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November 4, 2016
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April 24, 2000
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October 24, 1973
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Approved For Rel~2~"Ob~b~~1~~C1~9~~7~7R04f9~1~'d~`~(~0~2~ WEDNESDAY, OCT. 24, 1:40. THIS IS A REMOTE VIEWING EXPERIMENT WITH PAT PRICE, DEAN BROWN AND RUSSELL TARG IN TiiE SHIELDED ROOM IN BUILDING 30. THE TRAVELLERS TO REMOTE LOCATION ARE BART COX, HAL PUTIiOFF, JUDY SCHMICICLEY AND PHYLLIS COLE. WE EXPECT THE TRAVELLERS TO BE AT THEIR PLACE IN ABOUT 10 MINUTES. IT'S 1:58. OUR TRAVELLERS SHOULD BE NEAR 'TO ARRIVING AT THE PLACE. 4K. Why don't I start scanning by quadrant using this as a center t~.JV 1111..? t4"J, V-7. ? ? . . I'll go from 17.-3 first. Seems to me right now that T'm picking them up in the 12-3 quadrant, but I'll ga on in the rest and look. I haven't actually identified them, I just feel that they're there. Hope, I don`t get them there. Now I'll go from 6-9. While I was looking at 6-9, it looks to me like I'm looking at an iris, a flower of some kind. I'll come hack and identify that later. Just wanted to get it down as having a flash of an iris flower - purplish., I'll continue to scan that quadrant. Hope, don't get them there. I'll go from 9-12. Don't get them there. I'll go back 12-3. Yoh, I get them in that quadrant. -~N Not I'll see if I can locate them physically and identify the area. I'm looking at something that looks like an arbor, trellis-work arbor.. Seems to be cool, shaded. Doesn't seem to me that they're out in .the direct sunlight. Be more like ther_e's lots of trees, in an arbor area. The arbor appears to be made of woody possibly redwood. They're just...Iovks like it`s a dirt path, quite wide, I'd say may 12 feet. I can see some grass. Looks like possibly a fountain of some kind. Yoh, I can see Bart in his red shirt and what looks like kind of a gray paisley tie - I didn't really look at that when he was down there. The red shirt, I did. Looks like he has on a gray paisley tie. It appears they're walking along quite leisurely. Looks like there's some red brick laid into a walkway. They don't seem to be an it, they just seem to pass over that. Approved For Release 2003/09/04: CIA~DP96-007878000200130012-5 Approved -For Release 2003/09/04: CIA-RDP96-007878000200130012-5 ~ gat:-' i.t seems like a little ways away from them there are quite a haw peaple but right where they're walking it daesn't appear to b~ main right in there. T~z.s ~.s a.n arbar area. Back of that arbar~, back here I'd say 50 ~aa~ from that arbor to here, seems to be a lot of people in here. ~b,c~~ ward walking along here on what looks like about a 12 foot dirt ~?~t~, ~,'~~ ~~~.I~LD Qk' PLACE IS THE ARBOR IN? IS IT A FIELD OUT IN THE OPEN? ~c~,, ~ want to say park, but it doesn't exactly feel like a park. ~~ ~a:~ tQOk a - the feeling I'm getting - it's not the specific ~~~~a -- bta:t. like the Town and Country Market. That type of an ~?.tmospl7ex`~,, with quite a section of it into a little outdoor ~j~.~'k;,, but. basically I' m getting a very strong feeling of flowers . ~;~]~.~ .~ fzrst one I saw was an iris . TF~,I,.M~ ABOUT THE TOWN AND COUNTRY ASPECT. TN WHAT WAY DOES IT Ni~Ni~ XOLI OF TOWN AND COUNTRY . ~b,~:buxld~:ngs, not right where they're at, but very close to them that same kind of architecture and look. The parking lot ~c~l~:~ ~imzZar,. grand, sweeping, not cluttered, it's more expansive a~~~:ai.. You~take a place like Sears Mall - it seems cluttered. ~.