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December 22, 2016
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June 18, 2009
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November 27, 1983
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Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353ROO2201610007-0 take 1 of several 1d291103 Oe of zholkver discuss, world-wide implications LA JtJr3re andropov's recent stmt in response to u. s. deployment of cruise and persh.ing ii missiles in europe, on nato's twin-track decision of au 1979; attempts by frg govt ldrs to hoodwink german ppl 4on why frg should deploy cruise missiles on german territory, groi h in worldwide antiwar movement, on soviet ppl's support C/ for andr9.p~v's declaration. (sent: home 1230 orbita 0615 0815 'uS{(ZCc~lfi~ Global commentary list: moscow 83 1 international observers roundtable: rudolf kolchanov, aleksandr lebadev and aleksandr 1030) ( 1 / (t f 2 countries and continents: tars corn vladimir-beskromnyy belgrade report on decision taken on 29 nov 1943 re foundation of new yug.oslav state, touching on soviet-yugoslav relations (7 min., final instalment in feature by ina shalayeva, freelance corr for moryak baltiki, about rhodes, its tourist attractions, arti and crafts and other aspects of island (6 min); first ins-aliment in feature by journalist dmitriy mes aninlabout. aus?:ralian aborigines, based on visit to musuem at perth, western ausrr?,a-lt (5.5 min). (home 0800) summary boric (rachkov) moskovskiy novosti discussing fate of petrodollars of opec countries. (rpt persian 251800) (persian 4 "in the soviet union": incl anon on ussr's coop with newly summit discussion on global econ issues, notes with regret tnat mrs gandhi's reasonable proposal for new intnatl econ order was L 1L AA shrapiy opposed by mrs thatcher, who sided with reagan's arms race / and made ppl of developing nations more poor. (7 min: hind 1400) /~.< yj...;?~ indop~dent states. (6 min: persian 1800) / / 271JOV 19M- 5 yevgeniy nikolayev: referring to new delhi commonwealth Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353ROO2201610007-0 consolidated 27 nov 41- Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610007-0 VIII. P~ e~rd STAT ? tess corr Stanislav sychev new delhi report on issues dicussed at commonwealth summit, noting delegates condemnation of u.s. ayy~PSS1v acr,5 against grenada ana elsewhere in world, citing speeches by delegates and negotiations. (400 text: tasse 1934) B (yuliyev) on impact. of grenada invasion on nonaligned mvmt, saying i is challenge to whole movement. (5 min: mandsea 1230) J communist and workers' movement: feature intvw given by C a LL S 4-2L v- henry winston to daily world (rnt -Pinnish 20163D); intvw given by hans ;.:alt, mbr of politburo of austrian comparty, re 65th anniv of party describing goals and work of party (5 m ). (finnish 10 time, events and ppl: incl zil motor works man praises (evPandroPov's stmt (3 min); "from the countries of socialism": andropov's stmt welcomed quoting zemedelske zname, laos builds new li' (4 min). (home 0900 orbita 09.00) STAT Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610007-0 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353ROO2201610007-0 2000 l Yd oV )12 reply to our listeners` Itrs: incl explanation of andropov's ~5 mailbag for british listeners. (rpt enguk 262000) (enguk 2000) 14 mailbag for northam listeners: jo adamov replies to listeners' questions on whom ussr would prefer to win 1984 u.s. presi.;ential election, adamov replies it is up to american ppl to decide, but he is sure they have wisdom to choose man who wou:1 lead nation away from arms race, on whether any americans _-eve!- defected to russia, listener told many have chosen to live fir' in ussr permanently, soviet advances in space exploration reviewed, lis'aner asks does supply of arms to Syria contradict soviet peace polLc';, listener told that any sovereign country has right to buy arms to defend itself and Syria is being threatened by israel and usa, on freedom of communication with non-communist countries, listener told this is guaranteed within soviet constitution. (engn 0001) ~--'~ a- 27 NOV 1983 S ? Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353ROO2201610007-0 stmt:; facts on growing hungarian-soviet friendship. (hungarian Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610007-0 11 take 2 of several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 27 nov 63 ,iTa.,04 disarm/peace 1! andropov stmt on deployment of u.s. medium-range missiles in europe. (tasse 241811) (18-12 min: italian 2000 german 1700 port 180. Spanish 262000 finnish 1630 arabic 1530 persian 1700 dari 1700 amharic 1530 somali 1600 polish 1400 romanian 261700 1700 bulgarian 1630 hungarian 271730 serbo:1700 slovene 261930 mand 1600 viet 1400 lao 10301`thai 1100 hind 1130 bur 1030.urdu 1200; 7-3 min: engtnter 1410 1810 2110 spancuba 0100 spanla 2300 enguk 2000 german 1600 Finnish 1630 somali 261600 swahili 1730 polish 1500 serbo 2000 manse 261800 korean 1330 lao 1300 indo 133011500 urdu 1300 bang 1500 roundup of worldwide favorable reaction to andropov's stmt, quoting bloc and western press and personalities. 15-3 min: C l eng?nter 0710 19'-0 1440 18-t0 2010 2110 frenchinter 262100 W spancuba 01C0 enguk 2000 german 1600 finnish 1630 french 1830 dari 261700 17-00 greekcy 1800 polish 1500 hung 2000 serbo 2000 albanian 26-1530 13- 0 bulgarian 261630 1630 korean 0930 1330 viet 1000 1300 mand 1230 lao 1300 camb 1330 indo 1330 1500 bur 1430 urdu 300ng 15-70) pe-" C3,4 17 summary pravda editorial article, discussing wide-ranging u%3ort for andropov's stmt. (orbita 252300) (6 min: bulgarian le summaries arabatov izvestiya on andropov's stmt. .(ttaasse 251113) (enginter 0710 1010 1810 Viet 1000) q,, 2 7 NUV I idi reports datelined panama city, prague and vienna on 05 u5. ositive responses to andropov stmt. (approx 300 words: tassr 1200) Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610007-0 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610007-0 (ad-O J2o nikolay gratsianov on andropov's stmt west european ,5fypl, parliamentary decisions for deploying of u.s. nuclear missiles create -GW De~lo~ n,~ssl~~s ,4F serious situation. their doing makes geneva talks btwn u. s. and ~St us-sr sertiseless. (4 min: german 1700) (~S G G ITh held in kiev and moscow. (home 261600) (frenchinter 262100 german 1700 port Fr 261830 swahili 161730 1730) ntvws with soviet ppl in moscow street approving (portbraz 252200) (7.5 min: korean 1130) rreporters' accounts of rallies in support of andropov's stmt anon on support expressed by soviet ppl re andropov's deemration, quoting textile worker, volga workers director, kis-~irev- brigade ldr, poet. (3.5-3 min: home 05A0 1600 orbita 0500 1600) 2 - (viktor antilov) on mtgs held throughout soviet union in I, r II ~' sup;ort of andropov's declaration on deployment of u. s. missiles in bi t?'/ eu;.:re(3 min: spar-la 3086) pats s 25 summary anon pravda on beginning of deployment of american Lt-S 'P.epbv(/first:-strike nuclear weapons in western europe. (350 text: tasse ~Z S hLie- 075E tassr 262222) 26 summary anon pravda favorably appraising soviet proposals for Urn 14 Wk SSl f e nuclear missiles in europe. (5 min: dari 261-700) 5 .00 2 7 NOV 1993 27 izvestiya intvw with romesh chandra,' wpc poresident, scoring u.s. admin's adventurist policy, re-deployment of cruise in europe. hailing soviet peace policy. (400 text: tasse 0908 tassr 0750) /I Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610007-0 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610007-0 2 ' summary anon izvestiya on visit to bonn by president f. mitterrand and their talks on european security. (400 text: tassr 1150) 29 summary izvestiya editorial on washington's turnabout re geneva talks. (500 text: tasse 1119 tassr 0725) L- 5 ,3O sofia report on stmt issued by bulgarian govt re u.s. 3u~9~ missiles. (450 text sent: tasse 0845 tassr 0630) L L,5 31 anon on stmt issued by heads of churchase and religious assns of ussr, expressing deep concern re growing danger of milit 1~(-S P,q14 i catastrophe as result of deployment of u. s. missiles in europe. &A/ , cc,1eJ(50+, text sent: tasse 0515) it's 32 Lass political news analyst anatoly krasikov on u.s. nuclear missiles and danger they pose for world