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December 22, 2016
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June 18, 2009
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December 1, 1983
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frog: coif declaration and quoting mrs gandhi, robert mugabe and other? criticism of policies of developed commonwealth countries at conf noted, pointing out thacher's speech was in sharp contrast `j ItabaI 1 Summary anon pravda on results of commonwealth summit conf. 2 anon on ending of commonwealth summit. (rpt enginter I j(0, (A.c K, LLC, hind00) k-- Lr U-IS . ivladlen mikhaylov) on commonwealth conf, quoting extensively with it,s overall spirit. (4 min, poor: enguk 2000-) -3 (it l4- 2i n+ba bwZ Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 111oscowconsolidated 1 dec 13J ivan lidin on ending of commonwealth conf in new delhi, which revealed acute differences in outlooks on many issues, ~(lU noting while some countries expressed indignation at america's impudent invasion of grenada, others even supported it, like (r, ~,k? that claimed by mrs thatcher in her, speech, reviewing other issues 1DLO-- disf,-.u\ased by delegates on world problems. (enginter 1531) IA Is Ul . CPW`, - 30141u") (spancuba 0100 enginter 0710 1010 swahili 301730 viet 1000 nSC~~ summary ponomaryev's speech at moscow mtg of reps of M 0 press of communist and rev-democ parties, published in kommunist, QS~ 4 0 Q-P fr C)f on i.mp??r?ialists threat to aria, africa and latam. (450 text sent: ~~tas=,315; one min: enginter 2100 enguk 2000 italian 2000) V UYT , - ov""?a, y JUnUn,a,"yrv a vpwv4-n c!6 muut VW mby or reps or press of communist and rev-democ parties, published in kommunist, on u.s. admin's crusade against socialism. (450 text sent: tassr 1123; 4 min: portbraz 2200 spanla 2300; brief: portbraz 220 =300 spanla 2300 germaust 2000) us 1/ 010EC1983 "socialist countries and african countries that follow socialist policy," program on fishing in vietnam,and soviet-congo collaborations. (14 min: somali 301600 1600 portafr 1830) 14t 6'I Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 3 suinrnary emil markov, head of intnatl info of bulgarian compaity cc, pravda article charging u.s. and western europe with adopting dangerous policy of turning sphere of intnatl relations into arena of phychological war against socialism. (400 text: tasse 0800 tassr 302220) VS STAT STAT L P& ~UZI 1"(J' CLYt\ 1~ s - a6 deployment plan. t (450 text: tasse 1028 tassr 0948) STAT (') ,3s,),ZrescIution passed by (6 +iiin), Chilean tus leonid fedorov on german social-democ party against euromissiles demand pinochet's resignation: africa now article says trade unions in numerous african countries have been penet ed by cia (3.5 min). (home 1230) us-d- Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 U J II_ Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 Tx At DV L. socialist r.onmunzty 0_1"tor alyenchevi on anniv of d-yy~t- t-. MLSSI1 -nj0t idn ri3t1 day: indl achvts in socialist countries in past . , 9e\' fir, spot Ng pravda; econ devpt in vietnam; andropov's recent stmt aneu _siles (7 min: jap 301000) VIA 1 14-n ,0 -line struggle on world political stage": shakov on need ' nw& to C" nuc armaments, rapping u. s. for raising world tensions bloci.ing disarm talks s min); platov on resumption of _~-~~ ~~ afgt :a n; Pakistan dialogue aimed at reducing tension caused by s. he emonists in asia ( min). (11 min: mand 1600) 15 time, events and ppl: incl editor vladimir (kolikov) per, is ')L/V f jk'+Jseveral -- commentary list: moscow consolidated above; extent of unemployment in west. (home 0900 orbita 0900) iten, on ltrs received from soviet ppl expressing support for ndic:puv's stmt, brest corr guretskiy recalls how long it took o ;-e,_over from last war, intvwing children's doctor on need to Sd' keep peace and avoid nuclear war; yuriy mozhayev exposes facts Ill-, reports datelined tokyo, vienna, brussels and paris on economic difficulties in world. (approx 380 words: tassr 0830) :7 intvw with (valentine fedotova), editor of soviet woman magazine, re 38th anniv of widf, on formation of intnatl democ women's league, calls for preventing increase of widows, notes struggle of women