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November 4, 2016
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March 29, 2000
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February 2, 1973
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Approved For Wlease 2000/08/07 :"96Q9787R000400070028-3 MEMO FOR THE RECORD SUBJECT Informal Discussion on Paranormal Phenomena SG1I 1. On 30 Jan 73 and the undersigned had an informal discussion of this topic, prompted by the SRI presentations and the subsequent paper by the undersigned. This memo is in no sense an account of that discussion but purports merely to record the overall sense of the meeting and views of the participants. 20 C/ORD stated that he had no theoretic /philosophic difficulty in accepting the existence of 'some types' of paranormal phenomena, although he suspected that we might find ourselves incapable, now, of physically measuring or sensing them in modes which permit true laboratory analysis. He agreed with the prop- osition that the question of how and whether they could be appropriately/effectively used by the intel community was a thorny one--though he inclined to the pragmatic view that if it works the operators should simply use it in whatever fashion is appropriate on a case by case basis. He also agreed, however, that long-range and optimum use would depend upon the degree to which we are able to arrive at a genuine understanding of the reality lying behind the phenomena and the degree to which we can devise ways of identifying people with the necessary attributes and training /perfecting their capabilities --both of which functions, he believed, should be ORD's responsibility. In this context he expressed himself as willing to enter- tain any reasonable proposal for ORD funding of a continuation of the investigations-- if an appropriate and mutually supportive role vis a vis TSD could be devised. But he was quite emphatic in stating that he wanted to avoid the creation of any formal committees or steering panels; while he agreed that it was important to get all of the substantive input necessary from the various Agency elements with a legitimate interest and that the preparatory work had to be very meticulously performed, it was essential to keep the effort a low-key one. 3. Other discussion ranged about the various anecdotal accounts of the GELLER and (to a lesser extent) SWANN phenomena but the all of the substantive views, to which all present appeared to agree, are reflected in para 2, above, SG1I Approved For Release 2000/08/07 : CIA-RDP96-00787R000400070028-3