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November 4, 2016
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April 24, 2000
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May 31, 1974
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SG1A--,Oe. K - APPENDIX T tir re- cr.( ~e .te,~ /~~ ? Day a~ccZS+t G / 'i1 yGt e~v~L . ~i a e~ a~(~t, yte?.k A44,--L, e r u est d P t i f O ,,~-T gg oco or peratjo al emot -viewing Exercise SG1I N~' (/ 2 7 if ysticE ~+ K a SG1 1, IUAA~ YO OCR' im / wle I I - i4 s`.?/ ' ---------7^~.-~? s/r o -? r~s wt- SG1 1 , , Experiment: emote viewi , ational. SG1I Target: Technical facility. Purpose: To obtain technical information sufficient to differentiate among possible alternative technical processes of interest. 44& P, PA4~ ar5Rr _---, - ---Y-wlllg+ a perimenc on client-designated operational target of interest with minimum information supplied to subject (compatible with designating target unambiguously). Program: (a) (b) Provide viewer with target location, by street map SG tI SG1I pAaao 44 4z1 .tae pc ? SG1I "/ v.5, r,, tea iz2 Experiment is. to be carried out with participation of person knowledgeable of structure of target facility and technical processes of interest. if possible, and provide viewer with picture or drawing of target facility containing only enough information to permit visual recognition during target acquisition. Viewer moves into real-time viewing. Knowledgeable participant listens to viewer description, lightly questioning if necessary, in an effort to calibrate viewer description on the basis of information known a priori to participant but not to viewer. Move into phase of more leading questioning, if necessary, again providing as little cueing as possible so as to maximize uncued information flow from viewer. Purpose of this phase is to permit viewer to originate freely while being guided into area of technical interest. This is to permit relevant but unprejudiced viewing on the part of the viewer and continuing calibration on the part of he knowledgeable participant. (e) Break operation of real-time viewing at this point: De d J interest, etc. , to permit two-or three-day period of -N~t i 1. , SG 1I )I'*,- pen ing on results, provide viewer with minimal re atively unbiased but focussed generation of spontaneous impressions by viewer. /99/ 0082066600%,A - SG1I Approved For Release 2003/09/04: CIA-RDP96-00787R000200130008-0 (f) Discuss data to date with viewer, and then resume real- time viewing, providing viewer with additional known information in order to maximize possible information retrieval, recognizing that the additional information supplied to the viewer at this point is at the cost of calibration within the experiment. (g) If and when appropriate, follow experiment with evalua- tion as to quality of results (to degree possible, recogniz- ing issues of sensitivity). t a ~r.L~ G?~~t ts' .Gc.~ 4c , I 1.0- 12 008-0 36 May ro\l%or Release 2003/09/04: CIA-RDP96-007 7RO 2001 v ,low a -+?r~ j~ax.....~..~ S G 1 I GG~I( sL'~'t'wi`E i~14 /~-'4 t-~ p~ .~ t srsyr Ohl d ems ?t - k . /PAt,;te, A,,,.y,( ,A, ttAv_ 44"" la'7"Ie&_1111111~