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December 22, 2016
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July 6, 2009
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December 12, 1983
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Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353 R002201620008-8 take 1 of several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 12 dec 83 tiuk 51 /a - / & D-ec a3 CT- aqo 3 39d-- I leonid levchenko on un debate on Intl terrorism. (rpt persian us ,- 14.11 + o..~.? U.ba~d-3 J-MvaSi,,a~vawv, >P-%,- ~- s !N& el koI- KDA0 1~ C~I~ 3 time, events, people: incl savchenko marking 40th anniv ussr-cssr friendship treaty, giving account of results of coop chamber qDtIK in czechoslovakia and citing intvw with chmn ussr-cssr alit// (?IC O F'"ShPof commerce (4 aleksandr korshunov reviewing letters from W~S~/ abroad, bulgarian approves andropov stmt, also mongolian listener, french et al blame impism for tension, spaniard writes Cflon grenada, greek calls for greater efforts toward achieving world ~.loln~plca pe (3 min). (home 0900 orbita 0900) 'IF- I Iu I - G".~,%- 4 weekly prog on life of fraternal parties: summary article 6 C'QKsaka '.k JtS(a "two-line struggle in world political arena": report on W. n nato nuc arsenals, u. s. , ussr stands in geneva talks (5.5 min)i LLS -J(bulatov) on u. s. natl mtg on problem of afghan, scoring u. s. for interferining in afghan internal affairs. (6 min). (11.5 in issues of peace, socism magazine on characteristics of contemporary communists (.5 i); report on toronto mtg of canadian cpcc ( mm : roundup various activities of communist, workers parties in tunisia, hungary, others (4 m_). (14.5 min overall: min rall: mand 1600) 2 DEC 1983 it S-07 356 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 s6CxS1i G S,tcrt lures ft C 6 anon on moscow mtg of secretaries of cc of communist, workers Grtt.iu~a ~NVp-s ~' parties of socialist 'countries on intl, ideological issues. (rot_ UU"n01 urdu 10J. 00 on 11 dec list) (3 min: viet 1300) KS ZNOdO U-S vladimir pozner 'daily talk' on upcoming olympic games S r ~p,Nnltn-(~in los,,a"eles. (,rpt engna 112300) (engna 2300) (,4-S -~lor~y 01 La "socialist governments and countries on socialist path of develgpm nt. (rpt amharic 091530 on 11 dec list) (amharic 1530) "in communist and workers' parties": replies by vadim iagladin G to listeners' letters on nature of communist and workers' mvmt in world today (5 min); anon on 40th anniv moroccan cp (2 5M ~,~~eco N p m? p minoverall: portaf 1830) aluoi "intl communist and worker s mvmt": vadim zagladin informs about intl communist and workers' parties (4 min); chronicle of activities of communist and workers parties, incl info about mtg in moscow between cpsu and dkp, and others (5 min). (11 min overall. rman 1700) eric alekseyev) on poor prospects for overcoming econ difficulties in industrially developed capitalist countries. CCLp C4 LkS W IL. LL S 5 ILOR M ij 11-, 0001 } `;Cana 13 U)- 12 DEC 1983 u,5 roundup letters from listeners in various countries giving impressions of world situation and on western propaganda that denigrates propaganda soviet union and all its works, majority comden this and express their appreciation of soviet union's foreign policy of peace. r_ (7 min: italian 2000 portuguese 1$00) Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 (rp (rpt engna 110001) (engna I/ i summaries anon pravda contrasting soviet and american Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 14 "replies to listeners' letters": incl review of listeners' letters expressing concern over u.s. space militarization plans and assessing highly soviet initiatives in this area (5 min); dr. (yuriy maksimov) replying to cypriot listener on rising price o? u. s. dollar at a time of recession of u. s. econ, noting normally a currency reflects state of econ but in u.s. there is a paradoxical situation as the opposite is happening, pointing out u.s. dollar is also an intl currency and thus occupies a special position vis-a-vis other currencies, claiming u.s. admin is maintaining u.s. dollar at about 20 percent