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November 4, 2016
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June 11, 1998
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Approved For e`a '2000/0& - DP' 4,',,0787k000400010036-0 REPORT ON THE SITUATION *; PARAPSYCHOLOGY IN I.-AST-11M EUJJ?OP: Milan ryzi Sunmr l T Approved For Release 2000/08/07 : CIA-RDP96-00787R000400010036-0 'i rt xOrt L .i,.l 7 t1 i y $". :t tJl1.1i3` J =hn t be pos i il1tj t ob$erv .1 U x ~e e t s (~*,ific4r.t c~orc ibr,.oi tt4 Ar upon f.: is i I ire . j s+ y~ }4 } L from, LL irit &q't r i,, 4 from they it ntn ~`i7 t ~ iv. 4 Sl' V T Y . !R ~;k l... a nat w~, par' dd c coil sitkistfcr#r r - z'e s >ctt ~ a t' w i~.wr p:)) u .uar ? l iu t ivrs sbov t . ur+ .~I r t + ? t :., : zpu , A, k,-40zt- 14 PO U4 ^L 12 t COat: tr;4,. jrl recent yt3 rs, ~ , to t a '4alt-~~rii' }cr Cil,ic pub, it h t # Tt a ~+ c t.ira are'Ir:ay aQ tly s i a ht,~,_ateY e. esist av~stc h C v.rttcr or ldtaolcc :I r't*.tt"Mori; tste to prof ,1 . t cre's Ls /trey are e.xlc .t, toO4 but" the tot{ `art QA-- ,.. to prevail that pertpsychollo4 Serious r.44 ... rt~:ed~ss,y did .rot r r1ri sbc ut:q ',E3 eral -convicti 1pP es of nve:tiri. i9 1 i 1cia1 t e n x.11 7A2'E~3~yC d u.i ~C..:t to esrcti ir:. C b1t ` t t.tir s In :?r.c;, the xcwr s + evotcd to __ .1t 2 Zr i;a Eor.t, b2:4p 'c re d4en to invest prcfer$ - y ;ice } at leapt accicrii , to- thhe 11p hill ate' 1c 9 "n - : the .n'~est.e:.t~a r iii L to br y either + +* or, it cry s z intern stmt s pred: cc L w kci_nee. .re ei"care t1 ?ii:lcadira sni 't34 in titz4t;Wn t t. c; : to ;asra a >y O.01 z4~i~m resesrch butt *re , b t* ti.. L ~#1?~~p yam} -All to -Lid C1 t yt. Sue `2 ra4 t~tti Q.r1i inp ye pacirii, '~}jwio...~iiFF.C ?. yL +yPaiw+ x.s t 11. :r V . unit eo ittrics it ; .tS en eI iJi iIWuidi to i.."~/~ r4i ate: raC:4'rh at yy iY .i r /ific n/Y~~". .j}gy } yy ^f 1.11 1Ye S:+ne dpp OteE iro a r e it r ~' i~i mist ,~Yr V++4+F M~'+, + y%~v'w.. 4. r vi, th ttzt tress~zr , ' r: ; w:? c or i iroctly, 0, 1iauliz. uiOr,tIf c I rX.4 tutict s. There el tety r priv :,o F.a r c . her E cSrc: c sgrs 6$restc:d in pa r - ryrctts ~ v from tor Owii iriiti # VG, in t2.eir ~ro%; : -t :..: tccG?Iratit of ri r?? ca?~ reeo1;arch oz a yea . i Approved Fyorcr Release 20-0~ IA RDP9.6 0078780004000' 0036-0 I? r r '.: 1+3 1-+t Ili I NA!, dG3Ak .... ('. r x ;dt_i C ~,6F d S A_.hMi- b -a - ..Iq6 , ,,.:~ ~ Y } a h ~ R+R = fS ~~_ (' X $I iJ fl~ 1~ : t iore :i'1 .h xr:-ire , s ~ a w t a 00'000 003?6-o ,Cj , .w`a~Rr? carat ~'.? titt:' 460 secret sew Cep, bec ~'' 9t trrest irk xf~ c ; .~ : ; nterestxroby his not b~t;bt t ` .r ye v+ paropa oho + up to de ou e ie at of the 2crc-ectiv ra of Lc;'6Ic ,~ 4 F , ..? 1. r y .~ .! v RaL r t. 141r a: k. ?U1 4wi +F ".? ..?~y? it ii, po L:LV,)'1V, to look Y sl Jh.V J. k: ??..i~14lt ~.... ~..~,?.t ?~i ~f+.J vl;'. uV ~ i.i :j.?r .. ~'~~i'+R+ vt"'~ u:.`~:??1 Lc wiJ'V `4 :?ia. r: a .. t FG t.tc3" '. ' Or, t;sYr/ ~~it - Vt.~%~ .r.L 1.1=...,.L4 ~ ti) vG~ 4~i .J., .~ / interest a ?p cia:ly of tte ? ~'et serviCez ?~er tz'? ir: . . 1,2 ch ract it ~z ec' by t e e& r t ? tsl~taifl au uiC,41y .: ;?c~kt iib1e cr, xae det i3ed s. pccs~,b1e, i.r ormat bris about the p.: trb l'r~~ cMrl re:J?earch in, the eat ar' +~xe3 s i VI i..a. a &;,rc t Tear i a; }:t VEX cot t h e -dir. S o par . sc olo ;, ce . be :see- uxrc the ~....~ eitt,er direct in tide miltteir r cca: at, or :, tool vd", a e~ --r. I azn n blc to jud4a' b w wuch these fecr.,~ can leaf %c t:w- c::tdrt tb overcome the 'V`at ir. th%y a just at the preeer.t tide, and ;to ir.crease ;rap: boiocy, One ccncluciort, hc-,ever, po:rition Of Parapcy~c:oic in co=3r r; R in the V.L.S.R. is tua~.iic .crtiy tro teat. t :i~,? field will develop fuu*'- ;e c .c: '.J lL' to q , ,s .. ::xch G; G i.`.~Er y it .:tarn r.1?c ~R> *J.,.'l t.J c.!trut. ..r". wl,o ,sri , QO36-o /GT 004 ~ -RDP9-q 8$ -'r Pp I apvy:.0c etas :,,r.v t V to _ .: p: i t y c;x*.4a : u;.? u.. a jRM waf ii.?+ i+FJ. tiro v V Rr .x wr u.: been rcetci.6rilly rive.ti',4: ;dr yct alot;icw3 re 1~ eo pct in Czechc.jovra~'ia in recent yezrs. ti _ ~.ul t. r r p ubl i cat ions /printa4 'in Czeeho:1 'vsk ;r. t:7c a,uy 61" irntroJuotton I alall su:n up tI.o ve c a.a t J:2: interc`sted in pora cycht l y have bear; formed u.w " :tct iL. havinr; boen the group of r, s zrchors ... t : ::r_-`cc :._dlov f led by. 3r.C,Vosaij`. T:: s ;;roue' :.a .e~ re: pact of t:.~rivc: with ? zrutharitie , and sac ca P" o,wicrli. e#e ACclru to rc;cr~r,t"develop:.. i ,irrUl%~. ;3?i ravljiOd o.?f:tclral.;, tutor., 1cv : y i cv , ir:t ;r!'r xcacl rri t? this pro r 4 a .a t er. ' r. 3c9 k rind In .r;r r:1 lhrhnl Ira~.Y.Drt it i a mar, of zbout t.O, work-in cher Coll c ~` pe w ervations Slav X, t ?~ nee upon L1vw?:~..~. of fuids/. 36-p 01 xi Q, s of i y at 'the " r i`.ver. t's ;d ok &hOo /. c ears tecrmecit off ' ,~trrsUt.c :i n . ,tc , avo i' ar Ln c .istor t 4/i~E ~1i+1;?..S qV yt' 1Ci R. ~xporil Ff,{L. ?` .grit 1+fi4 5+~"tiT 5~# =:}~-[I.~. F'.41 ?.'Y,CeA t ~R ty vi. u hQx r,. ~Y'#V 'R' ~ r oc rid its Ivor k c;a fc :to a ttap., 3 iition to this group ,th~wrp, has E3ki 3tE4i o [ sorie seriously inter este3 J' n, ya p t? y ph iei r.,, ur.ivcr ;;.y studve is etc. fu ,'1 different cities whose activity, ri :. ar r l his not proeeede over the stage of eccumi:latiz In or::.tic n~ an therefore, tt ar rrdt mertiore in this report. mtaatfore~: i, oniy the fact that representatives of sevc. ~ol scientific r.stitut.icria./such 4,' e. , Inctitute for :ror L wedicin y 141,114 ry c7l ticaI 1 C8c3;t3t', GI Philosophical inst t: the C : echo: levy : academy off' scienee4s/ have publicly _:at 16 red izpo tance oy pa rapsycholo C.herwis ; 4n1 i the' ativi ty or pointed out 0eparate .y. a:dcarsect~~ As:ista.ct`ppofesswr at the rapt. of ps ournalist:, `t314 ity of. az $t ,t~ ti e part in the eiaouseions about' por ipsycholo r fir icies/. Later, op, When he came' to the opinion t-z z geld where :e CEan Make hi career Qore easily he de fully to v:Oea p-^oTh sor of physicw at a Te shed a sci_,rti. is paper descr lbin h rose reb /voluntary influ loatina upon the surfaces y in czect:Q iovak p raps c: o at the iiniver: it r of r,atislt:va. )n to 'work on a di lo:;a th ciw tit: it W3v olo r, :A. eae 7 Ilk-RDP 7F 004 ,QF 1- Aw im t r ~} ~} ~yy n +ryi~+"ca4~~y}}}iw ?+,y~ gR 4$~ LV i' y y} ,~y iyM~li a*"Il. ~f Lt 'fitY El,4Cl+i,yyF~ '4k+~kf x41. VVI tInt t ~,ri" 4 V S rygRi it:.. ?my.! ra 5'YT q&~k M.l r) Y{" a{{.A .tt.# "` li w W o44,.. wit, 4.~ '14'S +9r Y:if \ tMr A. J4 e h''~ }~ 'R Fi..tkriW t'rwe-F~I.., j 4 or WI psi 4i: 3t t :o '~ .} 4L it L.4 }i' i1. r~.F xwi ? .rf y+wF +. r~r wt+r :.^-.^i :1 i s r1 cr ther:c wirt3~ a i:i:'*:i?]"" i, ;h1 CC..L(i g it l / ~.:~~4i:i ~it4 1?r i.i fir/ , Y f J?.M'u b- brd roi o %;as :;;uch ect,rvel r- bliciy t this. tits in ~uiarizi ? ~,,?1_ ~~ is rmr"aps c e:t R A (: f: E: ~'iur.~ ysJ O~ 4v tint(1`ccu s:+ A f.:/q`pL`y~ryc31,?: f Z~ l:..GY;we", V4a Dili . ve fA Lri 1:~~.e ~?~(: tr in f 1lT.t F Fi4{j i/:i .J ~iLu P/ c o9in .i/a 1ir. r K A buwj. to p tip' ~, Ct:a1o4 y. ic:F t'..o tz.u: Ci'R%Isw('`~ :3C: @ cG -ii,CL i1n, ular, articles and lectures/. In the ho;a to go urn ort ax'pnrr psycbo1a o . Czechoslov .k authorities, I a~^ 4 s . once p it tc ub1 eiy tb' pozaibi1itics of pr_wtie. 3 2 : f `$r. No L ~ ro_ tai~.iwsc 3 c* when i.Ee save vast Opular- ty f.. o 'La in v'C1Ao taut i~ Usto V. r&.ct a on 4 a fRx"41.01 y! ~ Y'r 1Y~:i;~1 th dirMCLrw~ri( n$ about ` ?*-. /tha, Critic;; diOddx tnu.d thei attacks/, i. hive &evtted .1y' 'aZ et activity F and to edut:ati CsaFsl +4T f1 .?ctur ca in scicnt1f1o iFF-ti butir:52 e c./. .a :'.rfvc s. 18o 1ectures +or sFt'urrrents Q+G sst,,.l:Yral.o4 'L '"'"+ ay. ,'Lc r :3 ;; t/? 