup of soviet ppl's favorable reaction to andropov's tmt on u.s. militaristic policies, quoting factoru work - intl diary" presented by Bergey pravdin on world wide (300 text: tasse 1931) Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570005-8 i (4,5 6e Y, ~- ----r- ---~- ~_ __' qp~ Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570005-8 0,111 :~~us a Ab. r3u" ') Venez uela n 5 and^labor ldr, interviewed on tmt. min : spl ana 0000) 'man. (11 min: romanian 1600) Mat?1:~d {^ e^ jaronin vn foreign reactions to ~ 150G orbita 1500) andropav's stmt. anon on various aspects of &CIYu l/ ) min; soviet foreign policy. y nr,: c'ngint?r 1310 (4-3 110 spanla 2x00 (4- 1 gr?~::; Italian 1 SOO arab.ic 1700 german 1500 17 Persian 1500 17Q0 portafr 153 polish 140-0czech/slovak 183 amharic kor IOf comb 133E lao 1580 hung 1630 alb 1430 buig 130 the 1300 Urdu M bang P~O 1580 indo 1330 1506 : ~u 1430-} Nor y'~ r~ ri'ons magazine: incl intvws in connect-ion with arat: VS (// policies. S 1000; Kb~Qa Jo L.,Ao Y grammatch i?kov on andropov stmt o on u si (r t Czech/slovak 191500).. mlitarist (8-7 min: korean 0930 viet Cs PP I and (~s en a'1 i^ne.rL events: incl soviet pp 1 s d . lscussion of pressing UbN0n Intl problems (r t on afr 271 700) ( lA~~ engafr 292000 korean ?-6 1130) 13 summary anon selskaya zhizn on 4 detr' l Frbnc5-' and cord mental effects imp loans are having on developing countries. (350 text: tasse 1145 tassr 0400) 14 intvw with french to activist who gives her impressions from an Intl conf of to activities from food r ood Gentl sector held in y' (6 Poor: frenchinter 2000) IS intvw with roger ranareviguel industry to of a, sec-gin of food m d a ~.tO.I'&Sc0/-- agascar, and participant a.t eth industries workers, intl *IK.dfcPo A tJ giving pry: __ conf of food wisdom of andropov Of rswing attn of l~5 world to dangers (4 of u? s? milit policy, ' renchafr 291930 , Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570005-8 W this aim, giving details soviet touri m. (4 min: engna 2'ann, 6LS _ If-- report on remarks by petr abrasimov during moscow press conf an need to develop relations btwn various nations, stressing role in foreign tourism to achiev g ---A `0"3? SEP 1983 Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570005-8 '00.' tobacco an. b,:;ris gan on Intl conf of workers r. t en,7,inter being held in moscoku. -3-rias currently ind 292C ( eng inter 08710 104-0 1110-) intvw with ldr of indian writers, delegation now attending iving his impressions of ~-5 afr=;-.ssian writers' con* in tashkant, g epcon d hailingsoviet policies. (6 min: hind 1130) r 1 mikh.sil kurtogolov, boris tumanov and tatyana butkovskaya, discussir proposition in ltr from french listener'sltr that ussr was impenetrable to foreign ideas, music and lit, panel all s oY:: vigorously to demolish that contention and give details of p soviet foreign lit publications. (18 min: french 1730) ound-table program: presented by tatyana rudenko, prof ~ C1113 20 "radio magazine": incl anon on soviet foreign policy. G (so rot li 081600 on 9 Sep 11s` ~~ 3 0 S EP 1983 omment "radio magazine: soviet citizens c on world issues. 21 (rot hark 271530 on 28 sop list) (amharic 291530) mali 291600) Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570005-8 Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570005-8 1AL a~ ra com(rentz r 14 ; z T morrow con,ol idated 30 se 83 plane incident summaries anon izvestiya providing more details about -Down"-S inci;:.=nt. (5-3 min: enginter 1310 161-0 2010 engna 2300 enguk 1901") portbraz 2200 2300 french 1730 german 1560 italian 5 karma F1hp,.lrnl4.170C ;reekcy 1800 arabic 1730 persian 1-500 1700 polish 1-400 czec^.-slovak 1-500 hung 1900 bulg 1530 kor 1330 kai 1-33O~camb 133-' n d 330 150--0 Urdu 1300 b e n g 1 - 50 0 t h a i 11-00 bur 1430) 5 . K..rsr~co~- rti 23uestions and answers, relating to incident, proving how 's reconnaissance mission was foiled. (13 min: dari 1500) l~C. s ^4 unrehearsed discussion btwn yenikeyev, bogdanov and plekhano% S . kpr.c~, S. It.