of its proper price, underlining effects of u.s. increase in interest rates which affects dollar favorably but has disastrous effects on other currencies that re inked to it. (7 min). (greek 101600) S 15 moscow radio friends' club: incl note on local bracches of club opened in algeria, citing letters praising radio moscow, requests to clubs to send in suggestions for programs. (frenchmag 112030) take 2 of several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 12 dec 83 ld1131148 disarm/peace 16 reports on 5 dec moscow press conf on deployment of new u.s. missiles in west europe. (home 051200) (8.5-7 min: enginter 112110 0710 101.0 frenchinter 112100 german 1000 greek 111900 o bulgji n -_ __1111630) C~` tkg stands at geneva talks. (400 text: tasse 0935; 5-3.5 min: enginter 1410 1810 2110_german 1600 italian 1800 portafr 1830 amharic 1530 JW somali-1600 swahili 1730 persian 1500 1700 czech/slovak 1600 polish (/JI(~ 1500 serbo 1700.2000 bulgarian 1630 albanian 1530 korean 1330 camb 133. Y o , 1 00 i n d o M31 15QO Urdu 1000 bur 1430) U~ 2 12 C r. 1981. summary anon pravda charging u.s. with being responsible us for tense world situation, due to deployment of its nuclear missiles p ~y 'bLp(ei' in western europe. (300 text sent: tasse 0910) rnts5k_s Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 STAT BSI STAT a fro , as w 19 summaries vsevolod ovchinnikov pravda on u.s. attempts to gain milit superiority over ussr. (350 text: tasse 0816 hungarian 2000 ) roman n 1700) US 21 krasnaya zvezda article by major gen (samoylenko) "for guaranteeing our security and that of our allies," on measures recently announced by ussr to bolster its security. (4 min: 23 Lass corr v. kikilo new york report on america's persecution (,( S mania re nuclear weapons. (600 text sent: tasse 1452) u S 24 anon dortmund report on mass mtg held within framework of intnatl week of actions against deployment of pershin and cruise missiles, quoting address by chief burgomaster of dortmund M.~SSI~ts g. samtlebe on importance of movement of athletes for peace and mutual understanding btwn nations. (350 text: tasse 1246 tassr 1037) 25 new delhi report on todor zhivkov's intvw to press trust of india, prior to his official visit to india, in which he supports soviet peace policies and condemns agrressive u.s. acts. (600 . 12 DE^1983 VS 26 tass corr alexander yevstigneyev london report on reactions to showing of film "the day after", citing poll after showing text sent: tasse 1309 tassr 1329) indicating 52 percent of british ppl opposed unconditional deploymer ~`5sll~s of new american first-strike nuclear missiles weapons, launched 10 by tory govt. 66 percent insisted on immediate termination of deployment of cruise missile, quoting morning star on result of poll. (350 text: tasse 1306 tassr 1415) Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 zip- 27 vladlen kuznetsov "what criteria should be used to measure U-S love "eace'?" (rpt port 091800) (greek 091900) rR~ ~, s fl ,4s ij,&uu-o US sergey kulik on nato and ussr arms deployment in europe: ussr proposals for reduction of arms in europe as published by ~S API H pravda, u. s. scuttled arms reduction negotiations in geneva. 0.r rt~-S - a~ (4 miportbraz 2200 spanla 2300) US ..tp,. - Its tIGS wzet- 29 ppl and events: incl report on youth rally for peace at to moscow machine building plant. (rpt engafr 091700) (engafr 1700) LLS 30 '--rg,or bestuzhev on upsurge in antiwar protests now taking place in australia which have been clearly anti-american, suggesting 9.U.51' 1M, this attitude has been taken due to failure of geneva talks and G washington's stubbon stance. pointing to washin tan's 9 g pressure on whitlam admin whoa independent foreign policy line is not supported by u. s admin. (engineer 11.2-110 0740 10-10) alfred nzo on condemnation expressed by progressive public tLS against u.s. policy which is heightening intnatl tension, noting ppl 1)o(oL especially concerned about deployment of new u.s. missiles in ML151( europ (6 min, poor: engafr 1-790) us 32 "forum for peace and security in europe." (rpt german 111600) Ttpioq (german 1000) 12 DEC 