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July 6, 2009
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December 17, 1983
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Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620013-2 take 1 of several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 17 dec 83 1d181112 international diary 1 anatoliy naymushin sofia report on approval of ustinov's Utstech to armed . forces veterans, interviewing lyubomir K+& barutchiyev, official from committee of fighters against fascism NOV t 5P.I--Iand capitalism, who praises intnatl significance of that meeting. (3 mhome 1745) aleksandr ku ri.lin bonn report on continuing antimissile "{-?m1551)`5 movement_.in__frg,--citing 13 dec national day of action. (2.5 FZc R,,r b-S 1'L 3 andrey ptashnikov reports on peace actions around usa, interviewing peace campainger (tam ruddock) who says peace is only way for mankind, but that u. s. government pays no heed. (AS 4 igor vykhukholev tokyo report on background and current political scene for forthcoming parliamentary elections. (3 5 yuriy kobaladze london report on reverbations of min: a 1745) C, L11) confrontation between printers' union and government, criticising antiurros,- legislation of government. (4 min: home 1745) 6 anon on 1984 prospects for socialist community, touching on economic growth, proposals on curbing nuclear arms race. (7 w-S J 17 L min* vi et 1300 1400) I\ Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620013-2 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620013-2 STAT W absenc~of religious discrimination (7 min). (enguk 2000) 7 soviet panorama: inci interview with new zealander (marilyan patter) on her impressions of user. contrasting position of soviet and new zealand working people and noting lack of unemployment in ussr (3 min); rev bill smith of london describes places of religious interest he visited in soviet armenia, stressinc are result--of soviet expansionism; but capitalist west destroyed socialist revolutions in hungary and germany after wwi and attacked russia after gosr. imperialism also destroyed socialist experiment in chile. ussr is willing to dismantle Warsaw pact if nato is theoreticians say that all misfortunes of europe after wwii 9 notes from a publicist: boris tumanov on anticommunist theories still circulating in west. says some western circles say that while socialist countries of eastern europe do not rejoin capitalist world, peaceful coexistence is compromised, lfato i Gv p _ LA, S eously dissolved. (6 min: french 1830) L"~ 10 "listeners' program" presented by mikh.il sumbatov. he answers letters on various topics. listener denounces u.s. S armed intervention in grenada, another listener says that answer _vv'Slo,Jis to be found in dra foreign ministry statement on subject. d a r,r,N a a~kv) other letters include questions on facilities in soviet union. (11 mfitil persian 1800) As 11 time, events, people: inci note on importance of peace on earth, interviewing khabarovsk peace committee secretary; vladimir tsvetov reviews and comments on listeners' letters Lk S 3-A-is--S condemning u. s. aggressive policy and arms race. (home -A900._ ~,- 17 DEC 1983 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620013-2 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620013-2 12 "socialist countries and countries on socialist path of development": anon on bulgarian port town of burgas (3 min); interview with angolan journalist (orlando diento) of jornal de angola on developments in education, health services, organizations achievements in town and rural areas, also about consumer goods and defense problems. (3 min). (amharic 16153 "hello prague": incl boris patonov on future roles of ( Z4t Ll. tC, soviet orbiting stations; note on competition between czechoslovak airlines and aeroflot on prague-leningrad route to see whq,\can provide best and most efficient service. (czech/slovak 1600 y r / 14 mailbag for british listeners: incl-reviti seasonal greetings from listeners, reciprocated by