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XAAAa-.1 r-d.v Approved For Release 20gj~ II10&APA 00787R000500090007-3 ARTICLE FROM TM, NO. 3, 1969, pp. III. "MAGICIAN" WALKS INTO THE LABORATORY Abstract. Dear Editors! I am construction engineer A. Rafailyan and am writing you from the sunny state, Georgia. I lived in Tbilisi and have now M"J been listening for several years to various "oral" sources of stories about a certain A. Krivoroltov who somehow is successfully healing'patients by the "laying on-of hands." I also heard that this self-educated "magician" was in- vestigated by various specialists--in particular the inventors, Mr. and Mrs. Kirlian, and that somehow the secret of his "miracle-working" hands has been divine. Is this true or not? Couldn't you tell of this "healer" in greater detail? The mechanic, S. Kirlian, was working in one of the Krasnodar Hospital. One evening he was servicing a high-frequency current generator and noticed that the discharge between his palm and the generator electrode was not at all the same as that between his forearm and the same device. Was this accidental? It would be well to register (for example, photograph) this strange phenomenon. But how? Under bright illumination the discharges would simply become invisible. It was then that the inventor decided to do without a camera. And there on the table lay an insulator--an sheet, and on it there was an electrode consisting of a metal plate; a glass photographic plate lay on the electrode. Having stepped onto a rubber sheet and thereby in- sulating himself from the floor), Kirlian connected the second electrode to Approved For Release 200U%08~/~07 : , C~IA~-RDP~,00787R000500090007-3 Approved For Release 200OWM~ . 1 D787R000500090007-3 the back of his hand ("the biological object") and pressed his palm against the photoemulsion. "In case of energency" the inventor called a medical student and then threw the switch and connected himself into the high-frequency circuit. A sharp jolt! The frightened student opens the circuit, and the plate is devel- oped: a fuzzy picture is obtained, but the silhouette of the hand is clearly visible on it, and the white bones are traced out against the background of the fingers. However, this is not an X-ray but a photograph of a biological object in a field of RF currents. The first foggy photograph of an unknown world were just as fuzzy as conventional photographs which have been taken out of focus. Here the role of the focal distance is played by the discharge gap--those 2 to 3 hundredths of a millimeter which separate the investigated object from the light-sensitive plate. But how to produce such a small gap and how to maintain such accuracy? S. Kirlian performed a massive experiment together with his wife. There were hardly any contrivances they didn't resort to! They placed a thin cloth between the object and the photoplate. They obtained clear pictures, but. . . with the traces of the threads. The cloth was replaced by metal foil. However, the material turned out to be stiff and noncompliant, and micron gaps did not come out at all. And then the inventors made the electrode a water electrode. The backside of the photo emulsion was wetted with a wet piece of cotton and be- came current conducting. It is difficult to tell of all the investigations which Mr. and Mrs. Kirlian carried out before they obtained clear photographs; 17 patents confirm their leadership in this new field. Thus, a window was opened to a hitherto unknown world. What is it that could be seen through it? Approved For Release 20 Q7 00787R000500090007-3 8W d ~ffi M Approved For Release 2~ CSf00787R000500090007-3 One time botanists asked the inventors to photograph two identical looking leaves from the same plant. The images of the electrical space of the green twins turned out to be completely different. Only then did the phytopathologists discover what the secret was: not any of the leaves had been torn off the branch contaminated with microorganisms, while the other had been torn off from a healthy branch. But this is what was curious: the infection was in no way manifested externally right up until the death of the six leaves. But photographing in a field of RF currents immediately re- vealed the physiological "maladjustment" that were hidden from the eyes (see photograph published on the cover of "TM" No. 9 for 1966). In the same way it was possible successfully to register the earliest stages of pathological processes in apples,tobacco, grapes. And not only in plants. "Electrical photographs" of sick human organs (for example, during spasms of the blood vessels) looked different than photographs of healthy organs. The nervous activity of the "subject" also makes its imprint against the firey panorama of "live sparks." The author of these lines drank a glass of wine to toast'the flowering of science. The Kirlians, having connected me into the RF loop, immediately discovered this "act" according to the changed topographically scheme of the discharges. The most ridiculous rumors circulated concerning the work of the Kirlians (so far no comprehensive monographs devoted to their discovery have been published). Thus, a hundred fold repeated rumor is stated that somehow the Krasnodar experimentalists