1983 33 "disarmament-issue of the day": soviet poet and writer outlines M orldwide concern at heightened tensions and says everybody must (dam 9 ~15 struggle to save world from nuclear holocaust to which warmongering k(ouus policies of u. s. and west european allies could lead to (5 min); Ow viktor vasilyev on u.s. deployment in europe (rpt polish 071400). p,,4, c. C(g r k 111600) t ro ~ L~ Pt(S511(5 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 take 3 of several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 12 dec 83 ld131158 (pe 1800) 35 pavel kuznetsov on installation of ground-to-air missiles in proximity of white house, citing time report on accuracy of missiles another propaganda trick by u.s. admin to convince pple of socalled soviet/ms.lit threat against u.s.. (enginter 2110 engna 2300) jiS 3' 36 viktor shlenov on anniv of nato's decision re deployment of t-S P!ou american first strike nuclear missiles in europe. (sent: Italian 1KC f 51 f$18o0 ,9-er\m# n 1.600) (Ar 37 'glance at b-ritish scene: konstantin sorokin, pegged to anniv of nato decision re deployment of cruise and pershing missiles in europe, touching on mass protests at greenham common base, stressing /v a*7? these demos are not only against deployment but anti-govt policies notably its support for u.s. adventuristic policies, aimed at gainir i/~S world domination, despite terrible consequences as seen on tv film `rtcSS "the day after," mentions heseltine's refusal to appeal on british t 2 witd rep to discuss issue. (enguk 000) 12 DEC 1983 u S x ^ i ~1 WL officials, but questions whether insecurity is genuine or just yet J44 maintaining deployment of such weapons proves insecurity of admin M~ SS~I~S 38 intvw with british poets peter mortimer and ian (lorimer) on escalation of arms race and nuclear threat. crpt enguk 082000) (n~i S51 f~S (e n g uk,2000 ) Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 34 (viktor vasilyev) on socialist stance.. (rpt persian 111500) Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 a Pk.0 b-06q VA(551(eS 39 andrey shepilov disagrees with (mark alan de villa) of alexandria, virginia who claims user and u.s. are equally to blame for no progress in nuclear arms limitation, shelilov refers to numerous peace proposals put forward by user as yet met with negative response by u. s., recalling nato's two-track decision, while calling for reduction in arms openly encouraging deployment of new u.s. missiles in europe, hence ussr had no option but to take counter-measures to defend itself against aggressor. (enguk LtI5 200 siren, i ning peace in world. (7 min: german 1600 korean 1130) S review of listeners' ltrs praising soviet role for 41 svetlana samsonova, of soviet panorama, taking issue from corr's ltr in france armand Wirth, who condemns warmongering propaganda as practised by west, to effect that it is impossible to be at one and the same time patriotic and peace-loving, samsonova, says there is nothing new in this, as ruling classes in west have resorted to this kind of propaganda in past, stressing while some west european parliaments vote in favor of installation of u.s. missiles they are certainly not acting in best interests of their nations, or in accordance with wishes of their peace-loving citizens. (french 1830) us united states 42 summary admiral sergey gorshkov izvestiya on u.s. milit base in for~.4n territories. (rpt tassr 091913) (6 min: greekcy 1800) of crusade against communism and military actions carried out against neighboring countries under C/lr this #x4use. (5.5 min: spanla 0000) ,! 1 12 DEC 1983 44 review of soviet press on cia subversive activities among u.s. allies, citing cases in greece, italy and turkey, quoting izvestiya, trud, moscow news, literaturnaya gazeta, new times and mezhd arodnaya zhizn. (5.5 min: enginter 0810) I/e Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 STAT 0 47 roundup stmts by group of americans visiting ussr as guests S 12 c'.