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November 4, 2016
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October 23, 2002
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April 5, 1973
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Approved For Release 2002/y1 11401 U A-RDP96-00787R0O 00100010-8 5 April 1973 MEMORANDUM FOR: Director of Research and Development SUBJECT . Transfer of Funds to TSD in Support of a Contract with Stanford Research Institute for Paranormal Research 1. This memorandum contains, in paragraph 7, a request for your approval. 2. The proposed research addresses itself to the question of whether the purported paranormal powers of subjects now being examined by the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) under contract with DD/O/TSD can be validated with Agency-controlled stimulus materials. It is believed that only with such validation will TSD and ORD be able to formulate sound proposals for longer-range research which will have and deserve the support of the various Agency components legitimately interested in this area of research. 3. TSD's current contract with SRI expires on 30 June 1973, by which time they will have completed the testing of Mr. Ingo Swann. The proposed expansion of the contract will permit SRI to use additional staff personnel for the concurrent testing of another subject, Mr. Uri Geller, whose paranormal gifts are ostensibly more reliable and dramatic than those of Mr. Swann. Commencing on 15 April 1973, SRI plans to subject I rr OSSIFIED CY SG1 NO'HCE SENSITIVE. IN [ELLIGEiNCE SOURCES AND %ft vpI4(f9rDReIe SECRET k," A urt;) UIIC or co U"~ ;.,:.}::?ALLY il;i%LI:i ftU ON -00787 R00040 M# $'~I_i____-- (unless iu"posslblc? insert elate or event) Approved For Releese 2002/11'?p~RDP96-00787RQQ00100010-8 SUBJECT: Transfer of Funds to TSD in Support of a Contract with Stanford Research Institute for Paranormal Research Mr. Geller to. a variety of tests and will insert Agency-Provided stimulus material at the appropriate sequences. SRI will use the initial period to try to condition him to certain modifications of the former testing protocols (e.g., lack of immediate "feedback") which will be necessary for our materials. Our materials will consist of 20 or more exemplars he will surrender the exemplars Just before the testing begins and will observe the procedures on live video monitor from the next room. Mr. Geller's responses to our material will be stapled to the sealed envelopes, given to our representative immediately after the testing and pouched (or brought) back to Headquarters for examination by the TSD experts. Should there be early validation of Mr. Geller's capacities in this manner, SRI will proceed with other testing on which we have already agreed, including extensive physiological and sense-acuity examinations. Should validation not be forthcoming in this "clairvoyance" mode, non-double-blind testing (using our materials under the monitoring of our representative) will be conducted in the "ESP" mode. -2- SECRET, SG1A Approved For Release 2002/11/18 : CIA-RDP96-00787R000400100010-8 Approved For Vase 2002/i E ,-RDP96-00787400100010-8 SG1A SUBJECT: Transfer of Funds to TSD in Support of a Contract with Stanford Research Institute for Paranormal Research 4. ORD will supplement an existing contract with SRI for the purposes of the specified research. The work will extend over a period of two and a half months at a cost of approximately $18,1+74. In order to take advantage of the existing TSD contract and to settle the matter of validation as expeditiously as possible, it is proposed that ORD transfer funds for the extended contract to TSD. Supporting action from TSD, as regards preparation and protection of the test material, has already been cited; Chief/TSD, will be asked to designate and himself this task brief fora TSD Officer unassociated with the TSD project and unknown to the TSD and.ORD project officers. Further support from 0 may be required in the transmission of test materials; this will be coordinated upon your approval of this proposal. 5. Should Mr. Geller's powers be validated, a proposal for follow-on research will be coordinated with TSD and submitted for your approval. It is likely that such research would focus on: the identi- fication of other test subjects; the testing of them and the present subjects more critically (to determine the outer limits of resolution, the effects of screening with various materials, etc.); and on the heuristic aspects of identifying staff officers with these innate capacities and developing techniques for surfacing and perfecting them. SECliEi Approved For Release 2002/11/18 : CIA-RDP96-00787R000400100010-8 SG1A Approved For Rase 2002/12G 194-RDP96-00787R 00400100010-8 SUBJECT: Transfer of Funds to TSD in Support of a Contract with Stanford Research Institute for Paranormal Research If Mr. Geller's powers prove to be not validatable in either the clairvoyance or ESP modes, we should probably conclude that--whatever the truth about such purported phenomena may be--its functioning is too fragile and unreliable to warrant further research for clandestine exploitation. SG1 I 6. will be the Project Officer responsible for monitoring the validation effort. 7. Life Sciences/ORD recommends approval of the transfer of $18,474 to TSD for an expanded contract with Stanford Research Institute. AC LS ORD DD/S&T SG1I SECRET Approved For Release 2002/11/18: CIA-RDP96-00787R000400100010-8 Approved For Release 2002/11/18 : CIA-RDP96-00787R000400100010-8 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2002/11/18 : CIA-RDP96-00787R000400100010-8