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November 4, 2016
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March 28, 2000
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j Approved For Releaa`e~2,000/08/10 :CIA-RDP96-00787R0002QQ~0002-8 august 7.2,_ 1971,. I enclase,a copy of the program of-the conference and ~ letter aP acknowledgement; ,~Iso a copy of airline reservations and itinerary which is now firm. As you see I will arrive at Washington National at 8:11 PI3 on Northwest flight:ff~ from Minneapolis-St.Paul~on August 22. I will call you at home when I arrive at the a:trport and if OK will tak$ a taxi to youx house. The previous Week (Mon. ~ug.l9 through Thur. Aug.22~ I will be at Vii' sister's visits If ou need to contact me the telephone ist I'm continuing to root around in the literature, finding out?what the slant of the various participants is from their"previous writings.- Since at the moment Ism devoting full time to this andnot being paid by_ you can anticipate same kind of bill from me when I come to Washington. Do you want a report at this stage? See you soon. Best Regards Approved For Release 2000/08/10 :-CIA-RDP96-007878000200200002-8 Approved For Releas 2 00/08/10: CI$:QDP96-00787jj200020 2Q~S 0002-8 SA~t,lTA ARBR~R ! RA v,Ec. ?ff GE~t3 G'T . Monday, August 19 SBA-LAX ~ - GW 515 9:10 AM arr 10:00 AM LAX-MSP NW 166 10:45 AM arr 3:55 PM Thursday, August 22 MSP-DCA NW 68 5:00 PM arr 8:11 PM Saturday, Aug. 24 IAD-JFK TW 800 5:10 PM arr 6:25 PM JFK-Geneva TW 832 8:05 PM arr 10:25 AM Wednesday, 28 Aug. Geneva-London Swiss Air 810 8:50 AM arr 10:20 AM London-LAX PAN AM 121 1:25 PM arr 7:25 PM LAX-SBA UA 872 9:10 PM arr 9:40 PM Approved For Release 2000/08/10: CIA-RDP96-007878000200200002-8