-c - Ck& of ussr-u. s. friendship society, calling for greater coop and underst ing btwn two countries. (15 min: engna 0001) 48 gorev on racial discrimination in u. s. , citing u. s. rrogressive press.on cases of discrimination against blacks in new York./' 17.5 min: mand 0700) Lk S take 4 of several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 12 dec 83 1d131349 12DEC 1983 49 hernan del canto on protests in chile. demand for democracy now. chileans ready to struggle for achieving democracy. chileans are demanding pinochet's departure. many military men think that repression is not the way to overcome the current crisis. national sovereignty jeopardized through mining law. reagan's letter to pinochet last week. the country must regain its freedom. (6 min: spanchile 2100) Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 50 chilean exile (luis morales), now living in england, tells listeners on his hardship in pisagua, living conditions for chilean exiles in england, scarcity of ,fop opportunities in england, organization of opposition groups abroad and their relationship, solidarity with chile by uk trade unions, human rights commission for chile, british and chilean activists. (john banks) witnessing violence in chile. (11 min: spary 1 ile 2100) 51 pedro correa on mining law. law hands over chilean copper to multinational companies. radomiro tomic estimates for copper exports. mining law will not create new jobs. mining law must be abrogated. protest called for tomorrow, 13 december, is very important in this connection. (8 min: span ile 2130) l 5 prof boris (krutorev) on bill passed in u.s. for broadcasting to cuba, noting broadcasts will be made by voa, guided by cia, pointing out cia is given a prominent place in washington's anti-cuban plans, reviewing history of cia attempts to subvert cuba from bay of pigs to present day, quoting senator frank church on criminal nature of these activities. (8 min: enginter 0810) us 53 anon on brazilian congressmen arriving in moscow Ora 12A- ~ on iicial visit. (3 min, sent: portbraz 2200) anon "pentagon's experiments in grenada." (rpt enginter z1 061 (frenchinter 11-2100 spancuba 0100 german 1000 bulgarian a 0 111630 J a p 111200) i 2 r 1983 as 1 DE york dispatch pointing to reagan's recent letters to congressmen says that this indicates u.s. intention to prolong u.s. presence in grenada and citing u.s. press on atrocities and testing of new weapons in grenada. (4-3 min: enginter 144-0 1810 2410 engna 2300 portbraz 2200 german 1600 italian 1900 czech/slovak 1-600 polish 1500 lao 1300 camb 1330 bang 1-500 burm 14 indo 1330 1500) j ~~ 45 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 Oeto #,bIa 56 "your opinion": colombian listener on u.s. intervention in central america; (rafael garcia) living in franca says that u.s. govt some day will pay for what it did in grenada; spanish listener also repudiates u.s. invasion in grenada. ( 9 min: spanlaf00) u- 57 maksim teplov on cia covert action with active preps for U~S armed invasion of nicaragua on lines of u.s. invasion of grenada, noting considerable body of opinion in u.s. that support ciew that a u.s.-led armed invasion of nicaragua would have dire ~~raSic~ consequences for peace in region and that it may backfire on u. s. Cip itseln (engna 0001) (,t,5 POA" U-1 Is U9 58 hugo cameos, director of paraguayan cp paper adelante, scoring U. s. interventionism, biased usis info, patria newspaper lies, re's and stroessner's lies. (4 min: spanla 2300) u 59 report on exchange of greetings msgs between ussr supreme ,3,Ap5jV soviet and venezuelan president Jaime lusinchi on latter's V2Yle2,upta, election to post. (60 text sent: enginter 16-00 1900 frenchinter Pf-tS `.I &_A- L(~ rrti (t-S 170'3 italian 1800-portuguese 180.Q_portaf 1830 hungarian 1730 0 serbo 1700 mand 1600) w europe 60 tass news analyst ivan ablamov on u.s. econ pressure on eec members during athens summit mtg. (450 text sent: tasse 1550 tassr 1215) 12 DEC 1983 61 anon on eec summit in athens. (rpt greekcy 111800) (greek/'1\11900) summary yuliy yakhontov pravda on "flick case" including details on role of lamsdorff and others in bribery case. (6 min: german 1700) Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 63 "good evening austria," program for austrian listeners: stmt by