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November 4, 2016
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September 14, 1972
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ti7 ys t,s !!r, L 41 1416 PIC; ILLEGIErofessor Douglas Dean of the Newark College of Engniecriug is one of the first Western scientists to personally witness "Zo S 11 Cal ITIS, startling new experiments In ESP now #rl ",.lacing conducted by Soviet researchers. Sent by The ENQUIRER to Russia for this purpose, he has just return With ne-cs of amazing advances being made by the Russian scientists, w.i'i he describes here In the first of two articles. Prof, Dc -an, one of the leading parapsychologists of the United States, made scientific history in 1960 when he demonstrated that telepathy can be trans- niltied to a person who is not even aware the transmission is tailing place. As reported in the International Journal of Neuropsychiatry, he showed with measuring in trunients that a subject's blood vessels contracted when another person in a room 250 yards away concentrated on a thought emotionally, meaningful to the subject. By PROFESSOR DOUGLAS DEAN Russian ESP researchers have ad- vanced so far that they can 'now stake color motion pictures of the psychic "aura" (waves of energy) surrounding a person's body - which are used by medical doctors to diagnose illness! SG1AThis unprecedented feat is only one of the amazing accomplishments of the Russian ESP scientists, now going all-out to explore and harness psychic force. They can also: * Show that plants "know" when rain is coming - hours in advance. * Demonstrate that when part of an organism is cut away, its life-foree.re- mains in eerie phantom form and they have photographed the phantom! * Make pictures of the energy lines between people whp`are in telepathic communication with each other. The plain fact is that the Soviets are years ahead of the U.S. in research on ESP. They are as far ahead of us in psy- chic science ;ts we are ahead of the underdeveloped . countries in manuf ac- turing technology, In the fields of mind-over-matter phenomena and telepathy, they are al- ready so far in advance..of us that we may never catch 'up. I am certain the Russians will be the first to put ESP to everyday prac- tical use. Top scientists, incredible laborator- ies and amazing equipment are being used in Russian ESP research. A full Soviet government program is behind it - to the tune of $20 million TUr a year, I was struck by the sop! t- cated equipment they use in heir many ESP laboratories. To aid their research the Russians have computers, lasers, brain re- cording machines, holography equip- ment for 3-dimensional pictures, and piezo-crystal devices to measure pulses that emanate from the body, partic- ularly during mind-over-matter experi- ments. By contrast, U.S. researchers into ESP have no official recognition, very little equipment and no money. My own equipment, for example, has to be.borrowed most of the tithe. The astounding color movies of the human aura the Russians have made show how far they have already gone in Kirlian photography, pioneered by scientists Semyon Kirlian and his wife Valentina. Psychics have always talked about the aura they see emanating from peo- ple, and the Western world has known for some time that the Soviets have been able to take still pictures of this aura. i`myself have recently succeeded in taking still photos of it using Kirlian techniques. But I gasped in astonishment when I was shown the spectacular films made by the Russians - a marvel beyond the wildest dreams and abilities of V.S. researchers. There was the human aura, as the psychics have described it, before my eyes -- flowing from the body of a subject, in wave after wave of vivid color. It emanated especially from the areas of the back and neck, I gazed JOURNEYED TO RUSSIA: Profess` leading parapsychologists, relaxes Russian ESP scientists. fascinatedly as color succeeded color:`:'- in the aura, each with its own : signifi- cance as to the state of mind and body of the subject, Red in the aura indicates anxiety. Blue is the color of health and stability'. Other colors tell whether the subject is organically ill. So accurate and definite arc these pictures. that soviet doctors actualiyi use them for medical diagnosis. I'hy- p,. sicians, watching.the films, find cations of what is wrong with patients . and how to treat them. Different parts of the body are photographed for their K_:, particular aifras, pinpointing where the medical problem is. Strikingly, the Russians are now also abl' to demonstrate that not only does a plant give off an aura which can be shown in Kirlian photographs --but that when a piece of the plant is out. away, the missing part shows its own traces of energy on filth? Soviet scientist Dr. V.M. inyushiri believes that there is a special energy. produced by living things that is not present in inanimate objects. He calls it the bio-plasma. They showed me pictures' of a leaf, its aura all around it, the leaf throb- bing with its bio-plasma. Then they showed me pictures of the leaf cut, a part of it missing and. the part cut away still showed cnergvTM'` Illlitllillllllilltil!!I1lilliiltlilllltllliilUilllilllllllllllillNitilIIIiIIIilfllllilllllilllillliillllfilillllillllfilllilli4116lIlilliilllllllfflf llUIiIIIIiIIIIIIIIil111111tIIfi1R11U Illllilfll1111f!