'i;,c e ? c urea rttic c Cr~sub113, 4~:ve :opis: ; into a e . y .,6unert Ci pw pcho o y should otterr.G t 4cst ..' ie Lt.o took :on popularizi',; al,!, ;y he has always t. . c W to rut the art could beirstruz rta" in :"--- :,i~~~ ca 1-cbc .ato ? o010 :~! .a*t t irate C3 i.AO T'eswa.ra ftct5 .1:1::4 r?r-F -?~ C:..: t t ri Ct an, s. ,'h cb 2`e vo a 1tili:C po ulo ic: ~, _ ,., cr;J it tti,e v. a.; .'T' such a popular ity that t;,~.. :~... to w fyy # j~+ si#Y~. :.. A, i kLaiu ki it t c i.r.ryp :+:?' y}o }j 2 M'a~ Afr P!? t'4.1K A? Xke'``" ,aw "' ` surplyf or, it .ww reported the t all c:ece s of this u-4 t t: w u sct that the redo. Mi; at-;es ofthW to?r i :rids entrszz.: hyproti. ed soldi~ rie; t..~ s ec~c f . ~~;hen cc certsir 4d cl it v ,~ . ~I~ very reliably/ pasit ict~s, c t the 14 t r t i -4, ? X tASS* reg rte . tt hov een; t.-0,44 3~r ~e .n se1At, ?soma to have b, en o o e (~+j ;L1 :.a o ~VrF":,}yty{a ~y ~YYRi~?Y tot `~(tV'iI,IL b1, y We ur o c A..o p3 th S ion, ~YY on II R9rA A~ iox4 { i ~A VYr it strictly warded ?rcI or tip 1r o 0 ~iotii:: s rre contrary t their c ? {i ~ , din he tr s(:/pp ktxo r clued tie s tr o p Y -t !~r, i n Fyl.: 1 R2. i Fy M x ,6 , . the {M1rryk.-l~Vll+. e'....~ia. ? the 1A~Ar*k .H- 77 a t ct . ? preeentatio4 ` t y a ,ttilers;s sheet of It lmtt a; 11 d: i that- 11 x`"'ricc :c t rs +; 4r bt eu wo ezt s ir the S.C..r as i ~1..v.Nik"1 aev /9W3jeCt O~t A.i.+r31f~UCf3{}V{, 711 -3 been Simil&l stake ,to ~wni e t ; ' i bili t ee, Qr enco other otI4 end ite Liux to obey elc,tt:ic" w A I-kno i'a; i h + 11z r ~nnt, Ira . J: reported, ac.orz othe t'. iia S, t# ' hive helped it 4orld exh; atio:. rd drent~5fi tl-bn:c~ Porsons in mess gftvf:s V. LO v.. ~.rov p1 : ne Z.re0 '. `t, the 2O-,yes a iilit,Ar r; ?. :,LAt ion of t~ rate r tc .:pa h a e tiffs direct swi: ir. te t .swb enezy's sh ps 3 tht c `Vo; t ai:; tt a 's torp.4o4 3. 4 rit> a `s between CxcchosloVt sip and U. tk t' cre u.- 3ta + ovc' arm; ? cozziai dcd -y icar e:. r~r.rkacxe, 0cch 3? erlces,` and th `c#ch n4 at the application w Gtl iG2 nti-cocita3 e1@:43 o Lisa a;:r.;.e Su st:iv pu,- Approv ra Y . ~ ~:X.. Q $~ r lA RDP9640 87 Q00400010036-0 sib iC3 of 9M no IMNOMME ? 0 3F6-0 1, ~q -wiI 0,44 ? ~) + t$ Warta * t t ~ ; t e. s, ^ his varynt+grer~ni, . e. 4 P1, his sttb ecte ~t - ,~~ ~ - y~ and #~, kr~, ~ k jr tho h rpnO i+ statt 5 O to 2 hour + ach csj. ~ trs t nt som o bi # .a te All ported that shi , raj#r He ash#4 jects rocei~v rd pt anomsris eh ti `/ reported his .r at :yetis best subject; O e C to a cii d oft Ot-6t8" *V6ri it ll a o/ to have 0 ble, while ery the ypn various animal meta distance, y stem catacrta~^xt~cst cn of to t ie, boom reports f~hir"csteY`n i" e +leie OVIA, Also so" idely eta t1iC;4 popul ice the report ?rd 1r arized. 2'hi8 wcas, inst r Lord Cowdin was eLl , in the ~i rld War lit with the t'. pi of a si g.- rituo irtic medium to ot5 au # i nst one about the tx,.1 L;eta in 1) - tWor land selected by Qerrrar e t e . a cksd in a~raide; or, the ous of :,c~;ar Cayce, P,sc.J. ix , t ,E3uc'hd1 of Ron n / st era ,r/, .:rs.Zreet I:ofmans from f.ollena and. or course, the calf: of -erord Croiset /especially the ' experime -ts to edif pe rfar ed on bebal7 of the police/. 'All those `reports have been preys need as if were alv ays strictly wcicr.ti Cal verified facts; ss 'i it were not exsz, eratcd journclictic: sc Cations .. but rather revealed top secret reports. A&ai1 snd . again, particular attention 'Vas devote(: to reports desc?tbiL #i;lits and police applications or Z`. All these publiositioris a the queatiou of mlitae'yP" cation of parapaydhology .very -pica , but in site of it, they have not brought the expected fancisl donations, They have, her. ever, contributed to stimulate= the secret service to tecoca tht+e eated in parapsychology. So r+ tiinstance, shortly sftee rotor from India /in 'uly,l9od,/ I .' invited by the CzeechoslOVak secret. service to supply infortaetiona for it about parapsychological re- search in abroad. I could cope with this depressing situation by elusive manoeuvres for a short ~tirue, i but since i ovezbor, 966, tt.i : service was exacted from me under uch a severe pressure that. ever. my pLi?son :l fate bet: ame very uncertain. In addition to this, I was secretly trailed at various times in last few years, --r.dsecret service agents were sent to me under under different pretexts to draw irforr.:ation, from one. Also, my contacts with Rose !an,, purap.,,?c,,izl_ oficts wwcre obstructed in the` recent time with the ail to make pit iaposeible for ale to gather informtations in the and to pass them over to the 1,1eat. the pressure exerted ups r. me by. the Czechoo.ovak secret service was the last stitaulu wbich 'coatribUted The si ! tion 0e#0 6a4 c r~ oir r more important no a . ~c-a~-eiOakika. I ohall intro- 11 duce it wi h ist ri not t. Wit' hasp been aitcb y The development of chalogy is thy: - . : tear t~~e. Id war I2 was parallb r Oil the partial wea tatrfa of they ii '.i cal. oppression in the country ii~ late fifties. it started :w~ith bolds ,tub- licatians of profaessiar,.L. ev last firm a. few p:)pulr ar in magazines "by' which Ve r 2 .eer obed the ,sit tion/ ':hic!a trere followed by a book r B.3.1Ces0ek - ` *Biologicsi Fte irso.:., ...i4 -t,i arc,". Three books by L. .~! sillev v published soon .ta rYC. as"c+ o Yta7 :, ho ACa a#J +',t, 14 , 21 f;"k LPr wo k tth Mote utiui'3 t d"4 1CtCt I 041nT'+y, Q4./r, . zJ tt,o tit.:,, ,. t3vt x4ir ;;t 'v Omt y'., c'leerr e or mutual. oo tx'bl t + Ii ]t rn i'iitrt of body 01w vs eoou~*3h ilia ivtUuslc Ica r% "be i`eund who w :l . tri =tea th3 res~res~:atatiVcla~ of atc-tca powo ;y d`;nunciaatict, maul more oa.;,.. eroible diapiaay off" loyaltya xo lace % 1r 1r. hip point.. n t1r c; C;; manifestation of disa, re3aaaont Wi;th,.Gthe 8o+xrnment is olwoys puxriol.ot by long la~etixr,g 1,ra~3aria3a c mtant, ;but. ear , , i ia~ui'fioteant as nlf+;a., ;; of a;reatma~r~t is punishe - by loa It position ar.d of v*,, posit to earn decant living. /cl Lvcn the disasaticfi,ead individual, when eurreu..ded by un.- form a and purposeful propaganda and deprived of the pos.-?, -' i ty e. a'e ct ively to manifest his opinion, eta resigns in his oposition soon.. He fools too isolated since the life in the state is or,,, :,r;izad to the effect that it is conuidelrJ'd as Citizen's duty to display his agreement with the r4gime at every occasion, and the citizon:: watch one another 's life at work as well as in privacy if it complies with the adopted standards. /d/ The communist state power has, in comparison with the democratic states, far wider possibilities to motivate t:.e individual. As a matter of fact, evory citizen is for more limited i.,. his ri;rhtao Jr.(! ti:e st ;to power has to its disposal a number of motivating $tie.- uli that fulfill those wia hea which, in the free world, t:aave been recognized self-evident long ago, so that people in the free world d* not even fool their necessity. So for instance, in adlition to the always efficient financial reward, there are other stimuli such as permission to make a trip abroad, preferential supply of scarce ,goods, or perhaps an amendment of a persk~n's secret "personal reco: d". Organization of Parapsychological Research In the U.3-4;.R. In order to understand the situation in Russian ;arapsycholoy; properly, we must point out, first, aroncral necessary co:Iditions that must be fulfilled in the U.S.S.R. before any field of research can procpor. /1/ The first condition is that the usefulness of such an endeavour for the coa;.'runist society is recognized. Otherwise the persons engaged in research would be persecuted by state authorities. This condition bas been fulfilled in the U.S.S.R. /2/ The second condition is the sufficient financing of re- segrch. All investments in research in the U.S.S.R. come :fVom state me ars s k t e a ~It a ~G , ~ of the usca who maraagaoal re seaprch a:to a :aro eit n e rar` a i t i ,!. mate practical, trends in reeeaer h a a~la ttista t a led zed branches of sc:# er~ce; . ; c the a9 to 3e i e#t.;d in re search are limited, it. Ie crime ^th : t2'ieee s :icnnti to will. promote main7 + their ,ow e k, t ll ~e#o tr.r - oa~rn topics of rese6a 1?. 