against deployment of u. s. (N~ MLsS ~ feS missiies in west europe, antiwar movements in italy, and elsewhere, urges women to demand arms reduction and oppose war. 0'4- .5 min: enginter 1650 polish 1500 hung 1730 kor 1130) _ 01 DEC 1983 Lt S 18 "forum of contemporary social and political problems": Soviet economist vadim tuyshev on soviet ppl's attitude to work within framework of soviet socialist society where productivity w,&A, 66~~is highly valued, whereas in greece and other eec countries they are suffering from acute unemployment, maintaining all soviet ppl have to rely on work as there is no exploitation of others in ,ialist society. (10 min: greek 1600) Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 a ~- a"y,M 1 mailbag for northam listeners. (rpt engna 270001) (engna s~ c~S 000 20 summaries Sovetskaya rossiya intvw with marshal vasiliy V~- c J U~ pet!-ow, dpty' ussr defense minister, on buildup of conventional '~u.w S L& armaments by u. s. and nato. (300 text: tasse 0842 tassr Vb&V '. cII 302212k 5-3 min: french 1830 portuguese 1800 bulgarian ~Ir~S 1630 polish 1500 hungarian 200); brief: tasse 0545 tassr 302308 an rapov s m on deployment of U.S. medium-range mi U~ n west europe being circulated at un as official document. L. tun \ fwLssi I t g (j ) f 6 22 pravda editorial on unanimous support of soviet ppl i , cdr~ pdv cor a~ndropov's stmt on implementation of plans for deployment of tjdv 300) (5-3 min: enginter 0710 1010 engna ~,I I ~ s ( ($ 01UEC1983 L S OPIpcj 0001 o brat 2200 2300 spanla 2300 Spanish 302230 albanian-1430) anon on unga and security council distributing as official document text of andropov's stmt on euromissiles, giving account of continued world comment on andropov's stmt. (_r-pt IZ4 --ft engineer 301410) (spanla 0801 spancuba-0100 64"X rnr55I/cs geraian 1000 persian 1500 Swahili 301730 Somali 30f600 czech/slovak ? Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 21 d t t ssiles Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 .--4 yuriy soltan on un cmtees mainly deliberating nuclear disarmament where two groups have clearly emerged -- one desiring reduction of intl tension through positive proposals and other bent; n failing these steps, citing support to soviet proposals like: .ona-emnation of nuclear war gaining overwhelming support at un cmtees, says u.s. stand on various issues reflect washington reliance on force to pursue its aims. (5-3 min: ft( eaa.a engint,er 1,410 1-810 2110 german 1600 persian 1-700 dari 1700 turkish 1400 engaf 1700 albanian 1430 bulgarian 1630 polish 1500 serbo 1700 3000 kor 1330 camb 1330 lao 1300 burm 1430 urdu -1200 1300 b.1-500 indo 1330 150Ot- anon: italian 1800 hungarian LLS 25 review pravda reports on positive reaction in foreign z4. media to andropov's 24 nov stmt on euromissiles. (10 min: Srma c 17 ) `tiles m 26 summary pravda report on press conf given by karmal ( ) expressing positive support for andropov's 24 nov stmt on qYIhA euronrissiles. (4 min: persian 186) :17 mulatov on soviet policy of checking nuc arms race which will e r h ki b l n ve c ange see ng a ance, not superiority of nuc OAVVI-5 Qo- tren ? in europe. 1(986 min, r e t: mand 0700 mandsea 1230) -W vladlen kuznetsov "voice of reason, and voice of thoughtlessness," stating that soviet reaction to decision of nato countries to proceed with deployment of new u.s. ,'n iium-range missiles were absolutely necessary not only from di-P.(0 viewpoint of safeguarding its security but also in order not to b c-:,rr,e untrustworthy, maintaining soviet response was responsible, and it takes into account objective of soviet policy to maintain intl peace. (8 min, poor: german 1,200 portug_ese 1800) Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 ' Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 summary pravda editorial article scoring those who gave the i r consent to deployment of u. s. missiles on their ~s t S5 ter,r?itory for trying to play down significance of sovsei: decision to withdraw from geneva talks on reduction of ((C_ nuclear weapons in europe. (300 text sent: tasse 1605 tassr 162O .i-t l ian 1800 serbo 2000) us viktor vasilyev on hypocritical official u.s. recitations rPrI I to interruption of geneva talks by ussr. (rpt enginter 301531) mtss~Icgei;,;ir~rro0 italian -22000) S.a stmt by moses mabidha, sec gen south african cps accusing u.s. admin of deliberately wrecking geneva negotiations thus threatening future of mankind, praising soviet union's r relentless efforts to preserve peace and eliminate danger I~ of war. (4 min: portaf 1830) ~.