station staff who also wish peace; reply on availability of "soviet weekly" i in britain; reply contrasting role of mass media in ussr and in west; information about amber room of catherine palace and disappearance during war. (enguk 2060) 15 letters from Italy: incl acknowledgement of letters, review letters praising moscow radio program comment; letter criticizing Italian journalists who adopt anti-soviet line. 3 17 DEC 1983 16 african mailbag: incl replies on nuclear threat, aftermath of hiroshima and nagasaki bombings; world public's demands for peace and soviet peace efforts; work of soviet red cross and red )crescent societies in africa. (engafr 1700) Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620013-2 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620013-2 G Qi-r.*-S tak2 of several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 17 dec 83 1d181135 disarm 17 summaries pravda editorial article "to divert nuclear threat from europe." (8-4 min: frenchinter 162100 enguk 2000 spanish 162000 amharic 161530 swahili 161730 czech/slovak 1600 dap 161200 hind 1 0 burm 1030) q y italian 11300 portuguese 1800 german 1600 turkish 1400 persian 1-500 1700 somali 1600 swahili 1730 albanian 1530 bulgarian 1630 czech/slovak 1600 polish 1-500 serbo 1700 kor 1330 mand 123 carob 1330 lao burm 1430 urdu 1200 1300 beng 1500 indo 1330 15001 anon: hupg.4ri n 2000) 5-4 min, sent: enginter 1-410 1820 211.0 engna 2300 spanla 2300 uriy soltan on-unga passing soviet sponsored declaration to condemn nuclear war and a-resolution to freeze nuclear arsenals. 19 (viktor vasilyev) on socialist stance, escalation of arms race can only serve purposes of certain powers. (rot Persian 111500) t6-C-9-~ (persf-as? 1800) viktor vasiliyev dealing with present strategic weapons /LSc _ O~I(' bale a between user and u. s. (rpt german 161700) (polish 1400) DN vladlen kuznetsov "what is peace loving measured at?" stating C that user was forced to break off geneva talks with u. s., stressing, however, that ussr is prepared to react to any positive action. (5 min,~, man 1700) S i 1.. 17 DEC 198 4 22 aleksandr (druzhinin) and other radio moscow correspondents or reactions elicited in several countries on deployment of u.s. miss s in western europe. (4 min: spanla 0000) Nu5S~I'1 b-S Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620013-2 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353ROO2201620013-2 i' ^G~'I/`~ ~"' 23 main missing is disarmament: review of ustinov speech to soviet veterans, condemning u. s. aggressive military policy and 1v 55I11s deployment of nuclear missiles (4n): sa'dallah mazra'ani, mbr 61/ %olitburo of Lebanese cps maintaining that current u. s. admin. since its election, has escalated arms race and exerted pressure On lurwpw vv - ys. - - nuclear missiles-in.-europe is a threat to world peace, stressing that soviet countermeasures are best possible reply (2.5 min)s review of listeners' letters condemning americcan and Israeli policies in (,,S AW51('5 mideast, then answering listener's question about effects of nuclear.w r on atmosphere (7 min). (14 min overall: arabic 1530) ~~ ;~uv Gl S -~ / 24 "for peace and security in europe": roundup of stmts and ~5(~-a"' l1~ `'' reading listeners letters stressing need to work for peace and p~YJG~ disarm nt in europe. (10 min: -Italian 2000) lA 25 dmitriy andreyev sketch on imaginary mtg in pentagon at some future date, noting general who is chairing mtg voicing satisfaction that all cruise and pershing missiles have been installed, then giving command 'go', noting his subordinates remarks ~V1i551~- -- surely they have been installed as defense weapons, and reply by general that they must surely know that best form of defense is to attack. (7 min: Italian 2000) us assn at its dec mtg supporting 6' resolution adopted by sov-dap D40 andropov's 24-nov stmt on u. s. deployment of medium-range missiles Its M(SSI'_eSin eur,Qope. (8 min, sent: ,dap 161200) G ,doe adamov with some reflections on 'the day after'. (rp engna (i 0001) (engna 2300) 28 aleksandr