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November 4, 2016
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December 4, 1998
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January 3, 1979
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Approved For ase 2003109/10 : CIA-RDP96-00787 200020033=4 Abstract of Invited Paper k"1 M 67e-r&4a ,t~_3~a'r197 Titleof The Role of Conciousness in the Physical World Symposium Name(s) of Robert. G. Jahn Organizer(s): Type abstract in space below, single space only (see attached sample) Correct errors with while correction fluid, do not use tam Use clean keys and new ribbon; copy will be photo- giaphed directly from box below. STYLE: Do not type beyond any blue line, Begin-first line with 5-space indent. Type Title in U per and Lower Case Letters, Underlined. Type AUTHOR'S NAME all upper case (Insti- tution in Upper and Lower Case in Parentheses), followed by SECOND AUTHOR (Institu- tion), etc. Skip 1 line, begin abstract flush left, no indent, single space. Do not type below line 1 If footnote is required, leave 1 line of space between body of text and footnote. j-- be.j'n !,rs. 6ne Here Title. AUTHOR 30 (Experimental Psi Research: Implications for Physics 29 H. E. PUTHOFF, R. TARG, E. C. MAY (SRI International) 28 BeanAbs!rac: 27 lExperimental laboratory work continues to provide evidence flush e`" 26 for the existence of so-called psi processes, a class of in- 25 teractions between conciousness and the physical world as 24 yet unexplained. These include 1) the acquisition of'infor- 23 ma.tion not presented to any obvious sense, and 2) the pro- 22 duction of physical effects'not mediated by any obvious meth 21 a.nism. At SRI we have concentrated primarily on the former, 20 !investigating a phenomenon we call "remote viewing," the wrt a,l~ 19 ability of certain individuals to access and describe, by sGW a; s,t~xl- 18 'means of mental processes, information blocked from ordinary ~'ac:sn 17 perception by distance or shielding. Our data base consists 16 of 9100 experiments in the remote viewing of targets ranging 15 Ifrom objects in nearby light-tight cannisters to geographic 14 sites at transcontinental distances, viewed from locations 13 which include shielded Faraday cages and a submerged subma- 12 wine. Data from these observations indicate that models put 11 orwwrd to explain psi processes must account for bit rates 10 10 bits/s, resolution -mm, apparent ineffectiveness of or 9 inary electrical 9hieldin.g, and relative insensitivity to 8 distance up to -10 km. Although such phenomena might appear 7 to be in conflict with the laws of physics, we anticipate 6 that much of the data will in all probability be accounted 5 or either within the framework of physics as presently un- 4 1erstood, or on the basis of conservative extrapolations 3 that have been proposed to account for other (non-psi) data, Do not type 2 land that, conversely, the psi data base may shed light on below this kin e 1 (some of the current problems in physics. Do not type pas! this margin Do not type below this line Approved For Release 2003/091-5 RQP19..6AQ7A7R000200020033-4