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November 4, 2016
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March 29, 2000
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DRAFT Approved For Release 0/08/07 : CIA-RDP96-00787R000400W026-5 MEMORANDUM FOR (See Distribution) SUBJECT Proposed Investigation of Paranormal Phenomena 1. You are invited to attend an informal preliminary conference intended to establish the proper context for a proposed investigation into various purported paranormal phenomena. You have been chosen because you are known to be aware of the recently reported phenomena, because your office has a legitimate interest in this field and because we believe that you have a substantive contribution to make. For reasons which we are sure you appreciate and probably share, we wish to keep the conference low-key and limit the attendance as well as general awareness of the conference and the proposed investigations. 2. The conference is being hosted by DDP/TSD and DDS&T/ORD in preparation for a possible joint effort in this field. It is our hope that, by airing the views of all legitimately interested parties before we design the specifics of our approach to the problem, we can ensure that the outcome- -whatever else it may prove--will be acceptable to all as having validity and meaning for the components and disciplines which they represent. We do not feel that it makes any difference whether, at this stage, you are a 'believer' or 'non=believer' or somewhere in between. In the spirit of scientific detachment we merely seek your counsel in an approach to a problem which has eluded %WWo definitive resolution for eons --and, of course, may continue to do so. 3. There are few groun.drules for the conference but, if we are to accomplish anything at all, we will have to insist that they be observed : there will be no rehashing of anecdotal accounts of the recent or other phenomena--all of which, in any case, we have all heard; there will be no idle, discursive speculations about the dynamics or meaning of the phenomena- -that is what we hope, eventually, to esthbl.ish. We ask merely that you come with an open mind and prepared to address yourself generally to the following questions : What kinds of questions would you like to see answered by our investigations ? What kinds of experiments might be crucial from the point of view of your special interests (i, e. , those of your component) ? What kinds of laboratory and/or analytical-statistical cohtrols would you like to see instituted? What kinds of non-phenomenological testing (i. e. , medical, behavioralVo, etc) would you like to see performed on the Subjects ? If the phenomena are verified, what particular significance would they have for your component ? If the phenomena are verified and we establish that people with the appropriate attributes can be trained to reproduce them, what practical (offensive or defensive) applications might you envisage for your component? 4. The conference will. be held in room at --.-hours _ _ hours on Please notify ___ on extension whether you will be able to attend ow, alternatively, whether you wish to designate someone else to represent your office. In the latter event, please select only an officer already familiar with the topic and be sure that he/she is informed of the contents of this memorandum. Approved For Release 2000/08/07 : CIA-RDP96-00787R000400070026-5