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December 22, 2016
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July 6, 2009
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December 9, 1983
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Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620005-1 take i of several -- commentaru list: moscow consolidated 9 dec 83 ,1d101211 global lM 6 r.cnl aaA-0, .mod CO- VS 5P a1.0 C I1Onal ~r cca O 5pa (d 4'.rrt LA- I "intl situation: question and answers": nikolay shishlin on present state of soviet-u.s. relations (15 min, sent); lavrentyev replying to listeners question and explaining term "right of veto". (3 min): lavrentyev on prospects for situation in near East (4 min, senti; lavrentyev on situation in grenada (2.5 min, sent); lavrentyev explaining for a listener process of how india became an independent state (3.55 min); nikolay agayants on u.s. use of mercenaries and special troops (4 min, sent); lavrentyev informs listener about caul a- alfonsin, new argentine president, and course that he intends to follow 2 min); lavrentyev explains term "bantustan" for listeners (3.5 min); lavrentyev recalls history of dispute between britain and Spain over gibraltar (2m in). (orbita 1030 1430 home u5 2 reports datelined antananarivo, addis ababa, dar es salaam, new delhi and cairo on economic}development in these countries. (400 text: tasse 0717) 3 "time, events, people": incl yevgeniy kachanov giving background behind 1971 proposal of nonaligned countries to turn indian ocean into peace zone, noting un supported this in a resolution but u.s. has 34 military bases there, aircraft, naval units and nuclear weapons, while ussr has no bases in indian ocean (3.5 min); igor kudrin on Spanish demonstrations against u. s. policy in central america (2.5 min). (orbits 0900) 4 report on remarks by boric ponomarev at news conf in mosocw published in kommunist condemning impists and followers efforts t place disastrous alternative in front of socialist countries. pt, persian 061800) (4 min: persian 1700) I 9 DEC I'dw Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620005-1 7 ILar lbUWa, Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620005-1 5 andrey shepilov re intl civil aviation organization (icao) issuing report about south korean airliner that violated soviet airspace on night of 31 aug, rejecting theory that airliner deviated from busy intl route and entered soviet air-space because pilot fed wrong information into onboard computer. (eng 0001) Mikhail taratuta on upi report quoting italian press that.bulgarian antonov who had been accused of involvement in attempted assassination of pope, may soon be released, stressing that whole affir was an anti-socialist, anti-ussr plot to d'sc edit communism. (5 min: engna 0001) vladimir korolev giving roundup of recent intl forums which discussed world's econ order and its present problems, noting one such mtg was group of 77 and several others have been held in attempt to improve situation, quoting indonesian foreign minister at bali conf criticizing west, also quoting mrs thatcher in delhi, pointing out socialist countries assist developing coun,ies to develop their econ. (3.5 min: enginter 0910 1210) dpty sec ema from gdr. (3 min: enginter 4910 121-0) 8 mikhail (mikhailov) giving examples of coop between socialist countries and developing countries, underlining socialist countries aid to developing countries in various spheres, quoting 9 vladimir puchkov re nonaligned media conf in delhi 9-12 dec, noting importance of nonaligned news pool in providing genuine news on world affairs to developing nations, criticizing western media which fabricates reports on events in developing countries like afghanistan, stating that only through eyes of third world news agencies ppl of these countries will see lies s, "ad by western world. (7 min: beng OBI-500) 10 (kalin) on soviet assistnace to developing nations ining professionals. (7 min: mand `8700) Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620005-1 0 9 DEC 1983 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620005-1 11 reports datelined Washington, bonn on illegal emigrants in u. s. , unemployment situation in frg. (4 min: mand 0700) 12 "two-line struggle in world olit arena": soltan P on (~lS -ff~likS 5*h round of ussr-u.s. geneva talks, rapping deployment of u. s. luq missiles in western europe (4 min); (buladov) on impist undeclared Mt SSI h war against kampuchea, which is source of tension in se asia S l as t c.