peace, contrasting lwssliesu. s. adventures with socialist countries strides for world peace. (4511 text: tasse 1005 tassr 0829) 3:3 account of georgy zubkov remarks on soviet tv program intnatl panorama on proposals tabled at geneva talks by ussr, u.s. ~S deployment of cruise in europe and agreement reached btwn ussr and S` other socialist countries for countermeasures. (500 text: tasse /h ' s5) Icy 15x3 tassr 1545) LAS 2 7 NOV 1983 34 reports datelined come, new delhi, bonn and paris on mass dem'=n-strations and manifestations against deployment of u. s. nuclear missiles in europen calling on u.s. admin to rethink its-milit startegy. (350 text: tasse 1615 tassr 1020) - ? Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610007-0 C Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610007-0 tak3 3 of several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 27 nov 83 'I,AI 35 anon "soviet stance on settlement of issue of reducing nuclear US weapons in europe. (korean 261330) (frenchinter 262100 spancuba 0100- p,ETIN a f r 261830 ,) a p 261200) 0,5 1K- 3a anon blaming u.s. for breakdown of geneva nuclear arms talks. k 37 "europe against missiles." (rpt german 251600) (spanish 38 vladen kuznetsov: "the extent of danger," on deployment of U.S. missiles in europe. (rot german 261700) (port 1800) us 33 yuriy afonin on unga 23 nov vote on antinuc declaration, P.(Ad703cor 'f / ap stand on issue. (5.5 min, sent: jap 264.0Q0) anon on future of europe after u.s. deployment of missiles. D4104 (5. 5 1A-S rn%s611c) (itnfim~ss~l~-S< R~ M 42 report on recent anti-missile movement in frg. : german 1600) united states (rpt german 2 t~~vr 1983 33 "talking with you": vyacheslav rostovtsev answers listeners Ut questions on reagan's disarm proposals, and U.S. invasion of grenada. (10 mltl" : spanla 0000) Jn1/aSjo/j 41 aleksandr ikonnikov intvw with (hans kluthe). (5 min: german 1700) Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610007-0 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610007-0 PkktSf l ~rcr-u-d-~. ULI~ 44 viktor (maykhin) on subversive activities of cia which have assumed a global character, citing examples in grenade, Indochina, central america and lebanon, noting one of its main targets in south asia is ndia, also undeclared war against afghanistan, citing observers in asia noting that pakistan has been made cia springboard in south and southwest asia, pointing out that islamabad's connivance with cia subversive activities against india and afghanistan cannot make for a normal situation in region, claiming washington assigns the cia role of a finger that points to next victim. (3 min:"nginter 0940 beng 1500) 45 tars polit commentator Caskold biryukov) reviewing u.s. position in grenada incident, saying u.s. would do same thing in asia as in grenada while citing strait of malacca and various in far east, also citing south korean plane incident. VC`s5 r?yits 6LSt ~ (3. 5 rCA- roundup stmts favoring improved u.s.-ussr relations, quoting fdr on ve day and harodl ickes and senator (games e. murraq ) of montana on 10th anniv of u.s.-ussr diplomatic Z) f- exchangn (5 min: engna O; Otl lom (1 gJtJ 47 valentin zorin on anniv soviet-u.s. relations, recalling his mtg with maksim litvinov, who told zorin of his conversations with roosevelt when diplomatic relations were formalized, maintaining u.s. president's guiding 'common sense' in these relations is not displayed by current u.s. leaders, stressing that if current u.s. leaders remembered roosevelt's foreign policy ideas in current relations there would be no anxiety about a possible holocaust, brierly quoting soviet message to u.s. on anniv. 2 7 NOV 1983 2300) (6 min: engna Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610007-0 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610007-0 LA S (L5 Le bgn/o, 48 Soviet press on soviet-u. s relation l . s: a l soviet papers mt551CS published andropov's stmt on missiles (3 min): pravda reports showing of 'the day after'; last friday's mtg btwn soviet and lebanese cps was reported, involving chernenko and ponomarev; CP ?v) 1v u-ss(Z zve;tiya has article analyzing u. s. invasion of grenada; nedelya t,y ?'""