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November 4, 2016
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March 29, 2000
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Approved ForRF g -M"/EQN~7S:RCPFaD,g?~-80713T O N M-3L RESEARCH You are one of a group of officers from whom DDS&T/ORD is seeking informal views on appropriate requirements for a proposed research program in the field of paranormal phenomena. We have selected officers who are already aware of the recently reported (GELLER and SWANN) phenomena and who, by virtue of their backgrounds and the special interests of their components, can make substantive contributions on a broad enough scale to ensure that the research design satisfies all legitimate needs and points of view. While we wish to limit general awareness of the program, please feel free to discuss your res- ponse to this request with your colleagues to the extent you feel necessary. We are seeking comments on three basic areas: means of establishing definitively that the reported phenomena are actually paranormal, employing either extraordinary acuity of the known senses or unknown modes of perception and energy; if so validated, practical applications that the phenomena might have in intelligence operations; and, if validated, possible means of elucidating the mechanics or dynamics underlying the phenomena. You are not necessarily expected to address yourself to all of these issues (nor, for that matter, need you feel limited to them) but the following questionnaire is organized along those lines for ease in compiling the responses. Initially, we are most concerned about Area I (Phenomenology) and would appreciate having your replies to those questions, at least, no later than 15 March 1973. Responses to the other areas should be submitted by 31 March. Please note that we do not expect or want formal studies or even formal memoranda. All we want is the benefit of your exper- ience and your ideas in whatever rou h form is most convenient for you. Please address SG1Iany questions you might have to (extension 2702) and send your replies to him (Room 726, Ames Building). PARANORMAL RESEARCH QUESTIONNAIRE AREA I : PHENOMEJNOLOGY 1. What general questions would you like to have answered by our testing of the phenomena? 2. What specific tests or series of tests would you suggest we apply to the Subjects-- either in the context of the phenomena they are already reported to have performed or new types of phenomena? (Note: You may want to design tests of a basic research nature or ones having more immediate, though disguised, operational application--or both. ) 3. If you would like to have a given series of tests on the same phenomena subjected to progressively more difficult conditions in order to focus on such questions as 'resolution' or rate of attenuation, what conditions (e. g. , space, intervening substances, etc) would you specify? 4. What general laboratory-testing conditions would you like to have initiated in order to preclude either fraud or unconscious cue-giving by the researchers ? 5. What kinds of statistical-analytical procedures would you suggest concerning the collection, storing and processing of raw test data? 6. Do you have any other views or suggestions concerning the testing of the phenomena? AREA II : APPLICATION 7. If validated, what ideas do you have regarding : screening and testing a broader paranormal population in a manner which is both secure and efficient? means of identifying individuals with submerged paranormal capacities or attributes ? means of surfacing/ training /perfecting such capacities for controlled performance in an intelligence context? 8. What general views do you have concerning the possible application of such phenomena in support of intelligence missions and the national interest? 9. As regards your component's special area of interest, what particular significance would the validated phenomena have--in 'offensive' or 'defensive' terms or both? AREA III : ELUCIDATION 10. Although admittedly premature in some respects, what general views do you have concerning basic theories or hypotheses about the 'nature' of the phenomena and how would you suggest they be tested? 11. In subsequent testing (assuming the phenomena, themselves, are validated) what kinds of tests or controls (e. g. , EEG, ECG, etc) would you suggest be used with the Subjects while the producing phenomena? 12. What other non-phenomenological investigations or tests (e. g. , physiological, psycho- logical, behavioral, background, etc) would you like to have performed on the Subjects ? Approved For Release 2000/08/07 : CIA-RDP96-00787R000400070019-3