- (9 min overall: mand 1600) U S - I 13 lev bezimenskiy on 50th anniv reichstag fire trial in leipzig, re nazi campaign against communists. (rpt german kdr 30)NIN 8160G rman 1000 1700) 14 "intl communist and workers mvmt": roundup reports on activities by officials, organizations, and organs of communist and workers parties in various countries (5 min, poor: albanian 1530) C 15 "intl communist and workers mvmt": with cpsu cc mbr a hi~400) 1 16 roundup activities of communist parties in various countries, incl ponomarev, zimyanin mtg german cp deleg, hungarian party l goI plenum others. (6 min: viet 1300) 3 09 DEC 1883 vadim zagladin replying to listeners' questions on world communist and workers parties and their contribution toward averting Wu~^~ threat of nuclear war and establishing peace on earth. (7 min:-- Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620005-1 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620005-1 G take 2 of sever: -- commentary l 1st: moscow consolidated 9 dec l~--S Barigl~ dl~-s~"` , 17 intv with radwan ali, post-graduate journalism student at moscow univ, replying to listeners' questions concerning life and traditions in ussr and explaining how students live in ussr and facilities they enjoy. (5 min: arabic 1500) 18 listeners' mailbag: inclnote on programs on soviet radio, tv many of which are in foreign languages. (rpt finnish 061630),-,(finnish 1630) 19Ir`% eceived your letters." (rpt bang 021500) (bang 1500) 20 listeners' mailbag: reviewing let-tars from polish listeners many of which refer to peace and nuclear danger, favorably assessing andropov's stmts also mentioning polish-georgian student excha e. (polish 1400) R v-,"aA-T 21 intvw with gyoergy geller, well-known hungarian translator of russian works* discussing his favorite russian authors and also about sixth conf of translators of russian literature which,,+gok place in moscow recently. (8 min: hungarian 2000) .bvman rights day, 22 reports on 8 dec moscow press conf remarks by vitaliy ruben, chmn of soviet of nationalities of ussr supreme, 1 pegged. (rpt home 081400) (7-5 min: spancuba Ot00 german 1600 prof (eduard zimin), sov philosopher, on human rights CJ L4CL day. (rot german 081000) (polish 1400) 09 DEC 1983 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620005-1 i3 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620005-1 24 (aleksandr korshunov) reportage on mtg in moscow, pegged quoting stmt by makeyev, aucctu sec, on impressive successes achieved in ussr in cause of guaranteeing human rights, pointing out question of human rights had become especially acute since impist forces lead by u. s. are trying to use it for propaganda purposes, claiming u. s. and its impist allies are currently violating fundamental human rights in many countries of world, incl W44-consti1ions of western democracies. (3.5 min: enginter 1810) 3 C 26 report on intl conf in geneva, pegged, quoting speeches by delegates incl romesh chandra and rep of widf, others. (6-3 (enginter 15,31) 28 reports datelined washington, bonn and london, mideast; central america, grenada. (3.5 min: mayak 2030) (.C S. 25 prof valiery (indistinct) mbr acad of sci institii'te-of state and law, notingwussr contributed to 1948 un declaration of human rights, incl provisions of its own constitution not included in min: eng'in"ter 0910 1210 lao 1030 thai 1490) 27 valeriy kalygin, pegged noting equality as one of such rights, cannot be real zed in capitalist society. (rot aerman on violations of human rights in these countries, maintaining farm -(~- laborers in usa are modern day slaves. frg h.as 2 million LLB ff a unemployed, plight of pensioners in britain unable to heat homes in winter (3. 