--. & r--- p 1 DEC 1983 summary (fedor burlaskiy) literaturnaya gazeta OAJ of &) vJ aintaining that andropov's stmt was a necessary response to u.s. stand of regarding geneva talks as a cover to k 'D a/l l b 6) U"1L S5 deploy u? s? missiles in western europe, stressing that u. s. and western leaders will have to answer to public opinion on W Gla/~ their inability to take any realistic action to limit nuclehar arm: europe. (6 min: engna 0001) L :,? tass political news analyst boris shabayev on washington boasting that pershings and cruise missiles are being ~~ ~(pJ delivered to their positions in western europe 'on schedule', SS -streii sir-q alarm of western european public who demand that their govt;s adopt measures to reverse this development. (400 text sent: tasse 1854 tassr 1650) Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 (AS '.ft suvral -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 1 dec 83 ,34 part one of discussion by dr. sergey plekhanov, expert Q,,aqdv on U.I. ,affairs and viktor yenikeyev on lively discussion throughout 2114 01 )world public provoked by andropov8s 24 nov stmt, pointing to signi-: icance of andropov's stmt in exposing threat of u. s. pershing and cruise missiles being deployed in european countries, maintaining that this development made geneva talks on reduction of nuclear m~sSI~QS weapons in europe meaningless, claiming that nato and u. s. did not take seriously proposals put forward by ussr for reduction in .f-PI K- arm-iments, quoting kenneth adelman, head of arms control and disarm ~JC~"ro agencX-\in u. s. that arms talks are a sham. (engna 2300) q's "europe against missiles": report on further development of iM~5cj S anti-missiles discussion and activities in frg, and in u. s. (4 min); review of literaturnaya gazeta article supporting andropov's f* r.~ is5; /es miny, quotations from stmt by high-ranking finnish general, saying vu~~ hat new missiles in western europe also constitute a threat to finland Lane min); summary unsere zeit intvw with frg citizens ~I~1 calling for joint actions to prevent nuclear war and to continue (hlS S~ (f_5 24 nov stmt, summary boston globe article critically viewing I ~~loI deployment of new medium-range missiles in western europe (3- stru,jgle against missiles ( ); soviet lt. dmitriy volkoganov replying to question on peace mvmt in ussr (3 min). (17 min overall: u- "-- germa 100) (.4S'/ Pe c-.- vrrJf" - 3h., report on young communist union-sponsored antiwar mtg of ~_S WA 73 i t youth in moscow. (rat enginter 301410) (german 1000 r kJ :D~~lo ~ swa~ 1~~ i 1730 czech/slovak 301600 jap 301-200 hind MO) Q 1 DEC 1983 37 roundup reports on activities of anti-missile mvmt in frg, F9 Qy~~lm'ss~'italy, (inland, canada, sweden, and u. s. (rpt Berman 301600) ~ AI I"'J (9"r an 1000) 4 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 ~S 'port carrying topical news of interest for anti-missile 61mvmr:. ::uch as stmts of Oft) U. S. medium-range missiles, and stmt by former u. s. s5 in, ~ counter admiral gene laroque. (4 min: german 1600) ((1) roundup positive media assessment of andropovi stmt on soviet stand toward djeplcyment of new u.s. missiles in western europe. (7 min: roundup dispatches by soviet correspondents in tokyo, bonn, rome on mass protests over beginning of work to deploy in ,F P_'_9 , ?ttawa ea )J 0- nato L ~, ~Ja (3 (A-S so CZe Z CA t)~Ji/ V't in frg opposing bundestag decision on deployment ILA, reports from various corrs around world with first consignment of new u.s. nuclear missiles. L_S 41 georgiy gramatchikov on support of andropov's stmt by islist countries. (rpt polish 301500) (serbo 2000) account of social activists from various countries expressing (8 mi poilsn i' jO) over dangerous consequences of deployment of euromrssiles and stressing need for putting a stop to arms STAT 44' nikolay blokhin) president of soviet acad of medical G i scit-rices, on dangerous consequences of nuclear holocaust on mankind with 33 percent killed anad remaining disabled through diseases, salytng it is duty of all ppl to prevent nuclear war and support constructive proposals in this respect. (5-3 min: enginter 1-410 engr.a 2300 portu ese 1800 g german 1-600 persian 1700 dari 1700 turkish 1400 bulgarian 1630 polish 1500 hungarian 2000 serbo 1700 kor 1330 man4! 