lebedev on worsening Intl situation due to Hato W 5 1 missile plans U & & t) a,"V LS and on socialist countries' efforts to preserve (8 P'fh: romanian 1700) ,r DEC 19P; Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353ROO2201620013-2 Cks Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620013-2 (PJ C tS 29 "saturday radio": quoting letters by czech, yugoslav, hungarian, and other listeners praising ussr for its struggle agains- fascism, impism, and its present struggle for peace and socialism, preventing u.s. from starting a war. (12 min: macedonian 18 30 "we skip through your letters" with vladimir ostrogorskiy reviewing radio moscow's christmas mail, stating that it is not like christmas mail of other years, mainsubject of letters is corrvation of peace. (11 min: german 1600) take 3 of several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 17 dec 83 united states 31 reports on moscow meeting between gromyko and u.s. ambassdor w) hartman, with gist remarks exchanged. (tasse 151641) (1.5 min: Q,j.,-,b lap 161-QOO brief: jap 161200 amharic 161530) ,L ILS lL S kS 33 anon reviewing history of american battleship uss new ,,._pt german jersey as tool of american military policy. (,r 1616Q0)__.(3_min:--spancuba--O1OO ainharic 161530 swfhili 161730 hin aa.a , /.c 34 prof boris (krichevskiy) on nature of u.s. policy toward nonaligned countries and its belligerent stance toward these countries. cites u.s. aggression in grenada and lebanon. t o u a (1.FI'~ Q (6 bur 1030) ~f,,tlJ&" EM / M C-- S4 J6jV(J 4- 17 DEC 1983 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620013-2 lk C Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620013-2 V,J us 35 leonid levchenko "against which countries is usa launching undeclared war?" refers to reagan's remarks at 15 dec lauding role of u. s. troops overseas, criticizes u. s. interference in grenada and lebanon saying that usa is launching aggression against weak nations around world. (5-3 min: enginter '1410 spanla 2300 italian 1800 german 1600 turk 140E persian 1500 1700 czech/slovak 1600 bulg 1630 pol 1500 serbo 1-700 kor 1330 mand 1230 camb 1330-lao 1300 beng 1500 urdu 1200 1300 indo 1330 1500ur 1430; anon: hung 2000) b.,5 Z~ igor aleksandrov on president reagan's remarks on secret operations being integral part of activities by u.s. authorities, and such actions being violation of intnatl law. (sen%: #ngna 2300) S Z7 uL'S 81P V S der; (6 min: arabic 1500) 37 anon "sabotage activities of u.s. intelligence." says u.s. president signed bill on cia and fbi budgets; new budget is estimated at billions of dollars; there is no doubt that large sum will be spent on actions against plo. quotes italian paper on cia-mossad plans to assassinate palestinian 39 history club: prof (robert invanov) discusses soviet-american relations during american civil war. says user supported lincoln admin. recalls events during war; during both war of independence and civil war relations were friendly. (6 min: engna 001) Lk Boris gillenson presents appreciation of ersskkir.e (engna 2300) youth program: incl-note on biographies of prominent 1, re author's 80th birthday 17 december. i..., 17 DEC 1983 persAnaJes published in united states. (persian 1700) cis Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620013-2 27 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620013-2 1 42 discussion between two unidentified announcers on hunger in usa, stressing widespread hunger and poverty, mocking administration's lack of urgent action to improve situation. (engna 0001) VS s. 43 anon on vernon waiter's trip to chile and reagan's letter to pinochet. this shows that the u.s. does not want to lose military, political and economic control over chile. says that the u.s. intends to use chile as a landing stage for itx\actions in south america. (5 min, poor: spanchile 2100) 44 katia and pop* on new mining code, which was promulgated on 13 december. the law has been categorically rejected by various sectors. claim that the law is-against the national interests, because it