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December 22, 2016
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June 18, 2009
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November 28, 1983
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Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610008-9 %TAKE 1 OF SEVERAL -- COMMENTARY LIST: MOSCOW CONSOLIDATED 28 NOV 83 LD291320 ~ % o2~s v 301 1 TASS COMMENTATOR BORIS PROHOROV ON FORTHCOMING 35TH ANNIV OF SIGNING UNGA DOCUMENT FORMULATING BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS. (450 TEXT SENT: TASSE 1105 TASSR 1015) STAT G 5esSiod9 3 JOSE MIGUEO VARA`SpS INTERVIEWED ON MTG HELD BY INTERNATIONAL JOURNA 5TS ASSOCIAT?:0IN PARIS. (9 MIN: SPANCHILE2100) 1 4 PORT ON INTERNATIONAL CCNF "CHILDREN CONDEMN IMPERIALISM" IN ANGOLA, FEATURING STMT BY CHILEAN YOUTH WHO CONDEMNS PINOCHET REGIME. (4.5-4 MIN: ENGINTER 1410 181-0 PORTBRAZ 2000 ITALIAN 1800 FINNISH 1630 ENGAFR 1700 2000 SWAHILI 1730 CZECH/SLOVAK 4-600 POLISH B 1330 LAO 1300 INDO 1330 1500 BUR 1430 URDU 1300) 5 CORR'S REPORT ON MTG HELD TO HONOR TOP STUDENTS OF PATRICE LUMUMCA UNIVERSITY: INTVW WITH TWO INDIAN STUDENTS HONORED AT MTG ON FACILITIES PROVIDED TO THEM AND HIGH STANDARD OF EDUCATIONAT UNIV; UNIVERSITY OFFICIAL ON INDIAN STUDENTS GRADUATING FROM UNIVERSITY PLAYING IMPORTANT ROLE IN THEIR NAIL LIFE ON RETURN. (8. 5,M,IN: HIND 1400) 6 (BUJIAG), REAP PERSON OF CEMA SECRETARIAT, ON COOP BTWN CEMA AND DEVELRPING COUNTRIES. (5 MIN: MAND 0700) (Jo/Lal 1c~'-'l 7 "TWO LINE STRUGGLE IN WORLD POLIT ARENA": ANON SAYS DEVPG, NONALIGNED COUNTRIES SUPPORT SOV FOREIGN POLICY DESIGNED TO MAINTAIN WORLD PEACE (5.5 MIN); ANON ON WASHINGTON-TOKYO-SEOUL AXIS, CITING -~-~ ITS EFFORTS IN MILIT BUILDUP IN CONTRAST TO SOV EFFORTS TO PROMOTE I , ....y .k .-w:MY:s...,. ,...: w.-r...:. ..n,k sw.`.:....pa.,r.....a.r+?tite.:.a. a .r..,: ee; ? . .s, .:d.;~ ~;F` 'oe IL) PEACE (5 MIN). (10.5 MIN: MAND 1600) 28NOVmn? -3- Kw iq Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610008-9 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610008-9 eU C 8 (NOVKOV) ON SOV ECO RELATIONS WITH DEVELOPING COUNTRIES ON BASIS 9 "OUR CORRESPONDENTS REPORT." (RPT ENGAFR 271700) (PORTAFR 2718;0-k. Ik S - I - Aa, , (A (L- r+4(~,l Wc," 1L Ia P LL INFLATION, QUOTING NYT ON FACT THAT 7,000 MILLION DOLLARS WILL CREATE MORE JOBS IN HOUSING CONSTRUCTION OR OTHER INDUSTRIES, RATHER THAN IN MILITARY COMPLEX, MENTIONS POVERTY AMONG PPL IN EEC 6 COt~t?iITRIES. (3 MIN: HOME 1745) LA S 11 "INTNATL COMMUNIST AND LABOR UNION MOVEMENT": RODNEY ARISMENDI, SEC QEN OF URUGUAYAN COMPARTY SCORES U. S. INTERVENTION IN GRENADA; REPORT ON RECENT CONGRESS HELD BY BRITISH COMPARTY; INTVW WITH MBR OF BRITISH COMPARTY MBR TALKS ABOUT PARTY'S STRUGGLES FOR WORKING CLASS; CPUSA CONGRESS HELD IN red-~ CLEVELAND IN WHICH IT WAS DECIDED TO FORM FRONT OF DEMOC FORCES; LJJL.. MOROCCO COMPARTY CELEBRATE ANNIV ECUADOREAN COMPARTY CONDEMNED U. S. MILIT POLICY; RUBEN DARI SOUZA, GEN SEC OF PANAMANIAN COMPARTY II DEC rya r, TED IN USSR. (11 MIN: PORTBRAZ 2-300) tkf 12 TIME, EVENTS AND PPL: INCL VITALIY SOBOLEV ON SOVIET PEACEFUL POLICIES, ROUGH PARITY IN ARMS IN EUROPE AND NATO DETERMINATION TO UPSET THIS (3 Mme); PETR FEDOROV SURVEYS LTRS TO MOSCOW RADIO L U 114 I L UM 1 K Y: 1111. L. IM 1 Y\ULM Y # M Y AIM 10 C.i1LHK lstb UIM KOLA 11 UIMS a I WN (erg?Ia WASHINGTON'S MILITARIST COURSE AND GROWTH OF U.S. UNEMPLOYMENT AND 2 8 NOV 1983 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610008-9 