1230 lao 1300 carob 1330 urdu 1200 1300 beng 1500 indo 1300 " 1 DEC MO two soviet scientists discuss effects-of a nuclear conflict (rot enana 170001) (engna 0001) 0 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 46, v I .a,i -Lm i r tsvetov on horrific consequences of h irosh ima, maitNta,tr,]rrg latest missile deployment is a step nearer to another one. stressing soviet policies are completely devoted to elimination ~4PQ~ ~Slf~~of r c e r horrors. (3 min: home 1600 orbits 1600) STAT G arf" s 2r~- _~, need. -Por-jIl countries to work for peace disarmament. (300 text: 6t~SW tas'e 1950 tassr 1833) tak,: 4 of several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated i dec 83 _nited states =18 summary anon pravda on u.s. crusade against socialism, re reagan signing bill sanctioning subsidizing of psychological warfare. (bulg 301630) (4 min: czech/slovak a- S 449 intnatl diary: incl nikolay agayants on pains to increase numerical strength of u. s. green berets, so usa can get yet another inss;rument to wage its aggressive policies. (3 min: orbita 1030 mikhail mayrov intvws brazilian senator pedro simon on Importance of forthcoming bra ilian congressional delegation visit its /ssr. (5 min: portbraz 2200 2300) 51 tass political news analyst nikolay chigir on reagan's refv dtl to ratify salvador human rights draft. (500 text sent: ~-S { - tas?ae 1018 tassr 1318) 01DEC. tO1"1 5'2 viktor olin on u. s. presence in grneada. ( pt ire en inter 302110) (enginter 0710 1010) Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 X33 "cr-e press witnesses" feature. summary of washington post 3rEIt-Le by (loren jenkinds) on situation in grenada, and comments AA JA\4J b V of bukharov. (10 min: spanla 2300) (k5 Lk X S*,- aleriy vlaskariov) on u.s. plans to invade nicaragua from h duras. (4 min: spanla 2300) 5 icardo saxlund, uruguayan journalist, on L(-S massivv demo against milit regime held last sunday. saxlund answers questions from pepe and katia on meaning of demos against miiit regime, and current uruguayan polit situation. (10 mirr:` spanchile 2130) uriy varanov, soviet journalist, intvws Chileans working in so t steel plant. (6 min: spanchile 2130) 57-""jose miguel varas, chilean journalist, on pinochet's recent remarks made to west german magazine saying chilean ppl support him. of course this is big lie, pinochet said there is ecorn improvement in chile but statistics show oterwise, cost of living is high, inflation eating up salaries. (5 min: spanchile 2100) fff~ Ul) 1E: "mailbag": pepe and katia read and answers listeners ltrs 54 report on pravda and izvestiya coverage of decoration of ub:an ambassador and mtg held with andrey gromyko. (3 min: w--t europe 01 DEC 1983 61) intnatl diary: incl zholkver bonn dispath on growing flick bribe scandal, surveying history of company, which grew rich by supplying arms to hitler and now produces leopard tanks, scandal compared with watergate and tanaka affair. (3 min: h omeyfl745 ) 7 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 1. 1 "good evening austria," program for austrian listeners. 6-LiL 5+(2.1s.- (rpt germaust 282000) (germaust 2000) ci::)1 C-3-,~) Q, representative of banque nationale de paris talks about frePC-h% oil-gas exhibition '83, held in moscow. (4 min: Tf-klt,~ 5po,a (z4 hour contacts": report on natural gas deal btwn ussr and frg, tncludirry intv'w with responsible soviet official (5 min, poor); rep or l or, rescue of shipwrecked frg citizens in mod by soviet fry:;3ntr? ra ; report on soviet coaasting team which will *:ik' ;sort in forthcoming Olympic games in sarajevo 2 Il.:y,: (12 min, overall: german 1700) frenchinter 2100) CD 0 anatoliy yuryev on approval of 1984 italian budget, bur4en of wqich is carried by less privileged, noting social cute are- unlikely to see italy out of crisis, )'espresso quoted on wcr,?