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December 19, 2016
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August 9, 2005
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January 26, 1982
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RAD+ . 5009 050.0110013-1 4701 WILLARD AVENUE, CHEVY CHASE, MARYLAND 20015 656-4068 PUBLIC AFFAIRS STAFF Good Morning America STATION W J L A T V ABC Network DATE January 26, 1982 7:00 AM CITY Washington, DC SUBJECT Mystery Involving the Hugel Appointment JACK ANDERSON: Another mystery is bubbling up inside the Central Intelligence Agency. This one has sinister overtones. It began with the appointment of Max Hugel, a rank outsider., as the chief spy. He was put in charge of covert operations. In- siders feared that the CIA's darkest secrets were about to be laid bare to someone who might not appreciate the spy agency's methods. In a matter of weeks, Hugel was forced out. He was ac- cused of shady stock deals. Now, there was some suspicion that Hugel had been sandbagged by the old pros in the CIA. They.didn't. want an outsider sticking his nose into their business. Well, not long afterwards, the two men w.ho blew the whistle on Hugel vanished. They were two brothers, Samuel and Thomas McNeil (?). Now, the word spread that the"CIA had some- thing to do with their disappearance. The suspicion became so pressing that a body of a third McNeil brother-,_ Dennis, was ex- humed to make sure he hadn't been the victim of foul play. Well, the autopsy showed that he died of natural causes. Well, now I've learned that the two missing McNeil brothers apparently are quite alive. A former business partner got a Christmas card from them. The card was mailed from Dallas, Texas. Now, on the back of *the holiday greeting the brothers scribbled an apology to their former business associate. They said they. were sorry that they'd gone on the lam with $3 million of their company's funds. They were not so sorry, however, that they returned the $3 million. Does this solve the mystery?. Well, not quite. You see, the man who got the Christmas card didn't tell anyone about it. Yet, alI of a sudden, he got a call from the FBI asking if he had an~L~OS ANGELES e CHICAGO 0 DETROIT o - AND OTHER PRINCIPAL CITIES OFFICES IN: WASHINGTON D.C. ~o NEW YORK MotegSol -vpHed ~ %U ray et a fbr~tre tzrrcrr per a #H.~ v ~~ Q tea a e,a,+wted. Approved For ease 2005/08/16 CIA-RDP95B0091 00500110013-1 Approved For Release 2005/08/16 CIA-RDP95B00915R000500110013-1