responsible sec of soviet section of soviet-austrian commission of econ and sci-tech coop on new tendencies in mutual coop, including stmts by vice-chancellor norbert stager on econ relations btwn austria and user, and utterances by some rasps of austrian firms on their coop with ussr (6 min); report on soviet biatlon to participate in olympic winter games (5 min); info for dx-club members (one min). (12 min, overall: germaust 2000), ~ ,2r" 64 "you write to moscow": several british and irish listeners named and thanked for sending season's greetings and warm greetings were extended from british section of radio moscow, some british listeners were quoted on their reasons for listening to moscow radio, london address given for listeners to contact for booklets on various soviet subjects, british listeners express enthusiasm about their visits to ussr, details given about membership of inter-youth club. (7 ,rin: enguk 2000) 65 report on gromyko receiving french transport minister charles fiterman, 9 dec, with gist of remarks. (tasse 091315) (brief: {raNS ~, VAJ- i'D g r e e k 900) LLS5/ ( 7 2 DEC 1983 L-. ( in 66 nesreel of soviet-french friendship: items on french-soviet relation. (poorest: french 1830) 67 soviet panorama: incl report on new books for children, printed in portuguese, by soviet publishing house raduga. (5 Win: port 1800) Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 (31)r Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 POf` j 68 eduard kovalev on portuguese ppl's struggle for demos alternative in country, refuting claims by port right that there is no alternative to present policy of restoration of capitalism, quoting theses drafted by portuguese comparty for its 10th congress on existence of viable democ alternative to right-wing policies of present socialist-social democ admin. (4 min: port 1800) soviet panorama: incl feature on exhibition of works -er QP 1uS by spanish sculptor in moscow, as part of days of Spain there. (spanio 112230) tak3 '. of several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 12 dec E 70 "east africa last week": african ldrs and press continue to condemn u.s. anti-peace foreign policy (2.5 min); tanzania celebrates independence anniv (3 min); addis control cmtee mtg rev 0,4 progress in production sectors (2.5 min). (Somali 1600) ppl and events: incl talk on study of african art in ussr. (rpt engafr 091700) (engafr 1700) 72 aleksandr fedorov discusses anniversary of un human rights declaration and developments in africa. (5 min, poor: engafr 73 summaries sergey demidov pravda on unga discussion on situation in south of africa. (4.5 min: engafr 1700 amharic 12 DEC 1983 74 summary anon pravda on washington's alliance with pretoria regime. (400 text: tasse 0845) 75 (georgiy Sashin) on kenya's 20th anniv of independence. 20 (sent- engafr 1700) Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 v Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 76 summaries pravda editorial article, 10 dec, on u.s.-israeli collusion against areb ppls. (tasse 092255) (frenchinter 112100 77 ss political observer Bergey kulik on president reagan's latest radio speech on Washington's "new course" in situation in UL5 kt spancub 100 german 1000 greek 111900) 101645) (4-3 min: enginter 112110 071 -TOlO 1-410 1810 2110-portbraz 2200 2300 spanla 2300 enguk 2000 italian 1800 german 1600 amharic 1530 swahili 1730 somali 1.6.00 persian 1000 1700 czech/slovak 1600 polish 1500 hungarian?-200, serbo 1700 2000-korean 1330 camb 1330 lao 1300 urdu 1200 beng 3S 78 anon damascus report on msg sent by ldrship of arab socialist renaissance party to political parties and other organs of arab states calling on them to organize large-scale campaign of solidarity with syria re its struggle against u.s.-israeli aggression. (300 text sent: tasse 1950 tassr 1809) us 79 vladyslav kozyakov gives critical analysis of u.s. policy in mmideast, especially lebanon and u.s.