1n` additi 'the situation - on the background o Or d .state- ecipi ne they are subjected to that these 00400 will necessarily a:waays hesit ate to support new ideas /nbiese ` they receive the.: order for o e6/, since this m6kes them more vulnerable v, I critics 1 end tb ai u der+ mines indirectly their ?own oa }, Tri` the a 00410, 0" 'Very body watches for another's t 1 al 0c a,~ 'ia eve y px ivatr initi+ Thus from the point ofi t? ,"inrcir thep r4sea7rcka, iusa$ian parapsychologists work on three.eelas.;'. /a/ A few indivic3uels /'peer, +ut. to air twenty/ work on IN, co~ problems of parapsychology, tna r 73t~or$el r i.r:oluded .ii to the re- search program of some ,resaatarc 04.4ituition. Their research die xaet called "Parapsychology" !ao as ttt 4evignate it as a new separate branch of science/, but they wb ri cam problems that beiar ; to the sphere of parapsychology on thri me level as problems of at r. branches are beir:g salved: The asei tiste, are paid forte wrk, and they work in specialized labk ` tori ae equipment hou modest - is nevertheless su is b t ;/the equip t of 3avaretaries has been considerably, improved in recent'' yea r,41 Pon ix:sta:nce the members of the Lenin ;rad group work it those ce djtions ara 9 avid tt2y also scientists engaged in secret research. /b/ Some other Scientists working in laboratories of their institutes are not paid explicitly for their work in part=psychology, but nevertheless, they work with support and in laboratories, of their institutes - but rather from private initiative, and in addition to their prime'research tasks. This situation prevails in the research of finger-reading. /c/ Very many individuals work from their own initiative and in rather difficult conditions: They devote themselves to Parapsychol- ogy in their free time left after their full-time work in other fields /sometimes considerably different ones/, and they pay necess- ary research expenses from their own income. Of caux-ee, thie brings about considerable difficulties for them, since they have ro other irco=es than those from their employments - and such an income is ative dangerous. Approved For Release 2000/08/07 CIA-RDP96-00787R000400010036-0 i ~ ~ ~o~ry r t t=. rk usuolli enon , t a" '#A ltuss~ol+ ;?;t' d+ a1' k +rt~ioq state power, and measures are taken to as to prevent lee knowledge - which knowledge then stands to the disposal of th background: The :cientist is rather a care instrument for gai- inn are not in science, and not in the people, but in the politta1 but also difficulties and Sail s. The reasons' of this. Secrecy war, not only positive research achievements are kept in secret, contacting foreign scientists tp draw as massy useful information,, as possible, but to tell as little as possible in return. In thin, itie;:/. H; is not ,silowpd to dispose with them /e.g., to co urai-.. cafe or publish there/ without permission. There is a tendency of soviet scientists /imposed by state authorities as a duty,/ while to him but to the sts.te_ /as_r_"prig "r~s9 _b. a. fs .2enoin,...iae`'x. considered self-evident that the results of his work do not belor It is imposed upon them as a basic duty, as a sign of loyalty to the soviet state. The scientist is paid by the state, and it is /b/ But the reticence of Susaian scientists hta deeper routs. conclusions are carefully drew. of a scientist to speak about th results of his -r betap* Final /a/ one self--evident reason could be the naturi,'_ r oluct ce entists is surprised by their lack of communicativeness when they speak about their work. There are several reasons for it: "secret resoarclr" in the U.S.S.R. Everybody who testa Uu8$ian A special eoramentary shou d be made on the quortion of the abilities for the dovelopr:.en"; w l'*. ,;arupdycholoCy. Such is the situa3.ion, ?., coup oP Ra N', tarp we .at point out as Naumov'a that ho say rw ","60W to atlizalote the interest and activity of a nL.oroug roue Otx r rr* ons /oo Of them being mere aratcure/ and ho :.-.Q trios to exploit ov~rp l; o 1 i ~:: about sow idea,` F even if 'a not 1~rtn 'iiwfl is . ' else rakes use of it. The state power then uses the scientific krovle1re in the which the scientist works resembles more a military ce~:pui,;n t.,&:. a quiet peaceful work: The extorted strict discipline, the rect.;ity repoate:ily to display showy tokens of loyalty towards the state, he ::as to curmount are kept in secret. The whole atmo::~here usual way, in practice) but in addition to that also w.,s a tool of political propa;anda.Successful results of scientist's work /wen it is found advantageous, to publish them/ are prasented as if ot-taired thanks to the soviet rd irne, while the dii` iculties Appt~e~t `FO Rel? ise 2000#08#al:."~ IA-RDP96 Q;0 87"t0004?0014036-0 r?..,,ti.z. w *tsacy control or 4 ad s 49 its ore? 1*5G 04 OMI lbyaltyr ,ie not +ftt.'" y r, 4 4 " FF i 4 ~" results or cries work se r tp ? the ~~ 4, t best to apply to t it eaistte +k f' t r R h the p ,r" Iwo; strengtben com:uriet poem' /c/ The aboVc si.tuati# 04 research instltuticna /univ +ei# (..:D e u o.& z:t he y,gip , ted to n ."nraf i w, .. L it ',Y, 4ia04o, ence$, etc./ . Tse cier4ists a ' line work on tasks; i ipge+ = r~ by heix Eupariu s, e these Laaska in depez.deria uflt t uti4r. who c:s em, s Sometimes a civi .iin, comet ea` A- ;!WY: there exist in tho di 13 proper sense of the word /where tasks cdrrcernin the g{ ci defense of the state are being solved/ whore ;t .e r bu : a'r 1r ; s or. secrecy are still stricter; Those who work in such 'Inbtitt:tio:.v not speak about their tuork at all., they do not travel` to a .~csd, .:! the institutions are eoutetimes dearrom.inated only wit`rh, ti cote n `'er. Chart cterization of gain Perscna and Centers it 4614 et i':'ru psy'ci io oG,v Per,sp::y"ch of 0.:5'. has spread considerably in the V. a.5. R. ir. recent years. new, itidividusla `:e'curteinteraatel, r.nd new .. appeared. I t.,a uic.ule to meet all interested yaople,.:.rr3 tt.v^ we:, this report will necc .:arily to inco'~ 3c`~e as co .car. f t .e w,; ec . cation of i rsor.e a:r. centers. Yet I think it will be z.retty scca.'.;..;e as corcerrs tai: work co::.plc:ted, sir ec only z: fe,Y i;rou "M1:. aIiQ{. sij s of their activity /others Are either too i oiat? . or, t..e:: just Jt rtir. their work and have no visible rES:+~ts y'.at, or, are only lcyzter without groat percpectiv*c of procper%._ , 'r.: Or"" 1. It was u ndcrctr.r.;:o`. ly very difficult to assess the extent of the a c: ew work. I trust, nevertheless, that I have not ctLdf-l a ::fi.t'u:cti3 ever: y.e. I had a rclative:.y Lood po: sibility tc 'o::a hir.ta cr ?L1vr.ccc ~Df people: I mot, from corfror.tLtioz: of c/. ,:t~r.i4csticr.a o 4i ':'crept pereoz sp and fro? to zerera; 1 v%.l aa' publ sh;;d r cc'3rch a ~t`Lia +wv i U ' "p`crepLyei olot:i~::l rase" a .. .., =c2 in t i:e [: :1A, 4uork of oviet r.c t r4 ttei. ti:F ;':+. ;:; of r oti.oc+iial Sorz'ecticr. itet~i~+ , .