FROM FOREIGN LISTENERS, ON BOURGEOIS LIES, AGGRESSION, WARMONGERY,* AND PEACEFUL, DEMOCRATIC SOVIET POLICIES (6 MIN). (HOME 0900 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610008-9 X13 MAILBAG FOR NORTHAM LISTENERS. (RPT ENGNA 270001) (ENGNA 0001) 14 ANS TO LISTENERS' LTRS. (RPT HUNGARIAN 272000) (HUNGARIAN 2000) AvoPSV/ luny-1 an'' ljlri"`15 MAILBAG PROGRAM: INTRODUCING LTRS FROM JAR LISTENERS ON GOSR, SOV MEDICAL SYSTEM, SOV PEACE INITIATIVES AND OTHER ISSUES. J a l a (24 t~;V, OVERALL: INCL MUSIC: JAP 271200) b U e G 16 ~WqICA MAILBAG. (RPT ENGAFR 261700) (ENGAFR 272000) 1 U WRITE TO MOSCOW FEATURE: IN RESPONSE TO LTR REGUESTING DETAILS OF RADIO MOSCOW PROGRAMS, DETAILS PROVIDED, INTERSPERSED WITH ' Mt"ENTS ON THEM FROM LISTENERS. (ENGUK 2044) take 2 of several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 28 nov 83 ld2?1430 d is arm 1S andropov stmt on deployment of u.s. medium-range missiles (tis-( in europe. (tasse 241811) (15-10 min: enginter 09-10 dari 251.700 U-S ardrup frenchmag-272030 ,dap 271-000: 5-3 min: enginter 9710 1010 frenchinter M(s L),tP I/-I (5rj 272tOO g' rl4an 1000 portaf 271-830 czech/slovak 271-600 ,dap 271-200) ( it U'S anon commenting on andropov's declaration on soviet countermeasures due to u.s. deployment of missiles in europe. DIP q o4 . 5 . A : : spancuba Q100) uS Miss 20 anon on world reaction to deployment of u.s. nuclear missiles in europe. (4 imin: dari 251--60) u1 21 roundup of worldwide favorable reaction to andropov's stmt, quoting bloc and western press and personalities. (rpt -,r.~tr,.gr:.... ,.,~ .~^MiM' ti;~ s; a:t~'::,'e,:.L; "'+Y ;:~+`~','.J E. a::!`?a*??t:t ?.r.gsT+~~! Y r+r::wiR~tel:R`~ :t,. ' '- .r. ,..:._ ._~..: ~.~.t::ti;.~~!' :"~.~i..:.. enginter 27071Q) (enginter 0-7-10'10-10 153`1 spancuba 0-100 frenchinter W 272100 erman 1000 kor 0430 viet 1-000) 001, Os- - /4' ~lwt(llw b4 Plot 2 8 NOV 1983 3.-. 026 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610008-9 ------- Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610008-9 Jan"'' quoting from stmts and commentaries b oliti c VjrAn6J 22 review of intl reactions to yuriy andropov's 24 nov stmt ~.Nd 2A n response to deployment of new nuclear missiles in west europe, y p lans or published by papas from bulgaria, cssr, portugal, ussr, others. (6-3 min: U), engznter 1410 1810 2110 engna 2300 portbraz 2200 italian 184.0 rinniin id.iv german 1600/tw-ice/ psersian 1500 1700 arabic 4730 ~l SSA .--- -- ep Swahili 1 730 albanian 1530 1630 romanian 1700 Czech/slovak 1-600 polish 1400 1500 hungarian 2t300~serbo 17-00 2000 Slovene 1930 kor 1130 1330 viet 1300 camb 1330 lao 1300 burm 1430 urdu 1300 indo 1330 1) ,- reports on soviet ppl's support of andropov's recent stmt on euromissiles, quoting from letters, stmts. (300 text: tasse YK'(SSIIts 1945 tas 1218, 3 min: home 0100 0500 0700 orbita 0100'0500 0700) 24 report on intvws with soviets in support of andropov's rr stmt. ,{9 min: jap 271200) 25 summary arbatov izvestiya on andropov's stmt. (tasse 3~IJ 251613) r6'-'Pin: mand 1230) IC V, S 11-3 roundup african comment on andropov's stmt on missiles, At u Xing two malagasy papers, ethiopian herald and noticias. ClX l ~ 'Or eng J 2000) fhwp-a e (rl 27 aleksandr fedorov discussing andropov's stmt on euromissiles l Cand its signi cance to african r-rssjl~J continent. (sent: engaf 1-700 2090) 0.-F- (am 1, AA 4~ r- 4A *00' '000, U6 -- - - - - - -..