-israeli provocations against Syria, pointing out there is growing concern in u.s. itself re u. s. admin mideast policy and u. s. role of socalle peace-keepers. (engna 2300) Us 12 DEC 1983 recorded stmt by mahmud abu ash-shabab, expressing his appreciation for those who secured his release from ansar camp then about torture and treatment he received at hands of his israeli,yaptors. (arabic 1500) 3CD Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 81 igor surguchev quoting white house press secretary, speaks, pointing out u.s. troops will remain in lebanon indefinitely, indicating reagan admin does not consider itself bound by pledge to congress to withdraw them from lebanon within eighteen months insofar as this deadline will soon expire, noting Washington's intention to consolidate its position in leb.snon and turn it into bridgehead of american milit policy. LS aleksandr timoshkin on shultz's surprise visit to tunisia JroJ and cco last week-end. (sent: arabic 1530) CLII) 83 text of stmt by iranian tudeh party's cc. (rpt persian (persian 1500 1700) 84 anon on continuing trial of group of patriotic officers from among revolution guards and some mbrs of tudeh party in tehran. (11 cn' , sent: persian 17-00 1800) anon corr's on production of cast iron in esfaham smelting -IraIJ complex. (rpt persian 111700) (persian 1700 1800) 86 anon on literary note published in 12th issue of foreign lit in ussr devoted to greek poet konstandinos kavafis and on some new translations of some ofnhis poetry, pegged to 120th anniv of his birth and 50th anniv of his death. (4 min: greek 87 summary nikolay morozhnik pravda athens dispatch on assistance provided by ussr to greece in construction industry. 12 DEC 1983 B8 intvw with vadim lebedevn, head of press office of intourist, about soviet-greek tourist contacts and how they further strengthen traditional friendly ties btwn two countries. greek 09-3-990 ) a(I (5 m greek 111600) Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 89 further in series (valentin lashin) "karl marx and india," on 100th anniv of marx's death. speaks of ultimate victory of ppl despite initial successes of british imperialists in india. (9 min^hnd 1400) efghanistan 90 (vladlin Bykov) (la revision) weekly accusing u.s. of launching subversive activities against dra. (rpt bang 101500) (4 min prdu 1300) CA S 91 (viadlin bykov) (la revision) on agricultural development in dra. (4 min: bang 1500) recorded stmt by afghan poet leyla kavyan, during her stay in moscow, on afghan ppl's stance toward neighboring countries, including iran and pakistan. (4 min: persian 1-700) take . of several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 12 dec E 1d131503 aft 93 report, with recorded excerpts, on intvw with chi translato bao quan on his impressions of recent visit to ussr, participation moin 7 conf of russian, soviet literature. (6 min: mand 1230) 5-~ 94- program for chi youths: report on sov youths' antiwar 6L 01 Lk) cv-, a.Ak activities (4 min), anon on man-made satellite manufactured by moscow college students (5 min): kolin on educ institutes in japan that indoctrinate youths with militarism, fascism (6 12 DFr 1683 t ' at-a far east 4 ~.5 95 vladimir korolev on situation in indian ocean. (rte,.,. enginter 021531) (enginter 1531) L4 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 _)96 anatoliy aleksandrov commenting on nuclear of anti-soviet ~,ndolle5t~ articl".) in indonesian media. (5.5 min, sent: enginter 1531) 97 (aleksandr guriyev) "south korea is nuclear outpost," on reagan, vessey visits to south korea and u.s. plans to deploy ICor~ Deploq missiles and neutron weapons on south korean territory. (ZAA neu,tro4J kor U0930) (6. 5 min: burin 1030) CAS (',t (..P introduction to libin serial talk "pentagon in asia, 1983" reviewing u.s. milit attempts in far east where it intends td forma.it alliance with japan, south korea. (7 min: mandsea 1230 Lt 5 99 nikolay lutsenko on jap foreign ministry report on british govt request for british aircraft-carrier invincible to enter Japanese port, stressing that british carrier has already been refused permission to use ports and docks in australia because its captain refused to disclose whether or not that ship had nuclear weapons on board. (3 min: mayak 1030) 100 "mailbag": introducing letters from jap listeners on vars topics. (28 min, incl music: japa 111200) 101 corr report on conclusion of first congress of kampuchean 1 non interview with hanoi acupuncture institute director. east europe low, 12DEC1983 103 "from practice of coop": review reports on coop and S 1 on on trade relations between coma member states. 