~r e.', 1( u_S devotes to incident. (sent: engna 292300) doris maksina reviews british listeners' ltrs about incident. (rpt enguk 281900) (enguk 1900) review of listeners' ltrs received at moscow radio on south korean plane incident, minnesota listener writes that ussr did not overreact whereas south korean airline's g,~Cof~a to action is criminal, british listener writes brinkmanship has LA-~- been feature of u. s. policy since reagan became president, soviet k5 citizens' opinions published in soviet press also quoted. (6 min: LA- engn 00) I m/ eace 27 summary r. galliulin moskovskiye novosti on western arms OAa" sal --s to reactionary regimes. (a prox 300 words: tassr 0549) ---0 3 0 SEP 1983 summary anon kommunist: "peace, working class and communists" describing role of world communists in struggle for peace and against danger of nuclear war. (rpt hind w 2310 (7 min: hind 1400) 4 Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570005-8 ,3 Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570005-8 LL5 ?DS?ecv?r '. =1 L ; - serov on u s ' .s admin 3r~~ Ct~ tf~t, to peace. (500 text sent: tees) 1405 ~. ... r. _ 30 a no" U-s UL S U talkg With reagar.. STAT on british prime minister thatch (JLV text sent: tassr 1055) lM15 73 G tass +niii~ nzw; analyst Vladimir bogachev on u. s. stand i SSuAK~ It.n eve to i 1r3. ( 350 t e x t s e n t % -E-~ tasse 1850) (LS -7-7- question and answer feature on geneva talks, contrasting ':,,vte-#-.end ~' i-D u. s. positions. (10-7 min: polish 1300 viet 1300 1400 3 S ~na~:oly krasikov reply published in savetskaya rocs' reader; ' 1ya to questions whether there is contradiction in Position of .3nt-i;,,ar compaigner in west. (350 text sent: tasse 0700 S 3^ 0355) 34 tass intvw with Janis bekis, latvian stat worker, a farm on soviet ppls' desire for peace. (450 text sent: tasse 1108) 35 Yntvw with yeleno Petushkova, soviet s on sev.iet sportsmens' Ports personality, stand for peace, stressing importance sport exchanges in fulfilling this aim. in (450 text: tasse 1505) ~o culturaj progra,n: ,artists for peace. P" ~ Itrs on subJect and presents listeners' contributions by protest singers and authors 6443s well as recordings of recent hamburg 0900) burg peace festival. (20 as Pileline summary anon Crud on failure of u to delay s? sanctions policy p' y completion of siberia-west europe gas (.1~5 r ' text sent: Pipeline. (300 tasse 0940 tees) 0350) lt~s united States LL(- =t Roundup soviet 3 3 SEP 1983 press comment on causes of resentment of black americans at policies of reagan administration which was revs in recent public opinion sled poll. izvestiya, mm prav'j3' ravda and international w time s' komsomolskaya affairs 2045) ( quoted. (4 min: enginter, 51 Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570005-8 Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570005-8 0 3q YiKtcr Oltn on u. S. house of reps approving program of ?( buitdiw9 American mllita,?, facilities abroad. (rpt enginter (eng i nter 0810 1010 1110) tAS .;? political news analyst boris shabayev on U.S. house oy rfipre3tntatideg approving resolution giving u. s. president the r'fiend military presence in lebanon for 18 months, recalling and drawing parallel with resolution on military preSemi-&. 1r-vietnam adopted on august 7, 1964. (300 text: tasse 0620) (.t. S. 4( vladimir pozner on U.S. attitude toward un organization and i ts',p Bence in new york. (sent: engria 2300) Celle. /D , y g eceived IO r d b'OP()v (,(_s no ,one, citing andropov stmt on improving sino-soviet relations. St~~ P(t-G (5 in -, n : LAX regional peoples. (5 min: mandsea 1230) chalin on reagan un address mand 1230) anon on u. s. asia-pacific policy, saying u. s. has forgotten bitter lessons of vietnam, citing military buildup, coercion of 4 on rapping reagan denunciation of human rights when millions of american people are jobless and hungry. (6 min: mandsea 12301)( (A S (F) 45 danilov re new wave of propaganda against yalta agreements starting in the west, quoting brzezinski. monthly kontakt published in polish in paris urges new war; george bush started new trend saying that yalta-agreements did not call for revision. bush said yalta agreements provide for u.s. intervention; he sho~~l~i be aware that yalta reflects principles of equality and sec:Jrty as well as inviolability of frontiers. (polish 1400 czech s.lovak 1400) .0-4 3 6 SEP 1983 viktor yanikeyev interviews dr abraham halpern, president of american academy of psychiatry and law, discussing results of u.s. psychiatrists delegation visit to ussr. (rpt engna aug 062200) (ep i. 2300)) ACS //, Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570005-8 1< (-S 26 sep sa in it d Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570005-8 3 ~ SEP 1983 -1- Latin american events from soviet viewpoint by vadim / ah6rvPO)uknsrov. andropov's statement elicits positive reactions among I X J f1 l e nO~'-ow Consolidated 30 sep .o? =mwr-Lvan aemocratic sectors, mexican socialist leader quoted. venezuelan leader also quoted on andropov's intervention. Nicaraguans fighting cia mercenaries along costa rican and honduran borders. nicaraguan government asks contadora group to send observers to costa rican border. the aggressions on nicar.sgua are part of the nondeclared war that the united states is waging against this country. pastors has finally admitted that CGS ~c ?'