~ i . tw , .. in w :.tcm r:? ?m centcre. i ut they are well went ,art, urupc.ycl o i o,o,y and, in addition,_ I haver x;court war ad a f o~? r4pp x c r F eIe s 004/Q8/07 CIA-RDP96-Q0787R000400010036-0 O( 0010036-0 tit wg x e e .~ nay Auk Fqm !.Sk 3 !" ~ `.. '!4'- - m' e 2 rota #M! 3T, ~kaa~~rh@ 4 r $ xi 7~i a?a~1F air a~ wool, atio1W n~ .3 ' u. approach, now sway of attAo cth F `L Pr.obiv;A 0 +ttiri boratory control /which Is the raaLp airy of iovivt pr a;)aYO 1OlO+ / ` TThcso new methods may prove prooising and may initiate a $i, ii`icer t proyresa surprisingly soon. Leningrad It socros, in contradictiMft to what was reported proviorclY, that the official and le; nl establishment of an indepor,dtnt perr psycholo ; laboratory in Lentne;;rad hoc rot been co..4jleted dur ir.ii Vasiliev' lifetime. i ? na +mu eprl^s r o rw x u ;r.,attcr of fact, already durinu my former visits to Leningrad, I ..ova vcr.r ,:'et: Why I have never found an inscription on the door ire icct r.v the existence of the partspsycloloeiCal l ~boraicry. But thir is >a formality indicatin4; to the most that psrapaycLoi.cgy not tozr. acknowledged an independent branch of science. The ft:ct is that Vasiliev received sn official permission of his superiors to sty t the parupsycholo ;ical research /in the frame of ph yeic c Z, of 1.;._; nervous activity/ and that he ori;enized a group of re&cc:rch 'tior,ers to work on problems of parapsycholog y. This success has tee:. achieved at a price of a great personal sacrifice, and the fight for pars sy cholo y has brought for Vasiliev many diSrLte8 and diffi- culties, and has embittered the last years of his III,.. During world II, Vasiliev was entrusted with vt riouz rae- search tasks of military significance, and evidently enjoyed a full confidence of soviet authorities. According to sore ir.forr..ers, a has received a larger sum of money at some tilde aeforc his death /but not before 1962/ to equip his laboratory. At thin time he '.v3e probably entrusted with definite research tasks in the, field o: parapsychology /some of which could have been secret already at that time/. It aeez;s likely that he had not time to tL tasks to the satisfaction of his superiors. Vaciliev,a death itself is rather mysterious. d s:zff v. i.'. from a long-lasting heart disease, he underwor..t a liv~:r operatl=*, but this as not the cause of. his death. Ho recovered f ?o: the liver operation, was sent home, but later on ho re:aw..oe to t::e hospital again for a cold and suspected pneumonia. 4*1o. was recover- ing again, was already to be dismissed, when he died probably from an acute heart attack. He received a sudden message /nobody tcld me whist, one/ which made him very angry, ancin consesuertce of a heart stroke he died within one hour. 1 ; - 4 t f ass VostlicV's.wor be `o his 4140 / 10 been reported/ concerrsd` t o h o W1 h This subject wars, pair ? , aaiil v~" rcear rep for some tirse, ar4 the routine exp t' masntih~ wa ~a sr izl~y by Vasiliev'6 assistants V.A.Dot ibee o acrid A.I.z'u3ov; ;n. :t aaeGa.a that this reasvarct ha+s nod brow,tt: much aasts.'ac t.i .:n for since Kula, inaa was on adventurer. She was tr$,ad Sor fs s ra c, ,.. M '. was only the adia ii uion to:peychiatric treats, nt wh.tA has oA:va:: It lagina deceive: too often. Ond she was remarkably i,. cr:tive its KulaSina ready had the finger-reading ability. Uz" >rtur.aately, rt.,- from prison. Vasiliev has p? otected her, and he wau cox vir.ccd t .ut finding still new and new ways Of 'cheatinge huc.on body and physical apparatus. explar tion soul thus be found for at lcuct SD, .20 CIL"- telepacthy, a:,; cocor,3 /and in my o,pinior. a aiz ly/, wx t: to ::., .. technically to d,: aigr. now forms of information traarr e'er botweer;. old building' its equipment is very modes, without the least 3f luxury /lack of space, old-i'achioned furniture/, bu . th re io a nucbor of apparatus there /though again, not the ~.cst _odcr n ones/. The present director, professor P.I.Gulysev, has assure-3 .7.e that he was satisfied with the equipment as well as with fir.,sri,al means which have been given to the disposal of his research. After 'Jasiliev's death, Sulyaev is director o2 t'eo las:~a ^t t- ortes now:/a/ The ori, final V clliev's laboratory, ct-Ileo "Lebow at_ ory of basic nervous processes", acid /b/ his own la.oratory, called "Laboratory of biolo.,ical cybernetics". They are placed beside each other on one corridor. In the I borstory of Basic :.orvoua Processev there work two groups of people: Members of one group work on ph;ysiolot;ical z ?ob- lcros and are not interested in parapEyctolo,y, whit the oth?r ; work on porapcycholol;ical problems /I was, ho:rivcr, r:ot ::,tie t ~ find out the the:.:z of their work/. In t }.e Cyherretics the work r;oec on on problems have only bordL;:.1j:-,e relation to paarspsychology. 'ht y are stu3yi. elect w:.?~ ;c:K'ic ., a diction er_itted by livin6 ort;aQnisus or, more procisc,iy, faint electrostatic fields surrounding living or asn:isms. r.;:coruir.,, to whet P.I. Culyapcv has told me, they are fully aware of t2: fact that t: a eloctroun ;;utica1 thaory is unable to oxp3;,i.n tcit:~?, but they are s tuiy;r.L this problc.a with the hops, fw at, that ;,r laboratory. This time, I had a free accecs ev.:r;,irtc ,, 4 :3 ca-- freely inspect its equipment. The laborutor3 is sit.Lw.:te-' in un Luring my first visit to Lorain rad I ,*a no': Approved FQr-j 00400010036-0 8/0T.:, CIA-RDP96 00 00040004 0036-0 s: etstially the Wal* of ()'tg'fa v'I) croup ljW$1404 ,.'n fitl di ?covery ttiet all ltvir bo4ioo,: * ot.u.; i ;/ a t s9 ra t a~~ ? ' 3- static field /they Coll it 0ole4% 14* 1 aora"/ which they ?.~~ rr+ rt,l to detect and meauure by a eenoitive high.reoietanco doteeAl j: appnrstwa. This f i*14 undern the course; of' t1". So for instance, musculOr cottraotion$ /even as scroll be ideomow -r ical movements accotnpanyin,3 a zaexe iM4, rotation of a move=:,r:nt/ give rise to chan.; es in it which could be detected. Thee cher.zJes in the "electrical aura" r+bprecer:t si ,h x13 which oa'r; a certoir. in- for.:ation. They can be,fixat, a boaii of sOue pro`oessee of info ;:.- ation transfer as they occur inthe nature /probably, fro,s.evolut- ional point of view, of! a rather, atavistic nature CorL....::icaitiorn between some fish, insects,, etc+/, ani second, they c have also a technical si,;nificanee. Thera for instance, the theur+eticl possibility that the changes in tho.aura, initiated by rs:: a me n activity /for instance those accompanying the thou,-,ht of ?orae move- ment/ could be exploited to exert a distance control over some apparatus. On the other hand, also a possibility has been eoteidere+. to register the "electrical aura" of the body or of some organs for dia nostic purposes. Or. the whole, about 10 persons are engaged with problems of o:, cic..e to park psycbolo~;y in both, laboratories mentioned above. At the opportunity of my visit there in June,1957, I was ; ho'".r. aft expe: iu~ent in which a sensitive electrode detected electrical i- pulses in the excited nerve from t he distance of a few cc ti :etres, or the chances in the electrical. field in the proximity of f'ty insects. The visit to the laboratory and the discussions ith its staff, however, gave me more questions than answers. Let me point out a few striking facts: In spite of the evident Vivid interest of all ata.1 members .in my visit, it was nearly exclusively only th,: director, i'.l.va3- aev, who put questions to me. This indicates the conclusion that the questions were prepared in advance, and that the ord_'.,.ary, staff me::bers had little freedom