_ning of unemployment rate. (4.5 min: italian 2000) (05 account of 5th conf of ussr-italy assn held in moscow's ?r4e.ndship home, citing lev tolkunov's speech on importance of assn in relations btwn ussr and italy, also quoting vincenzo curgni, sec-gen of italy-ussr assn about development of good r-ela1-tans otwn two countries. (8 min: italian 2000) &t, oviet culture: program on culture of republic of 3eor-ia, past and present, mentioning joint production with spain of film of don quijote and work done by tbilisi un ars;ilvj /s dpt of basque studies. (spanish 302230) Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 , K(- 5 6? Saf4f811 or?r~++r+t'ary list. ,nc~ : ~w consolidated 1 dec 83 afrt c (07 jeorgicj tanov in response to listeners' ltrs explains global nature of any future nuclear war and how it is of concern to hu-C. wuti. afrjC3.r1 summary of andropov's stmt quoted, noting many listeners quairr? ie.ssr and usa responsibilities in arms race, this is refuted by QPLplaining usa has always taken first step in arms race spiral, 6AdrUd0 yjnd that u. s. companies profit from arms manufacture. (16 min. (~Zlk- r )nc i .u ic: engafr 1700) CLV~90t0- Val:+ntin kunin reviews significance of first mpla congress and decision taken that angola had shown socialist orientation road, notln3 stnce that time angola has marked growth of friendship and coop~h ussr. (4 min: engafr 1700) tog aieksandr sergeyev on decision of nigerian govt to reorganize st.pt- se=ctor of national econ, natl assn of employees advocates tran31r of state-owned factories to private ownerso while nigerian ,:onsfV4s of labor holds different position, pointing out broad cLirLtes of nigerian public conclude, only a strong and properly fun ctuoning govt sector can secure nigeria's further advance to comp l,e, ~econ independence. (4 min: engafr 1700) 70 report on speech made by kamati, leading mbr of swapo, at ge.sstan of africa club held at moscow's friendship house, d.ur,n9 whuci hat-drew attn to terror campaign launched by south Mfr ic-aw reli;7e against majority of ppl in south africa and namibia, min Par-r- vf- groting resistance to racism practised there, adds %t'ru391&,wi11 continue on many fronts, despite repressive measures to .g (6 min, poor: engafr 1700) 01 DEC 71 reports datelined washington and damascus quoting areas and m sh, miC- saying u. s. -israel joint action possible against arabs. w 1 , (4?50 rant sent: tasse 1746 tassr 1306) us Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 STAT' -7i3 tess nowt analyst vasily kharkov on u. s. and israel ~- prep6r4nj for new labanese adventure after aren's visit. (450 (it4 Shamtk / OA A , .C (1_ 741 l,-onid rassadin on shamir's visit to washington. (rpt (AS eonid rassadin on indignation expressed by arab world re 1410: i810 2110-43.:;;.)-.. 2300 italian 1800 german 1600 dari 1 00 Somali Q/t. i t6o,.- , rbo 171:0 2000) ILS 10 Unon: : "discontent in crab world: roundup of angry reaction In ar'ab world and news media about results of shamir's recent visit--to washington, citing damascus radio, arab league un reps king fahd- of saudi arabia and saudi amb to Washington. (arabic 1500) int-.u with ibrahim al-jufud, head of Jordanian delegation . t,4 elattaan~ batw,t soviet and Jordanian trade unions, denounces ~5i daip to i,?rat of u. missiles in europe and u. s. -israeli collusion 0.rc~05 ag?annst- Arabs, praises soviet position to arab struggle against imperiatts+n and zionism and soviet call for end to rift within plo. (NI('SSI S (arab~~. 1500) LA -S 77 pa'/el kuznetsov on u. s. plans in lebanon quoting ap. (rpr :n3inter 301810) (enginter 0710 1010) LCS Lk S 7T appeal to former detainees of al-ansa camp to send in report- out their maltreatment b Israelis. (arabic 1530) I I I ULU WS 'O intnatl diary: incl vladimir tsvetov condemns increased u.s. i auto and cooperation with israel. (3 5 min: orbits 1030 1345 143:; to Posc.ow, than'ing soviet workers for seminar and stresses good 01~ Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 STAT $-2 1eonid rassadin cairo report on reaction in mideast to sf-ael.v --ttit?I talks quoting Jerusalem post extensively saying isra$l will get from u. s. all A asked for an on whole this assessment was confirmed from announced results, although many provisions of agreement will