~ he r?ceives U. S. aid, in addition, u. s. troops are ready to i. intervene in nicaragua. Washington is doing its best to hinder CtW_ J the contadora group peace initiatives; yet it still contends that it is seeking a peaceful settlement to the region's problems. now tha united states will send kissinger to central america. this is gust another campaign orchestrated to hide the true u.s. aggressive policy behind a smoke curtain. chilean communist party issues manifesto to the people; more repression against the Chilean people reported, several persons banished. Washington is the main supporter of the chilean dictatorship. nonetheless, the Chilean tyranny has also -lose ties with south africa, a country which will cooperate in the construction of military facilities in chile. wore. bank meeting ends in washing-Con. the united states wants to adju-_r, its accounts at the expense of developing countries. (10 min1,: panla 2300) Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570005-8 Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570005-8 a.ryQ,nt)nl ' %(QZI L {- G4r" 4 "ar~erltiru~ e(c feature: amnesty law sparks wave o crthctsor* .argentine communist party rejects amnesty law, issues stata n?t :latin scores the terms of the contract for ref Enapictnq tre debt owed by argentine airlines. political Secfcxxs Mso riTi=ize debt refinancing agreements. federal Jude c 'dr-rs government to stop rescheduling of state-run enterprises' debt. newspaper tiempo argentino reports high infletiorgrates; labor federations decree general strike. politica pbsr-rV?rs see larger electoral support in radical and peronist ran(" communist party candidate for deputy interviewed on quest or democracy. (9 (hin: spanla 2300) brazilian senator nelson carneiro, president of the latin american parliament, interviewed on central american situation. carneiro upholds the region's right to self-determination, and b,y,;~ Q+"' expr?sses the latin american parliament's support for the contadora group, {peace initiatives. 3 min: portbra 2200, 2300 chile: announcers on murder of general carlos pratts. (4 in! r* 2130) 3 0 SEP 1983 "two words" feature by gaston vargas: chile is going through decisive times while the u.s. state department is sponsoring the dialogue with the opposition. Chilean professional 9 rightist politicians have revealed their true colors: they are (_s Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570005-8 with jare-e. (7 min: spanchile 2130) (.k siding with the regime, upholding the regime's subservient attitude, that is why the yankees decided to implement the dialogue. a propaganda campaign has been orchestrated around the meetings held by the nazi jarpa and the opposition. jarpa is seeking to isolate the communists, the socialists, and the mir. but jarpa's real game is repression, banishment, crime. many will now wonder whet? r it would be actually possible to engage in a dialogue Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570005-8 6V_ Cltl.e: announcers quote news agency franca press on chi lei ~^1'Kit.:n~s#-;~?s^cj~ m:sni=esto to the Chilean people. communists decl '#ta~ ~~ I' rot p?".LUl`= to engage in a dialogue with pinochet, T?-1Ad1^~^~i; p1f;OCh- ~t ~ must be ousted as soon as possible, note -ha{, people have learned to fight for their cause, demand tha the d(CI rship 5e immediately replaced by .3 transition goVernmar,t made t p o, all opposition forces, outline the measures that t`he transition government should adopt. communists also demand dismantling of the intelligence center, investigation into Ca.sers ,if missing persons, moratorium of foreign debt, reacvAt-ion of the economy, creation of new jobs. .