?`a intvw with californian businessman, in which u. s. claims of -Tj4 /a51oa lada^olrs polluting air is noted. (engna 2300) f 49 vladimir-pozner 'daily talk' on luxury and poverty in ,~~Slydv ----~ -c,y?a co.::svvt tengna 2300) take 4 of several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 27 nOv 83 1 d 28 14.05 c0 aleksandr zholkver quoting at leanth prof Schlesinger, -TJ/IO american historian, to support argument that u.s. intervention in Co "Ji (-grenada was morally and legally indefensible. (5 min: --5 freAhinter 262100) 51 mikhayl taratuta replying to canadian listener who suggests combining best features of soviet and canadian society, noting trade is .3 good example for coop, but canada's econ depends so much on u. s. , and canada often gives in to u. s. wishes, pointing out ussr supports coop through trade, as an alternative to nuclear war, but if reagan has his way there will be no one left to trade with. S (enr na 2300) b-S i,) r q 27 NOV 1983 52 "encounter with chile": anon on situation in chile caused by violence unleashed by cni which chilean citizens demand be dismantled. (17 min, incl music: spanchile 2-100) Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610007-0 (13 min: spanchile 2130) book by chilean author isabel col mbian senator, on his book on latam and soviet ethnic groups to be pub),.,ished in soviet union. (4 min: spanla 0000) 58 vyacheslav osipov on fact that argentina is one of soviet union-'s main commercial partners, pointing out soviet participation in ,ous latam projects (5 min: spanla 2300) 2 7 NOV 1983 -:: anon on soviet documentary on nicaragua. (6 min: spanla 2300) 61 aleksandr petrov on paraguayan communist antonio maidana's yeain prison in paraguay. (12 min: spanla 2300) - Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610007-0 53 report on letter published in chilean magazine addressed to Chilean soldiers wo were deployed througout santiago to repress 11 aug demo, letter points out that they are being used in a dirty war i, ainst ppl to which they, themselves, belong. (4 min: spanchile 213 54 "talks with chile and chileans": soviet journalist (gennadiy perskin) on 18 nov demo which points out chileans' des' to return to democracy. (4 min: 'spanchile 2130) /, ) intvw with romesh chandra, chmn wpc, on week of solidarity with central america and caribbean. (rpt czech/slovak 261600) (enlinter 1410 1810 2110 frenchinter 262100 spancuba 0100 spanla 2300 german 1600 finnish 1630 greekcy 1800 portaf 261830 swahili730 polish 1500 hungarian 2000 serbo 2000 kor 1330) 59 second part of anselmo septien intvw with bolivian communist carios soria, reviewing econ situation in his country. (5 min: Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610007-0 w-%at : rr, .a hard to find way out of economic blind alley, stressing that unemployment, protective mechanisms, and above all european monetary system, do not work on competitive world markets. (300 text: tasse 0710 tassr 262237) 62 summary lev strzhizhevskiy pravda on eec mbr states trying 63 summary sovietskaya rossiya on racial discrimination in Y britain.1. (rot ben d 251500' (hind 1400) 64 "notes of a publicist": boris tumanov on 18th session of french-soviet standing commission on trade. (rpt french 262030) (french 830) 1 us 65 "life, works, and struggle of karl marx": on how french workers took over power during french revolution. (3 min: spanla 0001) 66 "meetings with soviets": intvw with captain of black sea freighter, who has an interest in Spain and spanish ppl, mentioning he is chmn odessa branch of ussr-spain friendship society, noting interest in odessa for spain and spanish ppl, recalling visf.t to odessa by delegation of Spanish trade unionists. (6 mi;y~ Spanish 262000) ussr supsov congratulatory telegram tokoivi_sto on his 60th 'birthday. (tasse 251257) (one min: mayak 232200) P 68 report on soviet-Finnish seminar in moscow dealing with questions of soviet-finnish trade, citing intvw with export sec of teraeselementii oy, who describes her company's trading with TI~(aXk-- ussr in supplying steel elements for construction, mentioning that prospects for further trade are considered good as