favors foreign firms. -quote el mercurio as reporting that chile has lost $13 billion as a result of the drop of the price of copper on the international market. claim that this occurred because copper is in the hands of multinational TiJi/11540145 leonid levchenko re reajan's new york stmt on u. s. invas o of grenada. (rpt en inter 141410) (finnish 141630) ~Opst grenade. Y~ ~/~ 162100) U t 1 46 yuriy reshetnikov on partial u.s; withdrawal from min: spanchile 22-130) (rpt enginter 162110) (enginter 0710 1010 frenchinter Lt S 47 "uruguayan panorama" feature: arismendi participated in act held in buenos aires by argentine communist party. release of the-president of the broad front requested. ferreyra aldunate attended alfonsin's inauguration and he made statements to the press on the uruguayan situation. he has been proclaimed presidential candidate of the national party. the newspaper el dia reopened; it carried a front-page article which was harshly critical of the military regime. (8 DEC 1983 min:_spanla 2300) Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620013-2 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620013-2 I west europe STAT cP 54 gist of report by portuguese cp sec gen to tenth national 50 L~+g in mirror of soviet press : leninskaya znamya wrote about debate in bonn bundestag (2 min): pravda interviewed member -O' FR of dkp (one min); izvestiya on frg peace movement (.pne min). l , (overall 5 min: german 1700) 51 "good evening austria" program for austrian listeners. ( pt germaust 122000) (germaust 2000) iii P kfasu JAA report on aliyev meeting with french cgt delegation, with Fy, c.- gist remarks exchanged. (rpt tasse 161733) (250 text: french 1830) STAT (7 min: dap 161200) take 4 of several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 17 dec 83 1d1 81213 55 mikhail g?y'bachev speech at tenth congress of portuguese cp. (tasse 151842) (6-4 min: enginter 07-10 10t0 frenchinter 162100 spancuba 0100 port 1800 arabic 1530 frenchmag 2030 viet f000; 2.5 min: Swahili 161730; 2-1 min: orbita 0001 0400 1030 1345 6 b fbac il home 0200 06Q0 frenchinter 1624-00/two-ce/ engna 0004 frenchafr 162030 somali 1600 hindi 1130 1400 thai 1100 mand 070amb 1330 lao 1030 1300; brief: orbita 0100 spanla 0000 spancuba 0100 mand 1230 kor 0930 1130) 17 DEC 1983 D2- 3 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620013-2 49 s ary anon pravda on etc summit. (3 min: finnish 141630) Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620013-2 56 gorbachev remarks at 17 dec oporto meeting with section of _,----'1230i brief: home 1200 enginter 1200 1300 1500 2100 enguk 2000 - italiap port 1800 turk 1400 serbo 2000 kor 1330) 'bYW,(1r^e` 5 port on gromyko exchange of opinions with vayrynen (1.5 mir and luncheon speeches by gromyko (3.5 min) and vayrynen (brief). r va 5. 5 min: finnish 141630) N 5kp"~~ r,_SS portugal-ussr society. (100 text sent: mayak 117001 one min: mand 58 gromyko speech at 13 dec luncheon for finnish foreign "JU0 ~` minis r9~ FiN~a'"-d II vayrynen. (Hasse 13t054) (1,000 text: finnish 141630) _joint soviet-finnish announcement on results of finnish (,-, M foreign minister vayrynen's official visit. (tasse 161555) (4-3 min: enginter 0710 1010 frenchinter 162100; 2-1 min: orbita U4,r t 0001 0200 0400 home 0200 0600 engna 0001 frenchafr 162030 swahili 161 30 hind 11-30 1400 thai 1100 bur 1030 mandsea 1'230 viet -10001 e 6LOAQL,Pur-? brief: mayak 0430 enginter 0800 1000 1100 french inter I6r2100/tWice/ 59a summary moscow news intvw with anatoliy gromyko on problems of disarmament and africa's place in that respect. (rptenaaf 161700)TTngaf 1700 somali 1600) 60 "wave of friendship": ethiopian graduate behailu mengesha S- U iL) -11 t bi LL'S in voice on role of theater and arts in ussr, citing author vladimir.