5 min: enginter 0910 121-0) ('` 29 ioliy zamoyskiyo pegged making comparison btwn capitalist and socialist systems in particular with respect to workers' conditions, illustrating case of italy where only freedom is bourgeois freedom and freedom of choice a more pretence. (10 italian 2000) 30 special prog "soviet life style," introducing views on human tf1 -rights in ussr by nepal prof, french, mexican, british, danish 0 9 DEC 1983 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620005-1 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620005-1 C9 31 (pisalevskiy) "practical socialism, human rights," pegged underlining protection of basic human rights in ussr. (10 min: mand 700) :anon, pegged noting over 32 million youths in capitalist nations cannot find work despite declaration of human right for work published 30 yrs ago. (3 mj : mand 1600) (kate camp), mbr american section of intl league of women for peace and freedom, discussing u.s. violation of human rights in grenada, also on constitutional guarantees of human rights in ussr, and in particular rights of women. (4 min: enginter V_S. 34 pavel kuznetsov noting orwell's vision of '1984' as come to un where u.s. ambassador warned social cmtee of danger of settinc double standards for human rights rejecting her claims that chile is less repressive than cub a, recalling that allende tolerated opposition, that his.. crime was to stop u. s. companies plundering chile's wealth, pointing out washington did not oppose pinochet's terror, also giving examples of el Salvador, stressing that politics and economy determine human rights for u.s. (4 mit>1gna 2300 enginter 2419) 4S 35 anon marking 35th anniv un declaration on human rights. (5 min: enchinter 082100) ~- (Q 0 9 DEC 1983 a ?,,Q p~,a-+, orb Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620005-1 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620005-1 Ll-S -T F- ~1 LA-S 15 nn va. (5 min: gap 081200) 38 Lass observer leonid pbnomarev "washington's tricks" on (500/text sent: tassr 18511 4 min. engna 2300) take 3 of several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 9 dec 83 Id101241 Disarm/peace 36 summary pravda editorial article, 8 dec, on Washington's actions that undermined geneva talks. (enginter 072110) (5 min: ben 0 500 hind 11-30) 37 summary linnik pravda, 8 dec, on how usa disrupts inf talks usa 5 wz n do continue soviet-american talks in geneva on 3 5(~-fi~ limitation and reduction of strategic armaments, re rowny stmt. us 40 reports S~~f.,~~+co-p'kcommittees f^' 0 discussing on 9 dec moscow session of secretaries of central of communist and workers' parties of socialist countries Intl situation heightened admin of geneva negotiations on limitation- of in europe. (300 text sent: tasse 1751 tassr 200014 )min: enginter 2110 serbo 2000.) (L nuclear r.' thru fault L 5 >4 (() M LSSisWS 39 yuriy soltan on user and usa ending fifth round of their talks in geneva on limiting and reducing strategic arms. (5-3 min, sent: enginter 1-410 ital 1800 german 1700 finn 1630 persian.1400 1700 arab 1730 turk 1400 somali 1600 swahili 1730 bulg 1630 czech/slovak 1600 polish 1500 serbo 1700 kor 1330 lao 1300 camb 1-330 urdu 1200 1300 beng 150 bur 1430 indo 1330 1500 anon: tAS 41 aleksandr serikov on missile deployment, saying u.s. deceives opponents of missile deployment by claimingdeptoYment - y is on small 0 09DEC1983 td Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620005-1 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620005-1 42 report on george shultz stmt at nato session on Washington's sr~~willingness to return to geneva talks. (rot tasse 091654) (enginter ~,?' 0710 1010 frenchinter 082100 Berman 1000 Finn 163t? greek 1600 pi F 4-A' K- : 9700 ) I (~l ~ew N ab Vwt l/LS - U ~ 1 4C ~~ 43 yuriy soltan re nato cncl mtg and nuclear araments issue. (rot enginter 081410) (spancuba 0100 Berman 1000 greek 081-900 S amha 30) it j O"_O_ N ? love of peace? appearance of u. s. nuclear missiles in britain. LO fil geneva dashed any hopes for successful outcome to two years of . 1~ discussions. but situation can be rectified. dialogue may continue but only if that which led to collapse of geneva talks is eliminate( if Washington and nato return to situation obtaining before they star_tO deploying new missiles. (port 1800 45 viktor tanin on western europe becoming launching place of U. s. preemptive nuclear missiles and on u.-s. efforts to gain milit ULS rv~~55,1~ 5 S super~ity over ussr. (6 min: finn 1630) U I,JMfCA L 46 valentin sakharov "milit-poj.it precautions of socialist comet!