soviet side has come to know good quality of products supplied by company. (5 min: finnish 1630) _!I 27NOV1983 with reps of converta and elopak, two finnish firms r--, Pit a4- (8 min: finnish 1630) taking part in intl packaging exhibition, describing their firms' link' With soviet foreign trade organizations and hopes for future Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610007-0 ;~ ' Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610007-0 take ' of several -- commentarg list: moscow consolidated 27 nov 83., 1d281453 70 "africa as we see it": report an dos santos visit to soviet warship visiting luanda port, noting dos santos addressed officers and men aboard ship (Vi)i vladimir m-ikhaylov on role multinatls in reagan admin's africa policy (4.5 min ); anon on econ11 revival actiyi-ties in eritrea (3.5 min). (12 min overall: somali 261600) econom,v..., (rpt angaf 241700) (engaf 1700 2000) taddesse tamirat, director of ethiopian studies at addis aba~ls univ, on relations btwn historians from ussr and ethiopia. (r =m-ha 'r- 241530 on 25 note )1st) (amharic 1530) kS I 71 vladlen mikhaylov on reagan's protection of multinatls in africa. (4.5 min: swahili 1730) CA- & 74 aleksandr sargeyev replying to nigerian listener's question as to whether african countries will always have to ask rich nations fpt aid. IZ -- 2 7 NOV 1983 75 report on stmt by angolan president ,dose eduardo dos santos, during his visit to soviet warship "novorossiysk." (3.5 min, sent: coyt &--I portarr 61-830 swahili 261730) nikolay fedorov on asmara conf on rebuilding of eritrean anon on 20th anniv un declaration against racism, scoring ~_Q from the first been a bitter enemy of all natlib figs tsrs, anc and swap0, pointing to america's coop with south afr1c in this respect. (engafr 1700 2000) opposition to natlib mvmt in southern africa, maintaining (rot engaf 221700) (engaf 17002000) to rea are admin has Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610007-0 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610007-0 77 boris gan noting u.s. admin has welcomed positive vote on , U4_ new south african constitution, noting referendum has been denounced by world public, pointing out Washington's applause is another prc+p((~, indication of continuing rapprochement, recalling that pretoria was one of first to congratulate washington on grenada action, :T.4,/concluding that in a challenge to world community one group of statesmen favoring terrorism praises another. (3 min: enginter LA., S 14T0 ,1-010 2fi0) (,tS roundup soviet press.comment on poor treatment and suffering of non-white children under racism in south africa and namibia, 79 maryam abu ash-shabab, last but one in series, on tragic events at ar-rashidiyah camp during initial stages of israeli invasion of lebanon. (arabic 15$0") 2.0 anon on un declaration 29 nov as intl day of solidarity with palestinian ppl, sec of soviet cmtee of friendship and solidarity P soviet ppl's support of palestinian struggle against impist-zionist aggr asion under leadership of sole rep plo. (ambit 15@A4--- + anon "the wrong direction" on forthcoming lib of Jerusalem man-=vvej in iran. (rpt persian 261700) (persian 1500 1700) 27NOV1983 E-2 anon on iranian publication (sepehr) which contains false evi.ence of so-called soviet-tudeh collusion. (5 min, sent: p e r i -a n,4 )0 17O D) with arab palestinian ppl speaking of.soviet activities, reiterating Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610007-0 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610007-0 83 yuriy glukov pravda replying to listeners' letters on future prospects of iran-iraq war, citing efforts of nam and other intl bodies who have been stymied by iran's insistence of reperations, C~IJ maintaining Iran's chauvinistic attitude of war until final victory indicates that true essence of rev has been forgotten, pointing out this war is only filling coffers of arms suppliers, mentioning that u.s. has dispatched its task forces and aircraft car:?isr enterprise to gulf waters ever since iran threatened to close 4 oimuz strait. (7 min: persian .1-00 184DA) 84 summary selskaya zhizn claiming that separatist action by