(5 min: spane 130 KJc JAA Volodia teitelboim's commentary: the entire world is closel following events in chile, where the people have risen to put an end to the fascist era. as the hour of liberation nears, worldwide solidarity grows broader. Teitelboim notes that a majority of Chileans oppose pinochet. Points out that the people are now protesting every day in different ways: pan beating, ?carhorn concerts, turning out lights, school absenteeism. teitelboim outlines repressive measures the ov 9 ernmen adopted, remarking that leader gabriel valdes discontinued dialogue stresses that order will be restored in chile only after fascism is eradicated. teitelboim expresses gratitude for international solidarity with chile, remarks that freedom will soon be restored in chile, notes that 'chile, like nicaragua, will ->-- against the Yankees, who are waging a nondeclared War against nic?3ragu and who placed pinochet in power. (11 min: spanchile _ v SEP 1983 4 Chile: announcers describe repressive actions by pinoGhet's thugs during the days of national protest; includes recorded slogans heard during demonstrations. commentary explains that people working under the minimum salary program were forced to attend the ceremony marking the 10th anniversary of pinochet's spanchiie 2100) 3 Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570005-8 Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570005-8 3T OrtaKdi r4yaff harassmin i Chilean opposition 1?ea6c24AL aftaiy r-S 6the dictatorship headed by pinochet. ( 3 u- ) s p ant a c,,,. D ; Sz. bo- ban, a o'ap- ,- art Or. 57 "our contact" program for frg listeners. (rpt eri;ian 221600) (german 1500) us-/ 59 "good evening, austria." (rpt germaust 291800) (germaust CLuC 1800; 5= anon on forthcoming annual conference-of british labor party which will vote on new party leader. notes that neil kinnock is strong favourite to win, praises his policy L,WAreg-nr'iing nuclear arms and presence of foreign nuclear arms. anticipates that kinnock would work for party leadership. (mayak 1934 ) / L~ ~ O SEP 1983 C~_ 60 glance at british scene: lev semeyko assesses deployment of cruise missiles at greenham common. claims that latest american proposal, by refusing to take account of british and french nuclear capability, aims at retaining nato nuclear supremacy. quotes london guardian on preparation of launch facilities for F"lr2t 1~L~~ I I J ^ cruise missiles in britain, points out that british govt has .4 r-of&tr CROP+-tj- of (p+;otr kcrmints4in's) series on ' "Aj&7to become pioneer in implementing dangerous schemes despite opposing lib wishe-a la-f population. (enauk 1900) k--C. vantage point:, boris belitskiy, in reply to british listener question as to whether genuine international disarmament would create employment, recalls that in britain after wwii number employe ,in arms industry dropped from 9 to 2 million without significantly affecting unemployment figures. points to present-day unemployment initain despite record military budgets. (enguk 1900) Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570005-8 Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570005-8 j 1*3 vl.adimir perry`,; re andropov's statement on i;. s. foreign pol`C_ znd Y. s. ,military bases in Foreign lands, noting efforts op h.euJ.I independent african countries to rid themselves of imp4fsal isir military bases. (rot engafr 291700) (frenc hafr 291 U-5 ceorgiy tatiov, re reagan's address to un, cites condemnation of u.s. intervention in their countries voiced by african delegates at 'heir full-scale meeting following reagan's speech. (3 min: c5 "africa as we see it": (sergey voydev), executive committee member of soviet-mozambique friendship committee, comments on machet's birthday (3.5 min); (aleksandr kelev) comments on u. s. col#cy in africa (4 min). (amharic ? 1530 1 5,30 ) prof' harold (wolp), south african lawyer and sociologist, S. ci who contributes to struggle against apartheid outside country, discusses persecution of progressive whites in south africa and stices of apartheid. (4. 