remain secret. (3 min: enginter 0910) (,D uS J ~ Ye-lentin lapin marking pdry independence day. (rpt enginter "3O10G) k9erman 1000 swahili 301730) of several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 1 dec 83 I d 0171111, $41' nikolay (leshenko), head of soviet delegation to ussr-pdry tale an fishing, saying soviet fishing trawlers help pdry in supplv.n1 home market with fish especially two fish cannong plants which. wrere built with soviet assistance. (arabic 1530) .5 anon: "the wrong direction" on forthcoming 'liberation of jerLA em maneuvers' in iran. (rpt persian 261700) (persian 1700) St. *nog assailing continuing anti-sovietism in Iran. (r-ot Persian ~?O (persian 1700) `87 Anow accusing Iran of distorting soviet stance on iran-iraq + Till war Crpt persian 301700) (persian 1500) aq R61 0 j p ruS ro4 $$; report on books in turkish at library of foreign lit in moScoW C3 -snin. turkish 1400) 9l V- nmary vasiliyev pravda on cyprus. (turkish 1400) 14 01 DEU 1983 50 Summary anon pravda on intnatl reaction to declaration of sta r4,6 t;ur`;ish cyprios, with reports by aleksey vasiliyev on mot rVes of true policy of Washington, london and nato toward (.4 x)dV tiprLos and on causes of cypriot ppl's tragedy. (5 min: greekcy 1800) Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 /-C 91 greek,doctor and chairman of thessaloniko greece-ussr society, on his visit to moscow to take part in soviet-greek medical days: Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 assessing highly what he saw of moscow, denouncing threat of nuclear war and underlining soviet ppi's desire for peace, expressing 5,511,0 fu11 agreement with .3ndropov's recent stmt on euromissiles. 2 anon hailing grousing soviet-india trade on its 30th anniv and compares this trad_?`with india's unfavorable trade with capit-all countries. (5 min: hind1400) 93 yuriy orlov: y ~ 1? chiding u. s. of fuel to indiaj's tarapur atomic power plant and also for giving r bad material to insert satellites built in u.s. and points out u.s. pressire on india has further increased since it has become 1741- anon on 6th joint comttee of afghan-indian ecoc and tech coos. (r *47 p rsian 3Q11O0) (persian 1500) 95 ir.osco:l neu-s -- soviet magazine -- review indian writer girls. mathur's book "new afghanistan, " he reviewed in book how af9.an rev came into being and why soviet union came to its aid, he aiio Arai ed afghanistan's progress by following new path. quoting u. s. senator (david pryor) on u. s. nuclear arms, discussing u.s. chemical weapons' production, and assailing accusations against ussr and afghan govt forces uG washington's false on us of chemical weapons in dra. (4 p FV-& V h=~f w k1l a n frLa.-Im:ship and coop t'M ur papa cc mbr and sent: persian 1800) 0 1 DEC 1?83 of supply depty prime minister sarwar currently visiting ussr at head of delegation to participate soviet-afghan treaty -.of elaborating on effects and results ofthis treaty soviet-afghan coop in various fields. (5 min: dari 1700) Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 a,,~ "fron mosco-t's viewpoint(; review of week's events: dra oyr, ' s support for andropov's stmt on euromissiles is testimony ANA t- f peaceful policy adopted by afghan.govt, as well as its C0-gW4dW`SOVdetertnination to thwart imperialist plots against afghanistan. soviek-afghan coop is manifested in treatyof friendship btwn wo countries, fifth anniv of which will be celebrated shortly. to take art in =~iigA--rWnk.ing soviet delegation has left for kabul part thlS-~GBr~amonies. ( 7 min: dari 1700) take 7 of several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 1 dec B3 ldO21519 china 94 report on intl mtg of translators of soviet literature, guo bao quan speaks on chi translation of soviet lit works beginni,?g in 1903. (5.5 min: mand 1230) 100 summary pravda 30 nov u.r article denying prc formin wu zueg,ian's remarks on kuril island 27 nov, in Sapporo japan,,--%,(3 min: ,dap 301200) 5-5 101 program for chi 5bldiers: general (shevchenko) on u. s. 1.Splan to deploy perching-2 missiles in far east which endangers N (car ussr, china, dprk, says in light of this political, milit unity among socist countries must be strengthened. (8 min: S mand 0) aria/far east ILSI !5,-- -S 