--?. - . r. ... .. v _ - -~ , -, ?CL 4CY &ii anaropov s stmt on u.s. missiles in europe. (rpt arabic-261500) (arabic i'S - ~ `153 nikolay gratsianov on gratsianov on andropov's stmt. (rrEt 3~ ?.+es':r.-??.+.,,, -+_+.fe!y'e7'+^:"Z.+1'?';l,~:t~s:.'a/'?::~iefS?.:st: i:..: r-::~6#'k'3'?':b4:'Al7LWJa`5::,=Xlu:'?y.?sY}7Q".. ----- - Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610008-9 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610008-9 stmt by aapso dpty sec gen in cairo in support and welcome vi i IJ1 of andropo `s stmt on deployment of missiles. (arabic 1500) 31 viktor shlenov analyzing official reactions to yuriy andropov`s 24 nov stint by part of those who advocated deployment of nuclear medium-range missiles, noting before definitive deployment of U.S. missiles in western europe, ussr clearly stated and demonstrated its determination and readiness to reach an agent, but also to take necessary countermeasures in case of ,-deployment of new missiles in nato countries, rejecting nato efforts to put blame for breakdown of geneva talks on ussr pointing out ussr is not intending to distort military balance, and is still determined to carry on a foreign policy guided by well-being of 4--A 11" LL mankind. (5 min: german 1700 portuguese 1800 french 1830 finnish 32 vladimir tsvetov on u.s. attempts to weaken incluence on world public opinion of recent statement by yuriy andropov. (sent~-home 1600 orbita 1600) tc 's .33 tass news analyst vassiliy kharkov on stmt by richard perle, assi3tant u.s. sec of defense for intl security policy, in c.bz intvw, that Washington was not going to halt deploymentof u.s. medium-range nuclear missiles in western europe. (400 text sent: tasse 1724 tassr 1256) STAT ---t--35 anon on geneva talks highlighting soviet efforts to reach a mutually acceptable agmt while scoring efforts of u. s. admin to torpedo negotiations so as to justify their deployment of new medium-range missiles in western european countries. (engna 2300) Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610008-9 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610008-9 36 vladimir teplov highlighting andropov's recent stmt on euromissiles, pointing out only way of preventing war and ensuring peace for present and future generations is in reducing nuclear d other weapons, not in piling them up, such as u.s. is doing by commencement of deployment of new u.s. medium-gange missiles n western europe, criticizing u.s. for ignoring and rejecting ,~A?, y1fs//CSsoviet union's constructive proposals at geheva, claiming substance tkS of reagan's policy is to upset existing balance of strength in europe and achieve military superiority by deploying new missiles r-N (L-close to ussr and its allies, stressing that soviet counter-measures are being taken-by deploying tactical missiles n n~I in g C l~rv, d,r,and czechoslovakia. (4 min: engna 0001) 141 -- ~n~3r,~ t z ao=:_ow takp 2 of sev_r.3t :orsol idated 28 nov 83 =or"'- ld2`?i456 37 viktor olin on italian defense ministry acknowledging m`S in s cily. (sent: enginter 2110) SI r~ arrival of first few components of nuclear cruise missiles at a base anatoliy yuryev on stmt issued by italian ministry of defense that shipment of u.s.cruise missiles components to sigonella base 1( It 40' vladlen kuznetsov "the extent of danger," on deployment of ' C II ' ""J u.s. issiles in europe. (rpt german 261700) (spanish 174000) POOq fz~ Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610008-9 (.s STAT Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610008-9 Dt(bt4 militarist line, also citing o er sp Mt5s to new u. s. missiles, pointing to many councils declaring nuclear-free zones, incl madrid itself, stressing that such rea~:tions are understandable, because nato aggressiveness is anything/tut good for Spain's security. (4 min: Spanish 272000) ,I C AI Q-V-zO hostages J- IV I K- a-9 4-A- 11 W, UAA i--- 4. 