have been able to photograph a mysterious lu- minescence (maybe even a sign of holiness--a halo) that a person is suppose to emit. And then somehow late one autumn evening. . . Approved For Release 2000/08/07: CIA-RDP96-00787R000500090007-3 UT C ~S STIED Approved For Release -00787R000500090007-3 . . .Three years ago late on an autumn evening a man knocked on the door of the inventors, Mr. and Mrs. Kirlian. His name was A. Kirvorotov and he was from Tbilisi; he announced that some understandable force emanated from him, and he would like to discover its secret. It turned out that Kirvorotov had discovered in himself the capacity to be a "healer." He heals by the old benevolent method of the "laying on of hands." For example, a patient comes to him and complains of a pain in the loins. Kirvorotov concentrates, goes into a trance, stretches out his hands, and approaches the patient. Another instant and the patient fearfully flinches from the "burn:" it is literally as if a hot dry compress had been applied to the loins. This unpleasant sen- sation does not go away after that for the whole night. Sometimes an invisible "heating pad" aids. Kirlian connected Kirvorotov into the RF tank circuit (by the way, this "operation" is completely painless), and placed his finger under a micro- scope. The guest looked into the eye piece and was shaken. From the pores and channels of his skin, protuberances were fiercly billowing, whole schools of "amebae" were creeping from place to place, first merging together into one blazing bon fire and then splitting up into pieces. Kirvorotov carefully took his finger out and looked at it--nothing. Again he put his finger under the eye piece, but the picture had changed radically: now orange, violet, blue stars were scintillating. "You're upset: this has changed the electrical state of your organism. And the skin is a kind of mirror that reflects the internal bioelectric processes," Kirlian explained while looking into the microscope. Approved For Release 20 0787R000500090007-3 Approved For Release 20D' 'A -00787R000500090007-3 Weeks of strange experiments began in which both the "magician" and the experimentalist himself were the subjects. Kirvorotov put his hand quite close to Kirlian's head and literally poured hot lead over him. However, he didn't say anything and didn't look into his eyes. This means there cannot even be any talk of hypnosis. The heavy sensation did not leave Kirlian all night, and it was as if his head was on fire. He was trying to think of where the energy could have come from: after all, Kirvorotov was not some kind of "living generator" and even the guest himself acknowledged that while "giving off energy" he did not feel fatigue. The next day Kirlian photographed fingers--his own and that of the "magician"--in the high-frequency field. One could clearly see how the lu- minescence bent around the "biological object" separately. There was no doubt: both fingers were charged with electricity of the same sign. But what makes the touch of Kirvorotov cause the sensation of heat? This is just the point--sensation. In transmitting heat one expends energy; after all, sensation can be produced almost without energy by transmitting simply in- formation. And what do the experiments say? Kirlian checked the dielectric properties of the skin on Kirvorotov's hands. This is the point: the resistance was 3 to 5 time higher than the usual value! Of course, the dry rough skin of the hands of a person occupied with heavy physical labor may have such properties, but after all the palms of the Tbilisi "magician" were pink, soft, just like a baby's. It is of in- terest as to how the guest is "charged" while being locked up in the bathroom before each seance? Approved For Release 20038/074CL: t~ M0787R000500090007-3 Approved For Release 200fl9~0787R000500090007-3 The experimentalist photographed the fingers of Kirvorotov before his preparation in the bathroom and afterwards. On the first photograph there was the conventional distribution of the potentials of a healthy person, while on the second many "potential " had vanished, as if the electrical conductivity had been lost. The pattern of the "protu- berances" had likewise changed radically: a gold flame bubbled madly against a black background, as if it were breaking through an invisible barrier. The experimentalist assumed that in preparing for the procedure Kirvorotov rubbed his hands with some substance, probably ozocerite, in order to increase the dielectric resistance of the skin. "The mechanism by which the healing procedure of the "magician" op- erates a-pears to us to be the following," S. Kirlian--"the body of any person situated in the earth's electrostatic field is charged negatively. Since the skin of the fingers and palm of'the "magician" was, as it were, covered with a mutual dielectric glove, a potential of any sign may be induced on it. During the procedure, while "healing" hands are placed on the head or body of the patient, the electrical charges of the patient's body excite (polarize) positive charges that are equal in magnitude but opposite in sign on the "glove". An electric field is formed between the skin on Kirvorotov's hands and the skin of the patient; this field has an intensity which