in contacting the visiting, for eigrer; thi, conclusion is further supported by the fact that in spite of a corcial welcome I had no opportunity to meet individuv:, atU17f :nc bars sepcrately, but instead, the whole discussion,.,n. "official" in the presence of the whole group. When the staff members a?pc e ab; ut their work, they have mentioned only the rep, ictr :t; on of electric fie:.du, as if this were the only thin;; they were wor ki;g, on. emut in fact, from the whole staff apparently only twc: re.bera are werkin on the re,;istration of electric fields /V.1. aibotir. ~44 41,44d ft, ti, ~r NMI, erso }~ I have i terU wo w } C1 " ,,rOb1.e ,yy i + ing on in berzit, ;rs~d It. ia, -o a3 le that the . -uP :x cvr~tirU . the secret rob eisroh on tasks w Y ' ` ham on .z WOO d upGS.. Yst i i v. a?horocte ' `o a ,iq of tl A der tit" i, naa ht intOt'AA i,enin;;rad group can be drawn from questions they Uradex rl~;ire to stai'dooly, many quentiornt' originated in ~th $r.prsa x..e u -tr? ,~ ;y aaOro make their informatio o about vt otern parapscycbolo`, the questions concerned in' ant s of ressearch, malt sdec e~, r n; c sea to tansel's critique, or nization and finstno$t'ag~ Ot parupsyc> t,l- t ' Ye sources of financial mesas. Can t ogical research in the Wost background of those general questions some items were cor.apicuous by their inner :aignifie40CG First, it was the desire to learn as Much as possible r,aus., the parapsycholo ica1 research 'in China and in LUA. As concerns China, the lack of inrormations'is well understandable, since the Chino-Russian conflict is severely felt in the U.:.$.l. be reaer, rca in China was barred from the outside, there are no pr'ecise' infor.:r- ations, and yet rumours transpired that pa rap i'cholo,;ic4 research was rapidly developing in China /perhaps at the Pekir,,& cniversity, but possibly elsewhere/ at 44o's personal commend. Ae concerns w ~, there is the greatest desire to learn how the parapsyct:aloical research is being financed - especially whi,.:h projactt and tow ut decree are or have been financed by military instituticns. I have also observed that they are very curious to learn sari to what degree parapsychological research is incorporated into the American, space-flight program. In this connection thx v war a zcr cep: interest in the work and theories of A.Puharioh. From .'aa t:at =o`3i:s:i point of view, there was the greatest interest in exper .er.ts phyiolozical methods were used to detectP with the pleth;'s:?oc;ra p:aic atoc: , T",:-tec .ic,ue, etc.,` ?hat was cry strisini;, 2:c:.,; ever, was a coplete of [A questions about hyi;ndsis - in spite of the fact that ., ;:no: is 'bus a central point of discussions during my previous visi:aa This is strrr.a e, since at least two indepandent informers /crud ir. Len in- ti r:a i .~ s ra3 and one I:. :oa:cow/ have told me that research in on in t..e former Vasiliev's laboratory in Leningrad. =,,jkas me to suspect that uulynall'$ group had reasons s.,,t to uias,1 . openly their interest in hypnoaii.boforo ae. Approved For Release 2000/08/07 CIA-RDP96-00787R000400010036-0 App r I00#00040036 -0 ;-ttato bcinti:rle d 1w zlutttute IV V: 11f, 4" .15 tt".4s t'440e,'iC.otjea ?1~.,,1~.?.~+ti",~i" opt '.ry~~,~w~~,~'?,~ k R.;uoorch irr dotwcin, is 4 o Oz ira t hi ncti aLra ~, c;. rral- avice, a wall kno v4 ~q kimta dakvie ' 1; N c)OjQYbt.OV' Wbz*4 "off ir?atituto already to of,,, about this resat; rah, ?zni thui a 'aro, X'%Wuu U11041u to 4r6rn- ;nor at out it. ^,cwcnr :hh in lhic rosearch it; son or riot r?y ir. ; o3co+t1, `aut :..,, rslsts# where. w,,v in tlxic direct 9 done by A.$. NGVw as / a X11 the l'edtat o icS1 Institute ill vovtt ri$i ht~ik. his author htadl trairavd fin ,er-rorauir abi .itJ it', hie, et~lutite with alle j;Qdly 20 p..r per t of succcac. In 4oacow, it was rai $ :F S. -rairnov, .:nor? r;rd bot3 working; in the Laboratory of ;j'jaht/ , Q.Gollerateyn /pr ws4D ? Oi psychol..)gy at the :oec?Ov tniver ity/ 4nd D.I.i:'zrxa /'pz;y~l iutr at who was the first to brit 1~.Kulstrhdv to "ioscow/ who were one;aa;ed it fin s r-readir research. The eub,;oct for this reusarcb v, s IN. Kuleshova who visited .4oscow sevprt,l times. irnov, avhoa I coaasi8er e=very table, rolietal~a ;ar?3A at ~ t '' Aric ;11;,? purctuouc sc ,~4ntist /46, metica loos, with deep intr. 'ue it. Indian p14.110~0. has assured me tta it in czxperi~aonts he tax w t- nessod in 1;;L2 and in the; f':rst hall` of 1963 f.Kuloshov;5i acwut? -; ha:d her ability and did manifest it . ira conditions which real,. 1t i.,pocsIble for her to chest. Amonj; other thints, sucoaasful 4xperi6r erns %e;re done uith her in which L sands were ascart.:ir.eU: in u t;a,:ae-liko situation /Y.Kuloshova woe paid a reword of 2C oF. ek for each hit, and hod to,,,- !pay; a, fine of i; ? opeuk for oachi isd/. Cth;>rwise, the history of 11'.I aleshova i:, rotbier 0?e 14,61,3 ;,;;can a; p$y"chi3tl'ic putieft /epilepsy/ from the we .ia;a,in of t:.c irvestigtation; later on, she wished to turn her at ilities into : inancio1 profit /che require4Ath ,t ' a rent is t;ivez7 her for domonatrption. of her ability/ She became a prima-donna, started. to dictate expori:nental conditions, a d when her ability b,a,..;.ze to dicrappcar, :,:.e did riot hesitate to take recourse to fraud. I; happon- e!9 that in ex:-e rimonts performed. bayare a sceptical ;or F k iv ac found chc .tir. ;. Her ability diaap c stud alroody durIrtt; tl;e o coed half of 1903. This could have been due to the psychical str.,in o with eceptica and from public critioiea s Sra r:;,: r Y.tas then ablop wile oxortin& much tact and effort, to restore tier aLil- ity for .a short time. But soon afterwards her ability dieapp4ared Ail! 111~111 1,11111111111!1111111!111111111;111~ !!1 !11 06-9 '? .q lk} Y }F R {g 7 '4 ! ' s F"i - Y'i P'uS 9 ,p4~ yC 9 X { 9h Cf~4y j 4 Fr k k~, F. 4 IM IL q, pt hap eg+eir~,' and no abs is xAb1e at i Vilq a few tare occasions when ' A `she o z ht 'ul a?~. lity p, ,r-? e ag+ in/. RJCt l ta, aexsts ?ih& hat e- it r (it t# 1 i~ 77 A: as good! as ever# 'i - a ~' ` ~ iti p err' ` ' . h Cello - -patients. Meanwhile, her 'di, ease teril ratod air!, according to Smirnov, it is . its ossible to experiment nth! her any >a e. On the w1 1e,, , it ss the of a fthusiao st for finger-reading research is a far over. I was able t.otitan c ing Jindicat ons tal tfyi that secret research in paipsycl is going . o in the. S, g it. , but 171, I am unable to assess ~si ex ie arey. Besides the }i lications +d eecre~ es arch goin ; on in Le- ningrad, I came across teatimdziiea that as early as,. In 1960 the psychiatrist ?.I. it d was engaged in secret. parapsyeholoa;ical re- search. I met him 413 the occasion of ,y first visit to Moscow in 1961. At that tick` he der a very, conspicuous i spressi.on by his taciturnity `and ~extreme reluctance to speak shout his work. He did not even tell me the nom' the institute where ho, 'Was work n,:g. Whe4directlyasked he "answered evasively by 'saying that he had gone over to an another iinstitute recently. Later or., 'he did not answer ray leters. At that time, I found an explanation for such a behavi~* i t the positionthat he was in no dray enthusi- astic to work in parapayc:holo y or, that he vas, in Oo:sequence of distrust or soma political purge, removed to such an inferior jot, he is ashamed to avow. This ti , hot ever I : have lest: nad ttaat al- ready at that time he was wore ? on parapsycho1dg1ca1 problems in. some secret research institution. I am not sure it he still works there. According to one information, Lirza has not fulfillei the tasks he had been given, and he came over from t hat secret ir.