91 anish organizations opposed N ofwa decis' to break off geneva talks. (sent: Finnish 1630) (,-S vladimir larin on paradoxical situation developing in 41 yuriy konstantinov on scale of protests in Spain against u. s. plans to station missiles in western europe, citing stmt by basyue country peace cmtee saying west european countries will become 42 Witriy kiselev refuting stmt by norwegian premier, kaare willoch, re attitude adopted by norwegian govt on soviet europe, maintaining U.S. had no intention of reaching an agmt with ussr at geneva talks on limiting nuclear arms in europe, that emphasis from very beginning has been on siting new U.S. 3q(oI m i s yy,LSs1IBS at any cost. (sent: enguk 2000) Qc talks in geneva'?" "who is responsible for breakdown of criticizing u. s. attitude at geneva for breakdown of talks on limiting nuclear arms in europe, also mentioning debate on washington and calling for unity against nato's crazy Y1UL briti/s) and french nuclear potential. (enduk 2000) lt-~ F cut CSC- O) report on most recent actions and manifestations staged m/_ by anti-missile a fW Is s i ms den:r j5x~ m,/,, ussr is to balme for failure of geneva disarm talks, and that mvmt in west european countries, such as in frg, and other countries. 2 8(I4i1983 german 1600) 10-00' vladimir ostrogorskiy on new psychological propaganda campaign launched by bonn govt in order to discredit peace mvmt, noting this campaign is based on two arguments, notably that only mvmt has resigned to fatalism aue vo currei7L ea?re+?+rp1???--? stressing that peace as most recent demos (3 Itin: german 1600) uS Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610008-9 mvmt is determined to carry on its protests, near U.S. military bases in frg indicate. Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610008-9 47 reportage from peace rally of soviet doctors near moscow, pe?`~~calling for further support of appeal for prevention of a nuclear C where theu sooke aaainst effects of nuclear war. (5 min: greek ar. (4 : german 1.700 portuguese 1W0) c~- 4E port on meeting of soviet and greek doctors in moscow 271 C 49 communist leader (vladimir protopopov) on soviet peace-l+v'ng policy. (7 min: portbraz 2200 2300) 5dK-We'urope against missiles": roundup brief reports of interest for peace mvmt (4 min).; (gernard lir:dner), dpty chmn g,dr peace council, voicing support for andropov's 24 nov stmt Q,Ad.rOPc / ( min); rene urbany, chmn luxembourg cp, supporting soviet e aid S pea;--e policy (3 min); report on large and growing intl mvmt opposing deployment of nuclear missiles, incl details on protest kVL(t carried out by british women at greenham common, also citing nikoiay yolkin intvw with frg movie maker peter fleischmann Lk on his picture on dangers resulting from storage of chemical rAi5slIeSeap ~ (e= (17 min overall: gejrp-a~ .T rj) iss r O ao, "moscow mailbag": incl reply to vienna listener about numbers of medium range missiles of ussr and nato, mentioning figwres published by pravda on 30 act. (engineter 1231) LJ .