(Ili{Iliflliiillllllll1111l11l1gIlRifitiflHi!{i!~ "rr +'!''8''M'r.?Cx'.x'fia's~n+ca*rri4wrycx>ax,nx*:n~?urE?FX.~T~ws, .r''1;.'. sr:' 'n,.: ..~i~ . , o".-'i~,??.r"~' `''..P ,y HE ACCEPT App^~~e x:20.03/09/10: CIA-RDP96-00787R000400030058-4 pproved For Release 2003/09/10 : CIA-RDP96-00787R000400 he Itt-s jusa returile*(t c41s1tt. *rlctttists, which 1 nlt~*d States, made , (fatli can he t.- :,io1- is taking plaes I:stry, he sttovtiett with tractcd when another - thought ("notionally `,truck by the s0phistiy 4a z aci~it~vy jilt they Lu' in their f n ,~ l4carch the Russians D r e r w h nieef ng ter rh i5 laserii, brain re- JOURNEYED TO RUSStJS : relaxes at homes af -ies, holography equip- leading parapsy 9 Z(111-,tonal pictures, and Russian ESP scientists. vices to measure pulses fascinated) as color succeeded color lines of the bio-plasma, like a phantom From the, body, Darnc y each its and body present,, bt utsinasanother de dimension, Bind over ina.tter exiret'i' c tt o nee as into of the subject. I believe that the Soviet scicnt Ss :' m p ton~ rei egnitio , 1J.5, ell at anxiety, to' "n of nussi g hn bs a l l Zi ffici3l recognition very TI.e(i in the `aura indic es money . My Blue. is the color of health and stability. -t ., for and ex no ample, has to Other colors tell whether the subject t s foIndther r hours before arainstorm, is organically ill. 1 r lays unusual activity in t 1'LLE ime. -last of the ies of the So accurate and definite are these ts! stein aild leavES. Set:iniilgiy, it have made pictures that Soviet doctors actually i "knows" - it can "feels - that rain ing :-c Russians movies they have already gone use them for medical diagnosis. ]Pliy- is on the way. Soviet science is trying ogr~al-lly, pioneered by sicians, watching the films, find indi- to put this remarkable discovery ,t to hat is wrong with patients cting the weather f d w i work now - in pre Kirlian and his wife cations o and ho 1w to treat them. Different parts and in switching an auto"-latic cquip- ve always talked about of the body are photographed for their ment. such as pumps before storms ap- th e pear zee emanating from peo- 1-art.icular auras, pinpointing where kesterti world has known medical problem is. Two more developments are espe'- e that the Soviets have .Strikingly, the Russians are now also (!ally fascinating. First is that the take still pictures of this able to demonstrate that nowhi t hlcan be Russians now semi able to "tune into" ~i. 421.. -- of anv norsoll ve recently succeeded in spawn in Kirlian: photographs --- but I they choose. In Illy own experiments I nt do this, nor, I believe, can experiments ltotos of Lt using Kirlian that' whe of the plant is cut can o aw, then maissing piece part shows its own other researcher in the e U.S. say -d in astonishment when I traces of energy on film! With this al)ilityl the e rjr)vict scien _e spectac tlar films made Soviet scientist 'Dr. V.M. Inyushin tilts have made a second advance that _ms - a marvel beyond believes that there is a special enert,y is staggering in its e iniplications. etTsiug dreams and abilities of produced by living things that is not i tliinenerinal holography in canjunc- ter5. present in inanimate objects. He calls Lion with Kirlian photography, they .-.,~.ph n~ t e1111:: t1S+,,.9?at, u~..be ..... ....r __ Eleseriboti it, before my "They showed me pictures o a wat, lines of energy going between two pea- sing from the body of a its aura all around it, the leaf throb- pie who were in telepathic wo pe i valve after wave of vivid bing with its bio-plasma. cation with each other) Then they showed me pictures and of thus, they are nlgtly steps along the -ed especially from the the leaf cut, apart of it missing - road to solving the riddle of telepatl-y. blink and neck. I gazed the part cut away still showed energy Dr lnyushin is also employing hailer ' t1,c l 7E ~i11~~t~(!{itlNllltllilplAi911th!liilllllllP[tllllilllllli11111flI1I11{t11111IpIIii111111111111gIIilliliilllllllllltli1111111{tEI1111fI1P' beams in an intensive effort W r ^ cr, r ti r 7k , NWO.C'~ first to uncavor tile secrets a# tcl.c pithy" The Russians are miles ahead of us in other aspects of li,SP research, too. III illy next article, I'll describe a do- vice they have invented that can ac? tually accumulate and store psychic and how I saw this device energy - clear sludge ot;t oE}f 1~lsllt-tetiP vvalc r tk fore Illy eyes!. 0/10 ;CIA-RDP96-00787R000400030058-4