(.amlinskiy) about his meetings with ethiopian poets, playwri-Chts and artists. (13 min: amharic 161530) 61 evgeniy stepanov on unsc discussion of situation in southern africa and angola's appeal. (rat enQaf 161700) (swahili 141730 ali 1660) S 30 a som mhairc Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620013-2 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620013-2 I cC( $~AIJ 63 vladimir borisov on malagasy parliament adoption of 1984 budge (rpt somali 161600) (somali 1600) ~ 'de 64 tass commentator anatoliy golovastov claiming u.s. and israel have suffered a major diplomatic fiasco, re 38th session of unga which adopted two ssets of resolutions criticizing israel for gross condemning israel's nuclear ambitions. (350 text: tasse 0637) 2 Z, b, K' -Avt- LIJ 65 window on arab world: incl anon on unga resolution condemning israeli nuclear. measures, maintaining israel builds its nuclear arsenal with consent and support of u. s., also israel refuses to join Intl treaty with bans spreading of nuclear arms. (3 min: arabic 15330 frenchmag 2030-) as aA*'-'0'_ 66 onid rassadin beirut dispatch on u.s. interference prominent in arab press, quoting damascus radio that u.s. armed provocation against lebanon has become systematic, pointing out 4'-4 u.s. and israel have set up a joint cmtee which covers military O and political matters, maintaining threat of a larg-scale aggression against lebanese patriotic forces and syria already looms large, progressive arab circles censure american policy. (4.5:3 min: enginter 1410 1810 enguk 2000 spanla 2300 italian'1800 port 1800 german.1600 turkish 1400 swahili 1730 czech/slovak 1-600 polish--1500 serbo 1700 camb 1330 lao 1300 urdu 1200 1300 bang 1500 indo 1330 1500 i burm 1430) 17 DEC 1983 (,(d 23 tIP violation of human rights on occupied arab territories and Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620013-2 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620013-2 i take S of several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 17 dec 83 67 anon on u.s. military presence in lebanon and operations carried out by new jersey and u.s. naval fleet in lebanon. (3 min: IjS corr intvw with soviet cancer specialist, vladimir grechkov, on his recent visit to iraq. (6 min: arabic 1500) 4-Y 61-~ anon on continuing trial of group of patriotic officers of d a +-LA- 014 1 rev guards and of mbrs of tudeh party in tehran. (rpt persian 121700) (persian 1800) 6~2 ihsan mustafayev on recent u.s.-turkish agmt on use of incirlik base by u.s. for military operations in lebanon, says u.s. is dragging turkey into conflicts in mideast which causes concern in turkey as well as arab countries. (10 min: U.S 71' literary program devoted to poems of turkish poet nazim hikmet on zoyak kosmodemyanskaya, a soviet girl who was hanged by ger$ ns,-in 1941. (10 min: turkish 1400) afghanistan STAT a49ka w 73 yuriy (kutkov) on dra insurgents, matintaining they are ppl who went to pakistan and iran after rev, they are enemies of rev OL and have been misled by foreign propaganda. (12 min: persian 1800) 1 7 D Palus4&, L~~-- EC 1983 -mad Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620013-2 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620013-2 51e rn ~,n - Wd l&S CIA 74 anon maintaining afghanistan has become a target of outside interference since april rev, citing facts and figures to this effect, recalling sadat's nbc intvw in which he admitted that at carter's request he agreed to supply surplus soviet weapons and Jigyptian weapons to anti-afghan elements in pakistan, pointing out cia bought vast amounts of soviet arms from egypt, quoting nyt that use of foreign weapons was meant to conceal u.s. involvement, stressing that western countries have supplied financial aid to nti-afghan elements and pakistan was chosen as a springboard for interference, mentioning use of chemical weapons. (5.5 min: engna 2300)_ n C.