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November 4, 2016
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March 22, 2000
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August 4, 1973
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oved Fc~#Zelease 2000/08/10 :CIA-RDP 6~0787R000200010009-2 E%PERIMEIVTS - IIri Geller at SRI, August 4-11, 1973 The o}~,jective af.this group of experimental sessions is to verify teller's apparent paranormal perception under carefully controlled conditions and to head toward an understanding of the physical and psychological variables underlying his apparent ability. I+XPEItINLENTAL .PROGRAM In each of the eight days of this experimental period we conducted picture drawing experiments. In these experiments Geller was separated from the tax?get material either by an electxically isolated shielded roam +ax' by the isolation provided by }caving the targets drawn on-the East Coast. ~e hive continued to work with picture drawing tasks in an effort to achieve repeatability so that we could meaningfully vary the experimental conditions to determine tlce effect of physical parameters an the phenomena. Ash re_ suit of teller's success in this ex erimental eriod has demon Crated his arena m consider that he unambiguous manner. nvincing and Saturday, August 4. Two drawing experiments were conducted this day. In both of these, Geller was closeted in an opaque, acoustically and eleetricaily shielded room. This room is the double-walled shielded room used for EEG researc}Y in the Life Sciences Division of SRI. It is locked by means of an inner and outer door, each of which is secured with a re- frigerator-type locking mechanism. Figure 1. The two drawings used in this experiment were selected by randomly opening a large cal-legs dictionary and selecting the first word which could reasonably be drawn. The first word obta fined i.n this. manner was Approved For Release 2000/08/10 :CIA-RDP96-007878000200010009-2 ?. approved - Release 2000/08/10 :CIA-RD~6-007878000200010009-2 Approved For Release 2000/08/10 :CIA-RDP96-007878000200010009-2 Approved F~Release 2000/08/10 :CIA-RDP~00787R000200010009-2 August 13, 1973 Experiments - IJri Geller August 4-ll, l9?3 R. Farg `}fuse" and the abject drawn was a firecracker. All target selection and picture drawing was done with Geller already in the shielded room. Geller was notified via intercom when the target picture was drawn and f:~I'9 E?(~-f:n f:h C? WA~7 (117i:Clfj P. him Ari r.7 nGtirP, His almost immediate response was that he saw "a cylinder with noise coming out of it". (He was continuously monitored by a one-way audio circuit.). His drawing to correspond to the target was a drum, .slang with a number of other cylindrical-looking objects. }gigs. 2 and 3. The second word selected was "bunch," and the target was a bunch of grapes. teller's immediate response was that he saw "drops of water coming out of the picture." He then talked about "purple circles". Finally,- he said that he was quite sure that he had the picture. His drawing was indeed a bunch of grapes. Both the target picture and teller's rendition had 2~4 grapes in the bunch. Figs. 4 and 5, In this work the target picture is never discussed by the experi- menters after the picture is drawn or brought near the shielded roam. 7`he intercom operates only from the inside of the room to the-outside, except when the push-to-talk switch is depressed on the outside of the room. In our detailed examination of the shielded room and the protocol used in these experiments no sensory leakage has been found, nor has any defect in the protocol been brought to our attention. Sunday, August 5. Geller is locked in the shielded room and the target is drawn in the experimenter's office about a half mile away. The target selected from the dictionary was an outline drawing of a man, which evolved through the drawing process into a devil with a trident. Tv start the experiment, Puthoff, who was with Geller, called Targ, who was with the drawing. Geller spent almost a half- hour working an the drawing befox?e producing the first of several responses. His drawings were as follows. 1. "Mvses'Tablets" i.e., Ten Com- mandments, inside the world with a trident an the outside. 2. Apple with a worm coming out of it. A snake was in the same picture. 3. Cam- pvsite picture witlx the Ten Commandments on top of the world, Gad inside the world and the trident on the outside, along with a neatly drawn leaf. C,~~xe is led to speculate that the Garden of Eden representation in these three drawings is perhaps associational material triggered by the target. 'I'Iae inability vn Gellex?'s part to draw the devil may be culturally in- dueed. Approved For Release 2000/08/10 :CIA-RDP96-007878000200010009-2 Approved F~Release 2000/08/10 :CIA-RDP00787R000200010009-2 TARGET Approved For Release 2000/08/10 :CIA-RDP96-007878000200010009-2 Approved F~Release 2000/08/10 :CIA-RDP00787R000200010009-2 Auc ? ~sT3 Approved For Release 2000/08/10 :CIA-RDP96-007878000200010009-2 gppr~~~e!~ ~arl?elease 2000/08/10 :CIA-RDP00787R000200010009-2 Approved For Release 2000/08/10 :CIA-RDP96-007878000200010009-2 Approved F~Release 2000/08/10 :CIA-RDP00787R000200010009-2 TARGET Approved For Release 2000/08/10 :CIA-RDP96-007878000200010009-2 Approved F~Release 2000/08/10 :CIA-RDP~00787R000200010009-2 1?-~ ~ '~%,? Approved For Release 2000/08/10 :CIA-RDP96-007878000200010009-2 Approved Fc~Release 2000/08/10 :CIA-RDP$~00787R000200010009-2 August 13, 1973 Experiments - Uri Geller August 4-].1, 1973 R. Tarp With regard to the pictures., Geller did draw tlae trident from the target picture, but he did not draw the man r4bo was lzol.ding it. From this it seams clear that Geller does not simply copy lines from the target picture, but rather he does nerfarm same mental ;nrn~assl.nr; nn them before drawing them himself. Fig. 6-9.' The second target picture was drawn by an experimenter while he rhrasinside the shielded room with Geller outside the room witkx another experimenter. In this ease the tax?get was a representation of -the solar system, drawn without the orbit Tines. His immediate verbal reaction before drawing was one of ?`space11: -Fig. 10 and 11. Geller~s drawn response to the target while outside the room also omits the conveni;ional orbit lines and appears to have many similarities to the target drawing. The block in the center of Geller?s picture, according to his statement, was his afterthought suggested by the movie 2001 and was drawn an an addition just before comparing target with response. Monday, August 6. The experiment to be done this day was a pure clairvoyance task. A picture was drawn by a scientist outside of the usual experimental group. The picture was locked in the shielded room before teller`s arrival at SRI. Geller was then led by the experi- menters to the shielded roam, and asked to draw the picture inside the room, He drew a number of pictures, all of which he rejected as not being applicable. He said that he got na clear impression and passed. The target was a rabbit, and nothing Geller drew in any way resembled a rabbit. It shoaald be added that the picture-was drawn by a scientist of whom Geller is not fond, and Geller asked at the outset if this was the case. 7'he experimenters said that this was not the case, since they did not know who had drawn the picture. Geller felt vindicated to some extent when he found out that his initial guess as to the artist had been correct. Tuesday, August 7. 'This day two target pictures were attempted with Goner in the shielded roam. He was connected to an EEG apparattas to allow measurement of his brain waves at the time that he was attempting to perceive