increases as the spacing de- creases. The electrons and ions situated in the air gap tend to move toward the photoelectrodes:" the positive ones move toward the skin of the patient Kirlian while the negative ones move toward Kirvorotov's hands. The ion flux "blows past" (and at the same time "heats") the sick organ and stimulates its recovery. In a word, the same thing occurs as in the ionic "scharcot shower," Approved For Release 2000/08/07: CIA-RDP96-00787R000500090007-3 Approved For Release N AEi6-00787R000500090007-3 D'Arsondalization, and other similar methods of "electrical healing" which are used extensively in modern medicine. . ." This is what may be assumed for the time being. Much is still un- understood. It is far from clear as to whether or not the dielectric plays such an important role in the healing procedure of the "magician." After all, the "healer", regardless of the apparent "complete exposure," steadfastly in- sists on the "purity" of his seances. Kirlian repeatedly attempted to repeat the "focus" of Kirvorotov, but, alas, unsuccessfully. The action of one person on another at a distance via a field so far remains a puzzling phenomenon of nature. Recently Professor of Leningrad University, P. Pulyauv demonstrated that our body generates and, possibly, perceives an electric field (see TM," No. 12, 1968). and concerning the fact that a person senses an electromagnetic field and an ordinary magnetic field has been known for a long time. The ques- tion arises: Does not the "magician" change the information processes in the organism of the patient (who feels "heat") through the "ether"? In order to answer this and other such questions, further investigations that are carried out at a higher level are required. Approved For Release 2000/08/07 : CIA-RDP96-00787R000500090007-3 All :A OI Approved For Release 29QAi M -00787 R000500090007-3 ON THE WAY TO SOLVING A PUZZLE To make a judgment concerning the internal processes in an organism solely according to NRF photograph is the same as conceiving the exterior of a person from his X-ray. It is quite possible that the mechanism of "healing" is completely different. In June of last year I met A. Krivoroltov. At my request he demonstrated his effect on me. Actually, when the "magician" slowly moved his hands along my body a sensation of heat developed correspond- ing to a temperature of 45 to 50?C. But this is the catch--the "burning" was felt even when the "healing" hands were located comparatively far from me at a distance of.5 to 10 cm. It is clear that in such a situation there cannot even be any discussion of ion bombardment (which operates only for micron gaps). It remains for us to draw an uncomfortable conclusion: the procedure of heal- ing by "laying on of hands" is considerably more complicated than would appear at first glance. Recently in the Japanese Journal "Radio, Television and Electronics" November (1966) a letter from a Dr. Uchida appeared; he was an electronics engineer by profession and he described his investigation of a Mrs. Yamada who can "heal" with her hands at a distance. The scientists measured the electrical resistance between points of the skin which had an increased conductivity. These .points concided with the acupuncture points (in European countries they are called acupuncture points, in Japan they are called tsubo). (insert Figs. 1 and 2, RP II; Captions - Fig. 1. Dependence of the Electrical Resistance of Tsubo on the Physiological State of the Corresponding Internal Organs: R = R1 - R2, where R1 and R2 are the resistances between symmetrical points in the forward and reverse directions; S is the number of tsubo connected prQtYpq tgfB@l@ggsa2Ql/gq ZlieGIA-RQP96-00T8a7tRooofl? 0,7e3of the UNCLASO"IFIED U'NC~ss4r Approved For Release 2000/08/07: C 0787R000500090007-3 Tsubo During a Seance of "Healing With the Hands". 2 and 3 are the Yamada curves before and after healing; 1 and 4 are the curves for the patient before and af- ter healing. A study of the electrical characteristics of these points has been begun recently, but acupuncture therapy is an efficient healing method and has existed in China for several thousand years. In 1963 the Bulletin of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the Korean Peoples' Democratic Republic published a paper "On the Kenrak System." A scientific-research team headed by Professor Kim Bon Han discovered a previ- ously unknown substance called "kenrak" in the human organism--a unified anato- mohistological system distinguished both from the nervous system and from the blood and lymph vessels (see "TM" No. 54, 1965). Using a luminescent microscope, a successful investigation was made of the microstructure of the "kenrak" system consisting of so-called Von Han (named after the scientist) corpuscles and the Von Han tubes which link them. It is specifically the "kenrak" system, accord- ing to the data of Korean scientists, which is what connects the acupuncture points to the internal organs. This is the first point. The second point. Japanese scientists measured the electrical resis- [Translator's footnote. The article above was continued on another page which was not provided in the original Russian.] Approved For Release 2ff4e7: 4DP 6-00787R000500090007-3 A gz; I JAE,