(S insvw wisn tnasan imtiaz), ldr afghan friendship delegation which visited ussr at invitation of soviet aapso cmtee, touching on ways and means of establishing normal relations btwn afghanistan and iron and pakistan, stressing that afghan proposals are just and fair, and that talks should be held face to face-( min: persian 1500 1700) 76 mulatov: "u. s. plan on china" saying u. s. planning to narrow gap btwn stands of u. s., prc on global strategy, eventual link up of their stands, thereby incorporating china into u.s. global (t S/ 5 - "5 beginning 1950's, u.s. imposed eco sanctions ags prc, followed by polit, dip, even mil pressure, bringing world to brink a+ world war. now, u. s. says it is friendly to china. in this case, u.s. should stop violating prc's sovereignty, stop interfering in prc's internal affairs, not obstructing prc's reunification (3.5 min: mandAle~ 1230) - / 3 - 17 DEC 1983 s-s 78 prog for chi soldiers: It gen (wakechinov) of sov armed forces' polit dept on nato deployment of nuc missile, exposing nato / false propaganda regarding nuc deployment to weaken antinuc ,,++ dUIIOTsenti ents in europe (8 min: mand 1600) Mt SS I Lq Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620013-2 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620013-2 i :~,4ua, o w viktor rogov re un resolution urging creation of indian ocean DI 6 6VICA peace z e. -(rot lao 161030) (8 min: thai 1100) CcS ~ (AI S SO anon re u.s. admiral crowe's bangkok press conf remarks on into eu.s. considering possibility of introducing cruise missiles and c0.i the . al weapons to countries of southeast asia. (sent: mayak 0730) .- ( S c` i- C k f4ru r f ) (ti-S GJ aleksandr malik on indian defense minister's expression of concern over u.s. militarization of indian ocean. points out that asia would become target for retaliatory strike should usa launch ? L4 . L' n u c lea -pttac k from that area. (5 min: enginter 1531) 0 rIa' Sb (it%S 8'-- Taf Lt S of history (aleksandr sabin) on question of whether n-weapons are stored in jap or not, viewing nakasone's, his predecessors' insistence that there are no n-weapons in jap because aAjap adheres to 3 nonnuke principles. pointing.out there is strong possib/ijity of n-arms stored in jap (8 min: jap 161000) 17 DCC 19C.- 83 viktor sivakov: noting Japan's increased expansion of trade and commercial interest in southeast and south asian countries following reagan's recent visit to japan, states that it is another move of u.s. japan collusion to capture market of asian countries and impose u.s.-japan will on them. also expressing concern over growing u.s.-japan military cooperation and points out that it can only jaopardize peace in asia. (7 min, poor: hind 1400) l/1 U- Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620013-2 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620013-2 I 84 (bulatov) on thai attitude toward kampuchea, saying thailand bombards kampuchea on land, infringes kampuchea's territorial 85 vasiliy fedorov reviews aspects of soviet assistance to vietnam, citing goods provided, projects undertaken with soviet assistance, soviet training of viet specialists. (5 min: enginter 86 viet expert (nguyen thanh lieu) dissertation on characteristics of seniconductors. (viet 161000) (3.5 min: viet 1300 c) 87 interview with hcm city to deleg head (le hong chuong) during visit to leningrad, telling of warm welcome by soviet offiy-t- Is. (7 min, poor: viet 1300 1400) take 6 of several -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 17 dec 83 east surooe 88 viktor olenichev on cooperation between coma countries. enginter 141410) (finnish 141630) rpt ,fie anon "in interests of raising well-being of people" on coma coo, sci reearh. (6 min, poor: albanian 150) 17 D F r 1983 cooperation among socialist this year, incl production increase, technical exchanges and icon coop and joint measures for security. (7 mini kor 0930) Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620013-2 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620013-2 91 moscow radio program: "along path toward integration." miscellaneous items on 25th anniversary of coma transportation commission and future cooperation among socialist countries in this respect; report on relations between bulgarian and soviet cold-air machine combines; department official at sovi ministry of light industry talks on cooperation with bulgarian ministry of light industry; talk by bulgarian journalist stefka