- tj ks " ""' Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610008-9 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610008-9 take 4 of several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 28 nov 83 1d29 1 457 united states 52 summary sergey losev international affairs, december issue, on how intl terrorism, brigandage and banditry have been elevated by usa to rank of state policy. (1,100 text sent: tasse 1750 (A c 53 summary pravda carrying map of world showing places of u.s. intervention since world war two, and supplying record of crimes of imperialism. (450 text: tasse 0936: 6-4 min: camb 133:., l a o 'M00 k o r 1330 u r d u 1300 i n d o 1330 1500 bur 1430) tk S 54 summary pravda on u.s. military bases abroad and danger ovak 1600 polish 1500 hung 2000 serbo 1700 2000 kor 1330 28NOV1983 56 aleksandr zholkver dealing with developments in grenada pos d to all sovereign states. (300 text: tasse 0833) 55 summaries pravda on terrorism as chief instrument of.u. s. foreign policy, and attempts to justify this by nazi-invented scare of soviet threat. (300 text: tasse 0930: 3 min: enginter 1440 1810 portbraz 2200 spanla 2300 ital 1800 finn 1630 german 1660 persian 1500 1700 Somali 1600 swahili 1730 buig 1630 since u.s. milit intervention almost one month ago. this military intervention, which has become milit occupation, is example of u.s. foreign policy in general. throughout past 30 yrs usa again and of unscrupulous and terrorist ways and methods of washington's land again carried -out similar opera Eions all 'over v;orld, which always served u.s. imperialist interests, were an expression of washington's almost unlimited pretension to spheres of interest foreign policy. (8 min: german 1600) U3 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610008-9 -- Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610008-9 Q4V\ LO-f b-eo- W ILS (90(L 60 vladimir pozner daily talk: recalls spirit of elbe with burial in gdr of Joe-(poralsky), who worked for betterment of 57 intvw with rev dr Jhn morgan, president of canadian peace congress, says u.s. interventionin grenada was to show that usa is prepared to invade and use force in other central american and caribbean states if there was need to do so. u.s. big business wants to keep world in such a state that super profits can continue to be extracted. Western media, owned by corporations, have an interest in distorting soviet peace efforts, refutes reagan's allegations that struggle for peace in a communist plot. (5 min: enginter 1650) (c 58 vladlen kuznetsov an east-west confrontation which present washington admin is applying itself to worsen in every possible way in support of its imperialist aims across world. (6 min, poorest: italin 2000) LAS 517 report on 22 nov press conf held for sov and foreign Journalists in kiev during which speakers exposed links of'cia with u nian nationalists. itassr 220300) (E min: engna 0001) relations btwn usa ;nd ussr. story was carried in pravda and speaks of continuation of s,3viet policy which is not anti-american. elbe is more than a river in germany; it recalls 1945 linkup of soviet and american soldiers. (poralsky) was laid to rest, but spirit of elbe lives on. (engna 2300) 1S U I ?