102 yuriy afonin on u.s. missile deployment in europe and o.s~ p~oH ) e i ter i (7 min, sent: tat) 30t000 ia f ds E . ar destin o :1: (1 c lr, IA 1 U y$ - k-1S . aleksey vasiliyev, second in series "aria and u.s. tactics, " dealing with u. s. collusion with afghan counterrevs sn>i `oppled pol pot remnants to destabilize afghanistan and 1+kamauchea, noting role of japan as u. s. henchmen in aria by cont:rciiing econ of asian countries. (8 min: indo 1330) Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 k6ic b S- 701~11 (,(, S plan i region. (4 min: urdu t200 1300- beng 15004 persian 291800) (persian 1700) 140 vladimir korolev on situatiofiin Indian ocean. 105 (viktor sivikov) on u.s. seeking excuses to delay convening of Intl conf on indian ocean to declare it a peace zone, saying its attempts to foil socialist and nonaligned nations plan to make indian ocean peace zone is to smikescreen its militarization L4' s 106 (yuriy kudinichev) on discussion of se asian question at unga, denouncing foreign forces for trying to place se asia under their influence, to prevent normal relations btwn indochina countries and asean countries, scoring u.s. and some se asian countries for criticizing presence of viet forces in kampuchea, l for meddling in kampuchea's internal affairs, voicing support L&05 for proposal of vietnam, laos, and kampuchea for holding political dialogue based on principle of equality and mutual respect. (6.5 Q0 /,AD S c,5 107 cpsu cc//supsov presidium/counc.il of ministers greetings msg to kaysone ph;omvihan?and souphanouvong, on occasion of 8th tasse 1504 tassr 1515 mayak ISO ; 3 min? lao 1' A 2-4 roclamation of ppl's democ republic of laos. (250 text sent: 3D J 5Ouf- min: home 160(-; 1900-orbita 1600 1850 1900 2004 2300 mayak 1930 Italian 2000 somali 1-600 beng 1500 camb 1230; brief: mayak 1730 2100 2230 2330 home 2'050 orbita 2110 enginter 2100 2200 enguk 2090 germaust--2000 serbo 1700 2000 mand 1600) anon on occasion of anniv of founding of lpdr, stressing iv- sov-- id to that country. (5 min: albanian 1.530) #/~4 (yuriy mayurov) on natl construct io in laos with assistance from socialist countries pegged to 8th anniv laos lib. (1 ni laa 1030; 4 min: camb 1330 lao 1300 burm 1430) Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 C~ M,1 1IC. intvw with talyzin, vice chmn ussr cncl of ministers who Uf led soviet delegation to 5th session of ussr-loos-Commission-- of bilateral coop btwn two countries as agreed upon during session. (4 min: lao 1030) (kijin) on steady progress made in kampuchea in various fields'during past 5 years since knufns founding in 1978. (8 112 program on soviet-viet friendship: report on 30 nov enlarged session of soviet-viet friendship society cc, incl reports by selivanova, dpty chmn sov-viet society cc on results of 651Y soviet-viet society cc on results of soviet-viet friendship month S0ec arking friendship anniv, coop treaty; report on activities of soviet friendship delegation in veitnam by deleg head; speech w)s~ '-V5 kC 6.a, V f east europe STAT H-Lt" ~ DJLAy 115 anon on achievements of cema mbr countries in field of Peace-FU-1 utilization of nuclear energy, citing Ivan pandev, ldr -y -- o buljarian delegation to cema conf in moscow about good results of by srv charge take ` of several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 01 dec 83 d'affaires ad interim nguyen van quang hailing oviet aid to vietnam. (8 min: viet 1000 1300) Cj Id0?21610 bulgarjan nuclear power station, also quoting polish, hu G pot s cze'z!ioalovak and soviet representatives. (5 min: hungarian-2000 CMG(^-~ r, sh j oo} Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 ;ssr-b?ulg~,r'i~an trade relations in 1983. (3 min: bulgarian 301-630) first 9 paths of 1983 in coma countries. (4 min: jap 301200) 117 summary of soviet press comment marking 39th anniv albania's Lib lib, incl articles in pravda, izvestiya, and novoye vremya. (4 min: a~~-vJ Q~baU;~a albania X71530 1530) !13' ussr foreign trade ministry official on development of 116 ieonid krichevskiy review of plan fulfillment results in 114 mailbag: devoted to czechoslovak workers' letters expressing their pleasure at successes achieved by their soviet friends, and their thanks for experiences learned in