kafedzhi.eva on her visit to armenias and musical programs (30 min: bul 1630) S S 92 special prog "in socist cntries": a) (krichivskiy) yrender on major events in socist cntries (5 min); b) chief of romanian deleg to 14th mtg of edu bureau chiefs of socist cntries on impression of mtg (2.5 min) c) report on eco, trade coop btwn poland. lithuania, belorussip (3 min); d) weekly news roundup ,stkout socist cntries (3.5 min). (total.14 min: mend 0700) 93`-soviet historian (vasiliy komin) on 50th anniv of leipzig trial of Morgi dimitrov. (7 min, poor: albanian 1530) 94 viktor levin on cssr federal assembly adoption of developmei plan for 4. '(sent: home 1600) 95 diary of ussr-cssr cooperation: report on moscow friendship house meeting 12 december marking 40th anniv.ussr-cssr friendship treaty, quoting zorin, former soviet ambassador to ussr (1.5 min) y 0~ frs p and haves, head of visiting cssr delegation (1. 5 min), on value of to friendship and cooperation (5 min); mikhal vevrus, head of intnatl dept of cssr-ussr friendship assn, on result of current visit to ussr; note on recent festival of cssr drama in ussr and theatrical contacts between two countries; managing director of chepos foreign trade corporation outlines contacts with ussr to mutual nefit. (czech/slovak 1700) , /& 000- 17 DEC 1983 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620013-2 96 boris melnichenko reviews gdr socioeconomic performance in Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620013-2 1983, citing statistics and quoting gdr press on value of gdr cooperation with ussr'?and`,otber1.socialist countries. (enginter 1410 italian 1800 port 1800 german 1600 czech/slovsk 1600 polis 00 serbo 1700: anon: hung 2000 kor 1330) vl "o n road of friendship" program for hungarian listeners: andre molnar, chief counsellor in hungarian commercial mission in user, speaks abotu beneficial econ relations between hungary and ussr (3 min); report on laser exhibitions which user held in pest recently (3 min); andras rosza, moscow rep of hungarian travel enterprise, reviews touristic coop between two countries (8 mid; report on grape growing and wine making coops tion between hungary and soviet georgia. (hwngarian 2000) 4 viktor olenichev on washington's discriminatory actions agains-t,poland. (rehash enginter 131531) (10 min: spanla 0000) ck S 99 polish journalist (ferry krashesky) on polish econ situation and u. s. actions against poland. (5.5 min: spanla 10ty' "at an acute angle" oneleaders of former solidarity. (rpt plish 151500) (polish 1500) "on friendship trail": miscellaneous items illustrating aspects of soviet-polish friendship and cultural cboperation and (polish 1400) 102 rodyonov, vice chmn central board of soviet-polish friendship society, extends greetings to forthcoming congress of polish-soviet friendship society, quotes lenin on need fortsdependence. (4 min: polish 1500) ideology 103 "what is communism?": afonin reply defining communism. (r t en na 070001) (engna 0001) LCS 0 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620013-2 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620013-2 take 7 of 7 -- commentary list: moscow consolidated 17 dec 83 id181356 military ~aNS 104 summaries ustinov speech at 14 dec moscow mtg btwn ussr defense min ldrship and veterans of soviet armed forces. 141745) (3 min: mayak 1530 finnish 141630; one min: finnish 141630) S(1~ 105 maksim nikulin reportage on visit by service veterans to moscow higher command college named after rsfsr supreme soviets citing intvws with some veterans who recount their war experiences and express )ratitude:that homeland has not forgotten their deeds. (3 mint ome 0700 orbita 0700) - 106 i serve the soviet union: report on service veterans meeting ussr defense ministry leadership, during which ustinov spoke, quoting stmts by academy students; aleksey chumakov on training exercise at practice ground of one of artillery units of far eastern military district, incl intvws with instructors and trainees; topic of day: It-gen volkoganov discussing nato week in brussels, stressing that this session was no exception from general rule of aA*J ~nato meetings in that they tend to whip up arms race and accelerate rate of military preps of alliance, touching on andropov's 24 nov bj, - u &f proposals, greenham common issue and deployment of euromissiles in various nato countries-and their reaction, and also soviet union's 0L N-iSS;I~S counter-measures in gdr and cssr. (7 min); aleksandr abramov CZ '4 visiting moscow state farm which has an asphalt road and many 111.