5 min: engafr 1700) 67. anon on anniversaries guinean independence and membership draratizeJ P-eafi& `rvur da +4s i nap it-as " evoking iep}-eN-b4t-4.7g3 ey t-s when nazis took u`~??r the city and terrorized i. t e- i t"72tn 4. r, : i ca l i an 1900 ) of afroasian soli ;d 4 t ,at y organization, describing exchange visits a?lo#1tO betwaen soviat and guinean afroasian- solidarity organization A10 anni'y-of)their independence 2 oct. (engafr 1700 2000) d SEP I M4, &N4iy - y,-c%,,ings co guinean people on 25th 6 kart A,A_ interview with (robert fuake), representative of ghanaian to o4 industrial and commercial workers, who attended an international conference of workers of food, tobacco, hotel and reimm;:d industries in moscow. criticizes those countries using food as a political weapon, expresses gratitude for soviet ecor,'Qmi,-- aid to ghana. touches on african concern over military j: ion in europe. (engafr 292000) Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570005-8 Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570005-8 e[OLon 11th enniv soviet-mozambique agreement. C,2 VL d-~~ ~ ~ ~ s~ }b 4~ }I--d1'apdd cer55a~~ to machel on lror.ambique president's 50th I~t~ PbRrtrhd~ ~t~~ tex' sent: home 15-00 mays 1730 portafr -1-830; VJ ~ 3 j 1 " dN-E i 5th i o f ' ) 1 t.a 15 (D 0 ) BirMA6- CFAf~ atne9afr ZgI(frenchafr 291CPS C) llaNN1/' L% atcca.~ u At AK U#td< of tom! rE ai'.4ro ov's ,5+xt oN (,c. 46rc. .. L Ka< 15c acv u~ a-ffo -- CiS(.- ~Ir r+tir . itmt by sergey (ridvin), executive of soviet committee of afram?3;.an solidarity and member of soviet-mozambique friendship soctM) (rpt engafr 291700) (frenchafr 291930) (amharis 1530) C#_ I "NI (~~ amna~?ic 4330) tak of several -- commentary !is',--: c=nsT 'tsted __ t O, r ench?rr 291?.?JO: l..ebook,& -sl1 (,_.5 l1 agJaN lass for israeli crimes in lebanon. (3 min: enginter (Ls 7 tass stmt on cease-fire agmt reached btwn sides in "wave of friendship on radio." summary aleksandr yefremov izvestiya examining U.S. conflict in lebanon being positively assessed in ussr. 132) (3 min: dap 301200; brief: mace 281830) -" / 0 SEP 1983 viktor olin on u. s. presence in Lebanon, pegged to u. s. Qb "' t- Czase= ~is senate L. SC-1'+ a4 Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570005-8 endorsement to extend stay of u.s. marines in region, pointing out two-thirds of americans believe u.s. intervenion in lebanon is pushing u.s. onto same path that nati disgrace to it in vietnam. (enginter 2010) 3 Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570005-8 corner OF pal#stinian arab ppl. aleksandre timoshkin about d.rvpuv''S SPaAc - trpt arabic 1500); palestinian song; intvw Std ins, ia;tyer,i;;orlo peace, timoshkin draws attn I\ S"h-t,~' o U. S ~ in mideast and its aggressive designs in r-a3ion, recalls andropov's stmt on how soviet U_b 11, pk~ US-1 717 I %'U I yt l r-r-%- (ta?ise 291348) (6-3.5 min: enginter 0810 1010 so) wt amaloW t rd), algerian press photographer, about i f-~i"!a~t-s~ iv--Ala-irut during israel invasion describing his besre a Lbeirut and israeli atrocities, heroic ac-i-aor's a f- pd1VSt-iw6aR_ and toanera 41-trr. 1o4,m- sr, My jL aartoisr;,L,ja tv 5L.-eep my daughi rti (c~rab~_~ t 3SV 7$ a. ~71 ^ds h a (s we e l< 1 y to J V- r-t h a sk-ej anal- Fo pa / Is s. tin-, in t.4c-k- aSSass-d u. r., miltiarist aggression line and how this policy seek peace with all and soviet union policy never to impose - - - -?~--~~? o,.~~, aim. %a min: arabic iwV) soviet ppl's views about events in lebanon: soviet doctor, builder and metal worker speak about events in lebanon, they denounce american policy in lebanon, call for israeli and scan withdrawal from country. (arabic 1500) LL S panorama: incl listener from egypt lauds soviet policy jd aid to arabs. (arabic 1730) 30 SEP 1983 l~:3 S1 report on mtg 28 sep btwn andropov and ali nasir .4 %ohammad, prime minister ad odru. "ii+ti ,,;a* 11-10 spancuba 17 7LL559100 german 0900 arabic 1330 frenchmag 291430 korean 0930 1130/twice/ hind 11-30 bur 1930 beng 1500 lao 1300t-2.5 min: 1J.( 'I't Somali 291600 Iamb 13313; 2-1 min: orbits 0200 home 0204 enginter M 070 ? 0800 090 1000 -en na 29230Q 9 '' german 0900 Spanish 0.hA" f? swab i 1 i 291730 amharic 291530/twi-ce frenchmag 2919:0 mand 07-00 mandsea 100001230 viet 1300 1400; brief: home 0100 0104 1,1300 0500 orbita 0100/twice! 0200 mayak 0030 02 0230 spanla 0000 spancuba 0100 urdu 1200 1300 beng 1500 thai 1100 in o-$330 bur 1430 lao 1030 1300) Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570005-8 Approved For Release 2008/06/10: CIA-RDP94-01353R002101570005-8 #L tgar sneftun. v comparing imperialist and socialist ,pclta)43lOr' this part of world. (10 min, poorest: persian 1700) _(o-tj LL-6 w J f4. ?umm.aries ?anan pravda "justified uneasingness" dealing with nat? I'tLt+ exercise display determination which is kGQ~}4