0 an (4.5 min: mandsea 1230) to in phnom penh, describing progress achieved by kampuchean i ppl in agri, educ, public health spheres, citing appreciation expressed by delegates to congress on assistance from ussr, vietnam and other socialist countries for natl reconst in kampuch (5 min: lao 1030) duringhis ussr visit. (rpt viet 051400) (viet 1400) cultural links between socialist countries. (25-18 min: hungarian 17-313 cz /slovak 1600 bulgarian 1-630; poor: polish 1400) Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 105 georgiy grammatchikov on recent fraternal meetings which indicate unity of socialist community. (3 min, poor: polish 1460 czech/slovak 1600 hungarian-2000) S summary undated trud editorial "worker fraternity." (rrpj, 107 anon on signing of year-end protocols of commodity.exchanges among socialist community nations for coming period, stressing CJA sov plan to increase goods exchange with coma countries. (5 min: viet 1300) 108 second part historian yermolayev article "cpsu and socialist S internationalism," on good relations between countries based on socialist internationalism. (5 min: romanian i5- reports on ustinov address to sofia garrison personnel IySh,JW / during 9 dec visit. (mayak 091830) (7-4 min: spancuba 0100 Qd6ire5ilbanian 1-530 lap 111200 viet 1000: brief: greek 101-600) sonl ~ r ~ , tv yar P,U?Sdr 110 on "measures to increase defense capabilities of socialist countries," describing recent warsaw pact mtg S in Sofia and moscow'mtg of socialist countries cc secretaries, stressing that ussr and allies are determined to defend socialism and referring to unspecified measures, which are supported by gdr, tP6cssr, cuban officials, all stressing importance of unity of a~ hanJlw S 0 agod c24a` b-r- Frs"P sociaU..s.,t countries. (5-4 min: romanian 1700 bulgarian 1630) 111 anon on studies of albanian language and literature at leningra?,univ. (4 min, poorest: albanian 1530) 112 yakub malykin on characteristics of trade exchange among socialist countries, growth trends evident, citing comparative statistics since 1957. (6 min: polish 1500) J f '7 4 12 DEC 1983 1 talk by zdenko cheban, counsell or of czechoslovak embassy in moscow, marking 40th anniv ussr-cssr friendship treaty. (rpt czech/slovak 111700) (czech/slovak 11600 serbo- 700 2000 polish 't500 kor 1330 mand 1230) Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 viet 111300) (viet 1000) Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 take 7 of several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 12 dec 83 114 prague corr dispatch on intvw with jan marko, dpty chin czechoslovak parliament, re 40th anniv soviet-czechoslovak friendship treaty, noting treaty laid basis for czechoslovakia's tf(" foreign policy and econ and cultura relations with user, it has 6- stood test of time and new treaty signed in 1970 expresses close hV relationship btwn two states, pointing out czech ppl support two W~S,/ countries' measures to ensure security, stressing that the top priority remains work to ensure peace. (3 min: enginter UJ0 184 hungarian 2000) 115 in world of sci-tech: incl report on coop of C?e-c k user-czechoslovakia physicists. (czech/slovak 1700) to 116 "voices of friendship" program for gdr listeners. (.rota ermaj:L,091700)_(german 1000) at an acute angle: anon on solidarity's lack of econ program and disruptive effect of strikes it organied in 1981, causing econ difficulties which are slowly being remedied now, afttr-firm decision by wron two years ago. (4 min: polish 1400) 8 vladimir ivanov on econ coop between user and romania, r 0 L& mainly in deliveries of soviet equipment in exchange for products of re_pective plants. (8 min: romanian 111700) 114 diary of soviet-Yugoslav ties. (rat serbo 111700) ( sepo-l 2000) C (t 12nwr1983 120 literary talk based on book on lenin's life. f12 min: G persian 1800) U Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 11 SS(- ? 