/ .a:,?, w.america5 ( O 2g NOV 1983:w,yv~:r:. a, :,.r. xn;.._~-^ ~tii4t +c;#~? . Cen a"` Ccw.b4~ 61, intvw with romesh Chandra, wpc chmn, on week of soldiarity with central america and caribbean. (rpt czech/slovak 261600) (enginter 0710 10-10 frenchinter 272100 spancuba 01-00 german-1000 Czech/slovak 271600) Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610008-9 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610008-9 62 prof boric (gvasdurov), writer on latam problems, presents. analysis of oas general assembly. perhaps it was first such stormy I in organization's history. delegates denounced reagan admin's a policy of intl terror. more and more latam reps at oas have been coming out against u.s. domination not only on econ issues but also on key political problems. in opinion of latam political observers, use found itself in defendants box. latam nations came out in defense of intl law principles, soviereignty and self-determination of ppls, and noninterference in internal affairs. (4 min:/en inter 2110) 63 part one of unrehearsed discussion, hosted by viktor yenikeye' with dr bogdanov and dr sergey (plekhanov), soviet experts on usa as guests, discussing situation in and around grenada, Washington's r ad.-a true motives, escalation of undeclared war against nicragua and aim :,f IIaS l v~ - N6C~0.Sqof soivi/5,Q-~this pr:.,blem by milit means. (engna 2300) 0 / 64 "your opinion" listeners give their opinion on U.S. invasion Va (3f'JJLA- -. of grena,. C. 5 min: spnala 0000) CL 65 hernan del canto comment on chile: regime is crippled by corruption, thus, no effort from any faction will serve to save it. short-term solution to crisis will not be possible, despite hopes that many economists have voiced. only deep change will bring about solution in chile. as ppls democratic movt has put it. banks will have to be nationalized, imf mandates will have to cast aside, and foreign debt will have to be rescheduled. ppl are now aware that pinochet must be ousted. del canto decries ~..,,;,,.;~.w,_.:- -. .~,snw.,~yt? y.4}l9AM~Cm?.,}~'"d"'t.+'-'.~Y'U'.. :rttr'`.-,Y~?srwestt}iAKkS!I~iMMhli+?ti.-?ry:X+ditw??:-,~z3F+ 161-t''1.~. .. democratic alliance decision not to let comparty joint alllaince. denies charges levelled against Chilean left, charges that Christian democratic party has thus far hindered unity, raises ppls democratic movt. (Q min: spanchile 2100) 28 NOV 1983 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610008-9 TN Siof> Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610008-9 thL ru.y u-a- Jak? 5 of several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 28 nov 83 66 anon on chile: draws attention to growing demands for dissolution of cni, reports case of worker who set himself on fire, quotes santiago archbishop's concern over cni actions, reports operations of secret jails, refers to document calling for defense of huma ights. (5 min: spanchile 2100) 6' pedro correa's political comment on chile: several sectors have pointed to need to unite. opposition must unite to succeed in struggle against dictatorship. both ppIs democratic movt and democratic alliance have expressed their willingness to achieve unif4, after massive rally held at o'higgings park. correa notes that it is necessary to stage an increasing wave of actions against regime, remarks that general strike will be step forward in struggle for ppls cause, reports demands for dissolution of cni. (7 min: span- 2130) 6 anon reads pre-slur, uruguayan news agency, report on antigovt demcs_gtaged in uruguay. (5 min: spanla 2300) ' 0).,0000 2 8 NOV 1983 69 summary yuriy kharlanov pravda an franca-german summit in r-q I bona, and france's increased military involvement with nato, duleence for bonn's deployment policy. (4 min: mayak 0350) F : f r g i v i n g r a us -max ~K~^?tt~r :~a ," aw?rar?ts~#sei~.t~amr'niyzc'~