- stitution to a civilian one. Most probably he is working; in a pub- lic hospital now. An another indication of a secret parapsycholo:';ca1 research can be found in repprts, about, Russian apace research. shortly after V.l'ereehkova and ?.V.aykovsky have completed their space f1ic,hts some pages from `'their diary i been published with records of - - as it was announced ~- their 14,pd cho1ogical experimoZsts". Cr. those pages there wore, among okhear things, drawings strikin;ay rea~ir i.: ; of ESP symbols.. Therefore, the records can be Interpreted /thou,j ., Ap zDQ/08/p7 GIA-RDP9 04 10036-0 . ~ w $P wa th3ut .'3ctatas` aa'-ct / + +.` ~"? `~ ~C i ? e~ r43 +#Ci1r~. w? J re4 tz t it to tp 4 on to hc2 its tho ufl~ +~ o + r " v,it r t LIZ taps3ri nta wit Ni+ !"lontht o t~" , to 3 the he ' ,v t s t exp~rri:eaatc hd been;pui~aorsed i:, t.s Russian codsr.utc. oct~:x' a .ready for a Long t' zo.; 'brit thot t~' agaardin to -Rat c.ov/ " uc! no able adviser" to lead the rasutrrcb. I am sure that in Ruccian porepc cholo~ ical races*r~ h P ez. are extas.sively used. I have oeen o peck: of p tect .~:'~ cs':t~c sCs " factured ;;y a soviet,; pr, ntis. house. with the st4te pr r.A. int? a, r.o-- poly in the u.S.SWR. 3rd with the strict cont~'ol over ::i rrix~t- ing, this can *Z ly sign fy that ecsr . rafi'i?isil instf totior, wined to have :SP cords in iustierous copies. Scientific-T chnical Society for Radiotechnics nru 11ctro-- comun cst bra, r mile in Leningrad it was predom zently physiolo _~;i ztc" w. ho beeama interested in parapsycholorr in Moscow there was c tabiisho~i a very active parapsychological reaoercb center in whict. ici st 3 workin , on technical means of ce co=urication coccorate. They are or zaniced in a voluntary association called "Scient .i is-techr i- e,a M?c ci t.t :%r : t a ;r.iCS sir olcctxgac tans cation /na:: d to t nor our of ;. L.. opov/'" in the sub-ut it called "Section f o.- bioicfo: - mation". This group was officially astablis:hed in 15 +5? It is a vo- lurtar y organization which, in soviet conditions, assures the legal- ity of parapsychological research and its social esteem. :his is necessary in soviet conditions? and it faucilitates the p~:hlicstion act: vity, contacts s r.3 . co-operati rwit,h: ether irsstitutkicna, sac ai- sition of support fr.bmscientif`ic estet3'1i6htients, eta. i3ut~ as a nattcxfof fact, this Or arizaation is rather merely a pros ige provis- ion which does not si'ford finances 'or research. The activity of the croup is financgr from private moans of the cembers of the This group w s organized thanks to t .-.o efforts of K* So eumov who was aetive in iw for soaps ti *co. h'".t~e-- clai ed this boasstfas title of diroctor of research de ,t.rts #', had no laboratory of its own. :xperis:cnta but it fact, the Soc`ipt performed ur.c -,:r tae suspicos of tt Society were pertortaod it lat,r- atcriws of ccoperattnL, institutions. Nausoov h ;r left thi_ Zro:zp rec-=tly, no,v there work in it /to name at least some most i.m`- portart me .cars/ pr cf. I. w.I:ogan / e of the 3ioinfor? ti or. unit in r. oscow/, Dr.::4.$.Smirnov, pr?f.4.G.Gellerateya etc,. Approved For Release 2000/08/07 : CIA-RDP96-00787R000400010036-0 t( ' DL :Jill t Approved For-Release 200Ol08/07b !CIA- tDP96 t 07 87800?400010036-0 iioinfor;l,atiorr unit in Lcccw has exarted a very busy i....* v ciated; but these groups have; bOen little fictive ti:. no'v.. Also in thine groups persons; interested In parapaycl U y ire Aq o- uraiveroit,}' ceratori/, Novoeib~kwek, Cdet?s,, Zpcrozhye # ''61 ; ~r~.?q, The + y the ~ ? .. . 4 V1 t tamtechnic scs i V A-40 00 W"' ore, rtzstion. ', U nco, ollowi brie es:r ,tpl a of the t; Iotr or t i ,r? unit in ;oecow, other, eigila. unite huv?a been four.., w in c t ez? cities, such es Loniagrad /to V distir,.uie3:e l frog. the diccuc ions of scientists whici. were thoc:,ntic.,i1iy Very ice; ortar t was the or ani cation of re u1 :r Nan d discussions, popular article$' n' various nee ?spapers and ..;a r z useful popularization &ctivity was realized: public the International psychological , Congress in ioccow. :.iso x, V---'., meetir. of parapsych:olo i is wac orCanizod in,uwuct,19CC ity, :such of which was realized thanks to Iaur,.ov. An C/ 1rospccts of develop ior.ts in tec nics and scie:.ce Future. b/ The role of parapsy uholoa in the formation of tr.e . o a/ Tl;e pos ibility to use para sychology &s a : ilita-?y wcapc. I shall quote so:ae of the discussed quastior.s and id as-, t::ewes for these s:eetin s which have been so_ tines ,,ery: int4r?:: develo: ent. Ti: organizers sere very irver tiv,3 in :..ocsa?. vMr- a goad cry;ari.^,ationsl and broad the: aticel `: acs rc:.. . for fur!:: problems of per a )sycholo. The sctivit;; of tt.t J,rr,-~, thus ertal and theoretical problems o parapsycho o , or, to sou e w: to surveys of c.ain re: s of pa,rspsyeholooa or, to ity to expleir. t- 1;",P y the supposition of rev., net ics a~ F .s :'~13 $ ~5:1'/vr~l t,~,', ..iC;:CG':";/ t:El:i CJ~ .iu d/ :r of. .~. erl c y /dir,rctcr of the /';Jt? fe. t..2or t~tic%s1 r~+ ... ?:.+.. tto /? .!..i..J ;t.r.~or;, iv L1:us 4.iU VU or .i ~_?, i.~LCt:LLior. ?u i dA'L Ct.., it,l:Vcuv to si;ar'tiG:.r.'^T 1.r' ~?Ur 1`.4:' of {:.~ ... f.+t:y 1G'~~l ter Ir ..i;'.~,~:s,? ~.i't: Y: i.. +. a..i :. .a.:: Lti? ::,+~ ..a.,.i~. C. l=. r ...., t .. .r. l r ! Thus /ehoul.4 t -ls $ti4pf :Jd b . i`fowe*/ t14 Ve or find ii j p "'4t' y ' QC'4 4igoi / ,~7., inf oxoat cu: tt'a ~iif a ttr +t, vrnev tt>a1o ,` woule, be r O ' 036-0 baead on entirely now priceipl,ee; Ways of ini'orrlioLio,. tz rl could Mac3ol tolepothy with the did of purely tuci:nit.;-l c(,rr /and represent even a revoluttonory contribution to ti of cun,u::icatar~/. e/ r.Yu.' i4al /astronomor/, Yu.X. )ol&in feflL :.uc~r/ ri ad .;, have considered the passibility that parapsyc::oio-1 ?1 cha-nnels c.)4ld afford .i33 ns for co;:;>gt 'Wf F~ g,w4N F''f177~,;,1? fi rVI 'F'Ri'T"~IfiM 0u:l'a%.a' ;1 ' .ot bz a 4'* ! k t~7xM:~ t t l.. d ~.J. `t6*t pi Ni y Yc E -. or U t arch x r n R' t+ ri k b Zb codt~ t 't ;1*, 14 C~10.4 t 41.1 telepathic e~tia~ p~ tat '+ - V " + aaa ~ by h . v/ vitro as: a rule not so stisceasa f`u ' iak l~4Oe that city have ob- taw3 nod /it *4 s. h .` alaaa of taA ~ ~rkia+eri n a~sxrie th Iittlo Convincing resuite 4b #th 4 under lit le n;i id + orcli`tirs'as/. :hose Iona-distance xp+ riPon, C p~t'tcr -aa . at tiva w."4as +OU;;o was still with t group lYill bs; d4ecrtbed Deter on /urc,cr t e hea3ia t; "E%K rw,asaruov"!. Now fter the split with i 4 -V tt.e e. ber a the group peirt"araa their 4 eaicpriseonte which Mayo, not been published yet, and about whit # I ~ t ow vary little. They made, e., . a corroborative experi seazt With .: t.Ni ol.aeav lute subject of 3 ata~- anov's loran-c2i t# telopat? is ?K1 rl~msrrtt sfo oalew~ p~r~re# xrek/, but-without any positive resuslt. The president of the +~ ,'; Z.L o aan, it ratter theoreti- cally-minded. From other members ? the croup it is, e. . , S. Smirnov who h ex gi ituez tol poa t ~ 30 04 a s. h. s ex, ori.c - ants with i uleshova reported also about his t Car experiments /pert ':. d - as r suspect ~- i t tiaa} era tiam with D.x.iirzs;, and possibly with a group or urtr lrobab),y yuune? ,cry-,o,.eratore/ lie reported to have had 3a+erfox~so experic ante with ,~is a. with psilocybine. Both haver rWly been succei ft , and he plans to continue theta. As concerns these expea invents with, peil.ocybine I consider these details methodically important.