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November 4, 2016
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December 7, 1998
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Approved For R-1ease 2001/03/07 CIA-RDP96-087R000400040001-5 SO quickly after p.. `--__ afficial scientific bodVrapsychology has become recognized by the we now have (American Asso. for Aof Science) attention of a Parapsychological experiment for Advancement dd forcibly It seems 14 astronaut riwhocan we Public. th Alan She he brought to the ems that Edgar Mi on ell, the deeply interested in ESP for. some tirr~e despite h P rd on the mooon, has been degree from Pit. I T . is D . Two we -ence with a Chicago drafting eks before launch date, heoarrangedSa1test ability, The test engineer, Olof Johnson , who has unusual v abiii=,v hin random e test used d 25, regular colored ESP cards Psychic onds in Cape Kennedy and Johnson in Chicago r and recorded his g guessed which one of 5 guesses, uesses. Just by coincidence There were ten sessions, making with no ESP of 5, or 5 of 25, 250 about half or 125 or 50 , Johnson should m of 250 correct. one ne out br to half rce,5 of the 250 it is reported that t h he got correct. This is 125-150_ feriationi, c Such-la deviation of ~75; too high Pq-b?-4 odds of ten millio75 is more n to oneagaanstechanceaard there was no cens or warren y leakage over the long distance telephone ESP was g on earth as the odds against chance were too high. Then Mitchell took the cards up with liar to the' were done during rest periods he moon and sx more sessions moon. Six sessions of 25 hopefully one of themifrom behind the W with no ESP Johnson should guesses each make.150 ho repo h don mangy get 30 out of 150 correct. this chance At thtime it deviations ~' Johnson got correct I nP o . f he q ` ff or 15 more than 30 ., got the standard his 150 moon guesses, the odds are more tha th at leas out n a100sto5 one thattthis was not coincidence but that ESP was working and so will teach quarter of a million miles to the moon. what happened. - if it wand especiallytif~itawor? out the t men it if it worked me Opposition hope soon find out to r gd from back parapsychology even n bil by skep-. Approved For Release 2001/03/07 : CIA-RDP96-00787R000400040001-5