ussr. (14 min: czech/slovak 3017 120 "voices of friendship" program for gdr listeners. (rot german 261700) (german 1600) 121 =aleksandr danilov on history of u.s.'anti-polish propaganda aimed at disturbing political stability on european continent, citing film "the yalta heritage" as a recent example of anti-communist prop~,g~anda. (6 min: polish 1500) (AS soveit dpty minister of culture on events organized to mark days of polish culture to be held in ussr april 1984. (5 min: GEC 1983 STAT 124 chronicle of soviet-romanian friendship program, incl reports on ic)Int sov-romanian econ ventures and cultural events in second par-f' A nov. '15 min: romanian 301700) Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 0S mr3rx/lenin Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 125 chapter in series "life, works, and struggle of karl marx." (4 min: spanla 0000) 126 literary talk based on book on lenin's life. (12 min, part missq..persian 1600) space/science 127 report on press article by boris paton, president of ukrainian acad of sci, on soviet space program in service of peace, ~,S S(L S and soviet space prospects. (rpt finnish 301630) (german 177-00 kor i#130p~~`~ 129 vik'tor olin on conf in white house, during which president reagan ordered launching of research program aimed at creating 7 gigantic systems in space weaponry. (sent: enginter 2110) X1..5 viktor ilyichev on u.s. forcing program to develop modern systems of weaponry for use from outer space. (rpt enginter 301410) OAK"5 (enginter 0710 101-0 german 1000 czech/slovak 301600 hind 1130 mand Pv 16,00iU (,A- S 130 anon on soviet achievements in making prolonged space OS (~55(L flight ) (6 min: mand 1600) US and answers": inclrreply to african listeners 133- "questions 5 on soviet space missions. (Somali 30400) U SS(I-- anon on soviet space successes, noting in future kosmos will serve as a space observatory, a welding shop, a space hot-house and so on, mentioning that when docked with Salyut the complex will for~n a space laboratory, pointing out data from lyakhov-aleksandrov mission have still to be studied but they have already met biologists who are working on problem of creating hot-houses in space, ter. .... - LL W- 05 con.iLding that recent mission proved that man can work in raw spaceor -hours. (4 min: engna 2300) Z (' ---~-- 0 1 DEC '1983 ?sci-engineering: incl science observer on soviet successes with venus probes. (variant engna 262300) (engna 2300) ill Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 taka- 9 of 9 -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 1 dec 83 I fe in 'ussr 134' pravda editorial 2 dec about report-back and election conferences now starting in oblast and kray cpsu organizations. (1 min. orbita 2300) tkw- +YGY [t4 1'37 mikhail taratuta'on status of soviet Jews. (rehash engna 551`- 170001) (engna 0001) U . 135 yuriy rogachev on announcement that ussr supreme soviet will hodl a regular session at end of december, giving general account of role played by ussr supreme soviet. (3 min, sent: enginter 1810 porLugu9i 8OO dari 1760) ::at report on stmt to tass by nikolay glushkov, chmn of ussr staee cmtee for prices, on 1 dec price cuts on consumer good-, in ussr. (tasse 3017541 (4-3 min: enginter 1-410 german 1,000 itaiian 1.800 portuguese 1800 persian 1700 turkish 1-400 serbo 1-700 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201610011-5 138 vladimir pozner 'daily talk' on billy graham's assertion that freedom of religion exists in ussr. (rpt engna 302300) (engna (.LS soviet way of life: report by sovetskaya rosiya journalist , on open letter day held in town in urals which led to public, factory and other officials receiving about 200 letters from public v-SS and convening conf to reply to individual queries. (6 min: engna i 1~4 anon on renovation and reconstruction of mosques and Islamic monuments in soviet central republics. (3 min: persian 1800) S S A ~~ ~ ?, o 1 DEI 1983 141 misc internal ussr items:/ 87j: global 4 sov 9 democ 12 our unpra enginter 0800 0900 1000 1100 1200 1300 1400 1500 1600 poorest: engaf 302000 2000 frenchaf 302030 frenchmag 302030 arabic 1730 part missed: persian 1800 czech/slovak 1700 .NC-ALL) Approved For Release 2009/06/18: CIA-RDP94-01353ROO2201610011-5