- Dose 12 to 15 xa. :he subject receives a box in his bands iz, lw i h the target opje ens osed As a basis of the cpproeeh to the subject' as apposition i d :"ibe , ately adopted ftk,that the subject, when in a state of i.a:toxica is unable consciously to conoeitprate upon the iaaposec$ r task, Hence, the situation iaa iz duco"wpb helps the l a ~:eeio s to itipress themselves onto that train of visions; /which, inr_er nature, depend* from the psychical structure the sub?c,ct/ and 's, Y influezcet it at least, in adding gaaa ayaabolical element; to it. The instruction given td the b s says approximet+elyy t,him ?r know that you possibly ar, ua744oi; tardy to, obser a the.:,; ec a tent of this box; but your' only task will be t`reely to oc,'erve your vicions and to report on therij while i'ulfil .ins this task you rust only have in your mind that tho content of this tax .ill bu$ in some way or other, reflected in the contents of your visiO taa." to exist. airaoi r' invaded and A 77-7 box.~ 8rp r9 7 i urea, and enoo A a d ' o 'ry'e t iet to writ nf cr o tivi: art .4 - e about parapsyo4oio y. In s djt o , the fact must be respt:cte.3 that for many years he * carriad or t actin jty Mini to sell lvse3y, in addition to hi$,w61B-day Job No*embeeri1950, ins to Institute for a 4cal InBtrume t is "Moeoow{ and at a price of con- siderable S insneiatl 4e i tice # i#f i oulties at his ,vork. ?%s in very inventive as `regards whet I to do to promote parepsycholt pr, and his ideas are uiuAlly *4uarl404 On the other hard, lti'a q ; is generally oonde ed for dilletontism in axperit ntir,, , ; o pecS ally for }: s ca .:es$r.c:sa a~ concerns experixentol controls; and for hit irresponsibility- in reporter, His experi-ents are organized more for a4:..rr.nlistic effect than for their scientific contribution, and th,r::r results are ezsl; ;crated so as to make 4 more striking i a;reasic:r.. ilia personal traits: He'ii extra aely enthu;,iastic about psychology. iie makes no scruples if exploiting all i ,~;iz blo me-s n, to prcr:ote parapaycholo,;icol rid4 ch in the U.S.S.R. - theu,h of tho moons he uses are undoubftO4ly objectionable. a r ise is ob. tinc4o in pursuing hia term . accepts no advice, si.i ariduroa no criticism. rio wiehoo to fight a priority position for if ir. r'ueeiur. parapaycboloty. /For inetonco, he s'howYed a 4.:dried dis- pleasure when he realized that I wished to meet also otaor Efoniformatf unit. Further- a 0! td to tb t ep ri e :a chology in the `. `S zed dad road i.a for t ive S~"t {ar+t ?Koz Bts $ 'BOON l'r 1 e is .a 3 M"r" ~' ~ daps +cholo, r can be compared to i: m ;, ? -~ r but be k c.a f a ^ more o nthua iat ah v it ~ ~ # a his w oric as a whole site -~ $ n, a of hiss as tie ity help cc nsi+ x- - - to ' rpsyc x0 O in t:: U.S.S.R., sand daavw' to I~e'ec others +e rarv3. 7 V, 1, and deserve cot ~atton, ors p sharer appreciate Neuaov' ,., a iv`d 'xittiore' act:. ,r ity. lIe is a very able a*d` a rt. OV404zor, and ccubtless ::u has great merite $n t eat b activity of tc o cr Approved ,For fReleas*e 20;00108/07 4: CIA-RDP96-00787R900400010036-0 x~;. A .Nb kN~idF aCionti,a t r ~H u i .. u p 3 f ~k a Y A A gyp; 71F 1 T~111 i?M onJ such onus hi e, ~,4 r ~~} to Or ~Jt to ,he q~ir+ o y F works with cc -c t~ t ~ u: u t , of his own diaa a ate, i ou ~+ t3 r o co ap etors. '/Fo gins a eE i1 t r ?. co-oporatior. r.: uution of tasks was p o in t e ~oScow branch of A.S.Fopov,43 Society. But when ',,,reported about ithem irrespons- ibly in the press and did not rani Lto accept critiisms, ..,.ere arose a conflict between hi,,r a1 c h r embers of the uni 4. For in- stance, Iu.S.Sr.:irnov, a diligent: snot' conscientious r ierit,i t, whose apprcach to parapsycholoe,y is do t btedly positive, ipr r... u m~ that, after Ion, hesitations, he hhaadecided publioly to critcixe methcds of populSrizatii n of experiments as they . s used ay : aumov /Smirnov article is about to be published in au'tu an or '.';inter 1967 in the journal "Nauka i whiz I:uuuov 's reaction to thia cont'13ct was that he 3cft the group and orgat.ized his o n new group. With the support of professor N.A.Valyus he found a new Job sinoa November 1966. FIB en c red the Dupartmer;t of physics at the State eongineorirg collce in ?..~scow /Vsesoyuzryi zaochnyi machinostroitelnyi institut/. Accor::in; to Kaurov, this is his first position where; he is pell.for his work in c' 3p ycho1o ;y. With the help o "prafcasor Valyu4 K'a * v cce, d- ed, ainco June 1957, in ectablishing a "laboratory 'or i c::nib:-1 ?r,rap s; cholo.;," /affil isteci to this ?apt. of ptlysia:s/ i:C' is to Aproy,zQa$ 2000/08/07 :CIA-RDP9608?00400010036 director and Ass: sole s peW i` 0 for t'hi ;r c~ra,tor;~ ~Ad 0_1 he disposes with a ou y ' ' " ; t. ?6` 10 nCt ya .{ ?- 7 .) V iJ.+.Gri SFr lir Y? tic a~J f::!",r.4 ".' M store who help him in h 1 t ~ s i t is# a or,st has some pocullaa ? f"e t z+a+ wW =IMIII cx eats$ sa r+ ti `2' a r, r E- io p t'e ^. ior;: /l/ h'sumov zeta foz-stai di ect r of the "Labor tor.,' for technical- l, ~NI p` i 1, uleted contra?c"ta'i e, Zmn, c r g~ `'oorapcraLioz. wife: ot..~a 1r4- stitutions, such as: for inatane` Scientific and recr~ch insti? s:te for raw materials Pi the, bfii140r V, Of ZOO, pay or, witl. tea: ti: 'ic research institute .ft:r i?ntso Such aar~asa, however, i, common in Soviet sci~ Cr ence' {; serve ass s token of activity cr:.- mouflaging that little w, a actupJJ.y done, and at . the same time, it assures the legalization: of pea,fC~rmed activity in the prevailirq;, atmosphere of general mistrust,;,// ,Fiut in actual fact, it ceor.s or.iy little more than &ut $ di str tine work many words but little work. The above mentioned .!', c er tific research inatf tutu for in c?o- scopy" is abundantly supplied t ih financial means, 3i ;ce it t. o. s.: on military tasks. Its director is P.K.C3ahohep y, davigner of a.L:- an radar defence system, At the`present time', raatmy ena;ec: in the problem how to fired technical means that would ma it possible to see inside ~0 ' opaque objects /which is nL:cotsary, for industrial -defeotos cppy . Zthe design adopted in ti.e ix~stit ate is purely t:chnical dne,.. is,based on the same pr nciple a . rocnt- Iven defectoseop3,. The material i illuminated by a peretrrtin , l of a suitable wave-1ectth with infra-rep rays,/, and the shadow of the object is observad'on a screen that makes the rays visible. This program has evidently nothing to do wit;. pa psyc, si_ o2y, but one could argue that clairvoyance could fit into the zcope of this institute. /2/ Nau.r:ov s laboratory /one room about 3.5 x 4.5 motors in the basement/ is equipped virtually only with a few chairs, a t:bje and a book-shelf, but yet; the first thing he did was to fix a g;;, ;;~3rv plate or. the door: "Department for technical paraps3.c' ., :o_-II. The work in the laboratory performed up to ncN ,as i..o. a t..c forr?al office work than research. On the walls there ::I-our:d ch.;: ; $ and graphs shoving, e.Z.: The survey of cities and cc.:.cree with whicl-. .uu .ov corresponds. Survey by countries of nus:a,: a of lett~ received ar.=; sent. GGrapb eho*ing numbers of articles for any p*aropi cholo;;y published in different y earc, Graph s;sct,.in s how times the cuh.;ect of ?s 'telepathy, was used in ecience fiction in different years. Approved FFor e!ea$ A 900/08/07 C.IA-RDP96-00787R000400010036-0 deg 4/ .t rathor pr:.nt ,atic plan to ccign a technical appliance for : ss suct;es;ion and hyprosiy at 3 d stranCe. I take for valuable is a project to cc:pile u volu:;.e sun c: ~rizirg in abstract 'orlr everythin,; that has been F -:, .icir;d about pr:zcys ci:olo,y' in thg' U.S.S.R. The plan is r.earir.,,,,; cc :, :c ic,r: /\aur.ov h::s .ac.e several Vercons enthusiastic about UL Is idt:a/, b~:t the publication. of the v~luxo is not secured yet. 2:auizov i s plannirS, sev rol showy expert r=ents, sra .t-: as ion -distance tclepat tic exp4riraentsdeep under earth sure-, e, deep under water, frc:: onto' flying airplane to the other, etc:, /I-so of ~. ~u-ev"s close: coot., rntors, G. Sergeev a=nd G.I. llek , -:re .