~s: seems more leisurely paced. $~Q.p~e axe moving about slower - there's not the hustle and bustle -~ mc?x~. c2z. Z~,ss meandering. - ~QWN:ANA COUNTRY MEANS TO ME A COVERED WALKWAY. ~~kk:,, tie back. of them it seems to be - where they are seems to be ~;~~xx-l;azge arbor like vines growing aver it and things, and there RQ ~ibl:y - z haven't looked in there yet to see if there's any c~sp_7~ay_s lzke pottery and things - I get the feeling that there r:i~gY~~ c]:ose to it. 1~~~Q:;, OUTDOORS? ~~h.,, it~seems like fairly high shade trees - kinda bordering. The ~er~tex' part doesn't seem to have it - this part in here. The trees se.~rtj to be way up in here along like this over here. This seems ~c?~ be- shaded in here, but it's sunny cut here. T Gust saw something that looked like a windmill - not a farm type ~,tndmil.l --- a Dutch-type windmill . It' s smaller - it' s not a huge th~;r~g, b-ut x' m getting a definite feeling that it' s like a windmill . Approved For Release 2003/09/04: CI~,-RDP96-007878000200130012.-5 Approved For Release 2003/09/04: CIA-RDP96-007878000200130012-5 The area in there feels damp - not wet - they're not walking in ~ate~~ but it's very moist. the temperature in there .., it's secluded,. Feels very comfortable. ~ ~3.ttle on the shady side. SnTI~AT l~Q Y'OU FIND AS THE BOUNDARIES OF THE PLACE THEY'RE AT? ~uts~.c~.e of this little park-like affair that they seem to be ~~h tk~era~s a street. One side seems to be a kind of a residential... c~ c2tk~er seems to be a little bit more heavily travelled.. ~t ~rvuld be like a heavy secondary road rather than primary. The ~-ems Qne:~ seems to be like a residential area. ~~t m~ pick up a little bit mare. ~: ~~n: see.on.e verylarge oak tree - exceptionally large. k~a..gk~t. n.ow Bart is trying to paint something out that is basically tbc~ s~i.gnificance of the whole place. It's like that key thing, w~I.S,,, if you'd have mentioned a salt pile. I'd have blown my lid. ~~l.l,, .is has a significance that's just about comparable to that. ~''m.tx`y~ing to pick up exactly what the hell it is. I'm screening i.~;. ' c~~xt .. ~l~.zr~.g tk~at just flashed in was kind of like a stadium structure - ~.ilse down into a stadium. ~ust.wh.en.z did that I - I'll have to reorient to make sure I'm ~Qakxng xn the same area now. deems: like they're - I still get them in the same quadrant I had tk~~m zn. originally. . ~.~~m~ x.ik:e some decorative brick walls. ~~5~ QI1AI?RANT YOU HAD THEM IN IS BASICALLY THE NORTHEAST QUADRANT? ~:aki,.~C: got them aut about this far - it's not far away - I'd say in. this direction over here about - feels like a mile to a mile anal a half. They don't feel as far away, and I'm not looking at the dime continuum. They actually don't feel as far away. I'd say. that it is about - nat half the distance they were to the marina,. and it seems to be on a line just abaut in that direction but just a hair more - rather than a direct line from here to the marina - they seem to be just slightly more to the left of that x ~;ne... Approved For Release 2003/09/04 : CIA-RDP96-007878000200130012-5 Approved For Release 2003/09/04: CIA-RDP96-007878000200130012-5 ~ was looking back to where he had the car parked and it seems like it's on asphalt, then a curb in front, and then it's like a dirt walkway and then a sidewalk. But I can see eucalyptus buds an the ground and some branches. of eucalyptus there. Qne 4f the most dominant things to me in the way of unusualness is the size of the oak tree that I'm looking at. Looks like an arboretum, or I get the definite feeling of flowers. ,~~;anQ,st get the feeling like it` s commercia~. ilawers. Iii foot, the most predominant feeling that I'rn getting right now x_s; flowers . T1ox~''t know why iris particularly. '.~~e~C'e'`s something about the windmill that I was going to look at. D;J'a n'' t -that what you were .... ? Bc4 like one you'd almost see in a miniature golfcourse...the windmill. H