turkish cypriot leadership, harboring a threat of island's division, is a direct consequence of machinations by impism and reactionaries in cqprua and around it, (300 text: tasse 0740 tassr 262215) 8 "friendship and coop": thanking mbrs of soviet club for their letters and presenting talk by (badruzova), employee of moscow rainl:,w publishing house on pringint of bengali books in ussr also citing intvw with soviet student who mentioned about popularity of be,y.ii in ussr. (20 min, incl music: beng 1500) C ei^hanistan Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610007-0 TAT Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353ROO2201610007-0 O1 - 90 yuriy kulikov reportage on recent visit to afghanistan, menticning interrogation in kabul of a bandit who described his 5J- training in pakistan which was on model of green beret training, noting in all provinces he saw photographs and arms of foreign 0, manufacture captured from bandits, scoring cia training and support 1u of afghan counterrevs. (5 min: enginter 1531.) SU1iU tak? if of several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 27 nov 83 91 program for chi youth: youth life briefs, incl youth ( uppcrting andropov stmt, sov youths complete siberian hydropower t stn, komsomol 1st sec receives polish youth deleg ty_ anon PO to... wSsR- int?.,w with uzbekistan construction workers (5.5 min); anon on mpr founding anniv, friendship of mpr, sov youth, sov aid to mpr min). (25.5 min, overall: mand 1600) ia/far east 27NOV1993 92 Fedor rozov) on u.s. military presence in asia and pacific, P K( hpf recalling theodore roosevelt's call for buildup u,s. strength beyond its borders, noting today u.s. bases have nucl-ear weapons, touching on growing relations btwn usa and pakistan, sri lanka andi 1 ipp ines. (6 min: 50 enginter 1531) Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353ROO2201610007-0 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610007-0 93 anatoliy aleksandrov citing antara on closure of american oil company stanvac in indonesia. (rnt indo 241330) (6 min: indo 1330 1 n A- Gul6- S(6- mand 9:~6$) G( S 91. 95` report on 24 nov closing session of sov-jap women's conf, incit Aches, gist of communique. (8 min: ,dap 261200) 94 muratov on ,dap mil buildup, noting growing antiwar mvmnt, oting econ pressure by u. s., alarm of asian ppl. (6 min: asian communist 96 ndemic on korean poet of 860 ad. (6 min: mand 1230) STAT 98 anon on sov-viet coop, citing pham van dong's 23 nov pravda _? -war IHLU 5tims on coop btwn workers. (9 min, poor: eurcce 99 summaries anon pravda on cooperation btwn socialist countries, S enabling them to increase their econ potential. (6-5.5 min: Polish I~Q hungarian 2000 serbo 2000 korean 0930 viet 1-000) 5 C- ~ report on outcome of viist made by polish foreign minister olsi:;wski in Indochinese countries stressing identical view of all parttias concerned on relations and coop among themselves. (6.5-5.5 min. c m 13J0 lao 1300) .WI 27NOV1983 101 "along path toward integration": miscellaneous items on recent cema conf discussing fuel and power supply matters, ska'.-ronskiy, with musical illustrations. (30 min, overall: bulgarian 261630) on sci-tech coop btwn bulgaria and ussr in machine building, on itr from bulgarian published in druzhba journal which is published in ussr in bulgarian and on feature of soviet pianist alexey Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610007-0 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610007-0 102 aleksandr nikolayev on cema coop in field of light industry, S _ recalling also soviet aid to albania in construction of light f b1 -, indf stf factories. (5 min: albanian 261530) 10''~ intvw with (valentina budayeva), worker in moscow clothing factory who attended 1959 congress of albanian-soviet friendship 10c,"/'i tom- society in tirana, stressing close cooperation btwn ussr and albania at the time, citingfrom albanian press at time of benefits derived by albfi~ia from this coop, (7 min: albanian 261530) 104 text of izvestiya article devoted to 39th anniv of albania's 34., Ub ltberanon. (7 min: albanian 1530) (b it a Jt& C WW)/ pR 10? "on routes of friendship." (rpt