~s 5V young lads serving in army, citing intvws; corr reviewing listeners letters serving in forces enquiring about their statutory rights, citing reply from col ,rustic stanislav morozov on family housing benefits and on tax relief for single men; fighting men and sport: corr kim kukholev visits military college sports hall and intvws gym teacher and students. (home 1100) ??~!0 0 % 17 DEC 1983 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620013-2 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620013-2 space/science 107 yevgeniy kachanov citing aviation week and space technology report that pentagon has completed drawing up a plan for creation of a laser weapon system designed for deployment in space, quoting time magazine that another step has been taken to bring world closer to 'star wars', scoring recent decision adopted by reagan to approve a 5-yr plan for accelerated development of space weapons. (3 min: ppyak 1030) US C2 3 (25 Lt 3 108 yuriy reshetnikov-discussing reagan's space war preps, is announcement by u.s. defense department officials that a substantia increase is need in current spending to develop technologies for space-a arfare envisaged by reagan admin. (sent: enginter 2100) ! 7 y 109 "questions and answers": incl reply to african listeners on soviet space missions. (rpt Somali 301600 on 1 dec list) (Somali 110 sci ob-server on recent soviet cosmic flights. (5.5 min: poliS'"400) 0 05 111 sidelights from soviet union: incl report on Soviet space resear5-. rogram. (4 min: german 1700) 112 pravda editorial on output of consumer goods, noting large enterprises urged to speed up growth of consumer goods output. S S (orbit. 0001 0200 home 0460-) 17 DEr 1983 0&-, 113 reports on regular meeting of politburo of cpsu, summarizing items discussed. (mayak 161800) (8-3 min: mayak 0130 0300 0430 050C C'V5k orbits 0001 0200 home .0400 enginter 0710 1010 141-0 184-0 2140 frenchinter 162100 spancuba 0-100 italian 1800 german 1600 Spanish IWI, / 162000 turkish 1400 persian 1500 1700 Swahili 1730 polish 15 Sr/ bulgarian 1630 serbo 1700 kor 1330 viet 1000 camb 1330 lao,1300 hind! 1130"~ 1430 ur d u 12Q0 1300_ b eng 1 500) Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620013-2 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620013-2 114 tass commentator vsevolod lavrentyev on upcoming elections 11 to supreme soviet, scheduled for 4 mar 1984. (300 text sent: tasse ' fior 1610 tassr 1630) 115 lev volodarskiy, chief of sov csdo on sov natl econ development. (rgt mand 161600) (mand 1230 bulgarian 1630) aleksandra volodina re scheduled supreme soviet elections l,PC#'-D for 4 mar. 1984, explaining work of supsov and composition and '54f5dv functions of soviet of the union and soviet of nationalities. L- SSA- gteC4 e( ~ stressing stressing that procedure for nominating candidates ensures broad democrat representation. (3 min: enginter 1810 2110) 11 visitors: thongbai thongpao, vice pros thai writers assn: thai 14OOi mbrs of french communist youth delegation: french 1830. paraguayan journalist hugo campos: spanla 230@) ii misc internal user items: -SSIL- U- SS IL- global 4 sov 12 democ 5 yugo 4 our 12 northam 4 latam 6 mideast 3 afr 5 asc 6 asnc 9 un'ro enginter 1600 1650 1700 1800 1900 2200 french inter 1700 poorest: arabic 1730 turkish 151830 161830 greek 151900 poor: spanchile 2100 portuguese 1800 engaf 162000 1700 portaf 1830 frenchaf 162030 frenchmag 162030 bang 1500 viet 1300 1400 , ;-d " 17 DEC 1983 Approved For Release 2009/07/06: CIA-RDP94-01353R002201620013-2 77