5 shuttle. (sent: enguk 2000) LLS5P Cs L. SS(i- 121 vantage point: boris belitskiy on u.s. propaganda gencies raising great fuss worldwide about latest flight of u.s. shuttle, and more sober view that soviet space scientists take of the 122 intvw with soviet cosmonaut on militarizaiton of space by u. s., and peaceful exploration of space by ussr. (4 min: Berman 1700 123 science observer sums up results and achievements of recent soviet space mission by lyakhov and aleksandrov. (rpt enginter 081410) (frenchinter 112100 spancuba 04-00 german 15200 greek 11- 1800,bu1-aarian 111.630) 124 relay of press conf on space flight of lyakhov and aleksandrov, quoting speeches by academicians aleksandrov and sagdeyev and cosmonauts lyakhov and aleksandrov, followed by (LSS(L-- question-and-answer session. (one hour, sent: home OZ55 orbita 125 reports on press conf on space flight of lyakhov and aleksandrov, quoting speeches by cosmonauts. (20 min: enginter d 5 09-10 1210; 8-3 min: mayak 1530 home 1600 orbits 1600 spanchile 2100 italian 2000 swahili 1730 hungarian 2000 bulgarian 1630 m/nd,--~0; 350 text: tasse 1615 tassr 1510) 126 science correspondent giving account of press conf given by lyakhov and aleksandrov on their space mission touching on some minor incidents during flight which, however, did not present any 05 problems for research program. (5-3 min: enginter 1810 21-10 engna 2300 portbraz 2200 2300 persian 1500 1700 polish 1300 serbo 1-700 2000 kor 1330 camb 1330 lao 1300 urdu 1300 beng 1500 burm 1430 83 i n d.o t33Q 1500 hind 1400; poorest: a l b a n i an 1530) 19 "'Ip, 12 DEC 127 "from here and there": incl report on work carried out by Ik,S51~- 05 soviet cosmonauts. (rpt amharic 111530) (amharic 1530) Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 05 V-59f--- 0S LA Sfr rlu' 128 anon recalling activities to install new batteries in space by s.r' ,t cosmonauts. ?5 min: mandsea 1230) 129 boris belitskiy replying to listeners' letter about space transportation, noting until now, using liquid fueled rockets payloads have been small but new developments are producing a greater cargo capacity on space transport vehicles, maintaining rockets are consuming less fuel which makes them more cost effective and has led to efficient operation of such orbital stations as salyut-7, pointing out in future it is hoped to -CS utilize nuclear energy and electric rocket engines. (4 min: e n g i n t ?i'P Os?31 1231 ) life in ussr 130 second reportage by trybuna ludu corr in moscow Jerzy LL_ S St2 STAT (A- SSIZ_ kraszewski, on mtgs with soviet communists, praising their dediat . (6 min: polish 1560 kor 0930) 132 prof (eduard zimin) on soviet social structure and its U- S5(-- t/(-S5 (L` change, noting unity of soviet working ppl, heightened educational level/-~f class, other social aspects. (9 min: kor 0930) ;Z-(Q..- 12 DEC 1983 133 question-and-answer program outlining specific rights of soviet citizens, in response to listeners' letters. (9 min: enginter 1531) Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8 134 man and law: vera korchak reportage from no. 10 riga tLSc-, 0- S Sf 1-- secondary school on its experiences in educating children in law, in coop with parents and with assistance of mbrs of local militia (8 min); valentin (bogomolov) "speculators to account" on militia intvw with speculators of.arkhangelsk market (rig ; review of listeners letters with questions concerning state pension for disabled women and army veterans. (orbits 1010) 135 visitors: (yoshito sadaoka) of osaka trade assn: Sap 111200; (raul ferres) cuban cultural attache: spancuba 0100; (vasconcellos) brazilian congressman: portbraz 2200 136 misc internal ussr items: global 5 sov 11 democ 6 eur northam 10 latam 5 afr 5 asc 9 asnc 8 (El) unpro: enginter 0800 0900 1000 1200 1300 1500 2100 2200 poorest: enginter 2000 2010 arabic 1730 frenchaf 112030 portaf 111830 viet 1400 poor: french 1830 frenchmag 112030 greek 1600 polish 1400 albanian 1530 ;2-:(MW- 12 DEC 1983 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620008-8