polish 261400) (18 min: IC',G "diary of soviet-yugoslav ties": chronicle of events, including: yugoslav vice-premier srebric received tikhonov 24 nov; fun,_tion held in seamen's club in yalta marking yugoslav natl holiday; delegation of municipal cmtee of lc of split visting OdN/~/odessa; grigoriy kvasov, former ldr of soviet delegation at belgrade mtg of rectors of sovet and yugoslav schools of higher :learning, sends greetings to his yugoslav friends re yugoslav natl holiday; several yugoslav construction industry workers employed by intereksport construction firm in belgrade are intvwed on their living conditions in moscow; noted soviet musicologist ivan martinov greetings on yugoslav national holiday. (serbo 1700 2 2 7 NOV 1983 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610007-0 magazine program:'incl intvws with number of soviet albanologists on their articles and works on albanian literature, langu and history. (3 min: albanian 1530) 106 voices of friendship, program for gdr listeners. (rt)t- C1 aermAr 251.700) (16 min: german 1600) Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353ROO2201610007-0 6 ~A- S O 5 report on return to earth of soviet cosmonauts aleksandrov and,tkhov. (3 min: german 1600) 5 114 summary anon pravda on flight.of salyut-7 complex. f~ S (300 text: tasse 2112 tassr 1120) 115 anon report on (baikonur) space stn in kazakh ssr where (,t SS(Z_ ~~ soviet cosmonauts arrived from space trip. (4 min: korean 1320) 116 anon outlines conclusion of 5-month soviet cosmonauts mission analyzing significance of mission results Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353ROO2201610007-0 lenin 109 19th in series of talks by maria (prelizhayeva) based on leni s biography. (11 min: persian 1800) ace 110 resume of soviet press on u.s. plans to militarise space and on soviet proposalt o ban space for milit purpsoes, quoting krasnaya zvezda, foreign military review, new times, pravda and w 1~ Sul izvesi.ya. (5 min: enginter 2010) CcS t k? 7 of 7 -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 27 nov 83 ld2 '504 i1i anon sci reporter on work of lyakhov and aleksandrov in space a cp oration. (5-4.5 min: Swahili 1.730 spanla ..2200) 1%2 station commentator on completion of mission by lyakhov and for soviet scientific exploration of spcae. (2.5 min: greekcy 1800) e:~san~drov. (rpt enginter 241410) (enginter 1410 1810 2110) 117 summary of space activities of lyakhov and aleksandrov. l 27 NOV 1983 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610007-0 118 summary of highlights from soviet cosmonauts' press conf at balikonur consmodrome. (mayak 261330) (enginter 0710 1010 engna 0001 spanla 0000 german 1700 polish 1500 hungarian 2000 serbo 2000 bungarian 1630 korean 1330 camb 1330.lao 1300 indo 1330 1500 urdu 13000 lao 1300 indo 1330 1500 urdu 1300 bur 1430) life in ussr ,119 summary pravda editorial, 28 nov, "shock work for finish of year," on determined strengthening of state and labor discipline. LkS5(L .ti (a.5--min: orbita 2300) 121' report on cpsu cc politburo regular session. 25_0},(home 251840; 3 min: albanian 264-530) 122 yuriy rogachev (rp_yak on commissions of mps of ussr supsov discussing draft econ and social development plan for 1984. (rpt Ang nter 261410) (frenchinter 262100) 120 philosopher (kuecheniov) in pravda on nature of sov society. (6 min: mand n7nn) 123 mirror with many facets: incl feature on how sov public followed with interest rescue operation mounted for soviet ships stranded in frozen northern seas. (rnt Somali 221600 on 23 nov list) (s nali 1600) lftftft~ / 1c=' questions and answers: incl reply on religious freedom in ussr. (rpt Somali 191600) (somali 261600) 12_5 visitors: cuban students: spancuba 0100 100, 12a misc internal ussr items: 65 global 3 sov 7 democ 8 eur (,(SS(t 12 no latam 6 afr 9 mideast 4 asc 3 asnc 5 unpr enginter 0800 0900 1000 1100 1200 1500 1600 1700 1800 1900 2000 2100 2200 frenchinter 1700 germaust 2000 poorest: italian 1800 arabic 1730 frenchafr 262030 poor: engafr 262000 engafr 1700 viet 1300 1400 lao 1300 part missed: mace 261800 11 2 7 Nov 1963 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610007-0 Vb