~_:s c. t. _ ..; , .*,, ...c.., I,aa:Iiov plans to use these -'-.c -,-;,y . x a r- i:.:c ts, z,se; do done by a.Ae$ergeev who knew the word to be 'e i a3l~ :s! evident that decoding accords to. the original pl:n,: %voai.d tot 11 the sivnalled word. G.A.$er4eiev, therefore, has inY, odgced &.: criteria for evaluation by 'whloh the original rcopcssea is area "c -rro ; ..- ead" so as to ,ke it possibe to decode the trunsraL,.ed socrd a. .".a a This proceeding is methodicaly dubious and thorcfc>ro, t::i -distance experimert cannot be taken seriously. tat.jv publicity to it without Pavlova a consent. In connection with the above study an another peri?.ent was performed which was methodically inter a,:ent was stimulated by 'lashes of 1 1? s h t , and the r ti,thw. of flashes .vas different for both his eyes. :;ue to t'-c, of both rhythms there appeared beats in subj "act's c,untal Strar.Zely enough, these beats could be ,detected ir. w:: the percipient, too. Situation in other East-urcpcan Countries As an appendix to the above report I shalt' the situation of parapsychology in other. SastY-::uropc . r. c, ..t. ~1.: . :35 t seriaany The situation adversary to parapsyycho:o,y h- to the activity of an influential and ur.:,crupuio;:c Otto Fr okop /d in rec: r.t years through 1%-hich he influenced iu ... Y..14i`t. ~. a~,vors3ri1 r. /Let us note th L ;'r:~-re .vore tt;ree such o t; c, of 2a a; ;, choion in 1-aster r. ;urope who have so7,e Ur.-: tr :i cc:szon: opportunist carcerism in ct,Lracter, ur;rcr^.:; ~.: ; u :ett.~ app:icuticn a, l:t,iloscp:~ic d41;18 80&6 political ' rcL i ntrilgues in::tcad oM free matter-o:'-fact dikc;s i ion. C.,r r.?o . in *-'cat ir: . . liryukov it', tthu UY F?./ in only ;c 1'oon wit, .`.l ,fir, yy *r o l Jye,~ to /e ` }' ) r~ - 1 1 f / .~ ?~~iV '.r. l~l4+i ~ i1 ~J 4+Y' L~V4,i~.J ? Y rlV l~ (( 1* r I l }} Vu VLi.Yj J.e r~ ~~. ri}f.t try/u ,i:3V krY{~ too Yil~ir".~f,.t, ,+r.l)OL.;r ~y.k .. t.i. Approved For Release 2000/08/07 CIA-RDP96-00787R000400010036-0 P 8755515000400010036-0 Ur ':3rn 413 far as I could . serf ous nt rest. 4 ~ Poland . '.fter the 2nd ,11ox^ d `pct, I :it~a Polish ;r;r p:?ss .> .2uIncaarski has publi:she; arepor?t about his teleputl.ic E:xpr /without having given full necesoary details of r ethcc7 rind' _awe, obtained/ tats of whj.cla he'tied to explah{tc- rmy. Under ;.anczareki's auspices, his. pupil K.Jach ooi pled a d .ploxn thesis with a theme close to par psychology. But L.srcza; ski is o?:: now, and in addition, has many duties in his physicist'; prefessior, and therefore, does 'not work in perapsycholo&,y ar,r t$orCer The same applies to Jach who has still sore interest, it is true, but.doe~ not continue experimental work, Since conditions in llol~ri.d &.-e not such as to make it possible to earn one's living i par.,,:syeholo,-- ical research. In contrast to the above, a lady about in 44-iea, inz. L:aris, Szulc, seems to have a deep interest in parapsycr,olo;.y. .,y ow^i~;inal profession a biochemist, she teaches at the College for _.rody Culture i.r: 7;ars:w now. From her own initiative /possibly motivated by he r interest in parapsycholoty/ she has passed a university coos hypnosis which she uses now in the treatment of alcohol- ?in'- rs. She made no public statement about parapsychology but sh is - from all Polish scientists I know -'Most likely to make some t.ositive contribution to parapsychology under present conditions. gut, to sum up, the situation in Poland is little fuveurable to parapsychology. This is true in' site of the fact ths, ; soc:e ar i.-- cles about parapsychology have been published in eolish 1;:^eas recent- ly - this beint; a few popular articles about Ossowieciq y 3r:d thvnn mainly reports taken over from :hessian press: mainly ubo..~ Vssiliuv's and :eau nov's experiments that received wide publicity 1:. w;ussi:~. I do not know from personal experience. Conference in .~osco.v in 1966 which t".as been orj;anized by i aumov, was attended also by one Roumanian delegate /a psyehold;ist, '/.0heor ;hitV who i sported about some experiments with hypnotized subects. rhlle in the above states there is no strong pez so:.ality Which could put through conditions for parapsycholc,;icnl ;?osec rch, in OBWI ;aria t"ure is such a sarong individuality: a psyche utr st, Approved For Release 2000/08/07 : CIA-RDP96-00787R000400010036-0 F ~i roc ke i:tr,. Dr.O.Loza { v e { ~fx ? i"Coo, of a forte, ~ P seeded ? W , hee ppor I i i . ` the u1.,. ccr.Ga r.. rzrian auerrvner~t /`T.Zhi kbv, ~ 't e04.r.rch LID detail/ seem to htavem oosnrtiteM ;tot` to Z was t1 lout time irs leernin in the al~eep Are1 chic riot ow in Sofia ~"ir~vtto': 1915!' hltjl .peer t~}e+n ap;oi: te>d He has shown met a RlQdest b~ *n w 4C E ::. n$tity t$ was to rapsycholo 01 Sofia Wbij~o .' 4-ar , a th tr proee ws cif 77 director of .ee;>neWly ".estabfle 4 " st1;tute fc o situated, and old X1e that r i s~ tee' e a:~out 15 ro _aq staff r`ec.bers, hat r rstpod that1 a I the rese i c:h The institute has 'm 4wXe Stated its ttctiv. ty, but Y. not in the p sition to asrsees e`- hat d,e rec. Be it Via: it izey, .o tasks would have be rip ,u r~ aAsycha .d y? ence in :,.oscow, he W's in ndi t?otc see are paid by : ul arxan gov ;ra t ent }e attended N&Li,:,ov c cot.:' zanov trrave.].s abroad to aatber? p ersce, and his x ~ ~ rch s concerns Tozsnor,ssychological ploic. tiozs ,sera o.:~c ed est of some ,journalists.who hoi hire in this ps 3i :i tirws ctiu t; .,/ zarian newspapers and maZaz nee, i /Lozarou has sti at_ tile These observations have been re, oxted on di?ferent oec--sibns a clairvoyant women,?'Var n, if riri in Petrie near the :,reek front up to now, eve .could point, firet:'to his qualitative o , _rvt;~a , .; o9y, he report 9d sup rficiallytabout some exper3rrat ;U, wt: Bch hc As concerns other Loza no! ' work in the field pa ra pssc:,o experiments was published,' Accordin, to one prelir:$i.r.,tkI- ` n .r state,: ent given by Lozanov, in orie Such experimet:t fro M 17 between two nci hbourinz rooms, taut no detailed reOrt about tcnee. The message was ten times repeated so as to ergs .r+e ;the re:.i? ability of trnner4ission. The tiansmi ,~oien report;dly is cc+ owed also an order which sianaJ zed, in the adopted code, a trztr:-~t.itted ser - the subject received tcye path o 'Si pals to press t iesc keys in . c,c. Blues of the suoJect. /p rcipient!' to e~raphic keys were alaaed, t:..,'. fieation experir.cnt.' the experimental arrun emont wa* thi ;tom hc.Li he elei4c, a ci,r.alization expert tent similar to tky state. "lth one Su jest trained is on the s lines he vtfc: tij, succeeded to improve pei abilities in sore subj e r ir. th+ by exotic were correctly received. pathically transmitted signals `to ,press one of the two In my opinion, the quality of Lo :anov 'a work dr~':' andard of precision in methods and evaluation tl..;t rr* a u+ Approved For Release 2000/08/07 CIA-RDP96-00787R000400010036-0 Ill 3ut there is no scientific tt: publication about tt:,ae xperic.e :ts. Approved For Release 2000/08/07 : CIA-RDP96-00787R000400010036-0 Approved For Release 2000/08/07 : CIA-RDP96-00787R000400010036-0 they at ib? xt+e + 4 ~~ r u or 4 end of t c ?,c sat ~ When Chr. 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