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November 4, 2016
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March 29, 2000
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120 T. matron into the growlnv ;v' m arld , th _ o ti . consideration of the facts intro- decreasing and one group increasing. He sounded quite cross about it, but then 'he actual equation was: S (Q) R = infinity. one of his S Sequence. ci=ief interests is education, and ' _ sae believes this is wher e the future of mankind lies. Also he seems to h Q -Quantity. ave a ptt rey poor vier- of our intelligence here on earth I-I e onceid , sa to me that there were anty i tP? ~Vnat follows is fmm h al i v e w r?ie N haw to t`rink, and hn to ?pA +,.. _e- o really "S Can be taken to re ..... ___ _ - r rr sent th p e So i me t WI-Ce me arter-w.?ards, when Lord Rus _ ditto{,Creatlonj; K to represent the variable factors (con- se' I'le said ghat .here were now only nine t esk ers leftd~ He t era d;tining of creation). not tell a e who the - are--p p 1 will "S is passing through Q Y , ha s ust as weal. ; that is to sayV, time is passing `'ery d=dently, I asked him about space once. He through creation subject to fluctuations of the energy rubbed his fingers over his moustache and sand : "Ina quotient which operates in rhythmic frequencies as a great sense everything is in one lace. pulse animating life throughout the entire universe. P And rn another sense space "The invidious question of the resultant domination is endless. It is one of those apparent contradic- tions." over the course of evolution by a primordial originating H e went on to add that once we understood the nature impulse can only be discussed in full when all the of soace secondary factors are taken into consideration. No facet 1 ,space travel would become much easier for us. It sounds so di:cult to fathom and I s end a~ ?f 1Vature can be separated from the primal impulse about it wit~r P ges thinking which set in motion endless chain. reactions. These re- oat being any wiser at the end. I can only wait crow to see what develops. I sometimes wish that a actions may at times be controlled or interrupted or even tape recorder co halted t ce ld - i u ck uo thi p er k vo~ces in th , se or e same gh at I can. Then, occas way ro rally revoked. These are matters re uir' instead of trying to write down the more found thought and thorough research." q Ing pr?- irrvalved and cor:.plicated things that people Like Einstein say Icould record them exactl r + At this point the contact with Einstein faded, and Sir who ao ld r to work out. Y and give them to people Donalc Tovey took over the dictation, on the same lines iowever, sometimes I do try to write dawn everything ?f reasoning, and I think it worth repeating what he said he says by Iral`~d. This is a fairiy laborious r _ ~~ r here for other and wiser minds than mine to puzzle over. ocularly w p acess, par_ "There are hat, as it would appear, two creative aspects, 'yen communication is not good, and with 1Jin- st~~rr I do find rt is inclined to facie rather a lot. viz., male and female, but one only, the creative energy- Ie aru, on one occasion in the summer force which divides and sub-divides to produce numerous me an. e,.,uatian, which he explained was, in fa t960, ante farmsorsaund saoons of matter. Any manifestation in an eruption of the energy-force from its AR rbvbdi`Fd ease 2000/08/07 : CIA-RDP96-00787R000400070017-5 LIFE AFTER DEATH 121 Approved For Release 2000/08/07 : CIA-RDP96-00787R000400070017-5 , r az processes can be r epeated rever d